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Thule GoPack review: A Thule bag for life on the go

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Thule is one of the most popular brands to come from Sweden. Combining Scandinavian minimalism with the desire for a more active lifestyle, Thule helps people to take advantage of the great outdoors with everything from unique strollers to exceptional backpacks.

If you’re looking for a place to store everything from your Urbanista headphones to your Rains coat when you’re out and about, the Thule GoPack could be the perfect product for you. This versatile Thule bag has tons of interior space for anything you might need.

What’s more, Thule also offers exceptional durability too. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the Thule GoPack duffel to help you decide whether this could be the perfect purchase for you.

Thule Gopack review: Specs

Thule backpacks are the perfect combination of comfort, convenience, and durability. With the Thule Gopack, you can enjoy a convenient storage system where you can store all of your equipment for your next hike or run.

Technical specifications:

  • Material: 600D ripstop polyester
  • Height: 31 cm
  • Width: 38 cm
  • Length: 73 cm
  • Volume: 60l
  • Weight: 0.8kg

This Thule bag is a little larger than some of the more compact backpacks on the market. However, the GoPack will be a versatile option for those who need a convenient overnight bag or enough space for bulky and complicated equipment.

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Thule GoPack review: Design

Simple but effective, the Thule GoPack channels the concept of Scandinavian minimalism into a practical carrying device that can suit a range of needs.

This isn’t the kind of Thule duffel bag that’s going to attract a huge amount of attention — but that’s likely to appeal to those who prefer a more understated look.

The lengthy bag offers easy access to your gear through a wide-mouth opening. The oversized zipper ensures you have no problem packing and unpacking.

Providing quick access to smaller items, there’s an external stash pocket where you can place your phone and other must-have devices. For comfortable carrying, the Thule GoPack comes with a padded shoulder strap, as well as ergonomic grip handles too.

An extra bonus of the Thule GoPack is that it comes with quick-access color coated ID cards. That means that you can easily identify which pack is yours from a selection of similar choices. You can even buy bulk-packs of four Thule duffels at once.

Thule GoPack review: Features

The Thule GoPack is a reliable and lightweight duffel bag, ideal for carrying equipment of all shapes and sizes. The extra-wide opening means accessing your belongings is quick and easy.

Plus, the whole bag folds flat when it’s not in use, so you can easily store it for later.

Though Thule duffel bags offer exceptional durability and strength, they’re surprisingly lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about extra loads dragging down your hiking trip.

The fabric on this bag unfortunately isn’t waterproof, but it is extremely resilient to tears and damage. 600D ripstop polyester ensures that you can enjoy your Thule duffel for years to come.

Available for a very affordable price of around $40, the GoPack could be the perfect addition to any camping trip or outdoor adventure.

Features include:

  • Large interior for carrying plenty of gear
  • Side pocket with room for an ID card
  • Quick-access to small items with external stash pocket
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Padded grip handles
  • Side handles for convenient handling and loading
  • Extra-wide opening for packing and unpacking
  • Lightweight 600D ripstop polyester
  • Fold-flat design for storage
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Thule GoPack review: Performance

This Thule duffel isn’t a bag with a lot of extra bells and whistles intended to blow you away — but it isn’t meant to be. If you’re looking for a simple duffel bag that will deliver a reliable performance trip after trip, then this is the product for you.

Like other Thule bag options, the GoPack combines simplicity with functional practicality and strength.

Thule recommends this product as the perfect way to organize the roof-top storage for your vehicle, with different colored ID cards to help you with separating one bag from the next. Get a pack of four, and you’ll have enough space for all of your family’s belongings.

To make the most of the experience, you can even buy the Thule motion XT XL loading box for your roof. The Thule GoPack fits perfectly within these storage boxes, but it will also slide neatly into your back seat or your boot too.

Thule GoPack review: Verdict
The Thule Gopack doesn’t look like much at first glance. This simple and durable black duffel bag is designed to give you the excellent experience you need when storing equipment — without any extra fuss.

However, despite its somewhat basic appearance, the GoPack has a reputation for delighting every customer who interacts with it.

If you need a high-quality Thule bag that can handle more equipment than the average backpack, this could be the product for you. We’d also recommend the four pack if you’re looking for the ideal way to organize your family’s equipment when you’re going for a drive in the car.
High-quality design
Ripstop polyester fabric
Available as a single or in a pack of four
Fits perfectly with roof storage equipment
Lots of handle options for carrying
Large wide opening for loading and unloading
Excellent side storage pocket
ID card to help you pinpoint which bag is yours
Simple but attractive appearance
Cushioned carrying handles for comfort
No advanced features like waterproofing
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