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What is Sweden known for? Interesting facts about Sweden

Sweden is an amazing place, packed full of unique things to do and see. Whether you’re spending your summer in Malmo or checking out the amazing architecture in Gothenburg, there’s something for everyone. 

But what exactly is it that sets Sweden apart from the crowd?

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What is Sweden famous for?” then you might have come up with a few different answers. 

Sweden is home to the pop music sensation, ABBA, and the country is also responsible for some of the best designers in the world. 

Swedish royalty has a reputation around the globe, while people everywhere clamour for the chance to get a taste of the landscape’s delicious food. 

If you’ve got a passion for Swedish things, and you’d like to know a little more about what makes Sweden great, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here’s your answer to the question: “What is Sweden known for?”

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What is Sweden known for? Pop music

You might not be able to name the top bands in Sweden off the top of your head right now, but you’ve heard your fair share of Swedish music. Swedish-written and produced songs have dominated the charts for years. 

Nowhere is there a greater example of this, than with ABBA. 

Ever since ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974, they’ve emerged as one of the best-known bands of all time. You can even visit the ABBA museum in Stockholm if you’re a mega fan. 

Of course, there’s more to Swedish music than ABBA. You might know of a music icon called Avicii or the Cardigans. How about Ace of Base, Roxette, or Robyn?

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Gäddede, Sweden

What is Sweden known for? Gorgeous greenery

Scandinavia is packed full of beautiful landscapes to see and explore. Sweden is incredibly popular for having so much wonderfully lush green space. As one of the largest countries in the EU, Sweden offers a lot of natural space and a minimum population density. 

Here, you’ll find over 90,000 lakes, extensive forests, and tons of coastline to walk through. All of the amazing spaces add up to a dream destination for any nature lover. You don’t even have to go far from the city to relish the fantastic countryside. 

The people of Sweden are almost as green as the location. Everyone in this country is environmentally conscious. It only makes sense when you see how beautiful the region is — no wonder they want to preserve it! 

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What is Sweden known for? Design

There are tons of Swedish brands out there that you’re probably already familiar with. On a list of famous Swedish things, companies like H&M and IKEA often come close to the top. However, the design is everywhere in this country — woven into the very fabric of life. 

Swedish designers stand out for their commitment to functionality, minimalism, and sustainability. Whether you’re looking at architecture, textiles, or furniture, you’re sure to get products that work well and look fantastic. 

If you want to get ahead of the curve with Swedish design, the best thing you can do is check out the Design Distract in the Sodermalm region. Alternatively, just take a trip to one of the fantastic Swedish design museums, like ArkDes, or the National Museum. 

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What is Sweden known for? Brilliant food and drink

There’s one drink that, while popular worldwide, is particularly valuable in Sweden. Fika is a massive part of Swedish culture, with most people enjoying a trip to a café regularly. 

Aside from a love of coffee, the Swedish people also appreciate their food. It’s not just meatballs that have a great reputation in Sweden. It’s a wide selection of game meat too. On special occasions, you might even get a chance to eat some reindeer. 

If you’re keen to get a taste of Swedish meatballs outside of Ikea, then you should check out some of the different varieties. Moose or elk meatballs are pretty popular, and there’s a meatball boutique in Sodermalm where you can discover a vast variety of flavours.

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Drottningholm Palace

What is Sweden known for? Swedish royalty

Sweden is home to one of the oldest monarchies worldwide — though they’re still reasonably good at keeping up with the times. The 2010 wedding between Daniel and Victoria was one of the biggest royal events in recent history. 

The city of Stockholm had a huge celebration lasting almost 2 weeks when it happened. 

People love the Swedish royals for their willingness to step away from tradition. Daniel was a personal trainer before he married Victoria. 

You can’t go and visit the royal family in person, but you might be able to get a glimpse of their homes. There are tons of castles to check out in Sweden, including the Royal Palace in Stockholm. 

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What is Sweden known for? Digital innovation

A lot of the most interesting facts about Sweden are connected with the history and heritage of the country. However, there’s a lot of innovation in this region too. One of the best things about Sweden is how forward-thinking the country is. 

A man called Daniel Ek worked with Martin Lorentzon created Spotify in Stockholm in 2006 as a response to the growing issue of music piracy. Today, the software boasts hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. 

The world’s most famous torrent site, The Pirate Bay, also began life in Sweden, back in 2003. It’s one of the few such websites that remains up and running today. 

The founders of the Pirate Bay website were also important figures in the anti-copyright movement. They’ve helped to champion the free movement and sharing of information for years. 

Outside of the music and data sharing world, Sweden also has a part to play in the development of one of the world’s most famous games: Minecraft. Markus Persson, a Swedish video game designer, and programmer founded the company Mojang and developed Minecraft too!

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Bruksvallarna, Sweden

What is Sweden known for? Distinctive seasons

There are counties around the world where it isn’t easy to notice the difference between things like Spring and Summer. Sweden isn’t one of them. Thanks to the Northern latitude of Sweden, the country covers a broad spectrum of different weather forecasts. 

In the peak of the summer, the most northern regions of Sweden experience the midnight sun, where the sun never dips below the horizon. In the south, around Gothenburg and Stockholm, this sometimes creates “white nights,” where it doesn’t stay dark for long. 

In the winters, Sweden also experiences extremely dark days — some making it seem like you’re having full days of night. This is good news for people who want to hunt the northern lights

What’s more, while it’s great to visit Sweden for its mild summers, the winters can be just as beautiful — particularly if you’re a big fan of snow. 

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What is Sweden known for? Unforgettable vacations

The diverse seasons in Sweden contribute to making it one of the best vacation destinations in the world, particularly for people with an eye for nature and culture. However, the region is also appealing for other reasons. 

For instance, Sweden is the home of the world’s first ice hotel. That’s a hotel made entirely out of ice. 

The ice hotel offers a mixture of hot and cold rooms and recommends that you book both. This means that you can switch between the unique experience of the cold room and the hot room when you need some extra comfort. 

If sleeping in a hotel made of ice doesn’t sound exceptionally cozy, there are plenty of other unique locations to visit. Sweden is also home to a hotel in an old jumbo jet, and a location where you can sleep in a stunning treehouse

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Golden Room of Stockholm City hall where the dancing takes place at the Nobel Prize banquet

What is Sweden known for? The Nobel Prize

You’ve probably heard of the Nobel Prize already — but that incredible award wouldn’t exist without a Swedish business person. 

Alfred Nobel, the entrepreneur, innovator, engineer, and chemist, held more than 355 different patents — though he’s best known for inventing dynamite. 

When Nobel’s brother died, a newspaper published an obituary for Alfred Novel instead. The obituary condemned him from profiting from dynamite, and he decided he wanted to leave a better legacy behind. The bulk of Alfred’s estate then went to establishing Nobel Prizes. 

These annual awards are some of the biggest honors a person can achieve.

What is Sweden famous for?

There are tons of things to know about Sweden. 

Whether you love the famous Swedish food, or you’re a big fan of the Swedish chef from the muppets, this incredible location has something for everyone. 

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people out there who don’t know much about Sweden, beyond that it serves excellent meatballs and is the home to the creators of Ikea. 

To learn more about Sweden, and what you can do on your next visit, make sure that you check out our other articles on Scandification. 

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