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Triwa watches: Transforming the watch industry forever


If you’re a fan of Scandinavia, you’ll know the region is packed with artists all the way from Stockholm to Oslo and beyond. 

There are countless amazing companies in Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, and Norway, beloved for their minimalist aesthetic and functional designs

For those in search of homeware, there are companies like George Jensen, while brands like Rains stand out for the clothing industry. 

However, one thing that Scandinavia seems to do particularly well is watch design. 

Triwa watches are just one of many examples of amazing watches that you can discover in the Scandi area. What makes the Triwa watch brand special, besides the beautiful design of the watches available is the Company’s unique approach to sustainability. 

Like many Swedish companies, Triwa puts environmentally-friendly design at the heart of every watch creation — ensuring that you can look great without harming the planet. 

Introducing the Triwa watch brand

Triwa is an incredible Scandi company that began life in 2007, founded by four friends with a goal to challenge and change the watch landscape forever. 

The group believed that watch design was still too focused on the past, using pillars like status and tradition in design.

The name Triwa actually stands for Transforming the Industry of Watches, and that title highlights exactly what the friends wanted to do. The Triwa team is all about changing the standard watch into a modern symbol of style, through Scandinavian simplicity and unique design. 

Since the Triwa watch company launched over a decade ago, the brand has evolved. Today, aside from Triwa women’s watches and Triwa watches for men, you can also find sunglasses and jewelry in the portfolio. 

No matter what you buy from Triwa, you can rest assured that it will encompass all the best parts of the Scandi lifestyle, from simplicity, to functionality. All design and product development for the watches, watch bands, and more, takes place in the Stockholm creative studio. 

Now, however, Triwa is selling watches worldwide, with around 1200 retailers across 25 different markets. 

Triwa men’s watches: What to expect

All Triwa watches come from Stockholm in Sweden, and they share a consistently clean and simple design, with sophisticated bands that are never gaudy or flashy. According to the Triwa team, they only make products they’d want to make themselves. 

Here are some great options to consider:

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1. Triwa Klinga men’s watch

The Klinga is one of the simpler men’s watches available from the brand, offering a selection of three face and strap designs to choose from. Sleek and straightforward, this luxurious watch looks and feels fantastic, with a scratch-resistant design to stand the test of time. 

Klinga men’s watches from Triwa are water-resistant to up to 5M ATM, with stainless steel casing for strength and a mineral glass cover to protect the grey dial’s integrity. There’s even a date included on your watch so you can keep track of your schedule in style. 

Prices for the Triwa range start around $70, with a classic brushed buckle enclosure, and a Miyota Japanese quartz movement for stunning accuracy. 

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2. Triwa Ash Spira watch

If you’re looking for a Triwa men’s watch that combines sophistication with traditional elements, then you can’t go wrong with the Ash Spira watch with a brown leather strap. 

Everything about this watch is designed for sophistication, from the thick and robust strap to the powerful watch face that keeps your day accurately scheduled. 

The band on this watch is luxurious leather, and the full system is completely shock resistant, so you can rest assured that it should stand the test of time. 

The Ash Spira is about $85, but there’s a slightly cheaper version of the analog leather watch available from Triwa in the form of the Pacific Lansen Chrono if you’re on a budget. 

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3. TRIWA Nevil men’s watch

Probably one of the most impressive men’s watches in the Triwa collection, the Nevil is a stunning sight to behold. Completely scratch-resistant and water-resistant up to 10 ATM, this timepiece features a stainless steel case and organic brown leather strap. 

The mineral top glass cover is another standout feature, with a unique design that protects the smoky sunray dial within the watch face. The 5 hand chrono watch features mini clock dials with gold plated hands. 

There’s also a 2 year warranty included for peace of mind. 

One of the more expensive products from Triwa, this incredible product sells for around $300, with different color combinations available. 

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Triwa women’s watches: An introduction

The Triwa watch brand doesn’t just specialize in men’s watches. There are designs available for everyone these days, and even a new collection of sunglasses and jewelry available. 

Let’s check out some of products available for those in search of a Triwa women’s watch.

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1. Triwa Ivory Klinga

The Klinga unisex day/date watch is a stunning and lightweight product from the Triwa watch collection. With a soft golden enclosure and a supple leather strap, this product is sure to look amazing with any outfit. 

The Klinga unisex product includes the same amazing features as the men’s watch, with scratch resistance and a powerful glass cover included to protect from natural damage over time. 

This product also gives you an insight into the date whenever you glance at your wrist. 

Available with a selection of styles to choose from, The Klinga is a popular choice in the Triwa collection, with watch resistance included too. 

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2. Triwa Birch Falken 

The Falken watch from Triwa is another classic time piece that’s sure to catch anyone’s eye. With a water resistance of up to 50 metres, you don’t have to worry about protecting your watch when you’re swimming or hanging out at the beach. 

Selling for around $90, this fantastic watch comes with a brown leather strap and a sleek silver dial, perfect for keeping your look traditional and sophisticated. 

Like most Triwa watches, this timepiece is perfectly suited for regular wear, with a shock-resistant design that protects the inner workings of the device from knocks and bumps. There’s also a Japanese quartz movement for extra precision. 

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3. Triwa Sky Lansen

This Triwa women’s watch is a delight to the eye, with soft warm tones throughout that are perfect for finishing any outfit. With a Quartz watch movement, the Sky Lansen offers precision and beauty, along with a stainless steel watch finish for long-term durability. 

Beautifully designed with a mineral crystal glass coating to protect from sun exposure and regular use, the timepiece is also water-resistant up to a depth of 50 metres, so you can go swimming, take a bath, or have a shower with no problem. 

The Lansen series also includes a selection of other colors and styles to choose from if you’re looking for something perfectly suited to your tastes. The Loch Lansen watch is particularly stunning for those who want something modern. 

Other products from the Triwa watch brand

Triwa’s family of watches is an absolute delight to behold, from the Glean Nikki to the Smoky Nevil and beyond. However, it’s worth keeping a close eye on the portfolio’s available products because they’re frequently updated. 

New collections appear all the time with unique elements that make them even more impressive. 

For instance, at the time of writing, you can find the:

  • Ocean plastic collection: This collection of statement watches are colorful watch products made from ocean plastic recycled and transformed to suit your style. You get a great watch and help to protect the earth’s oceans too. 
  • Humanium metal: These amazing watch designs feature materials taken from destructed illegal firearms. Triwa created these watches to highlight the problems with gun-related violence in the world. 
  • Limited edition: The limited-edition collection is full of unique products that change all the time, from a statement piece featuring Donald Trump to the “Pride” Falken for LGBTQ rights and representation. 

Celebrating the Triwa watch company

Triwa is just one of the fantastic watch brands in Scandinavia showing the world what it means to create items that are both beautiful and meaningful. The selection of Triwa fashion watches is lovely, with many featuring recycled materials and unique designs. 

The majority of watches from Triwa are also scratch, shock, and water-resistant, so you can enjoy them wherever you go. 

Triwa would already be an eye-catching brand with its essential collection of watches alone. 

However, what makes this company genuinely unforgettable is its unique take on defending and improving the world. 

The time-sensitive collections available from the brand change the world by breaking down illegal firearms and removing plastic from our oceans.

If you haven’t explored the beautiful watches from the Triwa brand yet, now’s the time to get started. 

Who knows, you might get your hands on a limited edition that becomes a staple in your wardrobe. 

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