Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decorations

The best Scandinavian Christmas tree decorations and ornaments

The best Scandinavian Christmas tree decorations offer a beautiful and minimalist way to deck your halls for the festive season. Focused heavily on nature and subtle shades, Scandinavian Christmas tree ornaments aren’t as vibrant or bright as the designs we see elsewhere in the world. 

These stunning creations have their own kind of rustic charm. 

If you’re celebrating Christmas in Copenhagen, or you want to bring some of the joy of the Scandinavian landscape to your home this season, you’re in the right place. After all, the Scandinavians do Christmas unlike any other part of the world. 

An opportunity to fight dark, cold days with warmth and joy, Christmas in Scandinavia will change the way you think about your annual celebrations. 

Let’s explore some of the best Scandinavian Christmas tree ornaments to bring your home to life.

Nordic Christmas tree décor: The tree

Probably the first and most important point to consider when you’re trying to get the Scandinavian Christmas tree look, is the tree itself. 

In many of the Nordic regions, it’s common for families to go searching in the woods and forests of their local town for the perfect Christmas tree. We wouldn’t recommend following suit, as cutting down a private tree can get you in a lot of trouble.

While natural Christmas trees are more common in Scandinavia, if you’re celebrating Christmas in Oslo, or another city, you might find it easier to choose an artificial tree instead. 

When choosing Scandinavian artificial Christmas trees, look for something as natural as possible. This means no unusual colors or modern designs.

Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decorations
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1. National tree company Hickory Cedar

Ideal for smaller homes, this Scandinavian-style Christmas tree looks simple and natural — just as the Scandinavians like it. Though it does come pre-strung with lights, they feature a soft, warm glow, which is perfect for a Nordic style Christmas tree. 

With conveniently slim branches and lasting durability, this artificial tree will continue to look great, even after years of storage. There’s even a sturdy metal base, so you can rest assured your tree isn’t going to fall over when you’re dancing around it as part of a traditional Danish celebration.

Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decorations
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2. 7.5-foot Christmas tree

In many parts of Scandinavia, the best Christmas tree will be thick and busy, with plenty of densely-packed branches, just like this artificial tree

Though it takes a little while to fully fluff all the branches on this tree, by the time you’re done, you can rest assured you’ll have a stunning finished look. The U-Miss Christmas tree looks just like classic pine, for a natural finish. 

With high-quality materials throughout, this is another Nordic style Christmas tree you can count on to last multiple festive celebrations. There’s even a warranty included with purchase — you won’t find that from a natural tree.

Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decorations
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3. National Tree Norwegian spruce

For a Norwegian approach to Christmas celebrations, this stunning spruce tree is a fantastic choice. Norwegian trees tend to be more densely packed at the bottom than they are at the top, so this unique design from the National Tree company looks wonderfully natural. 

Like many artificial trees, the product comes with pre-strung lights for a glistening finished effect.

The National Tree Norwegian spruce features 3 sections, all with metal hinges to help give you a sturdier finish. When you’re ready to pack everything away for the next year, the tree simply folds down for easy storage. 

Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decorations
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4. National Tree mini pre-lit

If you’re lacking space, or you want an additional tree to use as a centerpiece for your Christmas table, this is a great pick from the National Tree Company. The pre-lit artificial mini tree comes with a burlap base tied with a red ribbon, for a classic rustic look. 

The densely-packed tree is also covered with lights, to help it shine through the night. 

Easy to set up and store, this mini Christmas tree can bring a touch of the festive spirit to any room around your home. You could even let your kids have their own small Christmas tree in their bedrooms upstairs. 

Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decorations
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5. National Tree mini Nordic spruce

Another great example of a miniature Scandinavian Christmas tree, this beautiful item from the National Tree company is perfect for hallways and small spaces. 

Designed in the style of the stunning Nordic Spruce, the two-foot tree is already pre-decorated with natural items like pinecones and red berries — common in the Scandi region. 

With a cloth bag base at the bottom to finish the look, and a set of warm yellow lights to draw attention, this amazing artificial tree will be a great addition to your home.

Nordic Christmas tree decorations: Tree décor

Once you’ve got the perfect Scandinavian Christmas tree, the next step is decorating it. As you’ll probably know, there’s more to an amazing-looking tree than the ornaments and baubles. 

Many Scandinavians also cover their trees with garlands, ribbons, and more. All of your decorations will usually follow the same theme to ensure a consistent look. 

If you’re hoping to bring a Scandinavian tree to life, here are some great ideas to get you started.

Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decorations
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1. Meriwoods knit tree skirt

Whether you’re using a real Christmas tree, or an artificial alternative, a good tree skirt can really help bring the look to life. When choosing a skirt for your Nordic style Christmas tree, we’d definitely recommend sticking with something simple, like this Meriwoods fair isle knitted skirt

The border design is distinctly Scandinavian, in a stunning snowflake pattern. 

This rustic and warming tree skirt also has a wonderful handmade appeal to it, making it an excellent pick if you’re looking for a more homely Scandi vibe.

Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decorations
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2. Georg Jensen candle holders

Having real candles on your Christmas tree is more of a Danish tradition, but it’s also something you might see elsewhere in the Scandinavian region too. 

If you want to achieve the same kind of amazing natural Christmas look, you’ll need a sturdy set of candle holders you can rely on. These beautiful Georg Jensen products are a great investment. 

If you’re nervous about using real candles on your tree (which is fair enough), you can also look for artificial candles with the same sizing — so they fit into the holders perfectly. 

Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decorations
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3. Straw Christmas tree garland

Garlands are a common part of Nordic Christmas tree décor. Often hand-made, they offer a beautiful alternative to the artificial strings of lights and tinsel we use elsewhere in the world. 

Though the exact design of your garland will depend on your preferences, one particularly traditional choice is this straw option featuring snowflakes, hearts, and stars

Remember, you could always consider making your own garlands from scratch. In the Scandi region, hand-made Christmas decorations often have a special place in the hearts of many families.

Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decorations
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4. Christmas tree beads

Another alternative to tinsel, Scandinavian locals also have a habit of stringing wooden beads together as part of their Christmas tree décor. 

If you’re going to take the same approach, it makes sense to either use natural wood as the focus color, or shades like red, so your beads look a little like cranberries sitting between the branches of your tree. 

These eye-catching red beads are an excellent choice if you want a classical and organic look for your tree. Remember to mix them with plenty of straw ornaments for the hand-made look. You can always consider a straw garland too. 

Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decorations
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5. Straw goats

While most people from the UK and US are more likely to associate Christmas with reindeer, the Scandinavian region celebrates goats at Christmas time. A straw goat tied up with red ribbon is a classic part of your Scandi look. 

While you won’t place this item on the Christmas tree, it often sits next to the tree, on top of the knitted tree skirt. 

Your straw goat can be as large or small as you’d like it to be. Many families place these items alongside the hand-wrapped presents under the tree — almost as though the animal is guarding the gifts. 

Scandinavian Christmas tree ornaments

Scandinavian Christmas tree ornaments fall under a number of categories. You’ve got your Scandinavian Christmas lights, garlands, and tree skirts, as well as your baubles, candle holders, and the finishing tree topper. 

The majority of Nordic style Christmas tree ornaments in a Scandinavian household are carefully chosen to stick to a specific color theme. 

Ornaments in the Scandi region often feature natural shades of wood, as well as colors like green, red, and white. While some ornaments will be handmade and simple, others are intended for long-term use, to be passed down from generation to generation. 

Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decorations
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1. Plush hanging gnomes

Whether known as tomte or nisse, gnomes are everywhere in Scandinavian tradition, and they’re a huge part of the Christmas celebration. An authentic Scandinavian Christmas tree should have at least a few gnomes scattered through the branches. 

Often, the most popular options are adorable creatures made up of a bushy beard and a large triangular hat. 

This set of 6 plush gnome ornaments will bring all the joy of a classic Scandinavian icon to your home. Even better, the locals believe gnomes at Christmas will bring good luck to your family. 

Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decorations
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2. TRIEtree Scandinavian baubles

While the Scandinavian people do have a habit of making a lot of their own ornaments, and designing decorations out of straw or wood, baubles are still a common occurrence. Often chosen in colors like gold, red, white, and silver, the right collection of baubles can bring any Christmas tree to life.

These delicate shatterproof baubles from the TRIEtree Company are perfect for a Scandinavian look. There are six designs in total, and each feature something you’d expect to see on a standard Scandi sweater. 

The glittering handmade baubles also come with handy hooks, so they’re easy to attach to your tree.

Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decorations
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3. Ilauke wooden snowflakes

While Scandinavian Christmas stars are the most common shape across the region, snowflakes appear pretty consistently too. The best way to add snowflakes to your Christmas tree is to make them yourself or choose ornaments with a natural finish. 

These Scandinavian wooden Christmas tree snowflakes are delicate, eye-catching and ideal for bringing a beautiful finished touch to your tree. Featuring four different patterns, these natural wood laser-cut snowflakes are easy to hang, with twine rope included. 

You could even use them to make your own garland. 

Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decorations
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4. GuassLee winter wonderland ornaments

Another incredible example of Scandinavian wooden Christmas tree ornaments, these beautiful decorations are unlike anything else you’ll find from the Scandi region. Created by the GuassLee store, the ornaments feature carefully cut-out scenes with reindeers and snowmen. 

Though you only get a total of six ornaments in the pack, you’re sure to appreciate the finished look. 

These amazing winter ornaments will definitely remind you of how beautiful Scandinavia can be during the colder months of the year. 

Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decorations
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5. Scandinavian straw ornaments

Straw ornaments are an excellent pick if you really want the most traditional Scandinavian Christmas tree. Throughout the Nordic region, many families work together to design their own straw decorations with red thread. 

Everything from stars, angles, and snowflakes are relatively easy to make with a little guidance. 

This set of 36 Scandinavian straw ornaments will help you add a traditional look to your Christmas tree, even if you don’t have the time to make your decorations yourself. 

The Scandinavian tree topper

Finally, we come to perhaps the most important part of the Scandinavian Christmas tree for many families — the tree topper. While a tree topper isn’t always a necessary part of the Nordic Christmas tree, it’s something a lot of families look forward to placing on their tree each year. 

The Scandinavian Christmas star is the most common choice, though some people use tomte and nisse gnomes instead.

Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decorations
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1. Gnome Christmas tree topper

Perhaps the most adorable option for a traditional Scandinavian tree topper, this eye-catching gnome sits perfectly at the top of any tree- artificial or national. Designed to look just like a Swedish Tomte, this gnome comes with a knitted red hat (featuring its own white bobble), and a long white beard. 

There’s also a set of arms poking out from either side of the hat, with little red gloves.

This is sure to be a hit with the kids at Christmas if you want a break from the Scandinavian Christmas star one year. You can also place your gnome around other parts of the house too.

Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decorations
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2. Georg Jensen Christmas star

As mentioned above, Christmas ornaments in Scandinavian are often a mixture of hand-made items, and beautiful ornaments passed down through the generations. 

If you want to invest in a stunning Scandinavian Christmas star you can pass along to your kids, then Georg Jensen’s amazing golden star is the perfect choice.

This beautiful ornament features Georg Jensen’s signature style, managing to look both modern and traditional at the same time. The gold finish captures the light perfectly. You can even hang this star in front of your window when you’re not using it as a tree topper. 

Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decorations
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3. Straw star tree topper

For a far more natural finish for your Scandi Christmas tree, you can always consider sticking to the handmade look. This straw star tree topper is beautifully well-made, despite being constructed almost entirely from straw. 

Though it might not last as long as some of the other more durable toppers on this list, it will definitely give an authentic look. 

The straw star topper might be the ideal choice if you’re going for a tree featuring mostly handmade and rustic ornaments this year. 

Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decorations
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4. Large Tomte gnome

Another great choice for a family-friendly tree, this Tomte tree topper is vibrant, eye-catching, and sure to be a hit with the kids. Featuring a stripy red had, a thick white beard, and a set of dangling legs, the Tomte will sit pride of place on the top of your tree each year. 

If you want to switch your gnome out for a star one year, the Tomte tree topper will also look perfect on a windowsill or a fireplace mantel too. Just leave his legs dangling over the edge of whatever surface he’s sitting on for an adorable finish. 

Scandinavian Christmas Tree Decorations
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5. Kurt Adler Christmas star

If you’re looking for a Scandinavian tree topper combining modern aesthetics with a traditional Scandinavian appeal, this Kurt Adler Christmas star could be a good pick. 

Although not quite as organic and hand-made as some as the preferred Christmas tree toppers in the Scandi region, this star still has a delightful rustic finish. 

If you’re the kind of person who likes a lot of light on your tree, and you don’t want to run the risk of covering your spruce in real candles, this light-up star also comes with its own set of 10 white lights. 

Overall, it’s great for giving your tree a warm finished look. 

Celebrating a Scandinavian Christmas

There’s more to a truly authentic Scandinavian Christmas than having the right decorations for your tree. However, if you’re looking for a simple way to bring more Nordic appeal to your home during the festive season, it’s a good idea to start with the right ornaments. 

With a little luck, the suggested decorations above will give you an excellent head-start on designing the perfect Christmas atmosphere. 

We definitely recommend checking out some of the Christmas decorations displayed around the Nordic region when you visit Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and even Finland throughout winter too. 

You’re sure to get some inspiration from the local stores and markets, brimming with traditional appeal. 

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