Danish Shoe Brands

Danish shoe brands: Fall head over heels for these Danish shoes

Today, we’re going to be introducing you to some of the most exciting Danish shoe brands available right now. We’ll focus on women’s shoes that will make you feel like a boss, along with men’s shoes that you can wear while riding your bike and when out and about around Copenhagen. 

So, without further ado, let’s get into our stride…

Denmark is famous for a lot of amazing things. It’s home to some of the most delicious cheeses in the world, countless stunning sights, and plenty of fantastic architecture. 

If that wasn’t enough, Denmark also birthed some of the world’s best designers, including innovators like Georg Jensen and the Rains brand. Whether you’re looking for stunning silverware or outdoor apparel, Denmark has something for everyone. 

One of the areas that Denmark has seen significant growth in recently is the world of shoes and footwear. Scandinavian shoes are quickly gaining attention around the globe. 

Typically, shoes made in Denmark stand out for their unique approach to fashion and their focus on practical sustainability. Suitable in formal settings and for casual comfort, Danish shoe brands focus on sleek minimalist designs that you can see in the country’s interior design giants. 

You can also wear them with several outfits, meaning you’ll almost certainly find something to fit your personal style. Read on to discover the best Danish shoe brands…

Danish Shoe Brands

IvyLee (Copenhagen)

IvyLee is a fantastic up-and-coming designer of Danish shoes. Known among fans for its beautiful pink shoeboxes and fantastic attention to detail, the company is a powerhouse on Instagram with a loyal following. 

Created by a woman with a vision, this sensational company celebrates the elegance of women’s footwear. You’ll almost certainly find something for every occasion if you’re looking to complete a feminine look for your next outfit. 

IvyLee Danish boots and shoes combine incredible aesthetics with practicality and comfort — for footwear you never want to take off. Every collection comes straight from the brand’s studio in Copenhagen, which you’ll find in the upscale district of Østerbro

However, the company also regularly collaborates with other innovators from across Europe. 

The style of IvyLee shoes represents “Scandinavian simplicity” with an interesting edge. IvyLee shoes can even handle the unpredictability of Scandi weather. 

Check out these fantastic metallic tone cowboy boots as a perfect example of what we’re talking about. 


You can get your point across pretty well if you’re blunt enough, and many of the world’s biggest brands have excelled at that. Copenhagen has taken a couple of notes with its aptly-named company. 

Another Danish shoe brand located in the country’s capital city, “Copenhagen shoes,” is a modern company committed to producing high-quality collections of sneakers, heels, boots, shoes, and sandals. 

According to the company, Copenhagen strives to channel the cultural spirit of Denmark into everything it creates. 

The designs available from this company are all about edgy streetwear, daring colors, and eye-catching experiences — so basically, they are the ideal embodiment of what you’ll see during a walk around Denmark’s stylish capital. 

Unlike IvyLee, which focuses heavily on women’s footwear, Copenhagen shoes have something for everyone, including men and children. 

The collection is always changing, so make sure that you keep up-to-date on this brand’s latest trends. We love these yellow kitten-heel boots from the latest collection.

Yvonne Koné

If you’re looking for a popular shoe brand from Denmark, Yvonne Koné is a good place to start.

An iconic Danish designer, Yvonne Koné combines the elements of Scandinavian minimalism with the sensibility of an Ivorian heritage. If you’re looking for luxurious Danish shoes that blend Italian quality with Nordic components, this is the brand for you. 

More than just a footwear company, Yvonne Koné produces everything from hand-made leather accessories to cashmere wardrobe stables too. The brand was founded in 2011, and it won an Elle Style Award six years later. 

You can visit the Yvonne Koné store in person on your next trip to Denmark and check out some of the company’s incredible shoes and bags. 

And if you can’t travel to this small, windy land in the north, you’ll find Yvonne Koné items in some Nordstrom stores; you can also get what you want to be delivered to you in a selection of international markets. 

Like most innovative Danish companies, the unique personality of the Yvonne Koné company shines through in the incredible architecture of the shop in Store Strandstraede, Copenhagen. 

Check out these amazing Benedetta Sandals for a feminine look.

Danish Shoe Brands

Stine Goya

One of the better-known Scandinavian shoe brands today, Stine Goya, has quite the global cult following. Fans love the designer’s distinctive approach to unique shapes and colors, and you’ll often see its stores in the inner city and on Østerbro filled with people looking to add a little vibrancy to their wardrobes. 

According to Stine Goya, amazing design is all about color, inspiration, and creativity

Stine Goya is great at responding to the trends happening around the world with its modern collections. 

The company even uses things like color therapy techniques to improve the mood of people who wear their shoes and outfits. 

Stine Goya believes that wearing a certain shade can empower people to make the most of their days and set the tone for the rest of the week. 

Check out the latest collection here.


If you ever want to dress better automatically and with more practicality, here’s a tip: adopt a Scandinavian style during the winter, and dress like an Italian for the summer months. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a pair of shoes that combined the pair of them, then? 

Good news: you can with one of the top shoe brands from Denmark — Roccamore. 

Roccamore is a particularly exciting addition to our list of Danish shoe brands because it combines an “Italian attitude” with a Danish background. Unlike most shoe creators, who focus on style above substance, Roccamore brings the practical nature of Scandi culture into every shoe collection. 

Roccamore’s shoes focus on making heels more comfortable for the people who wear them. You can opt for your “ideal fit” when you’re shopping. 

There’s a range of classic and retro-style silhouettes to choose from in the store — all more beautiful than the last. 

If you’re looking for something sleek and stylish to pair with your outfit for a night on the town in Denmark, check out the Hope heels.


Danish shoes aren’t all high heels and similarly-designed shoes. One of the great things about Denmark is that there’s so much natural landscape to explore by foot and bicycle. And of course, the best way to get around cities like Aarhus and Copenhagen is on two wheels.

If you want to make the most of the great outdoors, you need a pair of shoes that can handle all terrain. 

Arkk promises customers some of the best shoes made in Denmark. Starting in 2014, the company launched a mission to transform how people wear sneakers. 

This brand is all about durability and comfort to ensure that people make the most of any exercise routine. 

Arkk is one of the many companies in Denmark obsessed with innovation — and it’s a perfect embodiment of why Scandinavia’s southernmost country is such an easy place to do business in. The brand embodies the spirit of Danish design, with timeless beauty and everyday functionality. 

Check out the eye-catching Raven sneakers here.

The Last Conspiracy

Looking to add a punk rock vibe to your wardrobe? The Last Conspiracy is a Nordic company that combines all of the best parts of Danish minimalism with incredible Portuguese craftsmanship. 

The awesome thing about these Danish shoes is that they just get better the more you wear them. 

Using the most advanced materials on the market, The Last Conspiracy ensures that your boots and shoes can mold to the shape of your foot over time. 

Aside from high-end men’s and women’s collections, The Last Conspiracy also has a range of shoes available with Ecco. 

We’re particularly big fans of this company’s Danish boots, which are super robust and eye-catching. 

Check out the MAE waxed suede boots for an unforgettable finish to your next outfit.


Another company that’s all about Scandinavian sneakers, Woden stands out for its commitment to creating shoes that benefit the environment. 

This Danish shoe brand believes that all people should work harder to have a green footprint when resources are limited, and the planet is in serious trouble. 

Focusing on Scandinavian design values like high-quality materials, great value for money, and beautiful minimalism, Woden footwear has it all. 

Every collection demonstrates the amazing care and focus that the talented people behind this business have to offer. 

Woden’s sustainable approach to design also means that countless sneakers benefit from a reuse and recycle approach to material management. A minimum of 10% recycled rubber appears in every shoe. 

Check out the Sophie Marble sneakers here.

Danish Shoe Brands


You don’t have to be a fashion enthusiast following the latest Danish shoe brands on Instagram to know a little about GANNI. All you need to do is spend one weekend on the streets of Copenhagen, and you’ll almost certainly see at least one form of clothing created by this innovative brand. 

GANNI is one of the many creators of Scandinavian shoes that has begun to impact other regions around the world. 

GANNI started life in 2000 with a gallery owner’s dream to produce the ideal cashmere knit. Over time, the GANNI brand has continued to evolve, with its Scandi dedication to unique personality in clothing and functional minimalism. 

GANNI appears in more than 400 retailer stores around the world and in a variety of “concept” stores across Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. 

The GANNI brand believes in doing something different with footwear and produces plenty of “easy to wear”, comfortable pieces for people from all walks of life. Many Danish fashion brands are huge on protecting the environment, and GANNI is no different in that respect.

Check out the ultra-sustainable city boot made from 50% recycled rubber for a prime example of what we’re talking about.

Danish Shoe Brands


Not to be confused with the American brand Ecko Unltd., Ecco is one of Denmark’s most recognizable clothing brands and shoe manufacturers. The company was founded by Karl Toosbury and has impacted the Danish fashion scene since its launch in 1963. 

When it was founded, Ecco was originally known as A/S Bredebro Skofabrik before changing its name. 

Ecco is one of the best examples of Danish shoe companies going global. Already in 1998, the company opened a flagship store on Oxford Street — one of London’s best-known streets for shopping. It’s even made moves beyond Europe, with operations in Indonesia alongside several other countries. 

Regardless of what you’re looking for, Ecco has probably got something that fits your needs. You’ll find a wide selection of shoes for men, including sneakers, tray shoes, and sandals. The company also has an extensive shoe range for women, covering a wide variety of sneakers and doll shoes — plus more. 

Ecco is one of the most profitable Danish companies, and it generated over €1 billion in sales throughout 2020.

Danish Shoe Brands

Mads Nørgaard

If you ever go to a department store in Copenhagen, it’s impossible to ignore the name Mads Nørgaard. The clothing brand is one of Denmark’s most popular, especially among younger generations. 

And in addition to its extensive suite of t-shirts, jackets, and dresses, you’ll also find a significant selection of shoes for men and women. 

As much of Mads Nørgaard’s selection focuses on casual wear, you won’t be surprised to hear that the same is true for its shoes. Men will have an easy time finding sneakers and a couple of shoes they can wear in more formal settings. 

Mads Nørgaard has a smaller selection of shoes for women, but you’ll find canvas shoes in a range of colors. In addition to having a presence in most Danish department stores, you’ll find the flagship shop on Strøget in Copenhagen.

Danish Shoe Brands

Les Deux

Les Deux perhaps isn’t yet as popular outside of Denmark as it is domestically, but it’s only a matter of time before that changes. This iconic Danish menswear brand doubles up as one of the best Danish sneaker brands, with a solid selection of casual wear for males. 

You’ll find Les Deux sneakers in a wide variety of colors, including standard white ones that work in all situations. If you’re feeling a little more daring, you can go for those tinted with shades of brown and black — and you’ll also find a couple of more formal ones. 

Les Deux has a webshop that ships to several countries, including Norway, Germany, and the UK. You’ll also find a selection of shops throughout Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.


If you’re looking for rustic shoes that will make you feel like you’re heading out for a Sunday walk on a foggy morning in Jutland, Duckfeet might be one of the Danish shoe brands to add to your “must-have” list. 

The company was founded in 1975 and maintains a strong market presence throughout Denmark. 

As you’ll notice when you click through its offerings, Duckfeet’s shoes are named after different parts of Denmark; Jylland, Bornholm, and Sjælland are three clear examples. You’ll find well-crafted shoes in multiple styles, including boots and sandals. 

You can find Duckfeet shoes in several retailers worldwide, including Australia, Germany, the US, and Norway.

Danish Shoe Brands

Jack & Jones

Jack & Jones is well-known for its affordable menswear and women’s fashion, but have you ever considered purchasing any of its shoes? Yes, that’s right — Jack & Jones is one of the biggest Danish shoe manufacturers as well. 

You will find a wide variety of shoes on the Jack & Jones website, and most of them are available for a pretty reasonable price. 

You can choose canvas shoes if that’s more of your vibe, but you’ll find standard sneakers and flip-flops if they aren’t. On top of that, you can also check out its selection of Chelsea boots and more. 

Jack & Jones has a selection of stores in Denmark, and you’ll also find its clothes in major department stores like Magasin Du Nord. Further afield, you can purchase its items in various countries — including the UK, the US, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Danish Shoe Brands

Selected Homme

Selected Homme is another Danish clothing brand that also sells shoes, and it’s an excellent entry-level option if you’re new to Scandinavian fashion and your budget isn’t too big. 

You’ll find various basic shoes with Selected Homme, including sneakers and loafers — all of which look high-quality despite not costing a lot. 

Selected Homme also has a division for female clothing, titled Selected Femme. Like the menswear version, you’ll find a variety of shoes that will fit well with many outfits and in countless settings. 

You’ll find a wide selection of Selected stores throughout Copenhagen, and the company also ships to — and operates in — multiple locations across the globe.

Gardenia Copenhagen

As we draw toward the conclusion of our list, we would be foolish to exclude arguably the queen of Danish designer shoes — Gardenia

Having been around since the 1940s, the company has become one of the best Danish shoe brands by focusing on hand-crafted footwear that oozes elegance in all weather conditions. 

Gardenia focuses on women’s shoes and has a wide selection in multiple styles and categories. You can dress for a big occasion with high-top boots, or — if you want something a little more practical for getting around on your bike — opt for something with a flatter sole. 

You will also find sandals, slip-ons, and more. 

Gardenia has a store in Frederiksberg, and you can also find what you want to order online. In addition to Gardenia, you’ll also find a wide selection of women’s shoes from Shoe Biz Copenhagen — which is owned by the same company.

Another Project

If you want to combine Scandinavian minimalism with a little of that edginess that Copenhagen excels in compared to the other Nordic capitals, Another Project might just become your favorite Danish shoe brand. 

The company has a huge selection of interesting shoe designs, ranging from boots with quirky soles to vibrant sneakers. 

In addition to shoes, Another Project sells a small selection of scarves that you can combine with your new kicks on those cold winter days.

Its footwear designs are produced in Portugal, and you can purchase its items online if you’re in Denmark.


Finally, Angulus is one of the older Danish shoe brands on this list, initially starting life in 1904. The company produces amazing styles for women, men, and children alike, promising the perfect blend of quality design and durability. 

Although Angulus is better known for its winter Danish boots and shoes — intended to withstand virtually any weather that Mother Nature can throw at you — it also produces a range of other products too. 

Perhaps the most impressive shoes on the Angulus website are the ones created for children. These hearty pieces of Danish footwear keep kids warm and well-protected throughout the winter. 

If you’re looking for shoes that are beautiful and reliable too, then Angulus has you covered. We’re particularly fond of the lace-up boot from the women’s collection.

Step into the unique Danish shoes

When you move to Denmark (and let’s face it, it’s only a matter of time before you do after visiting), you’ll notice that your wardrobe becomes alarmingly more Danish with every month that you live here. 

And what better way to integrate into your new society than by embracing these Danish shoe brands? 

Danish shoe brands and Danish boots are a testament to the stylish yet practical values that guide Scandinavian companies. 

Whether you’re looking for a pair of professional shoes you can wear to work, or you need something to keep you warm and comfortable on your next hike, Scandinavian shoes have you covered. 

If you’ve decided that you love Denmark and Danish fashion so much that you can’t see yourself living anywhere else, you’ll want to take the first steps toward moving here. 

Becoming a Danish resident requires a lot of paperwork in some instances, and knowing what’s required beforehand will help you speed up the process. Good thing, then, that we’ve created a complete guide on moving to Denmark.

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