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The weather in Stockholm: Swedish weather by the month

When most people think of Sweden, they imagine snow, scarfs, and people wrapped up warm at home. However, there’s a lot more to the Swedish climate than many people realise. 

Sweden weather, just like the temperature anywhere else on earth, is quite variable. Thanks to the warmth of the gulf stream, Swedish cities can benefit from a decent amount of mild weather to balance out those chilly winters. 

The overall country of Sweden enjoys a temperature climate (despite a northern location). Stockholm, one of the most popular cities in the country, is often warmer and milder, while the mountains of the north are more sub-Arctic. 

While the weather in Stockholm is quite variable, it’s a lot more pleasant than many people realise. 

Here’s your guide to the weather in Sweden, and Stockholm…

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The weather in Sweden: What to expect

There’s a substantial disconnect between the weather in Sweden North of the Arctic circle, and the climate in the South. Towards the north, there are periods when the sun never sets during June and July. 

The Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon from Scandinavia which also correlates with Polar Nights, wherein the night is unending for a similar period. 

The south, where you’ll find Malmö, is where Sweden benefits from the fewest winter months. Annual rainfall generally averages at around 24 inches, while the most rain usually happens in the summer. 

Interestingly, Sweden is home to considerable snowfall. The climate in Sweden to the north keeps snow on the ground for 6 months per year. 

Here’s an insight into the seasons and how they affect the weather in Sweden:

  • Spring in Sweden: The number of daylight hours you’ll find in Sweden begin to increase during March. However, you can still get plenty of snow throughout the year. Sweden often wraps up the ski season around April, although in the reaches further North, snow stands until late May. The Midnight Sun usually starts in late May and lasts into August. 
  • Summer in Sweden: In the North, summers in Sweden are cool and short. However, long days are common, particularly during periods of midnight sun. Towards the south, temperatures can reach up to 27 degrees Celsius. Wherever you go, you’ll experience plenty of long, sunny days — ideal for exploring
  • Fall in Sweden: If you’re looking at the weather in Sweden by month, the fall is usually dominated by cloudier, cooler weather. Rainfall is common, and temperature vary drastically throughout the country. The north-most parts of the country often experience regular frosts and snowfall. 
  • Winter in Sweden: Days are often much shorter in Sweden, particularly thanks to the polar nights, when periods of complete darkness reign around December. For southern Sweden, where you’ll find Stockholm, winters can be milder. The western part of the country often has the most rainfall during winter. 

Stockholm weather: The Stockholm climate

As noted above, Stockholm weather is a very distinctive component of Sweden weather. In Stockholm, you’re less likely to experience the Polar Nights and Midnight Sun that the Nordic region has gained so much attention for. 

Additionally, you’ll be more likely to see the Northern Lights in Sweden if you head further North, often around the beginning of September and through to March.

Located on the southeast coast of Sweden, Stockholm is shielded from most of the arctic weather. The location actually receives more sun than a lot of European cities, including Paris and London. 

The hottest month of the year for Stockholm is usually July, with temperatures of around 22 degrees Celsius. 

The coldest months are January and February when temperatures drop to around -1. 

Let’s have a closer look at the weather in Stockholm by season:

  • Spring in Stockholm: Spring in Stockholm starts to deliver slightly warmer days that last a little longer. Snow is a possibility, and by May, the temperatures are usually very pleasant. 
  • Summer in Stockholm: Summers in Stockholm are lovely — with plenty of sun for open-air activities and adventures outdoor. July usually delivers temperatures around 20 degrees, but the heat can get much higher than this. 
  • Fall in Stockholm: Most locals say that the best time to visit Sweden and Stockholm is during late spring or early autumn. During this time, the weather is often mild, and the crowds of tourists aren’t as significant. Fall is also Stockholm’s rainiest season. 
  • Winter in Stockholm: Harsh weathers in Stockholm often last between October and April, depending on the region you’re in. The winters are milder and more bearable. The lowest temperature ever recorded was around 100 years ago, when the location dropped to minus 31 degrees Celsius. 

Travel to Stockholm in winter is sometimes restricted as certain towns often go into a sort of hibernation. However, Stockholm winter can also be very appealing, with beautiful fairy-tale celebrations to discover. 

Stockholm weather by the month

Now that we’ve covered the basics of weather in Sweden and Stockholm, let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from the climate each month. 

  • January: Temperature between -5°C and -0.7°C: Freezing cold winter month — perhaps the coldest month in Sweden, Stockholm.
  • February: Temperature between -5.3°C and -0.7°C. Remarkably similar to January, colder in some places, with an average low of -6°C.
  • March: Temperature between -2.7°C and 3°C. Slight increase in average high temperature from February. 
  • April: Temperature between -2.7°C and 8.6°C. Average temperature increases to around 8 degrees in April. 
  • May: Temperature between 6.3°C and 15.7°C. Stockholm is mild in May, with a larger amount of daily sunshine. 
  • June: Temperature between 11.3°C and 20.7°C. June is a lovely month in Stockholm, with sunny and pleasant days. 
  • July: Temperature between 13.4°C and 21.9°C. July is the warmest month in Sweden, and Stockholm, with sunny days that can be very pleasant. 
  • August: Temperature between 12.7°C and 20.4°C. Another wonderful month, just a little below the warmth of July and June. 
  • September: Temperature between 9°C and 15.1°C. The heat is starting to drop again here, but it’s still a good time to visit. 
  • October: Temperature between around 5.3°C and 9.9°C with an average high temperature that drops to just below 10 degrees. 
  • November: Temperature between 0.7°C and 4.5°C. The cold really starts to settle into Sweden during November. 
  • December: Temperature between -3.2°C and 1.1°C. In Stockholm, December is often a very snowy month, and the first official month of winter. 
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Does it snow in Stockholm?

There’s more to Sweden than snow and ice. However, this is one of the most significant weather conditions associated with Sweden. 

It’s fair to say that both Stockholm and Sweden get a considerable amount of snowfall, particularly during the winter months, starting in December. 

Stockholm’s southern location mean that it’s ideal if you want to see some snow, but not too much. While there are thick blankets of snow in the Northern regions, Stockholm’s southernly location makes it a little milder. 

Just be careful, as some severe storms may still hit the city during the colder months of the year. When that happens, transportation may shut down.

If you do want to see snow in Stockholm and explore the magic that the city has to offer during the colder months of the year, then this is the perfect option for you. 

Don’t ignore the benefits of Stockholm in the Summer too. Sweden is a wonderful place to explore all year around. 

The varied temperatures mean that it can appeal to anyone, no matter what kind of vacation spot you’re looking for. 

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