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What is the capital of Sweden? Getting to know Stockholm

What is capital of Sweden? Easy — the capital of Sweden is Stockholm, one of the most incredible destinations in the world, known for its laid-back culture and beautiful sights.

If you haven’t wondered about the capital of Sweden of your own accord, then you may have noticed a question about the Swedish capital at a trivia night or quiz.

It’s one of those things that everyone assumes they know, however when the time comes to actually talk about the capital of Sweden, it’s easy to get stuck.

Today, we’re going to introduce you to everything you need to know about the Swedish capital.

Here’s your complete introduction to Stockholm.

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What’s the capital of Sweden?

As mentioned above, the Swedish capital is Stockholm.

Stockholm is the region with not only the largest population in Sweden, but also the biggest population of any of the cities from Nordic countries.

Stockholm contributes around 30% of the Swedish GDP, with more than 975,900 residents.

What was the capital of Sweden before Stockholm?

While many countries change their capital over time, there’s never been an alternative capital city for Sweden. The area that Stockholm inhabits has been occupied for an exceptionally long time, as early as around 8,000 years after the ice age.

It wasn’t until thousands of years later that the Swedes got their first truly settled population in the form of the Vikings.

History tells us that the Vikings created the “Old Town” of Stockholm during the time of around 1000 CE.

Created in the region where the Lake Malaren meets with the Baltic sea, the earliest written account of Stockholm comes from 1252, when the city was linked to the iron trades through the mines of Bergslagen.

Most people attribute the establishment of Stockholm to Birger Jarl, a man who sought to protect Sweden from invasions.

Swedish capital fact file

Stockholm is situated on the south-central eastern coast of Sweden, in the region where the Baltic sea and lake Malaren meet. It stretches over 17 islands, with 14 of those islands making up crucial parts of the city.

The islands are consistent with the Stockholm archipelago.

Here are some facts about Stockholm:

  • Size: About 188km squared
  • Population: 975,904 (as of 2019)
  • Time zone: Central European Time
  • Climate: Continental
  • Currency: Krona SEK

Around 30% of Stockholm features waterways, with another 30% designated to green spaces and parks. The weather is continental, with cold winters and sunny summers, and Sweden is also home to 11 municipalities, with various regions to explore.

As Sweden’s financial capital, Stockholm is home to some of the largest banks in the country, as well as some major insurance companies. The region supports a thriving service sector which accounts for around 85% of the jobs in Stockholm too.

Much of Stockholm is covered in forest, which makes sense when you consider that forestland covers around 50% of Sweden in total.

The Swedish Vikings that settled in Stockholm originally still have something of an impact on the city today, with many locals referring back to their Viking roots on occasion.

Interestingly, while Vikings were best-known for their great battles, Sweden doesn’t take the same approach. Sweden and Stockholm have both remained neutral parties in all wars since the 1800s.

Today, Stockholm stands out as one of the most attractive places to live for people interested in starting a life in Sweden. Not only is Stockholm photogenic from virtually every angle, but it’s incredible to explore too, with tons of regions for hiking, walking, and adventuring.

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What is Sweden’s capital like today?

The capital of Sweden is much like the rest of the country, offering an excellent combination of culture and natural beauty. Stockholm is a relatively compact city, which means that it’s easy to hop across the islands and cover large amounts of space at once.

You can rent bikes or scooters to explore the neighbourhoods of Stockholm too.

Stockholm is packed full of history, so it’s a great place to visit if you’re looking for insights into Swedish heritage. There are tons of beautiful buildings and architecture to discover, as well as a wide range of museums, such as the Vasa Museum, which is worth a visit.

Stockholm is home to a range of art galleries, and arenas hosting musical and sporting events, like the Globen.

The winters here are cold, but you’re sure to find plenty of cafes and coffee shops where you can warm in and enjoy some cheer — even in the colder months.

The food is incredible too, with excellent Scandinavian and Nordic cuisine to explore, including classics like Swedish meatballs.

Once you get through the winter, the summers are pretty wonderful too, with long days that seem to never end. Stockholm is a special place to discover in summer, with open-air theatres and lots of great outdoor spaces.

Stockholm also has a great work culture. Vacation time from work is often very generous, and a lot of people comment on their excellent work-life balance. You even get a share of 480 days off work when you have a child in Sweden.

What is the Swedish capital famous for? Fun facts

Stockholm is a wonderful place, no matter what time of year you may choose to visit. This is one of the most stylish cities in the world, with tons of beautiful clothing and tech to explore on the high street.

It’s also a place with plenty of tradition, which makes it a wonderful location to check out during the festive months of the year.

Here are some fun facts to know about the Swedish capital:

  • It’s very progressive: Stockholm does its best to be open and accepting to everyone. The region is one of the top locations in the world for LGBTQ people, according to studies, and it scores very well when it comes to LGBT rights.
  • It’s home to Fika: Fika is a fun and welcoming tradition in Sweden and across Stockholm, it’s all about having a cup of tea or coffee for a sweet treat when you need a break during the day. You’ll find lots of cafes offering Fika in Stockholm.
  • Extensive views: Skinnarviksberget is the highest vantage point in Stockholm, offering amazing panoramic views of the city. It’s about 174 feet higher than sea level.
  • Amazing innovation: With it’s progressive culture and unique approach to innovation, Stockholm is currently one of the fastest-growing areas in Europe, and it’s home to tons of amazing brands, like Ikea and Urbanears.
  • Home to royalty: Stockholm palace is the royal residence of the Swedish monarch, located in Gamla Stan. The offices of the various members of the royal family are located here. The palace is also used for representative purposes by the king.
  • Crowded with history: Stockholm is one of the most crowded cities in the world for museums. There are around 100 different museums to visit across the city, and they’re visited by millions of people each year.
  • Nobel prizes: Stockholm hosts the annual banquets and ceremonies for the Nobel prize at the Stockholm Concert and City halls.
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Check out the capital city of Sweden

Stockholm is an incredible place to visit, or even move to, if you’re planning on making the transition to Swedish living. There are so many amazing people and places to discover in this capital city, and the region has a rich history that’s just brimming with amazing stories.

If you’re looking for a city that can combine the tales of the past with the potential of the future, then Stockholm is definitely the place for you.

Although getting used to the odd sunsets and sunrising times in summer and winter can be difficult, and the winters may be brutal, Stockholm has a lot to offer. It’s one of the most popular cities in the world for quality of life, and it’s always innovating and improving.

It’s no wonder that countless people visit this wonderful destination every year.

If you haven’t considered taking a trip to discover the Swedish capital for yourself yet, hopefully this guide has told you everything you need to know to start looking flights. If you’re looking for a place to stay, try these hotels.

Stockholm isn’t just the capital city of Sweden, it’s also one of the places that all people should consider visiting at some point during their life.

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