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Meet Larsen and Eriksen: The watch designers from Denmark


Denmark is famous for a wide variety of reasons. Not only is it one of the happiest places on earth, but Denmark is also home to countless fairytales, some of the world’s most stunning architecture, and the heartwarming concept of hygge.

Increasingly, the Danes are also making a name for themselves as innovators and designers, capable of creating minimalist, practical products that customers love.

The clean and minimalist aesthetic of Denmark lends itself perfectly to creating beautifully timeless pieces – like watches.

Larsen and Eriksen is just one of the amazing Danish brands generating more attention for Denmark with its beautiful, environmentally-friendly watch collections.

The Copenhagen-based duo have combined their love of their country and people, with their passion for amazing design, to show customers what’s truly possible with watchmaking.

According to the team, each Larsen and Eriksen watch is inspired by the “50’s era of clean, timeless” design of Denmark. Although there is some space for a twist of contemporary Copenhagen elements too.

Here’s your guide to the company that wants to make “Time for everyone. Everywhere.”

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Larsen and Erikson history: Danish watch designers

Larsen and Eriksen started as the brainchild of Magnus Eriksen and Jeppe Larsen—two childhood pals that left work to focus on their creative dream—a watch collection inspired by stunning 1950s design.

Larsen and Eriksen believed that today’s watches are getting far too similar, and that many of them are massively overpriced.

The Danish watch designers decided it was time to create something that could appeal to everyone. There’s no such thing as Larsen and Eriksen ladies watches, or Larsen and Eriksen men’s watches.

Every design is unisex, and affordable.

The two men wanted to celebrate their Scandinavian roots with their watch creations, while simultaneously giving something back to the world.

Every detail of Larsen and Eriksen watches are designed from scratch, with no expensive middlemen to ramp up the prices.

One interesting thing about the Larsen and Eriksen story, is that this is one of the few brands from Denmark that has been able to grow 100% organically.

The work of the two designers has been displayed in the Tate Modern, MoMa in Louisiana, Tokyo, and New York, the Danish Architecture Center, and the Institute of Contemporary art in Boston.

Larsen and Eriksen watches and sustainability

Similarly to many Danish brands that have emerged throughout history, Larsen and Eriksen believe in giving something back to the environment. The company is proud to share its efforts for global sustainability on its website.

According to the founders, they encourage biking or walking to work, recycling, and sorting through waste correctly.

The brand minimizes printing whenever it can, using only FSC-approved sources for paper. The design and production processes for Larsen and Eriksen watches are CO2 neutral through a partnership with CHOOOSE.

The CHOOOSE group reduces carbon emissions by pooling funds from members and buying credits specifically from projects throughout developing countries.

All emission management projects supported through CHOOOSE correspond with one of at least 3 of the UN goals for sustainable development.

Larsen and Eriksen has plenty of information available on the Company’s blog if you’d like to learn more about how they’re taking steps to become completely carbon neutral.

The Company has worked with groups like FSC, the Sustainable Development Goals Committee, and Gold Standard too.  

5 amazing Larsen and Eriksen watches

Larsen and Eriksen watches aim to combine iconic Danish design elements with powerful and accurate movements. The results are timepieces that look stunning, but remain accessible, with a price tag that the average fashion enthusiast can afford.

Thanks to an interchangeable strap system, you can adjust the look of your watch to match different styles and seasons.

Plus, you get the benefit of knowing that every component has been carefully chosen by a dedicated Danish designer over an extensive planning period.

Here are some of the incredible products you can get from Larsen and Eriksen…

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1. Larsen and Eriksen Absalon

Absalon was the initial flagship watch created by Larsen and Eriksen, making it one of the most iconic products in the brand’s range.

Designed to pay homage to Copenhagen (the company’s hometown), the Absalon is available in a range of strap colors, including brushed copper and matte black.

Plus, high-quality materials throughout allow for long-term durability.

Offered in both a 37mm and 41 mm diameter, this simple and effective watch comes with a lifetime warranty, and complete customization freedom. The spring bars on the strap allow you to take the straps on and off to suit your preferences.

We were particularly fond of the little Penny-farthing bike embossed on the inside of the box, a testament to Copenhagen culture.

Every aspect of this watch feels crisp, beautiful, and timeless. There’s very little bezel, and not a lot of extensive color or components, but every hour line on the face really stands out.

The bright copper face will make this an eye-catching addition to any outfit.

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2. Larsen and Eriksen Sans

Clean and minimalist, the Larsen and Eriksen Sans watch is the ultimate celebration of Scandinavian simplicity. It’s common for people in Denmark to avoid unnecessary bells and whistles in their design choices.

These fashion-first individuals focus on including only what’s necessary in a design, and nothing else.

Available with a brushed silver, black, or rose gold frame, the Sans can appeal to a wide range of styles and preferences. There’s also a selection of three strap options to choose from, and a diameter of either 35mm or 39mm.

Designed in Copenhagen, this product comes with a genuine calf leather strap for luxury and long-term durability, and the iconic no-tool strap change system from Larsen and Erikson.

This watch is water resistant up to 5ATM, compared to only 3ATM for the Absalon, and it has a reinforced mineral crystal glass face.

The Swiss Ronda Quartz movement ensures excellent accuracy.

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3. Larsen and Eriksen Vaerk

The Vaerk Larsen and Eriksen watch is a highly modern watch with a beautifully eye-catching design. The name translates in Danish to “piece of art” or “piece of work”. Vaerk also happens to be the Danish name for the movement inside of the watch.

According to the Larsen and Eriksen brand, the name is a perfect reference to both form and function.

Available with a sandblasted grey, black, or white face, and a black, grey, or gold casing, this design can appeal to a wide selection of styles. You can choose from a variety of three watch straps, and a diameter of either 35mm or 39mm.

The Vaerk comes with a stunningly reliable Swiss Ronda Quartz movement, and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. The durable PVD plating combines with a 5ATM water resistance to deliver a highly durable watch experience.

Plus, each strap offers genuine calf leather. If you’re looking for a crisp celebration of beauty and functionality in watch form, this is it.

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4. Larsen and Eriksen Louisiana

Clearly, Larsen and Eriksen has been doing something right with its approach to watch design. The Louisiana represents an exclusive collaboration between the Danish watch brand and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (in Denmark).

According to the Larsen and Eriksen team, the design highlights the museum architecture’s minimalist approach to modernism.

The Louisiana also aims to represent the simple grace of the landscape of Denmark too. Available with natural tan and matte black straps, this attractive watch offers both 37mm and 41mm straps, with a reinforced mineral crystal glass case.

This watch is resistant to water at a rate of up to 3ATM, with a genuine calf leather strap.

The perfect embodiment of Larsen and Eriksen’s approach to artistic representations of the Danish landscape, the Louisiana is an iconic watch.

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5. The Larsen and Eriksen Numbers collection

The Numbers Collection is one of the most recent additions to the Larsen and Eriksen watch portfolio. This limited-edition watch run comes from a collaboration with Poulsen Projects (from New York).

The watches (labelled from one to five) combined the stunningly subtle silhouettes of Larsen and Eriksen designs, with the unique typography of the Poulsen projects.

The first series, from one to five, released in October 2019, and sold out almost immediately.

Numbers Four and Five are also part of the collection now, although they’re exclusively available through the Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo and New York.

However, you can also purchase Number 4 and Number 5 from the Larsen and Eriksen website.

All of the items in the Numbers collection feature beautiful genuine calf leather in the straps, with the no-tool strap change system that the brand is famous for.

The devices are water resistant up to 3ATM, and assembled by hand, with an engraved crown and a Swiss Quartz movement.

The padded straps allow for an ultra-comfortable experience, no matter which number you choose.

It’s definitely worth checking back at the Larsen and Eriksen website from time to time to discover any new collaborations underway.

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What else do the Larsen and Eriksen watch brand sell?

The Larsen and Eriksen watches available to purchase constantly change with the arrival of new collaborations and partnerships between the brand and other market-leading designers.

The Numbers collection, which is one of the most popular collections created by the company, is a testament to the organizations’ ability to constantly innovate.

If you’re a fan of what Larsen and Eriksen are doing for the environment, and the Danish landscape, then you can also offer your support by purchasing one of their “accessories”.

Options include an organic cotton t-shirt that’s fully OEK-TEX and GOTS certified. Unsurprisingly for a company so dedicated to the environment, the cotton is vegan approved, and designed for long-term wear.

Additional purchasing options include tote bags, and an interesting selection of art prints.

The artwork available from Larsen and Eriksen is another testament to the beautiful architecture and unique shapes of the Danish landscape.

Alternatively, if you just want to protect your watch, and make the most out of your investment, remember that you can always buy additional straps, and watch rolls to protect your purchase.

The watch rolls are made with genuine buffalo leather and can hold up to 6 watches at once. Watch rolls are currently available in black and brown leather.

If you’re planning on getting a Larsen and Eriksen watch with numerous straps, we’d recommend checking out some of the package deals on the website.

Gift bundles usually include a watch, watch roll, and an interchangeable strap, so you can get the perfect combination of products at once.

Not your typical wristwatch

Clearly, Larsen and Eriksen’s watches are a testament to the company’s devotion to Scandinavia, and Denmark in particular. Though these amazing watches have a timelessly classic style, they’re not just your standard wristwatch.

You can sense the dedication and love that went into the creation of each design. Every watch is carefully hand crafted and assembled according to the highest standards.

Alongside stunning designs and incredible attention to detail, the Larsen and Eriksen watches also promise some of the best materials on the market, from high-strength stainless steel to mineral crystal glass.

Even the luxurious calf leather on the straps reminds you that you’re wearing something truly impressive. It’s no wonder that Larsen and Eriksen are now stocked in 25 countries around the world.

Interestingly, you won’t find one of these watches in a standard jewelry or watch store. The company is committed to working exclusively with groups where they can present their watches as a kind of art.

Places like the Museum of Modern Art showcase these watches as part of an overall experience for visitors.

Larsen and Eriksen’s unconventional approach to product distribution might seem odd, but it makes sense when you consider their commitment to be a true lifestyle and fashion brand.

Passion for the art of watch creation is one of the major factors that helps to set Larsen and Eriksen apart in a market that’s oversaturated with potential accessories for people to wear. Even the Larsen and Eriksen website offers a unique insight into what you can expect.

Incredible reviews are displayed like trophies of honor, showcasing a worldwide love for these products.

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Get your own Larsen and Eriksen watch

Like many wonderful Danish brands over the years, Larsen and Eriksen rose to fame because of a commitment to a specific set of values. The company wanted to show today’s customers that they could get their hands on a beautiful Scandinavian style watch without spending a fortune.

These watches mimic the beautiful clean lines and minimalism of Danish design in the 50s, with added extras for greater modernity in the current landscape.

Though they’re still quite new to the market compared to some of the other watch designers out there, Larsen and Eriksen are quickly taking the world by storm.

The brand has a few great collections under their belt, and it seems likely that the selection will only continue to grow as new opportunities and collaborations emerge.

With such an impressive selection of styles to choose from, and the freedom to change your design in minutes thanks to conveniently interchangeable straps, the toughest choice is figuring out which product you should buy.

The good news is that every watch from Larsen and Eriksen will come with the same commitment to quality, the same extraordinary features, and a Danish design that instantly captures the eye of anyone who sees it.

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