Swedish Clothing Brands

The ultimate guide to Swedish clothing brands

Owing much to the bad weather that Sweden deals with for much of the year, Swedish fashion brands focus on combining form with function… but what are the best Swedish clothing brands?

If you ever find yourself in the center of Stockholm, we would very much forgive you if you felt like you had suddenly walked into the middle of a fashion week somewhere. People dress pretty well in Northern Europe, for the most part — but the Swedes are arguably the most fashionable of the lot.

Over the years, plenty of innovative designers have taken their brands global; many originated in Sweden’s capital, but others came from other parts of the country.

Unique textures, minimalistic designs, and well-fitting apparel — even the men’s skinny jeans — have resulted in many looking north for inspiration when they overhaul their wardrobes.

In this article, we’ll cover Swedish clothes brands from various categories. You’ll learn about their origins, the values they stand for, and the types of apparel they offer. Does that sound interesting? Great — let’s get started!

High-street clothing stores and brands

Before we look at the different Swedish clothing companies making their mark on the globe, let’s look at a couple of brands you’ll see on the high street.

Swedish Clothing Brands


If you’ve heard of any Swedish brand or any Scandinavian fashion brand for that matter, H&M would probably be one of the first names to leave your mouth. The company is well-known for its affordable prices, and it has a huge presence in Scandinavia and the UK.

Further afield, you’ll also find H&M stores in the United States and several other nations.

Erling Persson founded H&M in 1947 in Västerås, a city of just over 100,000 people located around an hour from Stockholm. Since then, the company has grown into an empire with over 120,000 employees and around 5,000 stores across the globe.

You can find many clothing items in H&M, from t-shirts to trousers, swimwear, and sunglasses.  

Swedish Clothing Brands


Åhléns is Sweden’s largest department store brand; think of it as the country’s equivalent of Macy’s. The company was founded in 1899 and is headquartered in Stockholm, which is also where its largest department store is.

At Åhléns, you’ll find multiple Swedish fashion brands for men, women, and children — along with homeware and more. Stockholm, Malmö, and Gothenburg all have Åhléns stores.

Fashion brands

Okay, so we’ve covered a couple of big-hitters that you’ll see when you visit or live in Sweden. Now, we can go into more detail about some of our favorite Swedish clothing designers.

We’ll talk about everyday fashion companies before moving on and looking at some of the best outdoor clothing names.

Swedish Clothing Brands
Credit: duncan c

Tiger of Sweden

If you want to see the best example of Swedish menswear, look no further than Tiger of Sweden. This luxury clothing company has been around since 1903, and it has made a huge imprint on the world of Scandinavian style.

Tiger of Sweden’s clothing features a sleek, clean design and muted colors to make you look effortlessly fashionable. Items are also of a high quality, and you can combine them with multiple outfits throughout the year.

Tiger of Sweden sells t-shirts, tuxedos, sweaters, trainers, and much more. Women, meanwhile, can purchase dresses, skirts, blazers, and more.

If you want to shop at Tiger of Sweden, the company has flagship stores in Stockholm and Copenhagen. You’ll also find shops across the Øresund in Malmö if you visit the Danish capital.

Swedish Clothing Brands


If you’re looking for affordable clothing that lasts longer than H&M but will still make you look good throughout the year, COS is probably the Swedish apparel brand you’re looking for. The company is part of H&M Group, alongside various Scandinavian fashion brands like Weekday and ARKET.

COS focuses on a timeless style, meaning that the things you buy should serve you for years to come. The company has a flagship store in London, but you’ll also find COS outlets in several cities elsewhere — including Copenhagen, Helsinki, Gothenburg, and Stockholm.

You can buy both menswear and womenswear at COS, and the company places a strong emphasis on sustainability. Items vary from dress shirts to shoes, shorts, swimwear, and polo shirts.

Eton Shirts

Eton College is one of England’s most upscale areas, and its boarding school is known for the significant number of famous students that have passed through its doors.

As you might have expected, the Eton Shirts brand is pretty high-end fashion as well — though it comes with the trusted all-important Swedish label.

Eton Shirts has been around since 1928, and the company was founded in Gånghester — a village with just over 1,500 residents in the Borås Municipality. The company focuses primarily on shirts for men, and it covers several types — including dress shirts, Oxford shirts, and those made of linen.

You can also purchase bow ties, cufflinks, and much more to complete the look. Eton Shirts has several flagship stores, and you can also get your items delivered to multiple countries worldwide.


Ciszere is one of the newer clothing brands to make our list, bursting onto the scene in 2016. The menswear company has its headquarters in Borås and was founded by a group of Scandinavian soccer players.

Ciszere has several famous ambassadors, including Victor Claesson — who plays for FC Copenhagen and has represented Sweden over 50 times.

Other individuals associated with the brand include Newcastle United defender Emil Krafth, former Bristol City midfielder Niclas Eliasson, and Brentford defender Pontus Jansson.

The company sells several forms of men’s clothing, including its popular over-shirts and t-shirts. You’ll also find sneakers, sweatshirts, and more.

Ciszere is online-based, and you can receive free shipping regardless of where you are.

Swedish Clothing Brands
Credit: Björn Borg

Björn Borg

If you’re a sports fan, you’ll probably have heard of the name Björn Borg. Borg was a hugely talented tennis player during his professional playing days, winning 11 Grand Slam titles between 1974 and 1981. Perhaps most impressive of all were his five successive triumphs at Wimbledon.

Borg launched a successful Swedish clothing brand following his career as a professional tennis player. Its underwear are arguably the company’s best-known items, but this designer has since branched out and become one of the most recognizable names in Scandinavian men’s and women’s fashion.

Björn Borg sells sneakers, tights, t-shirts, shorts, and much more. You’ll find a selection of outlets dotted throughout Sweden, and many of the country’s largest department stores also stock products. The company also has a large land-based presence in the Netherlands and Belgium.

John Henric

Another of our listed Swedish clothing designers to go global is John Henric, a menswear company based just outside of Malmö.

The company specializes in high-end men’s fashion and was founded in 2008. It has strong roots in the south of Sweden, with the university town of Lund — roughly 20 minutes from Malmö and not far from Copenhagen — being its starting point.

John Henric has a huge range of shirts available for men, and the company’s core niche is ensuring that its customers can master the smart casual look. You’ll find chinos, shorts, jackets, and sweaters — plus much more.

John Henric ships to several countries worldwide, including the UK, the US, Denmark, and Norway.

Swedish Clothing Brands

Acne Studios

Acne Studios is one of the most popular Swedish clothing brands outside of Sweden, and you might have heard the name mentioned in a couple of rap songs before.

The company is pretty young compared to many on our list, having originally formed in 1996. Since then, it has enjoyed a stronghold in the Scandinavian fashion scene.

Acne is a popular clothing brand for several reasons. Its sleek lines and simple designs are two of them, and the brand’s bold colors are a little different from the standard muted tones you see most Swedish design brands adopt.

Acne Studios does clothing for men and women, including sweatshirts and hoodies — along with a broad selection of jeans and hats. You’ll find various Acne outlets in Stockholm and elsewhere in Sweden, along with stores in Copenhagen, Milan, Oslo, and several other cities.  

Swedish Clothing Brands

Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans is another Swedish clothing company that has made serious moves around the globe. The company was founded in 2001 in Gothenburg; to this day, it still has its headquarters in Sweden’s second-largest city.

The company has a huge selection of jeans for men and women, with several sizing options available too. In addition to skinny jeans, you can find looser fits — with both black and blue colors in stock.

As you might expect from one of Sweden’s most prominent denim brands, Nudie Jeans has several stores. You’ll find outlets in Malmö, Gothenburg, and Stockholm.

Nudie Jeans is big on sustainability, and while it produces high-quality jeans, one of its coolest features is that you can visit its stores to get free repairs on your jeans forever.

The company also commits to paying its workers a living wage, along with working toward making its jeans friendlier for the environment.

House of Dagmar

House of Dagmar is the brainchild of Karin Söderlind, Kristina Tjäder, and Sofia Wallenstam. The trio founded the company in 2005 and named it after their grandmother.

It didn’t take long to make a mark; in January 2006, House of Dagmar received a “New Designer of the Year” award from Elle’s Swedish version.

House of Dagmar specializes in sustainable womenswear, with a focus on materials like organic cotton and regenerated cashmere. You will find a broad selection of items to shop from, including sweaters, turtlenecks, and dresses.

The designer also has dozens of jeans and trousers to choose from.

The company ships to several countries worldwide, including the US and the Netherlands. House of Dagmar has a concept store in Stockholm, which is open Monday through Saturday.

Our Legacy

Our Legacy is another Swedish clothing designer that three people founded; this independent label first came onto the scene in 2005. Jockum Hallin, Christopher Nyling, and Richardos Karén are the trio to bring this company onto the Scandinavian fashion scene.

Our Legacy focuses on edgy clothing and clean cuts, with a huge selection of both menswear and women’s clothing available. You’ll find jackets, t-shirts, sweaters, and shoes — plus much more.

The company has a broad global presence in several countries, including flagship stores in Stockholm.

Elsewhere, you’ll also find outlets in Berlin and London.

Trés Bien

Unlike many of the Swedish clothing brands we’ve mentioned on this list so far, Trés Bien is more of a multi-branded one. The company has been around since 2005 and sells some of the world’s largest clothing cbrands, including Adidas and Acne Studios.

Trés Bien has a wide selection of items from several categories, including footwear and long-sleeved shirts. You’ll also find sweaters, books, and much more. In addition to reselling other brands, the company has its own selection of clothing — known as Ateljé.

Trés Bien’s store is in Malmö, which is also where you’ll find many of its own designs. If you find yourself in London, the company also has a shop there.

Ida Sjöstedt

Ida Sjöstedt is one of the most famous Swedish clothing brands specializing in womenswear; the company focuses on providing a range of clothing for all kinds of women.

You’ll find several kinds of dresses on the website, in addition to a huge range of apparel for weddings. You can shop online directly from the website, along with using outlets like Boozt.


Didriksons is one of the oldest brands on our list, having been around since 1913. The company is the work of Hanna Didrikson and her husband, Julius. Both had grown up in relatively poor fishing communities, where many people they knew perished at sea because of bad clothing.

In the early days, the couple experimented to find out how they could make clothing waterproof. Following on from that, the company grew significantly; today, its main specialty is jackets for when the notoriously bad Scandinavian weather sets in.

Compared to many brands on our list, Didriksons’ jackets are pretty affordable, considering their high quality. You’ll find parkas, windbreakers, and more.

J. Lindeberg

J. Lindeberg is the brainchild of Johan Lindeberg, who founded the company in 1996. Since then, it has become a very well-known Scandinavian fashion brand — especially in Sweden and Denmark.

J. Lindeberg specializes in everyday fashion for men and women, with items ranging from jackets to shorts and sneakers. You will also find a huge range of clothing and accessories for golf, including polo shirts and mid-layers.

The company also specializes in athleisure and various other categories. You’ll find its flagship store in Stockholm.

Polar Skate Co.

If you’re into skating and Scandinavia, Polar Skate Co. is a company that was designed for you. The company focuses exclusively on clothing for skaters to wear and enjoy and has been around since 2010.

Founded by Pontus Alv, Polar Skate Co. has several t-shirts, hoodies, and bags — plus socks and jewelry — for you to sift through. You’ll also find several skateboard tops to choose from in different sizes.

Polar Skate Co. originates in Malmö, and you’ll find its items in several retail outlets in Scandinavia.

Filippa K

Founded in 1993 by Filippa Knutsson, Filippa K is one of the best brands in the Swedish fashion industry. The company has a wide catalog of clothing for both women and men, including denim, shirts, and coats.

Filippa K focuses on sustainable fashion that reduces the company’s impact on the planet and encourages people to think before they purchase. It has three criteria that its designs must follow: style, quality, and fit.

Filippa K has several stores in Stockholm, along with shops in Gothenburg and Malmö. Outside of Sweden, you can get your items delivered to multiple countries around the globe.

Gudrun Sjödén

Gudrun Sjödén has been around for almost 50 years, and its vibrant colors are a huge step left-field compared to many of the brands we’ve mentioned. Since beginning in Stockholm in 1976, the company has gone global and remains popular domestically.

You’ll find a large range of women’s clothing, including dungarees and cardigans. It’s also a good place to shop if you’re seeking linen dresses, socks, or sweaters.

Gudrun Sjödén still has a store in the original spot on Regeringsgatan in Stockholm, along with numerous others dotted throughout the capital. You’ll also find shops in Copenhagen and London.

Odd Molly

Odd Molly is another Swedish fashion brand focusing on womenswear and has been a big part of the Scandinavian clothing scene since 2002. The idea behind the brand is to be a little rebellious but, at the same time, focus on sustainability.

You can find several items when shopping with Odd Molly, including a broad range of summer clothing and knitwear for those colder months of the year. The company also sells t-shirts, tank tops, and more.

Odd Molly has stores in Helsingborg, Gothenburg, and Stockholm. The company ships to several countries, including the US.

Outdoor clothing brands

We’ve covered a lot of Swedish fashion brands, but this guide wouldn’t be complete without discussing outdoor clothing too. The Swedes have a close connection to nature; even in Stockholm, you’re never far away from beautiful islands, lakes, and forests.

Naturally, the Swedish climate requires good outerwear if you want to enjoy your time outdoors. Below are some of the most popular outdoor clothing brands hailing from this corner of Northern Europe.

Swedish Clothing Brands


Fjällräven is the undisputed king of Swedish outdoor clothing. The company is now owned by the Swiss company Fenix Outdoor, which trades on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Fjällräven first came onto the scene in 1960, and its Kånken backpacks have been its biggest success. It’s almost impossible to step foot in a Swedish town or city and not see at least one person wearing one.

In addition to its durable backpacks, Fjällräven has a wide range of hiking trousers and underlayers — along with jackets.

You’ll find Fjällräven stores in several major Swedish cities, and the company also has a big presence in Norway.

Swedish Clothing Brands
Credit: Haglöfs


Haglöfs is another major outdoor clothing brand hailing from Sweden, and the company has an impressive collection of hiking gear. You’ll find jackets for men and women, along with trousers and shorts.

Haglöfs also has a wide range of backpacks for your days out in nature, along with sleeping bags, belts, gloves, and more.

Swedish Clothing Brands
Credit: kaizan 2702


If you’ve ever been to Stockholm in the middle of January, you’ll know all too well how cold it can get. Luckily, the Swedes are masters at keeping warm — and Hestra has been toasting hands in Scandinavia for several years.

Hestra is a huge Swedish glove company, and you’ll find several gloves for all kinds of weather conditions. Its items are durable, and in addition to outer gloves, you can also find base layer ones.

Hestra’s gloves come in several sizes, and you’ll find numerous materials, including knitted and leather ones. The company has a concept store in Stockholm, and you’ll also find many of its gloves in various outlets throughout Scandinavia.

Swedish Clothing Brands
Credit: Carlos Pacheco


Sandqvist is the final Swedish clothing brand we’ll mention in this article. The company, which was founded in 2004 by Anton Sandqvist and two friends, focuses on bags and wallets.

Sandqvist’s bags hit the perfect balance between form and function, and you can find backpacks for several scenarios — including your weekend adventures and the daily commute. You’ll also find briefcases and wallets alongside shoulder bags and more.

Sandqvist has several stores in Stockholm, in addition to one in London. You’ll also find its stores in Gothenburg, Berlin, and other cities.

Celebrating the best Swedish clothing brands

Swedish fashion has a history of quality; the best Swedish fashion brands are just the tip of the iceberg.

The Swedish fashion miracle is still alive and kicking to this day. Despite being a relatively small and isolated country, the Swedes have managed to combine their values of sustainability and pragmatism with their seemingly inherent sense of style.

The Swedish clothing brands mentioned in this article are merely scratching the surface of what this country has to offer.

Swedish fashion adopts the same minimalist design concepts that have made its interior design so popular, and you’ll find threads that suit you at multiple price points.

If you plan on exploring the country’s beautiful nature, you will also discover a whole range of colorful hiking brands to help you look good while you trudge through Sweden’s several forests and national parks.

Now that you know a bit more about Swedish fashion brands, you might want to turn your attention to architecture. Why not read all about why the Scandinavians are so good at building things?

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