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Finnish girl names: Popular Finnish female names

Finnish girl names are some of the most interesting titles in the world. Created in a place with centuries of Nordic history and a unique culture, Finnish girl names aren’t just beautiful; they’re also meaningful. 

In every interesting moniker, you can often discover a story about the wonders of Finnish life

Finland is one of the least populated countries in the world, but this doesn’t stop it from getting creative with its naming. In Finland, you’ll find a variety of titles which are also common throughout Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. 

Many Finnish names are also related to Baltic and Estonian history too

Today, we’re going to cover some of the most interesting and popular Finnish girl names, their meanings, and what helps to make them so special. 

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Popular Finnish girl names: Common Finnish names for girls

To the ear of an American or UK resident, Finnish girl names might sound a little odd. Often, these titles are much quirkier than the monikers you might find elsewhere in Scandinavia. Like Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, Finnish names have a lot of crossover with Scandinavian titles

However, alongside a lot of names with Nordic and Germanic backgrounds, you’ll also find popular Finnish girl names which come from other, more icier regions of the world. 

Here are some of the most interesting names worth mentioning: 

1. Elea

Elea is the shorter form of the name “Eleanor”, which comes from the Greek name, Helen, Elea is a wonderful Finnish name meaning bright and shining light. It can also translate to “merciful” in some parts of Finland. 

2. Enni

Thanks to the Nordic roots in Finland, many Finnish female names have strong, warrior-focused connotations. Enni translates into “she who fights with the sword”. If you’re looking for a name not so traditionally feminine, this could be it. 

3. Aina

If you’ve recently welcomed a new source of happiness into your life in the form of a baby girl, Aina could be the perfect name. This title means both “Joy” and “Forever”, which makes it one of the Finnish girl names always equipped to put a smile on our faces. 

4. Fiia

This name sounds like it was plucked straight from a fairy tale. With a delightful sound and short, simple spelling, Fiia is a lovely title for any little girl. Typically, the name in Finland means “a flickering fire”.

5. Elli

For those who want a Finnish girl name which is a little more subtlety, Elli sounds similar to Elle, but comes with a unique spelling to make it stand out on paper. It can mean “stranger”, but it also translates to “noble” when connected to Eleanor. 

6. Ilma

Ilma is a light and refreshing Finnish girl name sure to fill you with joy every time you say it. The title has Spanish and Hungarian origins, as well as Finnish roots. Ilma means “air”, but in Germany, it can also mean “protector”. 

7. Kielo

Kielo is an interesting Finnish female name you likely haven’t heard in other parts of the world. Completely Finnish in origin, Kielo refers to a specific kind of flower, the lily of the valley. This original Finnish name is a delight for any young girl. 

8. Kaarina 

Kaarina is a name similar to Katherine, making it a little more appealing to those who want a subtle Finnish girl name. Like Katherine, Kaarina means pure and chaste, making it ideal for a little lady who is the light of your life. 

9. Kirsi

Kirsi sounds a lot like Kirsty but missing the hard-consonant sound in the middle. Short for the Finnish name Kristiina, Kirsi can mean “frost”, making it a good name for a girl born in the winter. Kirsi also means “cherry”, when taken from the name Kirsikka. 

10. Maia

Pronounced like Maya, Maia refers to the month of May in Finland, making it a popular Finnish girl’s name for girls born in the Spring. The title also translates to “Goddess of Spring”, making it even more appealing to many families. 

11. Riina

Shortened from Katariina, the Finnish equivalent of Catherine, Riina is believed to represent purity. It also has a few alternative spellings, such as Rina.

12. Teea

Teea is a highly Scandinavian and Nordic name, with origins in Danish, Finland, Iceland, and Farose. The name might also appear spelled as “Tea.” Ideal for the beautiful young girl in your life, Teaa means both beauty, and bird.

13. Taimi

One of the many Finnish girl names relating to the amazing nature in Finland, Taimi is a name celebrating Finnish trees. This delightful title translates to mean “sapling” or “young tree” — great for a girl going to grow up big and strong. 

14. Leka

Speaking of girls destined for great things, Leka is another Finnish girl name perfect for a little fighter. The title translates from the Nordic name, Leku, which means “defender of men”. This is a name with plenty of strength to offer. 

15. Yrsa

Yrsa is a very unique Finnish girl name, taken from ancient Nordic. This wonderful title celebrates the strength of young girls, and it’s derived from the longer name, Ursula. Yrsa means “young she-bear”, making it great for a strong fighter. 

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Interesting Finnish girl names

Finnish girls’ names are brimming with meaning and history, so it’s unlikely you’ll come across one that’s not extremely interesting. One thing you might notice when you’re browsing through Finnish names for girls is many of them are quite short, including only 4 or 5 letters. 

Here are some more Finnish women’s names to inspire you.

1. Aila

One of our favorite Finnish female names, Aila is a delight to see and say. Pronounce “Aye-la”, the name has its origins in Sami culture, who are the indigenous people of Lapland. In Lapland, you might find this name in the forms of “Aili” or “Áile”. 

2. Venla

There aren’t enough names throughout the UK and US starting with a “V”, these days. Fortunately, this Finnish girl’s name solves the problem. Venla is a name taken form the male moniker, Wendell, it means “to travel”. 

3. Suvi

If you’ve just welcomed a young girl into the family during the hotter months of the year, Suvi could be the ideal name. Suvi means “summer”, and it comes straight from the heart of Finland. This is also the name of a Finnish supermodel, Suvi Koponen. 

4. Ilta

Short but sweet, the Finnish female name Ilta has a wonderful lilting sound to it. Very popular in Finland right now, this sweet Finnish name means “evening.” It could be a wonderful name for a daughter born during the night. 

5. Lotta

Similar to the name Lottie, and taken from the title Charlotta or Carlotta, Lotta means “free man” or “freedom”. If you like the idea of a raising a girl who will have the world as her oyster when she grows up, Lotta could be the title for you. 

6. Helmi

Helmi is a name from Finland which hasn’t spread to the rest of the world just yet. Helmi means “pearl”, giving it a wonderfully feminine background. This was one of the most popular Finnish girl’s names during 2019. 

7. Esteri

You can’t go wrong with the Finnish female name Esteri for a young girl. Most common in the earlier twentieth century, this name is the Finnish version of the Persian title, Esther. Esteri means “star” and it’s pronounced “Ehs-the-ree”. 

8. Eila

Eila is a wonderful Finnish girl’s name with an interesting sound. Pronounced “Ey-la”, it is believed to be either a shortened version of the name Elisabet, or coming from the Celtic name Eile.

9. Kerttu

Looking for something a little more exotic than Gertrude? Why not try the Finnish version of the name, Kerttu, pronounced “Kehrt-too” is a title you won’t find in most parts of the world. This moniker means “the strength of the spear”. 

10. Loja

One thing we love about Finnish girl names, is how so many of them are associated with strength and power. Loja is the Finnish and Swedish version of the name Louise, which means famous warrior. You might have heard this title thanks to Loja Saarinen, an American and Finnish artist. 

11. Milvi

Milvi is the kind of name you can’t stop saying after you’ve heard it. Fun and playful, this title has Estonian roots, and it’s an alternative to Miranda. Milvi means marvelous, and it’s also connected to the word Miilama, which means to “glow”. 

12. Omena

Fresh and unique, Omena is a Finnish girl’s name which has been increasing in popularity lately. The name means “apple”. This could be a great choice if you like the idea of a fruit name for your little girl but want to be more subtle. 

13. Ilona

Ilona is a Finnish and Hungarian female name. The traditional Finnish name refers to the queen of the fairies in Folklore, and it’s something that Finnish families usually associate with “joy”. Ilona literally means “as a joy (to someone)”.

14. Sohvi

Sohvi is a Finnish name with an interesting pronunciation of “Sokh-vee”. A Finnish version of the name Sophia, it means “Wisdom”. The title Sofia is also quite popular in Finland, although it’s not of Finnish origin. 

15. Taika

An unforgettable name for a family which still believes in mysteries and fairytales, Taika is one of the few names in Finland which can work for a boy or girl. Taika means “magic”, and it appears a lot in books and stories around Finland. 

16. Taina

A Finnish version of the title Tatiana, Taina means “star” or “secret”. If you’re looking for something celestial, but you want to stay away from Stella, then Taina is a great choice. There’s also a little Russian in this Finnish girl’s name. 

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More great Finnish female names

We could spend all day listing some of the most wonderful Finnish women’s names from across the country. Every year, new titles rise up the list in popularity. It seems like we’re constantly discovering new beautiful female names in Finland. 

Here’s another wonderful list to amaze and inspire you: 

1. Marja

Marja is the Finnish female name taken from Maria. With alternative versions such as Marjaana, this popular title has a sweet, juicy meaning to it. Marja means a berry in Finland.

2. Tyyni

Tyyni and its sister name Tyyne have a beautiful meaning, both meaning calm and serene. A mirror-like, calm surface of the lake can be described as “tyyni” in Finnish. It has quite a unique sound with its double “y” – Tyyni is pronounced as “Tuuh-neh”.

3. Ansa

Ansa is a fun Finnish name if you’re looking for something similar to Anna, but with a bit of an exotic twist. Ansa means “trap”, but don’t let this put you off. This attractive name is very popular in Finland, and it’s starting to gain attention around the world too. 

4. Saara

Sarah and Sara are popular names throughout the UK and US. If you want something similar, but you need a touch of exotic Finnish origin in the mix, choose Saara. The title means “princess”, and the two a’s really make it stand out. 

5. Elsa

One of the most common names in Finland with a strong connection to Christianity, Elsa means “pledged to God”. This name has surged in popularity since the Disney movie “Frozen” was released.

6. Taru

Taru is one of the many names in Finland which is a lot of fun to say. This title is a female version of Tarja, and it means “kingly”, or “epic”. Taru is often a variation of the Swedish name, Saga, in Finland. 

7. Minea

Minea is such a cute name — perfect for a young girl. This title is the Finnish feminization of the name Minos from Greek, which means king. You could translate this title to simply mean royalty for your young lady. 

8. Nelma

Nelma is a great Finnish female name because it’s so different to many of the titles you’ll find in the western world. This title is often used as a diminutive form of the various names ending with Nelma in Finland, but it’s also a name on its own. The title means “bright shining one”. 

9. Pihla

Another popular Finnish name coming from nature, Pihla is pronounced “Peeh-lah” and it means “rowan tree”. The pronunciation might be a little difficult for English speakers, but Pihla is very popular throughout Finland.

10. Sade

A Finnish girl’s name which is easy to say and spell, Sade has both Finnish and Nigerian origins. The title means “rain” or “honor bestowing a crown”. The Finnish version of the title is most commonly connected to the rain. 

11. Salla

Soft and feminine sounding, Salla is a wonderful name for a girl with Finnish origins. A variant of the name Salli (Finnish for Sally), Salla means “princess”. This title peaked in popularity during the 1980s and 1990s, but it’s regaining attention again now. 

12. Seela

There’s no shortage of Finnish women names which start with the letter S. The name Seela is a Finnish variation of Sela, which comes from Hebrew. The title means “rock”, and it often relates to things like strength, stability, and power. 

13. Sisko

We love how cute this name sounds, and how fun it is to say. Sisko, pronounced Sees-ko, just means sister in Finland. It’s a direct translation from the Finnish word, but it’s also a popular name which started gaining traction in the 70s. 

14. Sirke

This name is wonderfully unusual, but also very appealing. A variation of the title Sirkka, Sirke means seed-leaf, princess, and grasshopper. It’s a wonderful title if you’re looking for something feminine, and related to nature. 

15. Pipsa

How cute is this Finnish girl name? Pipsa comes from Pirkka and Pirjo, which are also Finnish names. Like many titles for girls in Finland, this one means “exalted one” or “strength”. In Finland, Peppa pig is known as Pipsa. 

16. Hilla

Hilla is a wonderful Finnish name which sounds a little German in origin too. This title is gaining a lot of focus in Finland right now, where it’s seen as an independent name, and a nickname too. Hilla means “cloudberry”, which is ideal for a nature-loving family.

17. Maritta

A lot of names in Finland are derived from other titles. Maritta is a version of Maria, which translates to mean both bitter, and “beloved”. If you want an unusual spin on a very common name like Maria or Mary, this could be the one for you. 

18. Tuuli

Pronounced Too-lee, you won’t hear a name like this through most parts of the US and the UK. Tuuli is a sweet and fun Finnish name which looks great written down too. The name means “wind” and refers to the power of nature. 

19. Vilja

Another exciting name from Finland starting with the letter V, Vilja means “grain”. This title was made famous by an operetta called “The Merry Widow”, which has a song written specifically for a character named Vilja. 

Choosing your Finnish girl names

There’s no shortage of wonderful Finnish female names out there to inspire and enrapture you. If you want a title a little more unique than many of the monikers found elsewhere in Scandinavia, Finland has you covered. 

With a range of origins and backgrounds, Finnish names hold a lot of meaning and soul. We particularly love the strong connections with power and strength in these names.

If you need more help finding the perfect Scandinavian name, don’t forget to check out some of our other lists on Scandification. 

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