Scandinavian Watch Brands

Scandinavian watches: The best Scandinavian watch brands

When it comes to the lucrative watchmaking industry, we’re all familiar with the best-known timepiece brands. 

Typically originating from Switzerland, Germany, America, Italy and France, these countries have been dominating for years.

But, as time ticks on in this fast paced sector, brands in the Scandinavian region have been steadily establishing their reputation among the big names taking the industry by surprise.

The obsession of fusing beauty and function in Scandinavian culture provides fertile ground for the ultimate timepiece.

Scandinavian watches – A hidden gem

A hidden gem in the industry, it’s no surprise that the Nordic watches are rapidly growing in popularity. Although a laid back, relaxed lifestyle is what the Scandinavians are known for, their attitude towards their craft is meticulous and thorough.

We all know what we fundamentally expect from a watch; quality, design and function, and watches from the Nordic region are doing a fantastic job of executing these very concepts.

Whether your style is the classic sleek wrist watch or a more unconventional timepiece, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for below.

Now, we tell ourselves the main purpose of a watch is to keep time — but let’s be real. When we splash out, what we really want is something that will turn heads.

Investing in a watch that you will wear on your wrist everyday is definitely worth taking the time to consider all options, and Scandinavian watch manufacturers make sure you have plenty to choose from.

From the popular leading brands in Denmark down to the hidden gems in Norway’s up and coming market, watches designed in Scandinavia come in a wide variety of styles making it a breeze to find your perfect timepiece.

Plus with the many options coming in at affordable price points, as the saying goes, “price does not always equal quality” which is undoubtedly the case with Scandinavian watches.

Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the best known Scandinavian watch brands.

Let’s begin…

Danish watches

When we think about luxury high-end watch brands, undeniably Swiss made watches are the first to come to mind. However, you would be surprised that Danish watches also have a lot to offer.

Denmark has established a reputation for stylish watches that are highly regarded in the world of design.

From affordable danish watch brands that embody the minimalist Nordic heritage like Skagen, to the high-end prestigious power houses from Georg Jensen, there’s something here for everyone.

Scandinavian Watch Brands

1. Nordgreen

The Danish watch brand Nordgreen creates distinctive watches with a minimalistic design approach, however you can be sure there is no compromise when it comes to craftsmanship.

The unique design aesthetic is reflected in the brands wide range of options, with each range offering interchangeable straps designed in the heart of Denmark, Copenhagen.

So if you want to switch up your look without having to splash out on a brand new watch, Nordgreen has got you covered!

Scandinavian Watch Brands

2. Vejrhoj

Explore the elements of nature with Vejrhoj’s sleek range of watches crafted from natural hardwood, steel and leather.

Inspired by the beautiful Nordic landscape and executed with the region’s traditional minimalism, Verhoj timepieces are bound to turn heads boasting a unique and distinctive design!

Scandinavian Watch Brands

3. Skagen

Skagen is a watch brand that embodies the Danish spirit of redefining modern style with an appreciation for the natural surroundings of Denmark.

Designed with the future in mind, Skagen watches are admirably classic; from the leather straps down to the gold or silver mesh, you are guaranteed a timeless piece that’ll never go out of style.

Exceeding industry standards at accessible price points, you can’t go wrong.

Scandinavian Watch Brands

4. Bulbul Watches

Bulbul Watches is a contemporary, Danish watch brand that merges a design philosophy of seeking the iconic, daring and bold with high-quality, innovative craftsmanship to produce beautiful timepieces.

Featuring unconventional, asymmetric shaped faces that are inspired by the pebbles found along Scandinavian shorelines, Bulbul watches are definitely beyond their time!

Scandinavian Watch Brands

5. Georg Jensen

Being one of Denmark’s most prestigious brands in the design sector, Georg Jensen watches exhibit a unique range of styles.

Find your style from the Koppel collection; representing a slice of Danish design heritage with their singular timepieces to the Concave collection; the epitome of Scandinavian cool with their utterly beautiful and innovative wrist watches.

The brand stands for timeless aesthetics with a history that reaches all the way back to 1904. Although not cheap, they’re an investment that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Scandinavian Watch Brands

6. Jacob Jensen

Jacob Jensen is a Danish watch company that raises the bar in terms of fashion-forward versatile watch designs.

We love the Ascent series which features a striking slim design — a distinctive aesthetic of Jacob Jensen designs. As well as the Strata collection, combining classic design, functionality and high-quality materials to create an iconic timepiece.

Swedish watches

A hidden gem in the watchmaking industry, Swedish watch brands are slowly building their reputation for their Scandinavian infused timepieces. Compared to Swiss and Italian watch companies, Swedish watches are humble in nature and volume.

Generally featuring Nordic style in minimalism and simplicity, they are well crafted and often compared to Danish watch brands. Although, you will also find other innovative brands that have dared to redefine the way we shop for watches.

Scandinavian Watch Brands

7. Boom Watches

Boom Watches is an exciting, innovative Swedish watch company that offers a comprehensive range of timepieces but if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can design your own!

Unleash your creativity with the endless variations by mixing and matching different styles to suit your own personality and aesthetic.

A Boom watch would also make a perfect gift as they are able to be completely personalized.

Scandinavian Watch Brands

8. Larsson Jennings

Larsson and Jennings is a perfect example of a Swedish watch brand that produces beautifully designed watches with a focus on sustainability and longevity.

Drawing design elements from Stockholm and London, they create timepieces that strike the perfect balance between modern and classic.

Now introducing natural metal cases and hard-wearing vegan leather straps, you can get the best of both worlds by purchasing a high quality stunning watch that is also made ethically.

Look good and feel good about your purchase!

Scandinavian Watch Brands

9. TID Watches

TID, Swedish for time is a brand that understands the precious value of the very concept, investing theirs into designing watches with excellent attention to detail that can be worn everyday and last. 

Made from the highest quality materials, prices are surprisingly affordable for such elegant yet bold wrist watches made in Sweden.

TID watches put an emphasis on design, collaborating with different artists to produce limited edition timepieces that you wouldn’t be surprised to see in an art gallery!

Scandinavian Watch Brands


What we love about Triwa is their versatile range of watches; there’s a style for everyone! 

This Swedish watch brand, based in Stockholm, shows us that you can have a major unique timepiece without the major price tag. 

TRIWA (Transforming the Industry of Watches) was founded by four friends in 2007 who shared the same ambition to revolutionise the watch into a modern style symbol by combining classic silhouettes and contemporary Scandinavian simplicity. 

Finnish watches

Finnish watch brands are definitely in a league of their own to say the least. They tend to have their own design language and go against the grain of the usual minimalistic style that the other Scandinavian countries share in common.

You will find brands that draw inspiration from the enigmatic, gothic culture found in this ambiguous region. As well as brands that follow the more traditional approach to design with an influence from Finnish heritage.

Scandinavian Watch Brands

11. S.U.F Helsinki

This watch brand is an embodiment of the Finnish grit and determination known as sisu — a term born from Finland’s remoteness, and long, bleak winters. 

With limited resources and the elements always against them, the S.U.F manifests here; inspired by Finnish pioneers of engineering, speed and design with sisu in their roots.

We appreciate the clean unique design of the Soprod’s A10 collection, boasting a sharp and versatile sapphire black case twinned with a rugged leather strap. You can be sure you are getting finely crafted timepieces utilizing automatic Swiss movements at the right price. 

Scandinavian Watch Brands

12. Aarni

Aarni is a Finnish watch brand that is not only inspired by the elements of nature but is built around them. Started by a group of three friends who grew up by a forest in the small Finnish village of Klaukkala, they wanted to take their passion for unique watches to the next level. 

Their mission was to create a timepiece that would give human form to the beauties of the forest they spent most of their childhood exploring, and they have certainly accomplished that mission.

Aarni wood watches incorporate an elegant Scandinavian design featuring the finest natural components that are bound to draw attention. Their popular wooden watches are made from ethically sourced materials that are stylish, durable and exceptionally comfortable. 

Scandinavian Watch Brands

13. Rohje

‘Finishing’ this section is the Finnish brand Rohje — a brand all about adventure, courage and seizing the moment. Rohje watches combine Nordic design, inspired by the breathtaking nature in Finland, with uncompromising quality at a fair price. 

The special edition Adventurister Antarctica watch flaunts a sleek dark face encompassed by sapphire glass that can take even the hardest of scratches. Along with the metallic accents and their signature leather strap, made from reindeer leather sourced in Finland, this watch is the epitome of the unique arctic heritage. 

If you want a timepiece that is made to last, look no further as the Adventurister Antarctica collection has actually been tested under the extreme conditions in Antarctica by a Finnish research group. Now, that’s pretty impressive…

Norwegian watches 

Lost in the stretched Scandinavian kingdom where beautiful fjords, fish and lakris candy are abundant, Norwegian watch brands are not as great in number compared to their Nordic counterparts.

However, a few brands have recently started to emerge offering a particular, distinctive style you won’t find anywhere else.

Scandinavian Watch Brands

14. Berg Watches

Berg Watches is a Norwegian watch brand that draws inspiration from the raw and beautiful nature of Norway. 

Their timepieces in the Ulriken collection flaunt a minimalistic, exclusive design made from premium materials that look great on the wrist. 

The brand has built their watches by carefully and purposefully selecting quality components such as the reliable mechanisms to ensure longevity as well as anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass to prevent scratching. 

Scandinavian Watch Brands

15. Von Doren

Evoke memories of cruising around in your grandad’s Morris Minor, or of the breathtaking fjords that populate Norway with Von Doren’s elegant, sophisticated timepieces.

The Norwegian watch brand creates distinctive, high-quality wrist watches that are inspired by its Norwegian heritage with a touch of vintage flair. An instant conversation starter, whether you are on a budget or willing to splurge!

Scandinavian Watch Brands

16. Bruvik Time

A Norwegian watch brand that fuses its unique nature elements with top notch modern watch design to construct elegant Swiss made timepieces.

Wear a piece of Norwegian nature on your wrist with the different collections that are inspired by elements of Norway’s landscape and heritage.

Finding the best Scandinavian watches

Looking for the perfect watch that meets all your requirements can really feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, especially for the picky ones out there — myself included!

For an everyday accessory that expresses your personality and style, it is understandable to not settle for less. With the versatility and quality Scandinavian watch brands provide, you will have a pleasant shopping experience saving yourself a great deal of time.

There’s something here for everyone, whether you’re after a luxury timepiece to invest in, or on a tight budget looking for a steal, Scandinavian watches may be a good pick.

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