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Urbanears Plattan 2 headphones review: Chic audio

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If you’re looking for the kind of Scandi approach to audio that you’ve grown accustomed to through companies like Bang and Olufsen, but you need to watch your budget, Urbanears is definitely a brand you should learn more about.

The company specializes in appealing minimalist headsets with an excellent range of modern features, and a focus on practicality.

With a range of funky Scandinavian colors to choose from, and a unique design, the Urbanears Plattan headphones quickly took the audio world by storm.

Now there’s an updated version available in the form of the Urbanears Plattan 2, complete with better quality Bluetooth, and more commitment to comfort.

Today, we’re going to be exploring the various benefits of the Plattan 2 headset, to help you decide whether these are the right on-ear headphones for you.

Urbanears Plattan 2 headphones review: Tech specs

The Urbanears Plattan 2 headphones look very similar to the original version of the product at a glance — and many of the features stay the same.

This is still a wireless headset with a long battery life and a convenient control knob, but it has some updates too.

Technical specifications:

  • 40mm handmade drivers
  • Collapsible unit design
  • 106 dB sensitivity
  • 30 hour battery life
  • Microphone and remote
  • Bluetooth connectivity (10 meters)
  • USB charging cable
  • 3.5mm plug
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Urbanears Plattan 2 headphones review: Design

If there’s one thing that you can trust Scandinavian brands to do well — it’s design. Urbanears proves this with its wide selection of funky headphones and speakers.

The Urbanears Plattan 2 headset is a colorful on-ear product that features thicker and comfier ear pads that are great for isolation purposes. You shouldn’t have too much trouble wearing the Plattan 2 for longer periods of time.

Although at a glance, these Urbanears headphones look a lot like their predecessors, there are some subtle differences to the design.

Alongside the thicker earpads, the Plattan 2 headphones come with more metal accents to give them an extra sparkle. There’s also a little branding on the right earflap.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Urbanears Plattan 2 headphones is the friction size adjustment option. You can slide your headphones into place in seconds, and they also fold down, so they’re ready for transportation too.

Like the Urbanears Pampas over ear headphones, the Plattan 2 have a convenient control knob that easily allows users to jump back and forth between tracks.

Urbanears Plattan 2 headphones review: Features

Convenient and attractive, the Urbanears Plattan 2 headphones are easy to fall in love with. The ergonomic fit is much more comfortable this time around than it was for the original Plattan headset.

You still get the convenience of a collapsible design too. Siri voice activation is included — but there’s nothing for Android users, unfortunately.

The Bluetooth connection is decent enough, but it’s a bit of a shame that you only get around 10 metres of range — whereas other headphones can offer much more scope.

One particularly unique feature of the Plattan 2 headphones is that they come with a 3.5mm input which allows you to share your sound with another pair of headphones in close proximity.

This is a cool alternative to using a standard headphone splitter.

The Plattan II cable comes with a microphone for hands-free calling, and a remote with one button. You can’t change volume via the remote, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem for most users.

Other features of these headphones include:

  • 10 meter Bluetooth range
  • Microphone access
  • 3.5mm plug for sharing with friends
  • 40mm handmade drivers
  • Collapsible design
  • USB charging cable
  • Control knob functionality
  • Siri assistant support
  • Comfortable flexible build
  • 30 hours of battery life
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Urbanears Plattan 2 headphones review: Performance

From a performance perspective, the Urbanears Plattan 2 headphones are a lot more natural sounding than their original counterparts.

These headphones are little more bass heavy, which gives them a greater amount of depth and warmth.

The overall sound quality is good, with a rich scope that’s quite impressive when you consider the standard limitations of on-ear headphones.

We think that the audio quality would have had a much better response from our team if there was some active noise cancellation built-in, but it’s hard to grumble for the price of the Urbanears Plattan 2 headphone.

You also get the extra bonus of voice assistant support (with Siri) and a microphone for hands-free calling, which is handy.

The headphones hold up well at various volumes, and they can give you up to 30 hours of listening time, although this can depend on the volume you’re listening at.

Urbanears Plattan 2 headphones review: Verdict
If you’re looking for true state-of-the-art on-ear headphones with all the latest advanced features, then you’re probably not going to get the best outcome from the Urbanears Plattan 2 headphones.

This is a headset for people who want style and practicality on a budget.

These headphones look fantastic, the controls are intuitive and easy to use, and the price is really impressive for all the functionality you get.

Overall, it’s hard not to listen to these headphones and feel like you’ve scored a pretty amazing deal on your latest purchase.
Good Bluetooth connectivity
Beautiful minimalist design
Intuitive control functionality
Looks and feels incredible when listening
Great sound with decent bass
Volume control is excellent
Microphone included for hands-free calling
Foldable design for portability
Range of colors to choose from
Siri access
Limited Bluetooth range
No advanced EQ settings
Missing any noise cancellation
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