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Finnish boy names: Popular Finnish male names

Interested in checking out a brilliant guide to Finnish boy names? You’re in the right place! Scandification brings you the most popular Finnish male names today…

Finland is one of the most beautiful locations in the world and a destination well worth visiting. While Finland is one of the least populated countries in the world, this doesn’t make it any less appealing. 

The people of this country have more than enough history, culture, and intrigue to compete with any other Scandinavian community. 

One great example of what makes Finland so special, is the names locals choose. Finnish male names are exotic, yet meaningful, offering a great insight into the heritage of the country. 

For expats thinking of moving to Finland, or those keen to bring the essence of Scandi living into their family, Finnish boy names may be worth researching. 

Today, we’re going to be exploring some of the top Finnish boys’ names from across the country to educate and inspire you.

Let’s get started. 

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Finnish male names: Popular Finnish boy names

Just because Finland’s not as populated as some of the other regions of Scandinavia, doesn’t make it any less diverse when it comes to naming. From Aake to Yngvar, there’s something to suit any child. 

Notably, many of the names you’ll find in Finland for boys are popular elsewhere in Scandinavia too. We’ve chosen this list to share with you today based on the appeal and unique nature of each name.

1. Benjamin

The name Benjamin is rather popular in Finland too, and it is easy to pronounce in many languages. The origin of the name comes from Hebrew, “Ben” meaning son and “Yamin” meaning right hand. It has a long history behind it and is traditionally also used for the youngest child of the family

2. Juho

Juho is a fantastic Nordic name you’ll find all throughout Finland. It’s short for the longer name “Juhani” and is often referred to as the Scandinavian version of “John”. Juho could be the ideal choice for parents who want to name their son something a little more exotic. 

Similar versions of the name John include Juha, Janne, and Jani. 

3. Eetu

Another great name with a “tu” ending, Eetu is a Finnish boy name which replaces the better-known “Edward” from other parts of the world. This title might come from a well-known seed, but we still think it’s unique enough to capture plenty of attention. 

Eetu is one of the more common Finnish names, so don’t be surprised if you meet someone with this title when visiting.

4. Eino

Names featuring the letter “E” at the beginning are often overlooked in many parts of the world — but this isn’t true in Finland. The name Eino has a fantastic sound — we just can’t stop repeating it. 

Eino is pronounced either “Ey-noh” or “Ay-noh”. 

The meaning comes from the old Norse word for “one” or “alone”. There’s a common Scandinavian alternative to Eino which appears around the region, which is “Einar”. 

5. Jouko

We love the Finnish boy name “Jouko”, because it’s so different from what you’d find in England or the United States. The “J” actually sounds like a “Y” at the beginning of the name, so you get “Yo-koh”. 

In Finland’s national epic, the Kalevala, there’s a man called Joukahainen, who challenges a god to a spell-casting duel. Jouko is the shortened version of the storied name. Jouko can also mean “strong”.

6. Erno

You’ll notice when you’re looking through Finnish boys’ names, a lot of them come from titles we’re more familiar with in other parts of the world. Erno, for instance, comes from Ernest. This fun and short Finnish name is a great way to shake up a more somber sounding name. 

Erno does mean “serious”, but it can at least sound a little more exciting. 

7. Tuomo

We just love the way this Finnish boy’s name looks and sounds. Tuomo might seem particularly exotic at first glance, but its origins are closer to home than you might think. This name is essentially the Finnish version of Thomas. 

If you’re looking for a more common name with a fun twist, then Tuomo could be it. Other versions of Thomas include Tuomas and Tomas in Finland. 

8. Vilho 

How many names can you instantly think of beginning with the letter V? Vilho is a popular Finnish boy’s name which reminds us of how unique the Nordic region is. Vilho is a version of the more common name, William, and there are a few alternative options too. 

You could choose “Viljo” if you want to get really unique with the spelling. Vilho means determined protector.  

9. Hannu

Have you ever wished there was a more masculine version of the name “Hannah” for a little boy? Hannu is actually the Finnish version of Johannes, but it’s pretty close. 

Hannu is a term appearing frequently outside of Finland too, in countries like Egypt. This title is a very religious one, translating to “God is gracious”. 

10. Jarmo

You may have heard the name “Jeremiah” before, but what about Jarmo? We find this Finnish male name appealing because it sounds like such a fun nickname. Jarmo has roots in both Finland and Estonia, and it’s also the name of an Estonian football player, Jarmo Ahjupera. 

The title translates to mean “appointed by god”, which is pretty special. 

11. Arvo

A name basically unheard of in other, less Nordic parts of the world, Arvo is common throughout Finland, thanks to its wonderful meaning. Arvo means “worth” and value, which is great for anyone who wants to convey the importance of the young boy in their life.

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Great Finnish male names: Popular Finnish names

Finnish names are often short, sweet, and meaningful, regardless of whether you’re looking for a girl or boy’s moniker. Like titles from any part of Scandinavia, you can often trace the origins of many popular Finnish names back to other names we’re more familiar with. 

Finnish boys’ names can be a little more exotic than the names you’ll find elsewhere in Scandinavia, making them a great choice for a family who wants their child to stand out.

1. Niko

Spelled with either a K or a C, Niko is a fun and memorable Finnish male name. As you might imagine, the title comes from the longer, more western name, Nicholas. The name Nicholas stems from the Greek Nikolaos, which means victory of the people. 

Throughout the world, various countries have given their own spin to the moniker. Niko is the Finnish offering.

2. Roope

Roope is such an interesting Finnish boy name. However, like other Finnish male names with Nordic roots, it’s something you may not have heard if you haven’t visited Finland before. 

Roope is the Finnish version of Robert, and it can appear either as a first name, or a surname, depending on where you visit. Roope, like Robert, means “fame” and “bright”, which makes it a very appealing choice in our book. 

It’s also the name of Donald Duck’s uncle Scrooge in Finland. 

3. Veeti

It’ would probably be difficult to guess where the name “Veeti” comes from in Finland. The term actually comes from the name Frederik, or Ferdinand, and it’s pronounced as “Veh-tea”. The name is common across Finland and Sweden, and it’s one of the most popular titles in the last few decades. 

Veeti means “peace”, as well as “protection” and “power”. 

4. Olavi

This is a fun name, and one likely to remind you of the very Nordic-focused movie, Frozen. Olavi is a version of Olaf, a lot less likely to be overused in various parts of the western world. Pronounced “O-lah-vee”, this is one of the few Finnish male names with more than two syllables. 

It means “ancestors descendent”, and it gained a lot of popularity during the 2010 to 2015 era in Finland.

5. Mathias

Mathias is one of the more popular Finnish names in the country today, and it’s a version of Matthew, with a bit of a Scandinavian twist. You’ll probably hear this name quite frequently in all parts of the Nordic region, from Norway to Sweden and Denmark. 

In Finland, alternative spellings include Matti, and Matias. The name means “gift of Yahweh”.

6. Tapio

This is easily one of the cutest Finnish boy names we’ve seen. Tapio has a lot of meaning for the Finnish family. The title refers to the name of the Finnish god for animals, the forest, and hunting. 

It can also mean “the bear”, as Tapio was the bear god. If you’re looking for a nickname for Tapio, Tapsa is quite common. 

7. Samu

As a Finnish alternative to the name “Sam” or “Samuel”, Samu is easy to remember, and fun to say. For parents in search of a Finnish boys’ name not to be forgotten, Samu has a lot of appeal. The title shares the same meaning as Samuel, which means “told by God”. 

In Finland, you’ll pronounce this title “Sah-moo”, whereas other parts of the world use “Shaw-moo”.

8. Lasse

“Lass” is a slang term in England for girl, which might make the name “Lasse” sound a little odd for a boy in Finland. However, Lasse is the Finnish version of Laurence, and it’s commonly used as a nickname for the term “Lars”. 

Lasse is an old Norse term meaning “the one crowned with laurel”. To be crowned with laurel means to be the winner of something and dates back to Roman times.

9. Heikki

If you’re keen to find a Finnish male name with a little more sharpness to it, Heikki could be the choice for you. Written down, it looks bizarre, but the name is pronounced Hayk-kee. Associated with the patron saint of Finland, it’s one of the most Finnish names you can imagine. 

The title comes from the name Henry, which means “home”, “ruler” and “power.”

10. Onni

Onni is a lot of fun to say, and one of our favorite Finnish male names. Onni is a name you might not have heard elsewhere in the world, because it’s unique to Finland and Scandinavia. 

Pronounced On-nee, it means “luck” and “happiness”, making this a fantastic title for a little guy who brings great things into your life. 

11. Tero

Tero is the diminutive or shortened version of the Finnish name “Antero”. It translates as a popular alternative for the name Andrew in other parts of the world. If you’re keen to find a Finnish name which can easily cross borders around the world, Tero could be a good choice. 

For those in search of a masculine sound, Tero translates to mean “manly” and “strong.”

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Common Finnish names: More Finnish boys names

The more time you spend exploring Finland and its people, the more you fall in love with the country. Exploring these common Finnish names is just one way to discover some of the personality and history involved in naming each local in Finland. 

Since we’re not ready to stop celebrating Finnish boy names just yet, here are a few more options to consider. 

1. Mika

Not just a popular name in Finland, Mika is a version of Mike or Michael which has spread all over the world. In some regions, you’ll also see this title spelled with a “c”. Popular in Germany and the Netherlands, as well as Scandinavia, Mika means someone “who is like God”. 

It’s a great choice for a more religious family. 

2. Aro

Aro is a Finnish diminutive of the popular English and American name, Aaron. Like many Finnish boy names, Aro is popular because it’s easy to remember, say, and spell. The cute and lyrical title just rolls off the tongue. 

Aro translates to “treeless ground” or “prairie”.

3. Aatos 

The word Aatos immediately seems like the sort of name you would give to the character in an opera or a Greek story. However, this is an entirely Finnish name. 

Aatos translates to “thought” or even “noble idea” in Finland, so it could be a good choice for a thoughtful child. Some people use the moniker “Aatos” as a pet form of Adam.

4. Esa

Esa appears a lot throughout Finland, but it’s also found popularity in other parts of Scandinavia too, including Finland, Sweden, and Norway. The name Esa is a highly religious one, meaning “God is my Salvation”. 

According to some experts, Esa is the Finnish version of the name “Isaiah”. 

5. Finn

Finn comes from the Old Norse word “Finnr” which actually means “someone from Finland”. Finn is used as a name all over the world, including in Finland. For boys who have roots in Finland, no name is better suited.

6. Ahti

While many Finnish boys’ names come from titles we’re more familiar with from Hebrew and Arabic, there are a handful connected back to Finnish mythology and Gods. Ahti is one example of a Finnish boy’s name connected to the gods. 

The God of water, depths and fishing, Ahti could be a great name for a child born into a sea-loving family. 

7. Runo

One of the more romantic Finnish boys’ name we’ve discussed on this list, Runo sounds like something you’d see in an old Scandinavian story. Runo translates to mean “poem”, and is pronounced as “ru-noh”.

8. Paavo

For most people in the US, the name Paul wouldn’t be a very exciting choice for a young baby boy — unless it has meaning in your family. However, Paavo—the Finnish version—is a lot more exotic. 

Paavo means “small”. If your family tends to have a lot of shorter people in it, then Paavo might be a good choice for a young boy. 

9. Kalevi

Pulled straight from the heart of Finland, Kalevi is a variant of the name Kaleva, which is the name of a character from Finnish legend. According to Legend, Kaleva is the ancestor of all Finnish people. 

Although both names are masculine, Kalevi seems to be a more popular choice for non-Finnish boys, as around the world, an “a” ending can sometimes appear feminine. 

10. Otso

There are a few Finnish male names out there which just sound as though they deserve to be cemented in the heart of Scandi culture. Otso is one of them. An entirely Finnish name, Otso means “bear”. 

This is a good choice if you love Finnish legend, as the Fins used to regard bears as being sacred animals. We also love how this title connects with the beautiful nature of Finland. 

11. Reino

Reino is the Finnish version of the name “Reynold”. If you’re looking for something similar to Ray or Raymond, the Reino could be the ideal pick for you. This title translates to mean “power” or “council”, so it could be great for a young boy destined to accomplish great things. 

Celebrating popular Finnish boy names

As these lists of Finland male names should show, there’s no shortage of creativity among the Finnish when it comes to naming young boys. 

Whether you’re looking for a unique Scandinavian version of a more well-known title, or you want something entirely new, you’re sure to find some great Finnish boy names. 

Even if you’re not planning on naming a new arrival with a Finnish boys’ name any time soon, you might find it fun to learn about these names and their origins. 

After all, the next time you visit Finland, you’ll be able to understand the meaning of some of the most popular names you hear there.

Don’t forget to check out our other articles for more inspiration on common Finnish names. Or, why not check out some of the content we’ve created about Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish names instead?

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