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The best Danish TV shows on Amazon Prime

Danish TV shows on Amazon Prime are often available on other streaming services, such as Netflix. And if you’re looking to learn more about Danish culture — along with the Danish language — you will find programs in multiple genres. 

Many Danish TV shows have received significant recognition globally. Perhaps the best example is the political drama Borgen; The Bridge, a co-production between Denmark and Sweden, is another well-known series with a significant worldwide audience. 

In this article, you’ll discover the best Danish TV shows on Amazon Prime. We’ll also talk more about how you can watch these and whether Amazon Prime is available in Denmark. With all that out of the way, let’s get started. 

Are there any Danish TV shows on Amazon Prime?

You won’t find a significant number of Danish TV series on Amazon, but there is a small selection to choose from. Many fall into the Nordic Noir category, which you will have at least heard of before. The Bridge and the Killing are two such examples of Danish Nordic Noir shows. 

Truth be told, you will find a much bigger selection of Danish movies on Amazon Prime. And if you’re looking for Danish TV shows on a streaming platform, we would argue that Netflix is a better alternative. 

Is Amazon Prime available in Denmark?

Perhaps one of the reasons that Amazon Prime doesn’t have a huge selection of Danish TV shows is that Amazon Prime is not available in Denmark. Amazon has not expanded into the Danish market, and Sweden is the only Nordic country with Amazon Prime. 

Some Danes will still shop on Amazon, but they will typically use the German or Swedish marketplace. Since both countries are in the EU, transferring goods between these countries is pretty straightforward. 

How can I watch Danish TV shows on Amazon Prime? 

If you want to watch Danish TV shows on Amazon Prime, the best option is to have an Amazon Prime membership. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to access our list of the best titles. Ideally, you’ll be reading this from a country in which Amazon operates — such as the US or the UK. 

Of course, it’s not guaranteed that our list of Danish TV shows will be available in your jurisdiction. In those cases, you can use a virtual private network (VPN) to change your region. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to view content that was previously restricted. 

What are the best Danish TV shows on Amazon Prime? 

Now that you have a better understanding of how you can watch Danish TV shows on Amazon Prime, and you know whether they even exist, let’s look at the top programs available. 

Below is a list of the best Danish TV shows on Amazon Prime…

The Killing

Name in Danish: Forbrydelsen

Genre: Crime drama

Release date: 7 January 2007 – 25 November 2012

Seasons: 3

Creator: Søren Sveistrup

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

With the exception of The Bridge, you could argue that The Killing is the most famous Nordic Noir TV series. Known in Danish as Forbrydelsen, the program was initially aired in 2007; its translation in English is known as “The Crime”. 

Sofie Gråbøl plays the role of this Danish series on Amazon’s lead detective. In the show, she is known as Sarah Lund. The series has several twists and turns, and you will follow Lund as she investigates various murder cases. 

The Killing has three seasons altogether, with 40 episodes in total. Each episode lasts for around 50 minutes. The show was particularly popular in the UK, and it also enjoyed a good level of success in Norway. 

The Killing received recognition at several international awards ceremonies. 

Seaside Hotel

Name in Danish: Badehotellet

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Release date: 30 December 2013 – Present

Seasons: 9

Creator: Jesper W. Nielsen, Fabian Wullenweber 

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Many Danes enjoy their summer vacations in other parts of Denmark. This isn’t too surprising; the country has several stunning beaches that aren’t too conducive for sunbathing for much of the year. 

Seaside Hotel is set in a hotel just outside of Skagen, which is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country. 

Seaside Hotel is set in the 20th century, with the first series being set in 1928. The show is a mixture of comedy and drama, and it follows the people working at the hotel. Amalie Dollerup and Cecilie Stenspil are two of the leading actresses in the movie. 

This Danish series on Prime has nine seasons so far, with each episode lasting for around 45 minutes. So, if you’re looking to test your Danish language skills, it’s the perfect program to sink your teeth into.  


Genre: Crime, Drama

Release date: 7 January 2013 – 24 October 2016

Seasons: 3

Creator: Miso Film

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Dicte is another Danish crime drama to make our list, but it comes with a twist. Whereas the Killing is set in Copenhagen, Dicte takes place in Aarhus — Denmark’s second-largest city — instead. 

The program gets its name from the main character, a journalist going by the name of Dicte Svendsen; she is played by the Danish actress Iben Hjejle. 

One of the things that makes Dicte an intriguing watch is that the main character has to battle with her troubled personal life alongside her career. We see multiple crimes occur in Aarhus, and she has to work closely with the local police department on numerous occasions. 

We also gain an insight into the life of her daughter, Rose Svendsen, who is played by the actress Emilie Kruse. The program lasts for three seasons, and there are 30 episodes in total. In Denmark, the first season’s premiere attracted over one million viewers.

Dicte also features Dar Salim, one of the most famous Danish actors; he’s in Borgen and several other shows.

Blinded: Those Who Kill

Name in Danish: Den Som Dræber

Genre: Crime drama

Release date: 1 March 2019 – Present

Seasons: 2

Creators: Ina Bruhn

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Yes, it’s another Danish TV series on Amazon Prime that focuses on crime. Blinded: Those Who Kill is one of the newer shows on our list, having made its way onto Amazon Prime in 2021; it was originally released in 2019 in Denmark. 

The series focuses on a serial killer who the police never found. That killer ended the lives of three men, and one of their mothers asks for help with solving the case. Louise Bergstein is the main character in the film; she is played by Natalie Madueño. 

Those Who Kill is known in Danish as Den Som Dræber. The murders continue throughout the series, and it’s up to the police to catch him before he causes even more damage. 

Below the Surface

Name in Danish: Gidseltagningen

Genre: Nordic Noir

Release date: 2 April 2017 – 14 May 2019

Seasons: 2

Creator: Kasper Barfoed

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Below the Surface is known in Danish as Gidseltagningen. The show first aired in Denmark in 2017, and it follows a hostage situation on the Copenhagen Metro. The show has a different name in Germany, where it’s known as Countdown Kopenhagen (Countdown Copenhagen). 

During the show, the hostage-takers and authorities have to negotiate with one another. The series goes on for two seasons, and there are 16 episodes in total. 

Below the Surface features several prominent Danish actors and actresses, including Sara Hjort-Ditlevsen and Johannes Lassen. 

When the Dust Settles

Name in Danish: Når støvet har lagt sig

Genre: Drama

Release date: February 2020

Seasons: 1

Creator: Dorte Warnøe Høgh, Ida Marie Rydén 

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

When the Dust Settles is another relatively new show on our list, having initially been released in February 2020. In Danish, it’s known as Når støvet har lagt sig. The series follows eight characters, and it circles around a terror attack that takes place in Copenhagen. 

During the series, we see how the characters live both before and after the attack. We also see how the police investigate the case in an attempt to find those who carried it out. The show features the likes of Karen Louise-Mynter, Jacob Lohmann, and Henning Jensen. 

When the Dust Settles lasts for one season, and there are 10 episodes in total. These last for just under an hour each. 

Danish TV shows on Amazon Prime are plentiful

As you can see from our list, you won’t find as many Danish TV shows on Amazon Prime as you will for Swedish programs — or even Danish movies. Nonetheless, you will find a selection that is, in our opinion, of a higher quality than many other Nordic TV series. 

Regardless of whether you live in Denmark or not, you can watch these with an Amazon Prime membership. You might need to use a VPN to sign up, but things shouldn’t be too difficult once you’ve cleared that hurdle.

Now that you know about the best Danish series on Amazon Prime, why not check out what else Scandinavia has to offer? You will, for example, find several Swedish TV shows on the platform. Read our full guide to those here

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