Nordic Aliens

Nordic aliens: Your guide to Nordic extraterrestrials and what makes them special

This is your essential guide to Nordic aliens, including everything you need to know about Nordic extraterrestrials and what makes them special. If you’re ready, let’s lift-off and get started!

It’s been said that millions of human and humanoid civilizations exist in the cosmos, and over a dozen have visited Earth at one time or another.

These human-like E.T.’s come in all shapes, colors and sizes. There are Asian appearing aliens as well as dark-skinned ones that have been able to blend into the human race.

Among these extraterrestrial guests are Nordic aliens, also known as Tall White Aliens and The Blonde Humanoids.

They were named Nordic aliens because they resemble Scandinavians of Nordic descent. With their blues and blonde hair, they can easily be mistaken for a native of the region.

Compared to other alien species that are viewed as a threat, Nordics are considered friendlier. E.T. experts claim these majestic creatures have the gifts of empathy, telepathy and physical beauty.

If you’re curious about these mythological enlightened beings that have descended from the skies, this article will break down everything you need to know about Nordic extraterrestrials and why they are so special. 

Origin and history of Nordic aliens

The Nordic aliens were partially inspired by the 1951 movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” a movie about aliens visiting during the Cold War era to dissuade humans from using nuclear arms and to teach the world about peace and tolerance. 

Believers claim that the human-like creatures first began making contact with Earthlings as early as the 1950s. Many people, especially in Europe, claim that they encountered a Nordic alien during this decade.

In October 1954, a mother and two children saw a giant flying object hovering over their house in England. Encounters with them became less common in the decades that followed.

The aliens told abductees that they were visiting from Venus, but some said they were from the Pleiades star cluster.

Although most encounters supposedly happened in the 1950s, the term “Nordic aliens” did not exist until the 1980s. Before that, they were referred to as “Space Brothers” and “Tall Whites.”

According to several ancient civilizations and religions, Nordic aliens are angelic entities. According to the Native American tribe Hopi prophecy, they are peaceful beings who symbolize the end of the fourth age.

However, some people say that Nordics strayed from the path of light and worked with a secret community of occultists in pre-Nazi Berlin. By partnering with the aliens, the society hoped to learn ways to master divine energy that would help them conquer people.

Nordic Aliens
Credit: Camilo Sanchez (left, Nordic Alien), James Casbolt (right, NordicET)

What are Nordic aliens like: appearance and personality

Nordic extraterrestrials look like Earthlings of Scandinavian descent. Contactees describe them as six to seven feet tall with long blonde or reddish hair and big foreheads.

Their eyes are either blue or green, but some say that the Nordics don’t have irises and wear contact lenses so that they can blend into the crowd. Their skin is typically light-colored to tanned. They wear skin-tight clothes and are said to be predominantly male.

Personality-wise, Nordic aliens are said to be friendly with an ethereal air. Watchful, paternal, affectionate and wise — they are “magical” creatures with telepathic powers.

They mean well for the human race and want to help people. They’re associated with benevolent traits such as love and spiritual growth, and have been called “protectors for the experiences.”

Although the Nordic extraterrestrials are well-intended, they generally like to keep their distance and observe events and people from afar in their spaceships. Contactees describe the ships as being either cigar-shaped or spherical.

As members of the Galactic Federation, an intra-galactic supervising or governing body, they prefer to conceal their identity and communicate with humans through dreams or telepathically.

Nordic alien’s mission on Earth

According to cultural historian David J. Skal, Nordic aliens visit Earth to warn humans about the dangers of nuclear weapons. They encourage world peace, asking us to overcome our differences so that we live together in harmony.

They are also concerned about the environment and improving the state of the planet. People who believe in them say that they were sent from higher realms to impart emotional and spiritual wisdom to people and are, therefore, an essential part of the ascension process of Earthlings.

Their message is about peace, and their role is one of stewardship of the planet Earth. They also protect humanity by warning people about the hostile Grey aliens and their malevolent intentions.

In the book “Nordic Aliens and the Star People of the Americas,” Lars Bergen and Sharon Delarose write that Nordic aliens visited the Incas in the eighth century. They settled on Earth to teach them ways to be better humans and advance their civilization.

They imparted knowledge about farming, irrigation, writing, astronomy, medicine, toolmaking, and protecting ourselves from giants during their time. They also cleaned out the hazy atmosphere that blocked the sun and moon after a volcanic eruption.

Upon leaving, they promised that they would return to Earth.

Notable abductees of Nordic aliens

The Nordic extraterrestrial species is not commonly associated with abductions. When it does

happen, they are messengers of peace — bringing awareness to the need to improve conditions on Earth.

Over the past couple of centuries, few notable encounters have been reported. While the legitimacy of these claims are dubious and are claimed to be hoaxes by many, those who believe the abductees are fascinated by their stories.

Howard Menger

Menger became famous for his charismatic manner in which he detailed his friendly chats with Adamski Venusian “space brothers” in the late 1950s. In his book “From Outer Space to You,” he explains how he had made contact with Nordics.

Nordic Aliens
Credit: kenzie campbell

Travis Walton

Walton was an American forestry worker when Nordic Aliens abducted him. While working with his lumber crew in Arizona, a hovering alien craft appeared and emitted a beam of light that knocked him unconscious.

Based on his account in his book, “The Walton Experience,” he was taken on board the craft where he met several tall, white humanoids. The aliens released him after a few days, and he was located on the side of a road by scent dogs that had been looking for him for days.

George Adamski

Adamski was a Polish-American author known for meeting with the Nordic aliens in the 1950s. He described his experiences in “Inside the Space Ships” and “Flying Saucers Have Landed.”

He claimed he took flights with them to the moon and other planets. During the 1940s and 1950s, he displayed numerous photographs of alien spaceships.

Billy Meier

Meier is a former Swedish farmer who said he had been in contact with Plejarans, a Nordic extraterrestrial race. He took several photos and films of UFOs claiming that they were actual alien spaceships.

Later, he founded a UFO cult called “Free Community of Interests for the Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies.” He delivers words on love and peace to humanity that were relayed to him by the Nordic aliens.

Nordic Aliens
Credit: James Anthony Wills

President Eisenhower

There are rumors that former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower had a secret meeting with Nordic aliens at Edwards Air Force Base in February 1954. The objective of the meeting was to create an agreement over technology exchange and disarm its nuclear missile program.

It’s been said that the session did not end on any deal.

Eisenhower chose to enter a treaty with Grey aliens so that the U.S. could keep its nuclear weapons while also upgrading its technology with the help of the aliens. In return for this, the Greys could abduct and experiment on the American people without being questioned.

Officials at the Eisenhower Presidential Center have dismissed these claims.

Nordic aliens in popular culture

For decades, TV and movies have stoked our intrigue for aliens. The stories reflect our curiosity, fears, worries, and awe with these space creatures.

Aliens have mostly been portrayed as hostile characters plotting to take over Earth and kill humans or turn them into zombies.

Nordic aliens, specifically, have appeared in the following shows and movies:

  • In the TBS comedy “People of Earth,” a show about alien encounters, Nordics are one of the three characters along with grey and reptilian.
  • An alien race, known as Asgard, appeared as Nordic gods who met the protagonists of the TV show “Stargate.” Later, they find out that they were actually Grey aliens.
  • A blonde Nordic alien makes an appearance in the TV show Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. It turns out the alien was a wanted thief named, Sheila O’Flaherty in disguise.
  • In the video game “Perfect Dark,” Skedar aliens disguised themselves as Nordic extraterrestrials to fool humans into submission.
  • Twin Nordic aliens with unibrows appear in the show “Superjail” where they play pranks on the warden and end up killing several of his inmates.

Nordics are arguably the most revered and liked when it comes to aliens. These Nordic blonde extraterrestrial visitors come to our planet to spread light and hope.

Because of their likeness to people of Scandinavian descent, chances are you may not know when you meet one, but with this information on hand, you’re in a better place to identify Nordic aliens.

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