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Swedish boy names: Popular Swedish male names

Today, we’re going to introduce you to some of our favorite Swedish boy names, and what they mean, to help you make the right choice. So, let’s begin…

Known for their commitment to hygge, stunning landscapes, and eye-catching flag, the Swedish are a hot topic right now.

Just like other members of the Scandinavian landscape, Sweden is capturing the attention of people around the world who want to bring a little Scandi style into their lives. 

Even if you don’t want to move to Sweden yourself, you might be keen to bring some of the country’s unique culture into your life. After all, Sweden isn’t just one of the most attractive places in the world to visit — it’s also one of the happiest. 

As the whole Scandinavian style of living earns a much-deserved boom in attention, parents everywhere are embracing popular Swedish boy names for their children. 

Fortunately, thanks to origins in Old Norse, Viking mythology, and more, there are plenty of great titles to choose from. 

Even if you’re not planning on naming a new arrival any time soon, learning about Swedish men’s names can be an excellent way to discover what makes the Swedes so special. 

Here are today’s most popular Swedish male names…

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Popular Swedish male names

Now more people are embracing the Swedish art of “balanced” living, male Swedish names are growing increasingly popular around the world. 

You’re probably already quite familiar with an Adam or a Liam in your town or city. Perhaps you even know a Hugo, or an Adrian. 

Here are some of the more popular names, and their meanings. 

1. Lukas (Lucas)

With a variety of spellings, including Lucas, Lukas, and even “Luka,” this name has an impact all over the world. The name actually comes from a Greek term “Loukas,” which originally meant a man form Lucania. 

However, it’s been adopted in Sweden, Germany, and various other locations too. Lukas is a popular name for Swedish boys right now, and it often translates to mean “Light.” 

2. Leo

Most people don’t know this, but Leo is actually quite a popular Nordic name. Most people associate Leo with lions, thanks to the astrology sign, and the Latin translation. 

Leo is a common name around the world; in Sweden, it can sometimes mean “Pure.”

3. Elias

Another name with various origins, Elias comes from a Nordic background, and it translates to mean “the Lord is my God” in most circles. 

This is a highly biblical title in Sweden, which started to gain a lot of popularity around the 1880s. It’s common to see the spelling “Elis” in Sweden, and “Elijas” in Finland. 

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4. Alfred

If you’re looking for Swedish men’s names which have a strong presence in the UK, Alfred is a good choice. Alfred is popular in Sweden thanks largely to the chemist and engineer, Alfred Wilhelm Volkmann

It’s no surprise this name is often associated with intelligent men, as it translates to mean “wise”. 

5. Ludvig

Though arguments abound about whether Ludvig is a traditional Swedish boys’ name, most people agree it has Scandinavian origins. The moniker, sometimes spelled Ludwig, means famous warrior, and it’s great if you’re looking for a name which denotes power. 

6. Nils

Commonly found throughout Denmark and Sweden, Nils comes from the Greek moniker, Nikoalas, which meant victory of the people. The shorter name “Nils” shares the same meaning across the Scandinavian landscape today. Niels is a more common spelling in Denmark.

7. Walter

Walter is a name common across Sweden, England, and Germany. The term comes from Germanic origins, like many of the most popular Swedish boy names. In terms of meaning, this is a compound name which combines “wald” and “heri” to mean power or warrior. 

8. Oskar 

Although Oskar is one of the more popular names in the Western world today, it’s also intricately connected to Scandinavia. 

This wonderful name has two separate elements, “Os” which means Deer, and “Car” which means friend or loving. Essentially, the moniker translates to “friend of deer”. 

9. Stefan

Stefan is a great alternative to more common names like “Stephen” in the Western world. Linked to royalty, the name Stefan means “crown” or wealth. 

10. Lars

Charmingly exotic in its own way, Lars comes from the Scandinavian translation for a Latin world, Laurentius. The original name just meant a man from the place of Laurel. However, most Swedes prefer the metaphorical meaning: victory. 

11. Viktor

A name of Latin origin, meaning “conqueror” or “victor.” It’s a popular name in Sweden for its strong, victorious connotation.

12. Erik

This name has Old Norse origins, meaning “eternal ruler” or “sole ruler.” It’s a classic Swedish name that has been popular for generations.

13. Axel

Derived from the biblical name Absalom, which means “father of peace” in Hebrew. Axel is widely used in Sweden and signifies peace and fatherly protection.

14. Emil

With origins in Latin, Emil means “rival” or “striving to excel.” It’s a popular name in Sweden, appreciated for its connotation of ambition and perseverance.

15. Gustav

An old Swedish name with probable origins meaning “staff of the Goths” or “staff of the gods.” It’s a regal name, having been borne by several Swedish kings.

16. Isak

The Swedish version of Isaac, meaning “he will laugh” or “he laughs” in Hebrew. It’s popular in Sweden for its joyful and light-hearted meaning.

17. Anton

This name has roots in Latin, meaning “priceless” or “of inestimable worth.” It’s a well-liked name in Sweden for its positive connotation of value and uniqueness.

18. Henrik

The Scandinavian form of Henry, meaning “home ruler” or “ruler of the household.” It’s a common name in Sweden, denoting leadership and strength.

19. Filip

The Swedish spelling of Philip, derived from the Greek elements “philos,” meaning “friend,” and “hippos,” meaning “horse.” Thus, Filip means “lover of horses.”

20. Simon

A name of Hebrew origin, meaning “he has heard” or “listening.” It’s a popular choice in Sweden, appreciated for its biblical roots and the simplicity of its meaning.

Swedish Boy Names 3

Swedish boy names linked with strength

Thanks in part to Nordic and Viking origins, many of the best Swedish boy names are linked to ideas of nobility and strength. 

If you want the kind of title for your new son that’s going to convey big things for his future, here are some options to consider. 

1. Ulrik

This amazing Scandinavian name is fairly common in Sweden, and it’s the perfect title for someone with a big future ahead of them. Ulrik means “all ruler” or ruler of all. There are some regions tracing Ulrik’s origins back to Germany too. 

2. Egil

Egil is a popular Swedish boy’s name coming from the Old Norse version of the title, with the double “l”. This was the name of a legendary warrior from Scandinavia, making it a great choice for any young boy. 

3. Göran

Göran has both Scandinavian and Slavic origins. In the Sweden landscape, it can mean farmer, or earth worker. However, a lot of people also connect this title to highlanders, and people who live on the mountains. 

4. Karl

A good alternative spelling to Carl, Karl has both Dutch and Scandinavian origins. Experts trace the meaning of this name back to a common Germanic word which basically just meant “man.” However, it also has connections to “free men” and “freedom.”

5. Klas

Klas, similar in style to Klaus, is a name common across Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. In Sweden, the name translates to mean “People’s victory.” It can also mean triumph of the people. 

6. Leif

This name might sound a little softer than some of the other titles we’ve covered so far, but it still conveys strength. Connected to related names like Olaf, Leif comes from the Old Norse word Leifr, which meant heir or descendant. 

7. Sten

It doesn’t get much stronger than this. Sten is a traditional Scandinavian name which literally means “Stone.” The name comes from a literal translation of the title “Peter” into the languages of the North Germanic region. 

8. Ville

Ville is short for Vilhem or William. Beloved in both Sweden and Finland, the name basically means “Strong mind” or “Protection.” In French, it simply translates to “town” or village. 

9. Olof

Similar to Olaf, like Leif, Olof is a Scandinavian name with Proto-Norse origin, commonly used throughout Sweden. There’s even another version of the title with an “e” on the end. Olof means grandfather, ancestor, or descendent. Olle is a common nickname for Olof.

10. Alex

If you think your new son is going to grow up to be a hero, then Alex could be the perfect Swedish male name. Short for Alexander, or Alexandra or Alexis for girls, this title translates to mean protector of humanity or defender of the people. 

11. Björn

This name means “bear” in Swedish, a symbol of strength, bravery, and ferocity in Nordic culture. Björn is a name that conjures images of the wild and powerful nature of the bear, making it a popular choice for parents looking for a name that embodies physical strength and courage.

12. Torsten

Derived from the Old Norse elements “Thor,” the god of thunder, and “sten,” meaning “stone.” Torsten literally means “Thor’s stone” and symbolizes the unbreakable and mighty force of the Norse god combined with the enduring quality of stone. This name is chosen for boys to represent strength, durability, and steadfastness.

13. Vidar

In Norse mythology, Vidar is a god associated with vengeance and is known as the “silent warrior.” His name signifies strength and resilience, particularly in overcoming adversity. Choosing Vidar as a name may reflect a wish for the child to possess inner strength and the ability to face challenges with courage.

14. Håkan

The name Håkan has ancient roots, believed to mean “high son” or interpreted as “the chosen one.” In the context of strength, it conveys leadership and the ability to rise above challenges. Håkan is associated with nobility and the strength of character in Swedish and broader Scandinavian culture.

15. Ragnar

A name steeped in Viking lore, Ragnar means “warrior” or “judgment.” It’s a name that carries connotations of might, leadership, and the fearless spirit of a warrior. Ragnar is often chosen for its association with the legendary Viking king and hero, Ragnar Lothbrok, symbolizing exceptional strength and bravery.

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Swedish male names for warriors

Today, Sweden is all about the art of living a balanced life and practicing fantastic traditions like Fika. However, back in the early days of Scandinavia, Sweden was filled with fighters and warriors, ready to hunt and protect their land. 

Here are some names to convey the warrior history. 

1. Einar

Jens is an interesting option for those interested in Scandinavian male names because it is often referred to as the Scandi version of “John.” The title comes from Johannes, which is a popular title throughout Denmark and Sweden. 

Jens is pretty popular in the Netherlands and Germany, it hasn’t gained much attention in the US yet. 

2. Gerhart

Gerhart, or Gerhard depending on your preference, has a heritage in both Sweden and Norway. The name means to be strong with a spear, or brave in battle (particularly when fighting with a spear). 

3. Gunnar

A Swedish version of the name “Gun,” which has begun to gain some popularity around the world, Gunnar comes from Old Norse. The title is a reference to the older word “Gunnr” which means war, and it usually translates to war, or army. 

4. Halvar

Halvar certainly sounds like a name from Norse mythology. It’s actually a Swedish version of a more Norwegian name: Halvard. The title translates to Defender of the Rock, which might sound odd, but it actually describes a great warrior or protector. 

5. Ivar

Ivar, sometimes linked to Ivan, is a popular boy’s name in Sweden and another title for a little warrior. The moniker translates from Old Norse to mean “warrior with a bow,” or “archer”. 

6. Ragnar

A beautifully unique name you’re unlikely to find elsewhere in the world. Ragnar is a version of the Germanic name “Raginheri”. Ragnar means strong or “army”. 

7. Sigge

Short for Sigurd, Sixten, Sigvard or Sigfrid, we think this would be a great name for a rock star in the making. Sigge means “victory” in Sweden, and it can also translate to “Victory Bear” or “Victorious Protection.” An alternative spelling in the UK might be “Ziggy.” 

8. Torgny

This is another great name if you want your child to really stand out at school. Torgny means “Thor’s noise,” or “Thor’s Loud Weapon” and it can even have connections to thunder and lightning, the weapons Thor uses. 

9. Viggo

Viggo is starting to gain some recognition around the world, but it’s still most popular in Sweden and other parts of Scandinavia. Also spelled “Wiggo,” the title comes from the Old Norse name, Vigge, which meant “battle” or “fight.” 

10. Birger

Birger is a name of Old Norse origin, meaning “rescue,” “save,” or “to help.” It’s a name that embodies the spirit of a protector, one who fights not just in battle but also to safeguard others. Birger reflects the noble aspect of the warrior ethos, emphasizing the role of the warrior as a guardian and helper.

11. Harald

This name has deep Viking roots, meaning “army ruler” or “war chief.” Harald was a common name among Scandinavian royalty, notably King Harald Fairhair, who is credited with the unification of Norway. The name Harald embodies leadership and the prowess of a warrior who leads his men into battle.

12. Knute (Knut)

Knute, or Knut in Swedish, means “knot” or “tight,” suggesting something unbreakable or sturdy. It’s a name that conveys strength and resilience, qualities essential for a warrior. Knut the Great, a Viking king, is one of the most renowned figures bearing this name, symbolizing power and conquest.

13. Erling

Originating from Old Norse elements meaning “heir” and “warrior,” Erling is a name that combines the ideas of legacy and combat. It’s chosen for boys to represent bravery and the readiness to fight for one’s inheritance or rights, marking the bearer as a warrior of noble descent.

14. Björn Ironside

While “Björn” alone means “bear,” adding “Ironside” (an epithet not typically used as a last name in modern times) evokes the legendary Viking warrior Björn Ironside, renowned for his invincibility in battle. Parents might choose Björn for its connotations of strength and bravery, inspired by this historic figure.

15. Leif Erikson

Leif, meaning “descendant” or “heir,” is famously associated with Leif Erikson, the Viking explorer considered by many to be the first European to reach North America. While not a warrior in the traditional sense, Leif Erikson embodies the adventurous and daring spirit of the Vikings, exploring unknown lands and facing untold dangers.

Swedish Boy Names 5

Popular Swedish male names for legends

As mentioned above, Swedish male names have a lot of different roots. Some come from Germanic names, while others are linked to Christianity. Although some of the most popular titles refer to the legendary gods and myths the Vikings of old used to tell

Here are some popular Swedish names for men, inspired by legends. 

1. Ansgar

A powerful name with a lot of audio impact, Ansgar is a Germanic name most common in Sweden and Norway. The term translates to mean “god spear” or spear of the gods, making it a fierce title for a young Swedish boy. 

2. Balder

In Iceland, the moniker “Baldr” means price, or light. In Sweden, and other parts of Scandinavia using the Old Norse translation, it refers to a god of Norse mythology. Balder was the god of light, love, happiness, and beauty. 

3. Gösta

Popular in both Sweden and Finland, for male and female children, Gösta used to be a pet name or a term of endearment before it became a real given name. It means “Staff of the Geats” or essentially staff of the Gods. 

4. Ingemar

Ingmar, or Ingemar is a Scandinvian name which  combines Ing (Norse god) and the word Mar, which means famous. Most Swedish experts agree it means something like “famous God”, but the title doesn’t refer to a specific deity. 

5. Mats

Similar to Matthew, or Matthias, Mats is a popular name throughout Sweden, and it’s been the title for various actors, and a Norwegian composer too. Mats translates to mean gift of God, just like Matthew, or Mattias. 

6. Thor

Thor, or Tor, is a popular male name in Sweden, thanks to its links with the Norse God of Thunder and Lighting. The name “Thor” is usually pronounced “Toor” in Swedish, which is a surprise to most English people who hear it. 

7. Loke

We can’t mention Thor without referencing Loki too. The most common spelling in Sweden is actually “Loke,” and it references the Norse legend and trickster God you may be familiar with thanks to pop culture. 

8. Salomon

Salomon might sound like a biblical name, but it has many connections to Norway, Denmark, and Sweden too. Salomon basically means “Peace,” and it’s the title for a Swedish international footballer too. 

9. Freyr

Freyr is a name derived from Norse mythology, representing the god of fertility, sunlight, and rain. Freyr is known as the ruler of peace and prosperity, a beloved deity who ensures good weather, bountiful harvests, and the well-being of all. Choosing the name Freyr for a child could symbolize a life filled with growth, abundance, and harmony. As a legendary figure, Freyr’s connection to the natural world and its cycles highlights the importance of respect for the earth and its gifts.

10. Odin

Odin is one of the most prominent and powerful gods in Norse mythology, known as the Allfather, the god of wisdom, war, and death. Odin is a complex character, revered for his pursuit of knowledge, his sacrifice for wisdom, and his mastery of shamanism and magic. Naming a child Odin might reflect a hope for the child to possess qualities of leadership, intelligence, and an insatiable quest for understanding the deeper meanings of life. Odin’s role as a wanderer and seeker of truths across the realms can inspire a life of exploration and discovery.

Extra inspiration for Swedish baby boy names

So far, we’ve covered quite a few Swedish boy names with various meanings. As you might have noticed, the Swedes like to connect their names with history, mythology, nature, and various other connotations. 

If you still haven’t found your ideal baby boy name yet, or you’re looking for Swedish names for men to help with your next great novel, here are a few more. 

1. Acke

Acke is a great name for a baby boy. Although in the UK and other Western parts of the world the term sounds quite harsh, it means “man of peace.” Great for any parent hoping for a calmer child, this name is sure to earn plenty of attention. 

2. Adolf

This name has lost its popularity over the years for obvious reasons. However, what most people don’t realise is Adolf was extremely popular in Sweden. It actually means “noble wolf” and has a wonderful link to nature. 

3. Casper

Casper isn’t just a friendly ghost, it’s also a great Swedish boy name. Casper, or Kasper, means “treasurer” or “treasure.” This moniker is common in Sweden and various parts of Scandinavia, but it’s gaining a good foothold in other parts of the world too. 

4. Claes

Setting your little one up for success is easy with a name like Claes, or Klas. Though this name looks very exotic, it’s quite similar to Nicholas. The title means “victory of the people,” making it a good option for a future leader. 

5. Eskil

Eskil is a Swedish name at heart, but it has connections with Christianity, rather than the Nordic culture. Eskil means “vessel of God”, and it’s one of the many monikers from Sweden with a unique and impressive sound. 

6. Fredrik

Similar in a lot of ways to “Frederick,” Fredrik is a good boy name if you’re looking for something just a little different for your child. There are Hungarian elements to this title too. Fredrik means “peaceful ruler.” 

7. Viktor 

Viktor is another name which promises to set a young man up for success in the future. This Swedish boy name is the Scandi version of the better-known Victor. It means “victorious,” unsurprisingly, or can also translate to “the conqueror.” 

Swedish Boy Names 6

Exploring Swedish male names

A person’s name is a crucial part of their identity. 

Although we can’t always choose our own name, we use it as an insight into ourselves, our family, and our history. Names can link us to the past and previous generations. 

The right moniker also has the power to build confidence and help you to discover yourself. 

While a Swedish boy’s name might not be the perfect choice for every new family, it’s an excellent way to find yet another connection to the wonderful world of Scandinavia

If you already love the unique culture Sweden has to offer, a great name could be a better way to connect with that. 

Don’t forget to check out our other naming lists here on Scandification for more insights into the kind of fantastic titles you can trace back to Sweden. 

Scandification: Discovering Scandinavia.

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