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Style has always been at the heart of Scandinavian culture. However, that doesn’t mean that Scandi brands believe in form without function. 

One of the things that make Scandinavian companies so compelling is the fact that they can walk the line between beautiful design and meaningful experiences.

A chair can look like a piece of art and feel like a dream come true. A piece of architecture delivers both awe-inspiring beauty, and a convenient balance of space and depth.

Urbanears is one of the leading companies in the market today that personifies that Scandinavian spirit.

This company, which identifies itself as an “audio lifestyle brand,” offers high-level audio equipment, with a focus on attention-to-deal, clean aesthetics, and user-friendly features.

Read on to hear all about the Urbanears brand.


Urbanears headphones, speakers, and earbuds

Urbanears is an innovator in the audio industry. The focus of the brand is on technology that allows users to enjoy music as it should sound,without compromising on style or simplicity. The design of all Urbanears headphones and speakers echoes with Scandinavian influence.

Designed and engineered in Stockholm, each Urbanears speaker or set of Urbanears earbuds soaks up the culture of its hometown. The result is headphones that look as beautiful as they sound.

Since the company’s launch in 2009, Urbanears has been building a more immersive listening experience for customers. This means creating the perfect balance of effortless style and technology that just works.

The company started its journey with the Urbanears Plattan headphones.

Eventually, the portfolio began to evolve, introducing the Zinken for DJ sound quality, the Plattan 2 headphones with Bluetooth, and the Pampas by Urbanears over-the-ear headphone.

From wireless earbuds to sensational speakers, Urbanears has gradually created the perfect portfolio for showcasing Scandinavian style.

An insight into Urbanears headphones and speakers

As audio technology continues to evolve, the Urbanears portfolio transforms with it. To help you get a feel for the solutions that this company creates, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite Urbanears products.


1. The Urbanears Plattan and Plattan 2 headphones

The Plattan headphones by Urbanears were the first flagship product to appear from the leading audio company. They offered a unique minimalist solution for beautiful hand-crafted audio, complete with a splash of color. T

hese collapsible headphones provide a convenient way to listen to music on the move, without compromising on audio quality or comfort.

As audio technology transformed, the Urbanears Plattan headphones upgraded. The company introduced the Plattan 2 set, a transformational pair of on-ear headphones with Bluetooth.

The latest Urbanears Plattan 2 builds on the existing visual appeal of the original product.


2. The Urbanears Alby earphones

The Alby by Urbanears earbuds are a stylish Scandinavian alternative to standard in-ear headphones. These earbuds have absolutely no wires, so you have the freedom to move as you listen to your favorite tunes.

Available in a range of colors, the wireless Alby headphones have tap-to-talk functionality, and last for up to 15 hours of playtime.

Water-resistant functionality (IPX4) means that you can continue to feel safe using your favorite headphones in any situation.

Plus, the Alby earphones from Urbanears come with a high-quality microphone for crisp hands-free calling.


3. Urbanears Pampas

The Urbanears Pampas headphones are the first set of headphones from the brand to offer over-ear comfort. These class-leading headphones make a bold statement with their sleek and minimalist design.

With Bluetooth 5.0 for easy streaming, you can access your music in seconds.

The Pampas by Urbanears headphones also come with fantastic 30-hour battery life so that you can enjoy your music for longer.

With the Pampas headphones from Urbanears, you can enjoy everything from optimized acoustics, to an instant music sharing service.


4. Urbanears Jakan

The Urbanears Jakan headphones are another take on the wireless earbud. Designed for free and easy listening, the Jakan earphones from Urbanears connect wirelessly to your device, so you’re not restricted by cords.

The magnetic earbuds clip together around your neck when connected, too, so you can run, exercise, or walk without losing your headphones.

Urbanears has delivered precisely tuned and distortion-free sound with the Jakan earphones. Users can expect clear vocals, balanced bass, and plenty of volume too.

The Jakan by Urbanears headphones are easy to use, with a convenient control knob, and an ergonomic fit. These headphones last for up to 12 hours on a single charge.


5. Urbanears Sumpan

A more traditional approach to in-ear headphones. The Sumpan earphones from Urbanears are a stunning set of earbuds with a tangle-free cord, a built-in microphone, and incredible attention to detail.

Easily one of the best-sounding in-ear headphones at their price point, the Sumpan earphones take music to the next level.

Available in a range of colors, the eye-catching Urbanears Sumpan earphones provide simple control for your music, with the freedom to adjust your sound whenever you choose.


6. Urbanears Ralis

A new direction for the Urbanears brand, the Ralis speaker, is a portable speaker that encompasses all of the Scandinavian beauty of this incredible audio company.

Available in a selection of colors, the Ralis speaker from Urbanears is a treat for the eyes and ears.

You can take your Ralis by Urbanears speaker anywhere, thanks to its portable design and support for up to 20 hours of wireless playtime.

The versatile design of the speaker comes with a carry stray and an IPX2 water resistance rating. With Bluetooth 5.0, getting a great connection is simple.

Multi-directional sound from the Ralis speaker also allows for a richer experience in any space.

Urbanears: Better sound, stronger style

Urbanears has delivered a variety of unique audio experiences over the years. Since its original launch with the Plattan headphones in 2009, the company has experimented with a wide variety of technology innovations.

In 2013, the company introduced the Slussen adapter. This tool functions as a splitter for DJs that ensures two different streams can move through a single headphone jack.

In recent years, Urbanears has also begun to strengthen its position in the wireless speaker market. Using Bluetooth 5.0 connections along with a convenient and user-friendly interface allows the Urbanears brand to appeal to a wide selection of customers.

Although Urbanears headphones and speakers are designed in Stockholm, the company is quickly developing global acclaim. Customers can now find Urbanears headphones and other devices on countless platforms, including Amazon.

One of the things that makes Urbanears so appealing as it spreads its influence around the world is the company’s constant commitment to its Scandinavian roots. Every pair of headphones or a new speaker comes with a story enriched by Scandi culture.

The Ralis speaker, for instance, comes from Rålambshovsparken, a multi-activity park in central Stockholm. The location is where different metro lines come together, and cultures mix in a melting pot of experiences.

The name for Urbanears’ speaker represents that symphony of different vibes working together.


Are Urbanears headphones good?

Urbanears wireless headphones and speakers are appealing for a variety of reasons. The company has always maintained a strong commitment to excellent audio quality and performance.

The high-level materials and technology used throughout the Urbanears portfolio is a testament to that.

The company is always taking its technology to the next level, experimenting with new solutions that will make the next set of Urbanears wireless earphones more immersive and memorable.

Combine that dedication to greatness with the company’s love affair with Scandinavian culture, and you have a brand that’s impossible to ignore.

If those factors weren’t enough to get customers obsessing about Urbanears technology, it’s also worth noting that the company is alwaysup to date on the latest innovations.

Whether it’s multi-directional sound, or Bluetooth 5.0, Urbanears keeps you ahead of the curve.

This delightful Scandinavian company shows the world what’s possible when you take the long-standing history of Scandi culture and mix it with a forward-thinking approach to technology.

The audio equipment from Urbanears is more than just a collection of headphones and speakers.

Buying a product from Urbanears is buying your taste of Scandinavian style, and culture.

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