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Swedish girl names: Your list of top Swedish female names

Looking for Swedish girl names? You’re in the right place. Sweden and the whole of Scandinavia are so in fashion. Everywhere you look, people are turning to Sweden for insights on how to live a more balanced life, embrace minimalism, or rediscover happiness. 

Sweden is filled with some of the most content people in the world, and it’s also a beautiful place to visit if you’re looking for Nordic charm. Beyond the stunning hillsides and lakes, you’ll find a wonderful heritage within Sweden which dates back to the Vikings

Old Norse stories mixed with fairytales and myths make Sweden’s culture a delight to discover. 

If you’ve recently met a Swedish girl, and you’re keen to learn more about the history of her name, you might find what you need listed below. 

Alternatively, if you’re searching for Swedish girls’ names because you’re expecting a new arrival, this list will be a great source of inspiration.

Here are plenty of amazing Swedish girl names, to bring more Swedish culture into your home. 

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Swedish female names: Popular Swedish girl names

Sweden, like the rest of Scandinavia, is packed full of wonderful names to explore. The unique spelling and word formats Swedes use can make each moniker sound more lyrical than the last. 

You’ll notice many of the top Swedish names for women are both beautiful sounding and packed with meaning too. 

1. Amalia

The perfect example of one of the top Swedish girl names with a melodic sound, Amalia is amazing to say, and it looks great written down too. This name translates to mean “active”. 

Some people believe this name links to Adal, or Adalia — two German names common in the Nordic area. 

2. Astrid

This Swedish girl name is a modern form of another Norse title, Ásfríðr. Astrid is a complex name which pulls components from various words, meaning both God, peace and beautiful. When used for a Swedish or Norwegian girl, Astrid means divinely beautiful. 

3. Agnes

Agnes is a name with both Nordic and Greek origins, making it a fantastic choice for Swedish baby girls. The name translates to “chaste”, “sacred”, or “pure”. In Greece, it’s more common to spell this title with a H at the beginning. 

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4. Ebba

Ebba is a feminine version of the popular name Ebbe. This Scandinavian and German name comes from the title “Eberhard” which meant strong. Some people say it’s also connected to an Old English name given to many early saints. 

5. Elsa

Elsa is a name of Scandinavian origin, and it comes with a lot of variant forms to consider, such as Elisabet, Elisabeth, Elise, and Ella. Among Swedish baby girl names, Elsa rose to fame quickly in recent years, thanks to the movie, Frozen. It means “pledged to God”. 

6. Maja

Maja is a complex name with a lot of roots in different parts of the world. Scandinavian, German, and Arabic at the same time, this title is sure to bring a lot of culture into your life. It’s a top ten name among Popular Swedish names, and it appears a lot in Norway too. 

Maja basically means “splendid” or “goddess of springtime and warmth.” 

7. Linnéa

Linnéa is a name which appears frequently in Swedish households. Purely Scandinavian and Swedish in origin, the name translates to mean linden or lime tree. 

It’s also the title given to a small and pink flower that grows on the mountains and is named after the botanist Carl Linnaeus, who created the system we use to name plants. 

8. Klara 

Klara is a common female name in Sweden, and it’s also gained a lot of popularity around the world with its Latin spelling: Clara, or Clare. ”Klar” means bright and clear. 

9. Filippa

You’ve probably heard this name around wherever you live in the world, but maybe you haven’t seen it spelled quite like this? Filippa is a Swedish girl’s name with a distinct image to it, it’s the feminine version of Filip, and it means “friend of horses.” 

10. Freja

This Swedish female name has a variety of alternative spelling options in other parts of Scandinavia, including Freyja, and Freya. The title comes from Old Norse, and it’s meant to represent the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility in Norse lore. This title denotes nobility. 

11. Anneli 

A delightful alternative to Anna, or Amelie, the name Anneli, also commonly spelled Annelie, is originally a nickname for Anna or Anne-Louise.

12. Jolanda

Some argue that Jolanda is a Swedish female name, while others say it’s connected to Italy, Greek, and the Netherlands. Otherwise spelled “Yolanda”, Jolanda means a “violet flower”. This beautiful title sounds soft but looks strong. 

13. Sigrid

A name of Norse origin, Sigrid combines elements meaning “victory” and “beautiful,” implying a victorious beauty. This name harks back to the Viking era and retains a timeless appeal in Swedish society.

14. Tove

Derived from the Old Norse name Tófa, which itself is a diminutive of names beginning with the god Thor (like Thorvi), Tove means “thunder” or “beautiful.” It has a strong yet elegant ring to it, embodying both power and grace.

15. Lovisa

A Swedish variation of Louise, Lovisa means “famous warrior.” It’s a name that evokes strength and nobility, often associated with leadership and bravery in Scandinavian history.

16. Solveig

Originating from Old Norse elements meaning “strong house” or “sun path,” Solveig is a poetic name often found in Nordic literature and music. It embodies a sense of warmth, strength, and resilience.

17. Ida

With Germanic roots meaning “labor” or “work,” Ida has gained popularity in Sweden for its simplicity and strength. It’s a name that carries connotations of diligence and perseverance.

18. Ronja

Made famous by Astrid Lindgren’s children’s book “Ronja Rövardotter” (Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter), Ronja is a modern name that evokes a sense of adventure and independence. It’s a testament to the beloved status of Lindgren’s work in Sweden.

19. Hedvig

A name of German origin meaning “battle war,” Hedvig has a noble and historical feel, reflecting Sweden’s rich past. It’s often associated with wisdom and strength in Swedish culture.

20. Alva

A name meaning “elf” or “supernatural being,” Alva is associated with mystery and magic in Norse mythology. It’s a shorter, distinct name that has gained popularity for its ethereal quality.

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Swedish names for girls: Meaningful names

Almost every popular Swedish girl name in Scandinavia right now has a unique meaning behind it. However, there are some female names in Sweden with a more interesting background than others. If you love Swedish culture, from Lagom to Hygge, then these names will appeal to you. 

1. Tindra

Taken from the wonderful world of Swedish mythology and fantasy, which is packed full of fairies and pixies, Tindra is ideal for a little girl. This relatively new name in Sweden means to sparkle or twinkle, just like the stars. 

2. Juni

Juni is the compelling Swedish version of the name June. It’s also popular in Finland. This unique name comes with a lot of meaning beyond its reference to the Summer months. Juni can link to Juniper, and often means things like light, youth, and desirability. 

3. Ronja

Though it might sound like a traditional Swedish name for girls, Ronja is quite new. This title has some background in Germany and Finland too, and it means “God’s joyful song”. 

Aside from its religious connotations, Ronja is also the name of a famous book by Astrid Lindgren, a popular Swedish writer. 

4. Sigrid

One of the top Swedish girl names for those who want a touch of heritage for their daughter, Sigrid comes from the Old Norse language. There are many beautiful meanings attached to this title, including wisdom, and victory. 

5. Vilhelmina

Probably one of the most unforgettable Swedish baby girl names we’ve seen, this title looks like it was designed for a warrior. This traditional name means “determined protector”, and it’s great for any girl with a strong mind and heart. 

6. Annika

Annika has connections to both Sweden and Russia. The meaning changes depending where on the world you go, with some saying it means “grace” and others saying “purity”. Annika is the name of a Swedish golf champion, so it’s gotten a lot of extra attention in recent years. 

7. Natalie

Natalie has both Swedish and Hebrew origins. This name is very connected to God, and it basically means “The Lord is Great”.

8. Cecilia

A common name around the world, Cecilia is the female version of Cecil, and it translates to mean blind. Although this meaning might not sound remarkably interesting it first, it’s a reference to Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of music, who was blind, and a talented musician. 

9. Eleonora

You’ve heard of Eleanor, but what about the slightly more intricate, Swedish version of the name Eleonora is popular throughout Scandinavia and Germany, and it usually means something like “Shining light” or “illumination”. 

10. Frideborg

This might seem like quite a harsh Swedish female name when you see it written down, but it’s anything but. The name Frideborg in Sweden means peaceful, or calm. Today the shorter version “Frida” is more common. 

11. Gunnel

Another odd name with a fantastic meaning, Gunnel is the perfect moniker for your little girl if you know she’s going to be a fierce fighter. The title, which comes from Old Norse and Swedish routes, means “Battle maiden”. 

12. Elin

Elin is a Swedish variation of Helen, which originates from Greek and means “torch” or “shining light.” It’s a popular name in Sweden, signifying brightness and radiance, embodying hope and warmth. This name carries a simple elegance and a strong cultural presence, reflecting a person who is meant to bring light into the lives of others.

13. Märta

A Swedish form of Martha, Märta carries the meaning of “the lady,” “mistress of the house,” or “dedicated to Mars (the Roman god of war).” It signifies strength, reliability, and a nurturing nature. This name has an old-world charm and offers a nod to classical virtues of leadership and care within a household or community.

14. Siri

Derived from the Old Norse name Sigrid, Siri means “beautiful victory” or “fair triumph.” It combines elements of beauty and success, symbolizing a person who is both graceful and accomplished. In the modern era, Siri has gained international recognition, yet its roots in Swedish and Norse tradition remain deeply meaningful.

15. Kerstin

A Swedish variant of Christina, derived from the Latin Christianus, meaning “a Christian” or “follower of Christ.” Kerstin conveys a sense of faith, belonging, and cultural identity. This name is steeped in history, evoking a strong spiritual connection and a timeless appeal across generations.

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Traditional Swedish girl names you won’t forget

Traditional Swedish girl names date back dozens, even hundreds of years. Some come from Old Norse and the Vikings, while others seem to be passed down throughout the world. 

Here are some of the traditional options for Swedish girl names you might just fall in love with… 

1. Kristina

The Slavic, German, and Scandinavian version of Christina, Kristina is a female version of the Latin name for boys, Christianus, or Kristian in Sweden. The name basically translates to mean “a Christian”. However, some residents of Sweden say it means “to make holy with oil” too. 

2. Lovisa

Lovisa is what Scandinavians refer to as a “Swedified” version of the name Louise, which comes from the male form, Louis. This name has been popular in Sweden since the 17th century, and it even has its own place on the Swedish calendar. It means “renowned battle maiden”. 

3. Rosel

Here’s a delightful Swedish girl name which seems very close to some of the flowery titles we use elsewhere in the world. Rosel is a Swedish name taken from the word “Rose”. The name obviously links back to the beautiful and romantic rose flower. 

4. Saga

In Sweden, a Saga isn’t just a tale or a story — it’s also a wonderful name for a baby girl. Saga is a name which comes from Norse mythology, and the goddess who “sees everything”. Saga is the goddess of storytelling. 

5. Ulla

Ulla has links to Scandinavian history, but also German, Norse, and other regions of the world too. This name has a unique sound to it, and it translates to mean “determination” or someone with a fierce amount of will. 

6. Blenda

The old fashioned name Blenda is quite a fun Swedish name for girls. Similar in some ways to Brenda, the title translates to mean either glory, or Heroine in Swedish. According to an old legend, Blenda was actually the leader of the women who organised a defense against the Danes attacking the country. 

7. Hedvig

Yes, it is a real name, and it’s quite popular in the Norse landscape. Hedvig, or Hedwig, might be the name of Harry Potter’s owl, but it’s also a fantastic name for either girls or boys. This name refers to feelings of strife and struggle. 

8. Ingeborg

This Scandinavian name is unlikely to appear anywhere else in the world. It means the “Help of Ing”, which means you’re blessed by the old Norse fertility god, Ing. Ing is one of the primary gods in Old Norse mythology. 

9. Kajsa

Kajsa is a popular name in Sweden, and it may also appear with different spellings, like “Kaisa”. This name is a pet form of the larger name, “Katarina”, which comes from the Greek “Katharos”. Like many similar names, it means “pure”. 

10. Greta

A short form of Margareta, which is derived from the Greek Margarites meaning “pearl.” Greta has a timeless beauty and elegance, immortalized by the famous Swedish actress Greta Garbo. This name evokes a sense of classic grace and enduring charm.

11. Birgitta

A Swedish variation of the name Bridget, meaning “the high one” or “strength.” Birgitta carries a spiritual significance, being the name of Saint Bridget of Sweden, one of the country’s patron saints and a symbol of devotion and strength.

12. Astrid

Meaning “divinely beautiful,” this name is of Old Norse origin, combining elements that refer to the gods and beauty. Astrid has been borne by queens and princesses, embedding it with a regal and timeless allure.

13, Märtha

Another royal name, Märtha is a variant of Martha, meaning “lady” or “mistress of the house.” In Swedish tradition, it suggests diligence, warmth, and hospitality, traits valued in Nordic culture.

14. Karin

A Swedish form of Katherine, meaning “pure.” Karin is a classic name that has been popular in Sweden for centuries, embodying simplicity, elegance, and a quiet strength.

15. Linnea

Named after the Linnaea borealis flower and Carl Linnaeus, the Swedish botanist who devised the modern system of naming organisms. Linnea means “lime or linden tree,” but it also symbolizes appreciation for nature and science, reflecting Sweden’s deep connection to the natural world.

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Unique Swedish girl names and meanings

So far, we’ve covered a huge list of female names in Sweden, perfect for anyone in search of inspiration. Whether you’re looking for traditional Swedish female names, popular Swedish girl names, or something completely different, there’s something for everyone. 

For this final portion of our list, let’s look at some unique Swedish names for girls you might not have see around the UK and US before. 

1. Kerstin

Similar to Christian, for boys, or “Kirsten” for females, Kerstin is a unique Scandinavian spelling of a more widely known title. This name basically just means “Christian” or someone devoted to God, so it could make for an excellent religious moniker. 

2. Lotta

Lotta is a name with both Scandinavian and German origins. Similar in some ways to Lotte, you might not realise Lotta is actually a shorter form of the name Charlotta (taken from Charlotte). It means “freedom”. 

3. Maj

Maj might look like quite a blunt name written down, but it has a nice and soft pronounciation. The name has deep connections with Scandinavian origins, and it’s common among parents considering names similar to Mary. It means May and is short for Maja. 

4. Malena

Malena as well as Malin are short fors of “Magdalena”. The name means “from Magdala”. 

5. Petronella

Now this is a name you’re not likely to see when you’re signing your daughter up for nursery or Kindergarten. Petronella is a deeply Swedish name which is actually fairly common in Norway and Sweden. The moniker translates to mean “stone”. 

6. Ragnhild

If you’ve got ties to Vikings and the Old Norse world in your family, you may be keen to choose a name that reminds everyone of the Valkyries and warriors of old. Ragnhild is perfect. Ragnhild means strong army, and it’s the female form of Ragnar.

7. Rigmor

Know a girl that’s her own kind of royalty? Rigmor is a fantastic Swedish name for girls ready to grow up and rule the world. The title means “name of a Queen”, but it can also translate to things like “Mighty Spirit” in Danish. 

8. Solveig

Solveig is another female name in Sweden with Old Norse origins. It’s common among Iceland, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, but it’s also making its way into Germany and France. 

The name is the heroine of Ibsen’s Peer Gynt, and it translates to the “strong house” or “daughter of the sun”. 

9. Göta

Finally, Göta is an old-fashioned Swedish name with Scandinavian roots. This is a fantastic moniker for strong females, as it literally means “strength”. Göta would be a great way to imbue your youngster with power as she grows up.

10. Alvilda

This name has roots in Old Norse mythology and means “elf battle.” Alvilda combines elements of magic and warrior spirit, suggesting a person with a strong will and enchanting presence. It’s a name that evokes tales of bravery and mysticism.

11. Disa

A name of ancient Scandinavian origin, Disa is associated with the goddess of wisdom and prophecy in Norse mythology. It means “active spirit” or “goddess.” Disa carries a simple elegance and a powerful connection to Nordic divine femininity.

12. Hillevi

Meaning “safe in battle,” Hillevi has Old Norse origins and symbolizes protection and strength. It’s a unique name that blends historical depth with a sense of resilience and security, embodying the spirit of a protector.

13. Sunniva

Derived from Old English and Norse elements meaning “sun gift” or “sun’s blessing.” Sunniva is a name that radiates warmth and positivity, embodying the light and life-giving aspects of the sun. It’s a name that carries a promise of hope and renewal.

Exploring Swedish girl names

Hopefully, this list of female names in Sweden has given you an insight into how diverse the landscape can be. From popular Swedish girl names that have made their way across the boundaries of countries, to unique and traditional names, there’s something for everyone. 

To learn more about the fantastic culture and heritage of Sweden, check out some of our other amazing lists of Swedish names. Alternatively, check out some of the common names throughout Norway, Denmark, Finland, and beyond! 

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