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AWNL Stockholm: The meteoric rise of Swedish jewellery design


Companies like AWNL Stockholm are a significant part of what makes Sweden so special. The country is well-known for its compelling approach to design, where minimalism and quality combine to deliver something sure to stand the test of time.

Brands like AWNL build on the reputation of their home with an approach to jewellery creation focused on specific values and sustainability.

AWNL Stockholm is a purveyor of talisman jewellery — beautiful accessories users wear to not only showcase their style, but also to cultivate positive outcomes in their lives.

For some time now, Nordic talisman jewellery has been gaining attention in the Scandinavian environment, and AWNL is at the heart of the movement. The brand offers a range of amulets to choose from for everything from luck and love to health and wealth.

Today, we’re going to introduce you to the wonders of Scandinavian jewellery design from AWNL, and why the Company is gaining so much attention today.

About AWNL Stockholm

An introduction to Nordic jewellery

The AWNL Stockholm brand started life in 2011. The Company was among the first to discover the benefits of Talisman jewellery and the power it could bring to today’s consumers.

Whether you believe in runes and Viking mythology, or you’re simply open-minded, AWNL jewellery has something to offer. The brand wants to spread healing energy and positivity through its creations.

What makes AWNL Stockholm particularly unique is the meaning behind the brand. The Company has strong values around sustainability and maintaining the eco-friendly practice of Swedish jewellery design.

Additionally, the brand stands out for things like:

Healing energy
Scandinavian jewellery design from AWNL focuses on the idea of global vibrations, and the importance of finding a sense of equilibrium with the world around you.

According to the team, the unique composition of the gemstones in their jewellery help to promote a “neutral” balance for your internal vibrations.

Eco-friendly processes
AWNL Stockholm is committed to using only natural materials, which means gathering crystals and gemstones from across the globe. The Company collects its resources in a sustainable way, scrutinizing its supply chain and manufacturing processes to minimize carbon emissions.

Exceptional quality
Amazing craftmanship is common in Swedish jewellery design, and this makes the beautiful creations of AWNL even more appealing. The brand is committed to delivering the most stunning gold and silver products available, with nickel-free and hypoallergenic materials.

AWNL Stockholm specializes in Swedish Viking inspired jewellery with a modern twist. In each piece, you get a stunning combination of natural materials and Nordic mythology, as well as eco-friendly design and sustainability.

What makes AWNL jewellery special?

Swedish jewellery design

Sweden is a place of magic, mystery, and endless beauty. In a place like this, it’s no wonder companies like AWNL gain so much positive attention. The heart of the AWNL brand focuses on rituals, energy, and the hidden parts of the world most people never encounter.

The Swedish jewellery designers at AWNL create each of their collections to pay homage to the Swedish mystic and philosopher, Emanuel Swedenborg. They believe the universe is in a constant state of vibration, but human beings are naturally unbalanced.

This means we need access to specific materials capable of harnessing and re-balancing energy.

It’s not just gemstones and energy redistribution which sets AWNL apart from the competition, however. There’s a long-held belief in the Nordic region about the ability of specific materials to hold power.

This is why AWNL Stockholm uses unique materials in its work, from Tibetan horbone to Swedish meteorite. Imagine being able to hold a piece of an actual star in your hand, or wear it around your neck?

AWNL combines meteorite with natural gemstones to give you a combination of energy balancing properties, and celestial power.

Combine mystical, magical materials with the deeply Swedish approach to sustainable design, and you get jewellery pieces you’ll feel proud and even honoured to wear. Every piece from AWNL is brimming with a special kind of power you simply can’t find elsewhere in the world today.

AWNL collections

Nordic jewellery with meaning

As mentioned, AWNL is all about rituals, energy, and traditional Nordic beliefs. The Company, located in Sweden, believes what we wear can have an impact on our wellbeing at an atomic level.

According to the brand, the need for “energy protection” among human beings today can be just as important as our need for water and air.

Committed to selecting only the finest materials the earth (and space) has to offer, AWNL jewellery ensures your pieces are both functional, and fashionable. In other words, you can heal various parts of your body and soul with these pieces and look great doing it.

Some of the most impressive collections from AWNL Stockholm include:

ANWL Stockholm

Meteorite jewellery

Of all the unique Nordic jewellery pieces offered by AWNL Stockholm, the meteorite jewellery pieces are some of the most compelling. Known as the oldest meteorite discovered on earth to date, the Muonionalusta meteor hit the earth around 1 million years ago in Scandinavia.

The meteorite apparently came from a planetoid and collected various dusts and materials from the atmosphere of the space above us. Experts believe the meteor is millions of years old — perhaps even older then the earth.

The first fragment of this rock was found close to the Arctic circle, in the northern part of Sweden.

The Swedish meteorite pieces offered by AWNL Stockholm give wearers a chance to experience the wonder and beauty of wearing a piece of shooting star whenever they like. The combination of natural gemstones and meteorite helps to banish negative energy, according to AWNL.

Plus, you get the benefit of a piece unlike anything else in the world. Though there may be other meteorite pieces available from AWNL, yours will be the only one with its specific markings and natural engravings.

To protect the quality of the meteorite over time, AWNL also created a special resin coating layer which helps to stop the material from rusting or breaking.

ANWL Stockholm 2


Runes are a big part of AWNL amulets and talismans. Viking inspired jewellery from AWNL uses specific runes to help channel certain kinds of energy for the wearer. It believes runes help to invoke higher powers which influence the happiness and lives of the people who wear them.

There are all kinds of runes available, from designs which encourage fertility, to those for good health.

According to AWNL, in the past, Vikings often wore and used runes in a variety of ways. Runes were found on cups, javelins, and even carved into Viking ships. Some locations even had “Rune shamans”, who were loved and welcomed individuals capable of bringing success to a tribe.

AWNL uses a number of different kinds of runes in its pieces, making it an ideal choice for people in search of a more traditional style of Nordic jewellery. The brand specifically focuses on runes designed to bring good energy and opportunities to wearers.

ANWL Stockholm 3

Energy jewellery

Finally, another type of Scandinavian jewellery design you’ll see from AWNL focuses on “energy”. As mentioned above, AWNL Stockholm believes the universes is in a constant state of vibration, but the unique structure of energy jewellery is great for holding stable vibrations.

Through energy jewellery, AWNL helps consumers to rebalance their internal vibrations and therefore improve their physical and emotional space. According to AWNL, similar jewellery has been a significant part of Swedish and Scandinavian culture for thousands of years.

Each AWNL piece is purified and kept in a vacuum-sealed package to ensure it doesn’t interact with any other energies before it arrives on your doorstep. There’s even guidance available on how to purify your crystals if you need to.

Just some of the benefits you can get from AWNL jewellery include mindfulness, better energy or endurance levels, and stronger emotional control.

Celebrating AWNL Nordic jewellery

Swedish design is popular around the world for its ability to combine deep meaning and cultural heritage. For those interested in Viking inspired jewellery or Nordic jewellery, it’s hard to ignore the incredible history of AWNL Stockholm.

This amazing brand has created some of the most awe-inspiring Scandinavian jewellery designs you’ll ever see, using a combination of natural materials from the earth, and resources you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

If you want a unique experience of Swedish jewellery design, and you’re looking for a positive way to rebalance your energy naturally, the talisman pieces from AWNL could be perfect for you.

With these special jewellery pieces, you’ll be able to look incredible, while improving your overall mental and physical state through rebalanced vibrations.

Plus, you get the added benefit of knowing you’re wearing all-natural materials, free from any dangerous allergens, and harvested sustainably to protect the planet.

Visit AWNL today!

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