Scandinavian Watch Brands

Scandinavian watches: What are the best Scandinavian watch brands?

When you think of the best watches from around the world, you probably think of timeless (if that’s an appropriate term to use in this context) from countries like Switzerland. But as time ticks on in this fast-paced sector, Scandinavian watches are gaining significant traction.

You’ll find various stylish timepieces throughout the Nordic countries that you can blend with all kinds of outfits. You have plenty of budget entry points to choose from, meaning you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to look good — unless you want to.

So, what are the best Scandinavian watch brands? To help you find what you’re looking for more easily, we’ll split this article into brands from each Nordic country.

Nordic watches — a hidd en gem

A hidden gem in the industry, it’s no surprise that the Nordic watches are rapidly growing in popularity. Although a laid-back, relaxed lifestyle is what the Scandinavians are known for, their attitude towards their craft is meticulous and thorough.

We all know what we fundamentally expect from a watch: quality, design, and function. Watches from the Nordic region are doing a fantastic job of executing these very concepts.

Whether your style is the classic sleek wristwatch or a more unconventional timepiece, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for below.

Now, we tell ourselves the main purpose of a watch is to keep time — but let’s be real for a moment. When we splash out, what we want is something that will turn heads. Why would you spend hundreds of dollars on something that looks terrible?

Investing in a watch that you will wear on your wrist every day is definitely worth taking the time to consider all options, and Scandinavian watch manufacturers make sure you have plenty to choose from.

From the popular leading brands in Denmark down to the hidden gems in Norway’s up-and-coming market, watches designed in Scandinavia come in various styles, making it a breeze to find your perfect timepiece.

Plus, with the many options coming in at affordable price points, as the saying goes, “price does not always equal quality”. This is undoubtedly the case with Scandinavian watches.

And so, without further ado, let’s look at some of the best Nordic watch brands and watch brands designed in Scandinavia.

Danish watch brands

Denmark is the smallest Scandinavian country by size, and it’s one of Europe’s tiniest nations. But like they do in the world of design, the Danes surprise the industry with watches too. You’ll find plenty of high-quality watches made in Denmark, and its reputation for stylish wrist companions is well-deserved.

From affordable Danish watch brands that embody the minimalist Nordic heritage like Skagen to the prestigious high-end powerhouses from Georg Jensen, there’s something here for everyone. 

And so, without further ado, let’s check out some of the most important watch brands from Denmark.

Scandinavian Watch Brands


Nordgreen is relatively new to the Scandinavian watches landscape, having only been around since 2017. But in that short period, it has made significant moves and become one of the region’s most recognizable timepiece companies.

The brand creates distinctive watches with a minimalistic design approach, as you would probably expect from a Danish fashion brand. However, you can be sure that no compromises are made when discussing craftsmanship.

Nordgreen has a wide selection of Danish watches for men and women. You’ll find various wrist materials, including leather and standard links. For wrist sizes, you’ve got more than one selection to choose from — so you won’t have any issues getting what you’re looking for.

Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, is known for being one of the world’s most style-conscious cities. But besides looking good, most things here are of high quality. And considering that Nordgreen’s interchangeable straps were designed here, you can expect the same from your watch in that respect.

All Nordgreen watches come with a two-year guarantee, and prices are relatively affordable. So, if you want to upgrade your watch game, head on over.

Scandinavian Watch Brands


If you’re looking for a watch that oozes elegance, VEJRHØJ might be the brand you’re looking for. Undoubtedly one of the best Scandinavian watch brands, VEJRHØJ’s timepieces are roughly the same price as Nordgreen — and the company is based in Copenhagen.

VEJRHØJ was founded in 2013 and is one of Denmark’s most innovative watch brands. Inspired by the beautiful Nordic landscape and executed with the region’s traditional minimalism, the company’s sleek range of watches is crafted from natural hardwood, steel, and leather.

VEJRHØJ has a wide selection of watches for men and women, with different strap materials available. In addition to its core range of products, you’ll also find a selection of limited editions that are well worth checking out.

You will have to act fast, though, because they frequently sell out!

With its unique and minimalistic design, you can guarantee that your VEJRHØJ watch will turn heads.

Scandinavian Watch Brands


Located in the far north of Denmark, Skagen — pronounced “Skay-en” — has inspired artists for centuries. And in more recent years, the namesake Scandinavian watch brand has made serious moves in the Nordic region and other international markets.

Skagen is a watch brand that embodies the Danish spirit of redefining modern style with an appreciation for the natural surroundings of Denmark.

Designed with the future in mind, Skagen watches are admirably classic; from the leather straps down to the gold or silver mesh, you are guaranteed a timeless piece that’ll never go out of style. 

You will find a wide range of watches when searching for those made by Skagen. The company caters to men and women, and you’ll find the watches in several stores throughout Denmark.

Further afield, you can always order online.

Scandinavian Watch Brands

Bulbul Watches

Bulbul Watches is worth keeping on your radar if you’re looking for something that goes a little against the grain. Founded by Jacob Juul in 2013, the company specializes in watches that are very different from what we have seen.

This contemporary watch brand merges a design philosophy of seeking the iconic, daring, and bold with high-quality, innovative craftsmanship to produce beautiful timepieces. You’ll find watches in various colors, including black and gold.

Bulbul Watches works with Kibisi and Kilo to come up with their designs.

Watches designed by Bulbul are more expensive than most of the brands we’ve listed in this article, but you can guarantee that you’ll enjoy a high-quality design that will stand the test of time.

From the iconic Pebble collection to the more subdued Facette selection, you’ll almost certainly find something that fits your needs.

Bulbul ships to several countries, and you’ll also find its watches stocked in stores worldwide — including in Denmark, the Netherlands, and Portugal.

Scandinavian Watch Brands

Georg Jensen

To round up the list of our favorite Danish watch brands, we’ll look at one of the more famous options. Being one of Denmark’s most prestigious brands in the design sector, Georg Jensen watches exhibit a unique range of styles.

Like Bulbul Watches, conformity wasn’t at the forefront of the founder’s mind. You will find several high-end timepieces, including leather and steel wrist designs. On top of that, you can also find varying wrist sizes — ensuring that your device doesn’t look too small or too big when you wear it.

Georg Jensen is one of the most expensive brands on our list, but you can expect a watch that will last a significant period when you choose to purchase one. If you’re planning a trip to Copenhagen shortly, you’ll find the flagship store on the city’s main shopping street — Strøget.

In addition to watches, Georg Jensen sells jewelry and various other items. You can receive items in several other countries if you aren’t in Denmark.

Scandinavian Watch Brands

Jacob Jensen

Jacob Jensen is a Danish watch company that raises the bar in terms of fashion-forward versatile watch designs.

We love the Ascent series which features a striking slim design — a distinctive aesthetic of Jacob Jensen designs. As well as the Strata collection, combining classic design, functionality and high-quality materials to create an iconic timepiece.

Swedish watch brands

Now that we’ve covered Denmark, let’s move further north. Like fashion and tech companies, Sweden is home to some of the best watches designed in Scandinavia.

Swedish watch brands are slowly building their reputation for their Scandinavian-infused timepieces, a hidden gem in the watchmaking industry. Swedish watch brands are a little more subdued than Swiss and Italian watch companies, but the quality remains high.

Generally featuring Nordic style in minimalism and simplicity, they are well-crafted and often compared to Danish watch brands. Having said that, you will also find other innovative brands that have dared to redefine how we shop for watches. 

And with all of that said and done, let’s dive in and look at some of the best watch brands from Sweden.

Scandinavian Watch Brands

Boom Watches

Boom Watches is one of the newest Swedish watch brands, and Nicklas Dahlgren formed it. The company’s main headquarters are in Hölö, just outside of Stockholm — the Swedish capital.

You will find a comprehensive range of timepieces, including steel and leather wrist watches. Whether you’re male or female, the company has something that will probably fit your needs and wrist size. Watch sizes range from 36mm to 44mm.

Are you still struggling to find a watch design that suits you? You do not need to sweat; you can always design your own! Boom Watches lets you choose the circumference of your timepiece and the type of clock you want.

You’ll also get to pick the top ring and wrist material.

Unleash your creativity with endless variations by mixing and matching different styles to suit your own personality and aesthetic. Since you can completely customize everything, Boom Watches are an excellent gift if you’ve got a significant other.

Scandinavian Watch Brands

Larsson Jennings

Larsson and Jennings is a perfect example of a Swedish watch brand that produces beautifully designed watches with a focus on sustainability and longevity. 

Drawing design elements from Stockholm and London, they create timepieces that strike the perfect balance between modern and classic. You will find watches in several styles, including round and square clocks.

Wrist materials come in leather and metal, and the watches have a distinctly Italian feel.

Now introducing natural metal cases and hard-wearing vegan leather straps, you can get the best of both worlds by purchasing a high-quality, stunning watch that is also made ethically. 

In addition to its watches, Larsson Jennings sells other products and services. For example, you can find jewelry and make-up.

Look good and feel good about your purchase!

Scandinavian Watch Brands

TID Watches

If we translate from Swedish to English, “tid” means time. So, if you ask us, giving your watch brand that particular name is pretty wise. TID clearly understands the precious value of that very concept, investing theirs into designing watches with excellent attention to detail that you can wear every day and last.

Made from the highest quality materials, prices are surprisingly affordable for such elegant, yet bold wrist watches made in Sweden. While many of the brands we’ve mentioned so far focus on neutral and earthy colors, you can find a couple of standout designs with TID.

TID watches come in several colors, including white, blue, and green. But if you want something that fits into the mold of Scandinavian minimalism a little more, you’ll also find various timepieces that meet your needs.

TID watches put an emphasis on design, collaborating with different artists to produce limited-edition timepieces that you wouldn’t be surprised to see in an art gallery. The company ships to several countries worldwide, but some of its products are only available within European markets.

Scandinavian Watch Brands


The final of our Swedish watch brands is TRIWA, but don’t mistake that for us thinking little of it. If we were going to pick a brand even more striking than TID, we’d have to go with this one. TRIWA was founded in 2007 and has been a household name in the world of Scandinavian watches ever since.

What we love about Triwa is their versatile range of watches; there’s a style for everyone! As you can see from the pictures we’ve included in this article, you’ll find quirky designs featuring characters that resemble individuals you might know.

Moreover, you’ll find different colored wrist designs — plus other watches that are a little less outlandish.

TRIWA stands for Transforming the Industry of Watches. Its founders are four friends who shared the same ambition to revolutionize the watch into a modern style symbol. They aimed to do so by combining classic silhouettes and contemporary Scandinavian simplicity.  

Finnish watch brands

If we were to look at the Nordic countries as a whole, Finland is a bit of an outlier. Tucked away in Northern Europe, the nation is full of quirks. Its language is nothing like any of the others in the Nordics, and the people living there are a unique bunch, to say the least.

It’s needless to say, then, that watches made in Finland somewhat follow that ethos — and they’re definitely in a league of their own.

While many of the other Nordic countries clearly focus on minimalism, Finns aren’t afraid to bring their own ideas to the table — and they often do so to spectacular effect.

You will find brands that draw inspiration from the enigmatic, gothic culture found in this ambiguous region. Having said that, you’ll also find brands that follow the more traditional approach to design with an influence from Finnish heritage. 

Below are our favorite watch brands from Finland.

Scandinavian Watch Brands

S.U.F Helsinki

S.U.F Helsinki is an embodiment of the Finnish grit and determination known as Sisu — a term born from Finland’s remoteness and long, bleak winters — plus its challenging history.

With limited resources and the elements always against them, the S.U.F manifests here, inspired by Finnish pioneers of engineering, speed, and design with Sisu in their roots.

We appreciate the clean, unique design of the Soprod’s A10 collection, boasting a sharp and versatile sapphire black case twinned with a rugged leather strap. You can be sure you are getting finely crafted timepieces utilizing automatic Swiss movements at the right price.

Scandinavian Watch Brands


Aarni is a Finnish watch brand that is not only inspired by the elements of nature but is built around them. Started by a group of three friends who grew up by a forest in the small Finnish village of Klaukkala, they wanted to take their passion for unique watches to the next level.  

Their mission was to create a timepiece that would give human form to the beauties of the forest they spent most of their childhood exploring, and they have certainly accomplished that mission. 

Aarni wood watches incorporate an elegant Scandinavian design featuring the finest natural components that are bound to draw attention. Their popular wooden watches are made from ethically sourced materials that are stylish, durable, and exceptionally comfortable.  

Scandinavian Watch Brands


‘Finishing’ this section is the Finnish brand Rohje — a brand all about adventure, courage, and seizing the moment. Rohje watches combine Nordic design, inspired by the breathtaking nature in Finland, with uncompromising quality at a fair price.  

The special edition Adventurister Antarctica watch flaunts a sleek dark face encompassed by sapphire glass that can take even the hardest of scratches.

Along with the metallic accents and their signature leather strap, made from reindeer leather sourced in Finland, this watch is the epitome of the unique arctic heritage.  

If you want a timepiece that is made to last, look no further as the Adventurister Antarctica collection has actually been tested under extreme conditions in Antarctica by a Finnish research group.

Now, that’s pretty impressive… If you want to visit Helsinki in February, you might want to pick one up for yourself.

Norwegian watch brands 

Lost in the stretched Scandinavian kingdom where beautiful fjords, fish, and brown cheese are abundant, Norwegian watch brands are not as great in number compared to their Nordic counterparts. 

However, a few brands selling watches made in Norway have recently started to emerge, offering a particular, distinctive style you won’t find anywhere else.

Below are our favorite watch brands from Norway.

Scandinavian Watch Brands

Berg Watches

BERG Watches is a Norwegian watch brand that draws inspiration from the raw and beautiful nature of Norway.  

Their timepieces in the Ulriken collection flaunt a minimalistic, exclusive design made from premium materials that look great on the wrist.  

The brand has built its watches by carefully and purposefully selecting quality components such as reliable mechanisms to ensure longevity as well as anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass to prevent scratching.

Scandinavian Watch Brands

Von Doren

Evoke memories of cruising around in your grandad’s Morris Minor or of the breathtaking fjords that populate Norway with Von Doren’s elegant, sophisticated timepieces. If you’re looking for Nordic watch brands that make you look the part at a big dinner, this might be the one you wanted all along.

The Norwegian watch brand creates distinctive, high-quality wrist watches that are inspired by its Norwegian heritage with a touch of vintage flair. An instant conversation starter, whether you are on a budget or willing to splurge!

Scandinavian Watch Brands

Bruvik Time

Bruvik Time is a Norwegian watch brand that fuses its unique nature elements with top-notch modern watch design to construct elegant Swiss-made timepieces. 

Wear a piece of Norwegian nature on your wrist with the different collections that are inspired by elements of Norway’s landscape and heritage. The watches are some of the more high-end options on the market, so you can guarantee quality.

Icelandic watch brands

You won’t find many watches made in Iceland, as you probably expected from a relatively small country. However, you will find a couple of brands.

Below are two watch brands from Iceland.

Scandinavian Watch Brands

JS Watch Company Reykjavík

If we look at Icelandic watch brands, JS Watch Co. is the most famous without a shadow of a doubt. Its watches are of high quality and, to put things simply, they look beautiful. You’ll find a range of leather wrist options and — if you’re feeling daring — a couple of unique colors to choose from.

JS Watch Co. also has a range of stainless-steel timepieces; while its devices are very expensive, you’ll get something that’s made to near perfection.

Scandinavian Watch Brands

Arc-Tic Iceland

If you want a watch made in Iceland at a lower price point than JS Watch Co., Arc-Tic Iceland is a great place to start. However, don’t mistake the fact that it’s less expensive for a significant trade-off in quality.

Arc-Tic Iceland creates watches in several sizes, and you’ll find various materials for the wrists as well. The country’s jaw-dropping nature inspired its designs, and they were designed to resist significant impact.

Scandinavian watch brands: A time investment

So, there you have it — that’s our comprehensive list of the best Scandinavian watch brands. Scandinavian watches are typically of high quality, and you’ll usually get something that looks fantastic.

The same goes for Nordic watches from Finland and Iceland.

Regardless of your style, Scandinavian watches have something for everyone. Bringing that practicality that has made this region so wealthy with a clear eye for aesthetics, you can expect people to compliment your new timepiece once it’s in your hands.

You can see the best examples of Scandinavian values in the region’s varied and innovative architecture. So, if you’re not in a rush, why not read the piece we wrote about that next?

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