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The Best Bike Tours in Copenhagen, Denmark

Many cities need help to build solid cycling infrastructures, but Copenhagen cracked the code a long time ago. Every year, the Danish capital vies with Amsterdam for the world’s most bike-friendly city. Copenhageners make 49% of trips to work or school on their bikes, and you’ll be taken aback by how many two-wheeled wonders are about in the city center. 

Admittedly, navigating the Danish capital’s bike networks can feel daunting if you’re new to the city. But don’t worry; as long as you stick to the rules, cycling in Copenhagen is incredibly safe and a joyous experience. 

If you’re only in Denmark’s largest city for a few days, you can always join a tour. Here are some of the best cycling tours in Copenhagen. 

Forgotten Giants e-Bike Treasure Hunt

The Forgotten Giants are some of Denmark’s best-kept secrets. Throughout the country (and further afield), you’ll find several large mythical statues. In the Copenhagen region, you’ll find four Hidden Giants – and this treasure hunt is the perfect option to find them. 

During the tour, you’ll get to ride an e-bike – which is much kinder on your legs than on an ordinary bicycle. You’ll receive a bottle of water, along with safety equipment. The tour takes place in English, Danish, Russian, and Arabic. 

The tour begins outside Nordvestkirken, which is in the district of Bispebjerg. Note that this church is different from the famous Grundtvigs Kirke so that you don’t get the meeting point confused. 

Complete Copenhagen City Tour

Copenhagen has plenty of hidden gems just outside the city. If you travel slightly further up the island of Sjælland, for example, you’ll find acres of beaches and the likes of Frederiksborg Castle. But even if you never leave the downtown area, you’ll find plenty of things to see and do. 

This tour gives you a complete picture of Copenhagen, and you’ll also see some of the lesser-visited parts of the city. For example, you’ll cycle across the architectural marvel known as Cykelslangen – a bridge designed exclusively for bicycles. You’ll also pass some of the city’s diverse architecture, such as the newly-built Kaktus Towers. 

Of course, you’ll also get to see many of the main sights in the inner city. For example, you’ll get to see Amalienborg Palace – which is Denmark’s answer to Buckingham Palace. 

Rent Your Own Bike 

Although you’ll find plenty of bike tours in Copenhagen, arguably the best way to explore the Danish capital is by allowing yourself to wander aimlessly. The vast majority of streets have well-maintained bicycle paths, making it easy to get around (be careful in Frederiksberg, though, as some bike lanes are among the traffic). 

If you want to explore Copenhagen by bike, you have several options. Many hotels in the city offer bike rentals for guests, with two examples being Scandic Kødbyen and WakeUp Borgergade.

Throughout the city, you’ll also notice several bright orange Donkey Republic bikes. You can rent these via the app and drop them off at numerous points in Copenhagen; how much you pay depends on the amount of time you ride the bike for. 

Copenhagen also has numerous bicycle rental stores that let you borrow bikes for an affordable price. You can use the white Bycyklen bikes, too, but be warned – you’ll out yourself as a tourist because most locals don’t use these. 

A Bicycle Adventure in Copenhagen

You might want to save the solo bike tour for after you’ve managed to get an idea of Copenhagen’s layout. So, what better way to do that than with this cycling tour of the city?

Whereas the other bike tours we’ve mentioned go a little more off the beaten path, this is a better option if you want to see the main sights. You’ll pass by the iconic Nyhavn harbor, along with seeing Rosenborg Castle and several other tourist attractions. 

The tour is operated by Scandinavian Guides, and you can meet at a souvenir shop in the city center. Note that a maximum of 15 people can book this tour. 

A Private Tour With a Local

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t involve a lot of strangers, consider booking this private tour instead. You’ll meet on Åboulevard, which separates the Frederiksberg and Nørrebro districts. During the trip, you’ll see some of the locals’ favorite spots – such as Islands Brygge, which is a great place to relax when the sun’s out. 

During the tour, you’ll get a better understanding of how Copenhagen works as a city. And as you wander the bike lanes on your two-wheeled companion, you’ll get to enjoy how everything works perfectly in sync. 

The route will vary from tour to tour, so you can enjoy a nice surprise each time. 

Tips for Taking a Bike Tour in Copenhagen 

When you participate in a bicycle tour in Copenhagen, remember that you’re sharing bike lanes with the locals. While the locals are typically a friendly bunch, acting like a nuisance on your bicycle is a great way to learn Danish profanities – and we don’t recommend it. 

Here are some useful tips to follow: 

  • Keep to the right-hand side of the bike lane. In Copenhagen, the outer side of the bike lane is for people to overtake and ride faster. Stay close to the pavement if you’re going to take a leisurely ride through the city, and move there if someone rings their bell. 
  • Keep a single file on busy streets. Most bike lanes in Copenhagen can fit two normal-sized bikes. Try to cycle in a single line, though, as it can be annoying if two people are biking next to each other. 
  • Use hand signals. Use your left hand if you’re turning left and right for the other direction. If you’re stopping to get off your bike or to change direction, put your hand up; you don’t need to do this when stopping at a red light. 

Plenty of Ways to Enjoy the World’s Most Bicycle-Friendly City 

You’ll find plenty of bicycle tours in Copenhagen, and the city is perfect for getting around on two wheels. A well-developed infrastructure makes getting around a breeze, and many of the Danish capital’s best sights are close to one another. 

When visiting Copenhagen, you can check out the main sights and find other tours that show you the less-trodden paths. And, of course, you can always rent your own bike and explore for yourself.

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