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Urbanears Jakan earphones review: Easy wireless listening

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As Scandinavian audio companies go, Urbanears aren’t nearly the biggest brand we can mention. They’ve got a way to go before they’ll have the same impact on the market as companies like Bang and Olufsen, for instance. 

However, there’s a lot of potential here. 

Urbanears is a company that appeals to customers that want to leverage all the benefits of Scandinavian style for their audio experience, without spending a fortune. 

Urbanears earphones and speakers are both attractive and affordable, making them a good option for those who want a good combination of form and function on a budget.

Today, we’ll be looking at the Urbanears Jakan earphones. These true wireless earphones promise 12 hours of listening time with an appealing artistic flare. 

The question is, do these Urbanears earphones really show us what Urbanears is all about

Urbanears Jakan review: Tech specs

The Urbanears Jakan earphones are some of the most affordable true-wireless options we’ve seen on the market, and they offer an incredible amount of style. Available in a range of around 7 colors, these easy-to-use earbuds are sure to catch your eye.

 Technical specifications:

  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Neck cord for extra security
  • 12 hours of battery life
  • Weight: 18.9 gram
  • Type: in-ear
  • In-built microphone
  • 2.5 hour charge time
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Urbanears Jakan review: Design

At first glance, the Urbanears Jakan earphones are a pretty pair of wireless earbuds. We got our pair in the highly Scandinavian-style mulberry red, but there are various great options to choose from. 

The overall shape of the earbuds also really make them stand out — and the nylon string feels comfortable and sturdy around your neck. 

In terms of build-quality, it’s easy to see that these Urbanears earphones aren’t just cheap rubbish. While many of the components are plastic, everything feels sturdy and well-made, unlikely to break easily. 

Even the cable seems tough to destroy. 

Unlike many cheap in-ear earbuds, the Jakan earphones allow you to adjust your earbud sizes according to your needs. There’s no range of earbud tips to choose from. 

Instead, you can change the amount of cord coming out of the edges of the earbuds to keep them secured in your ears. 

Unsurprisingly, these Urbanears earphones look great — like headphone you wouldn’t mind spending a little extra cash on. The earbuds are also surprisingly comfortable, which is a feature you won’t always find with most in-ear options. 

Urbanears Jakan review: Features

Feature-wise, the Urbanears Jakan earphones are pretty basic. Clearly, Urbanears wasn’t trying to break the mould with these earphones, which is a bit of a shame. 

You get 12 hours of battery life, which is great if you want to listen to your music all day long. 

Plus, the magnetic ends of the earbuds clip together when they’re not in use, so you can wear them around your neck like a necklace. 

A little way down the right-hand side of your connecting cable, you’ll find a single-button remote that can give you access to various features like skipping backwards and forwards between tracks. 

You’ll also be able to connect your micro USB charger to the remote for charging. 

Features include:

  • Magnetic earbuds to help you keep hold of your earphones
  • 12 hours of battery life
  • Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity
  • Control button with multiple functions
  • Clear high level bass 
  • Ergonomic fit with adjustable design
  • Hands-free calling function
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Urbanears Jakan review: Performance

Performance is where things get extra serious when you’re buying a pair of Urbanears earphones. 

These earbuds connect to your device via Bluetooth 4.2, which isn’t the best option on the market, but it’s enough to give you a pretty solid connection. 

We didn’t notice any serious problems with jumps or skips when using the earphones. 

The battery life is also pretty impressive, with a solid 12 hours of power in total- so you can essentially listen to your music all day. 

The biggest issue with the Urbanears Jakan earphones, unfortunately, is the sound quality. The bass is definitely incredibly significant in these earphones, with lots of punch to drum beats and lower bass guitar riffs. 

However, by the time you hit the mid-range, the clarity starts to go downhill. 

There are some muddy elements to certain points of the vocals and guitars, which makes it harder to separate different sounds in your songs. 

The high frequencies are definitely where Urbanears struggles the most with the Jakan earphones. It’s almost impossible to pick out those high notes, and there’s very little detail or clarity available. 

Urbanears Jakan review: Verdict
We went into this Urbanears earphones review wanting to fall in love with the Jakan earbuds. They look great, and they’re very affordable for such a robust pair of wireless earphones.

Unfortunately, while there are various things to like about these products, they’re let down by a serious problem with the audio quality.

If you love bass above anything else and you don’t really care about any other element of your music, then you might get by just fine with the Urbanears Jakan earphones.

However, if you want a real variety of sounds, these probably aren’t the buds for you.

Gorgeous minimalist design
Great intuitive sizing options
Range of colors to choose from
Feel secure when you’re wearing them
Good enough for all-day use
Great battery life and quick charge
Good Bluetooth connectivity
Excellent punchy bass notes
Easy to use controls
Terrible high-levels
Muddy mid-notes
No EQ control or advanced functions
No smart assistant
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