Copenhagen In December

December in Copenhagen: 20+ things to do, see, and experience in Copenhagen in December

Copenhagen in December is arguably the most magical time to visit the Danish capital. While snow is rare, decorations on many of the main shopping streets contribute to a cheerful atmosphere. And as you walk or bike around the city, it’s impossible to ignore Copenhagen’s Christmas markets, bars, and bakeries, all of which offer refuge from the seemingly endless darkness. 

As the capital of hygge, it’s safe to say that Copenhageners know how to make the most of Christmas. The locals take their already laid-back approach to a new level, indulging in various sweet treats and Tuborg’s famous Christmas beer. 

And that’s without mentioning the notoriously boozy julefrokost that often takes place toward the end of the month. 

If you don’t live in Denmark’s largest city, though, don’t worry; you can still join the fun. December in Copenhagen is a great time to visit, even if people try to tell you otherwise. You’ll find plenty of things to do and find amazing experiences in almost every district

We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you prepare for your end-of-year trip to the Danish capital. You’ll discover everything you need to know about things to do, what the weather’s like, where the Christmas markets are, and much more.

Copenhagen In December

Is December a good time to visit Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is well worth visiting year-round, and every season has its charms. But before deciding whether you want to come here in December, you should take a little time to think about what kind of trip you want. 

December in Copenhagen is very different from other months throughout the year, and you might be disappointed if your expectations were skewed. 

Needless to say, the Danish capital is not a good place to visit in December if you’re looking for sunny weather and to chill out on the beach. Sure, you can relax on one of Copenhagen’s many sandy stretches — but the wind, rain, and cold might not be the best combination. 

When you visit Copenhagen in December, you should also note that some tourist attractions may close. And if that isn’t the case, you might find that many alternate their opening hours – especially over Christmas. Make sure you research beforehand to ensure that you don’t miss out on what you wish to see and do. 

If you’re looking for snow, you’ll probably also want to go a little further north. Copenhagen rarely sees snow throughout the winter — and it seldom stays for long when it does appear. On the flip side, Oslo and Stockholm are much more reliable for December snowfall — and the same goes for Helsinki. 

Who should visit Copenhagen in December, then?

If you want to enjoy Christmas treats like glögg (mulled wine), æbleskiver (sweet dough balls), and brunkager (ginger biscuits), Copenhagen is the perfect December destination. Similarly, it’s also a great time to visit the city if you want to participate in Danish Christmas traditions. 

You can visit cities like Aarhus, of course, but it’s easier for most international travelers to reach Copenhagen. 

December in Copenhagen is also a great time to visit if you want to try typical winter activities like ice skating. Similarly, you’ll want to come here to try out the Christmas beer that’s only available at this time of year. 

If you’re thinking about moving to Copenhagen at some point, December is also an ideal time to sample life as a local. You’ll have to deal with the harshest seasons when living here, so finding out whether you can handle the long Danish winters is a good test as to whether you should take the leap.

Copenhagen In December

Best things to do in Copenhagen in December

Let’s get into the thick of things, starting with what you can do in Copenhagen in December. Below, you’ll find our top recommendations for things to do when visiting the Danish capital at this time of year. 

Winter bathing

Yes, we’re being serious here. Copenhagen’s residents are blessed with clean waterways to swim in, and they take full advantage in the summer. But if you thought they stopped during the winter, you’re wrong. Winter bathing is incredibly popular in Denmark, just like it is in Sweden, Finland, and Norway. 

In recent years, the authorities have reduced the number of places you can swim — largely for safety reasons. However, you will still find several spots to enjoy a cold dip. You’ll also find that the water is *slightly* warmer than in Helsinki, Stockholm, or Oslo, so it’s a little less of a harsh introduction. 

Spots you can enjoy a winter dip include: 

  • Sandkaj, Nordhavn
  • Kalvebod Bølge, Kalvebod Brygge
  • Halfdansgade, Islands Brygge

Winter bathing is free in most places; if you live here, you can buy a membership to your local swimming club. Doing so will give you access to lockers, showers, and more — depending on the terms of your membership.

Copenhagen In December

Saunas and spas

Saunas aren’t as popular in Denmark as they are in Finland or Sweden. However, you will still find various spots in and around Copenhagen to heat yourself up after your swim. And if you couldn’t stomach hopping in the Baltic Sea during the winter (totally understandable), you might find saunas and spas in Copenhagen a little more enjoyable. 

Copenhagen has several excellent saunas and spas. CopenHot is popular, though at the time of writing, it’s undergoing renovation. Sofiebadet is another good place to relax, and AIRE Ancient Baths is another place that’s popular with the locals.


If you ask Danes for a list of activities classed as hyggelig, visiting the bakery on a Sunday morning will probably rank quite highly. And while you can go to these establishments year-round, December in Copenhagen is a particularly great time to visit. 

Bakeries in Copenhagen sell several incredible Christmas treats, ranging from biscuits to cakes in all kinds of flavors. And, of course, you’ll find the standard suite of bread and pastries — all of which are fantastic year-round. 

Of course, you’ll also find various hot drinks — such as coffee and hot chocolate. Regardless of your choice, you’ll probably find something that you love. 

Our personal favorite bakeries in Copenhagen include: 

  • Juno the Bakery, Østerbro 
  • Meyer’s Bakery, citywide 
  • Andersen Bakery, Islands Brygge 
  • Lagkagehuset, citywide 
  • Sankt Peders Bageri, Indre By

Christmas treats

Tying in with the above, you could easily spend an entire December trip to Copenhagen trying the various Christmas treats. Many Danes eagerly anticipate this time of year because you’ll find several that aren’t available throughout the rest of the year. 

We’ve already discussed a selection, but they only scratch the surface. You can give cold rice pudding a try, for example, and perhaps it’s worth washing down everything with some good old-fashioned snaps?

You’ll find Christmas foods in several places across Copenhagen. Many bakeries will be stocked up, as will restaurants selling Danish dishes. And if you want to try making them in your accommodation, you can always go to the local grocery store.


Even if you aren’t interested in traditional foods from Christmas time, Copenhagen’s food scene is well worth exploring year-round. Out of all the Nordic capitals, it is by far the most cutting-edge in this respect. Things have evolved dramatically in recent years, with multiple international chefs complementing the local offerings. 

If you’re looking to try a bit of everything, the Danish capital has several clusters of food places. For example, you can go to the Meatpacking District; many places have indoor seating to shelter you from the weather outside. 

Similarly, you can browse Nørrebro’s wide selection of Middle Eastern restaurants — along with the Italian and Mexican flavors of Vesterbro. 

When eating anywhere in the Danish capital in December, we strongly recommend that you book your table in advance. Many places are busy, and companies often reserve spots for special occasions months before.

Ice skating

Regardless of where you are in the world, ice skating is one of the most enjoyable activities in the lead-up to Christmas. And if you want to try it out for yourself, you will find a selection of places to do so in Copenhagen. 

The city has two main ice-skating rinks that pop up during the winter months. One of them is close to Broens Gadekøkken, which is in between Nyhavn and the main part of Christianshavn. Meanwhile, the other is at Frederiksberg Runddel — outside the main entrance to Frederiksberg Garden. 

Some winters, the weather in Copenhagen gets so cold that The Lakes freeze over. When that happens, and the ice is thick enough, ice skating is a possibility. However, you should never step onto them unless the authorities deem it safe to do so.

Copenhagen In December


December equals the shortest days of the year. What’s the perfect tonic? To hit the town, of course! 

The Danish capital has some of Scandinavia’s best nightlife. You will find all kinds of drinking establishments, ranging from down-to-earth bodegas to fancier bars and nightclubs. During December, you’ll have the added bonus of getting to try Danish Christmas beer.

Copenhagen also has an excellent craft beer scene, with global brands like Mikkeller not forgetting their roots. If you’re looking for something a little more lowkey, you might want to check some of these places out. 

Closing times in Copenhagen vary. However, you will find some places that stay open as late as 5:30am. Why not see if you can meet the (very late) sunrise?

Copenhagen In December


Okay, we get it. December in Copenhagen certainly doesn’t make you think, “what a great day for a bike ride!”. But most Copenhageners don’t leave their bikes in the shed because the weather gets bad; you’ll still see packed bicycle lanes throughout the city at rush hour. 

The best way to discover the Danish capital year-round is on two wheels. You’ll find plenty of rental bikes throughout the city, with Donkey Republic and the official city bikes being the two most popular choices. Many bicycle shops and hotels will also rent to you. 

Keep in mind that when cycling, it’ll probably feel colder than your weather app suggests. Gloves are an absolute necessity, and a good waterproof jacket is also smart.

Skiing… sort of

When you think of skiing in Scandinavia, where does your mind drift to? If we hazard a guess, we’d probably say Norway. Why, of all places, would you choose to ski in the flattest Nordic country

Sure, you won’t get ski resorts like in Norway or Sweden. However, you still have the opportunity to ski in Copenhagen. Where, we hear you ask? CopenHill. 

CopenHill is atop Amager Bakke, an innovative waste-to-energy power plant where you can also go climbing. You’ll find a large artificial ski slope, complete with stunning views over the Danish capital (and Sweden if the weather is good). 

CopenHill also has a rooftop bar if you’d rather watch your friends and loved-ones dart around from the sidelines.

Places to visit in Copenhagen in December

When booking a winter trip to Copenhagen, you’ll find plenty of things to do. And if you’re looking for specific attractions to visit, the Danish capital is the perfect place. You’ve got Amalienborg Palace, the Round Tower, Rosenborg Castle, and more.

Tourist attractions

Let’s start by looking at the best tourist attractions to visit in Copenhagen in December.

Tivoli Gardens

If you see nothing else on your Danish adventure during the winter season, make sure you visit Tivoli Gardens. The world’s second oldest amusement park turns into a winter wonderland during the festive period. You’ll find Copenhagen’s best Christmas market here, along with several fantastic places to eat. 

You can, of course, also step onto the rides. In addition to the entry fee, you’ll need to buy a separate ticket if you wish to do so; it’s worth keeping this in mind if you plan to visit. 

Copenhagen In December


Nyhavn is undoubtedly Copenhagen’s most picturesque location. Yes, it’s often packed with tourists — but who cares when you have all those colorful houses? 

In December, Nyhavn Christmas market is small and has plenty of food stands. You can also purchase numerous handmade goods. 

While it’ll be a little nippy, getting a boat tour around Copenhagen from Nyhavn is another activity worth doing on your December visit.

Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace is one of Copenhagen’s most impressive buildings. It’s where the Danish Prime Minister works and a perfect example of the beautiful architecture in Central Copenhagen.

The stables outside are great to wander around on a crisp December day, and you can enjoy a fantastic view over Copenhagen from the top of the tower. Entry is free.


Denmark’s capital city is a thriving cultural hub, with all kinds of museums worth checking out. Below are some of the best that will make your December visit extra special.


Frilandsmuseet is in Kongens Lyngby, a suburb just north of Copenhagen. It’s a large open-air museum showcasing what life in Denmark was once like, complete with cottages and traditional Danish clothing. 

During the run-up to Christmas, Frilandsmuseet puts on its best face for tourists and locals alike. You’ll find various Christmas activities to participate in, with several shows — plus the opportunity to eat food and more.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Louisiana is a popular museum which is again just north of Copenhagen; you’ll need to get the S-train to Humlebæk. It’s a year-round destination, but the museum is worth checking out in December if — as is highly likely — the weather doesn’t play fair. 

The museum is one of Denmark’s best, and you’ll find all sorts of modern art exhibitions here. On top of that, you can also enjoy a filling lunch and — if you can brave the wind — have a walk around the sculpture park outside.

Danmarks Nationalmuseum

Today, Denmark is one of the world’s most peaceful societies. But things weren’t always that way, and the country has had a tumultuous history. You can learn all about it at the National Museum of Denmark, also known as Danmarks Nationalmuseum. 

At the museum, you’ll find several permanent and temporary exhibitions. You’ll learn all about various points in the country’s history, including the Viking era. It’s also very engaging, making it an excellent place to bring children.

You can buy tickets in advance here.

The Danish Architecture Center

Denmark and architecture go hand-in-hand. Look at Copenhagen as an example; you’ll find cutting-edge modern designs cheek-by-jowl with houses that wouldn’t look out of place in Balamory. 

The Danish Architecture Center is the best place to learn about the country’s close relationship with its buildings. You’ll find a whole host of exhibitions, along with an excellent café at the top — which also provides a great view over Copenhagen.

Designmuseum Danmark

The Danish Design Museum is fresh from a big renovation project and ready to welcome you back. If you want to learn more about how such a tiny country became a design powerhouse while also protecting yourself from the rain outside, Designmuseum Danmark is a fantastic place to spend an afternoon. 

At Designmuseum Danmark, you can learn about the creative process behind some of the country’s greatest designs. But the museum expands further afield, too, looking at what design is like in other parts of the world.

Copenhagen In December

Best places to stay in Copenhagen in December

When booking a December trip to Copenhagen, you’ll want to book well in advance. Luckily, you’ll find a broad range of accommodation options; we’ll highlight your choices in the sections below.

Scandic Hotels

Scandic is a huge hotel chain operating throughout much of Northern Europe. Looking at its choices of hotels in Copenhagen is an excellent starting point; many are affordable and within reasonable reach of the city center. 

If you’re looking for cheaper options that aren’t too far away, Scandic Sydhavnen is a good option. Its Sluseholmen equivalent, which is in the same district, is also worth looking at. 

You can enjoy a discount by signing up as a member; doing so is free.

Book Scandic Hotels here

SAS Radisson Blu

You’ll notice the SAS Radisson Blu hotel’s exterior soon after exiting Copenhagen Central Station. It doesn’t look pretty on the outside, but things are much more pleasant when you go through the main entrance. 

The hotel is one of Copenhagen’s more expensive options, but the location couldn’t be better. If you’re on one of the upper floors, you can also enjoy one of the best views over the Danish capital.

Hotel D’Angleterre

Speaking of fancy hotels, Hotel D’Angleterre on Kongens Nytorv is one of the best places to stay in the city. You’ll find a broad range of rooms available, and you can also enjoy the swimming pool and spa facilities. 

Manon Les Suites

Manon Les Suites is another fancy hotel right in the heart of Copenhagen. It’s famous for its Bali-style interior, and like Hotel D’Angleterre, you’ll find a wide selection of rooms. The hotel is between The Lakes and the main square; keep in mind that it’s on a pretty busy street.

Book Manson Les Suites here


Copenhagen has a wide selection of Airbnb rentals, and you will find apartments and rooms for most budgets. If you’re looking to go all out, consider getting yourself something that overlooks the water. Alternatively, you might want to go for more of a rustic apartment in the city center. 

If you’re more concerned about pricing, consider looking at some of Copenhagen’s outer districts. 

Ideal starting points include: 

  • Amagerbro 
  • Ørested 
  • Sydhavnen 
  • Hvidovre

Hostels and budget hotels

Copenhagen has a wide selection of hostels, but the quality varies. If you’re looking to meet new people, Copenhagen Downtown Hostel and Generator Hostel would be our top two picks. Another place worth staying at includes the Bedwood Hostel, which is right on Nyhavn

The Danish capital also has a selection of budget hotel chains, including Cabinn and WakeUp.

Copenhagen In December

Weather in Copenhagen in December

If you’re dreading a December visit to Denmark’s capital city because of the weather, we’ve got good and bad news. The good news is that it’s probably not as cold as you think. The bad news is that the weather still sucks. 

December daytime temperatures usually hover between 3ºC and 5ºC, which is 37.4ºF-41ºF. At night, it’s usually around -2ºC to 1ºC (28.4ºF-33.8ºF). 

The last month of the year usually sees around 15 days of rain in Copenhagen, and you can expect it to be pretty windy for the majority.

Excursions in and around Copenhagen in December

As exciting as Copenhagen is, you should try and spend a little time outside the city. The surrounding areas have plenty to offer those who are willing to broaden their horizons; we’ll discuss some of the best excursions below.


Helsingør is around 45 minutes from Copenhagen by train and the ideal day trip. It’s home to Kronborg Castle, which features in Shakespeare’s famous Hamlet play. During the colder months, the town’s cozy bars and coffee shops provide a welcome refuge from the perpetual wind. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take the 20-minute ferry to the Swedish city of Helsingborg.


Malmö is one of the most popular day trips from Copenhagen. Sweden’s third-largest city is arguably better in the summer than the winter, but it’s still worth visiting in the run-up to Christmas. You’ll find decorations aplenty, plus several Swedish sweet treats. 

On top of that, you can check out the city’s Christmas market.

Find more trips to Malmö


Odense is perhaps the winner of the “Cutest Danish city” award. Denmark’s third-largest city is the home of Hans Christian Andersen; its Christmas market is one of the best in the country.


Just outside of Copenhagen is Dragør, which is also a stone’s throw away from Copenhagen Airport. You’ll find a cozy Christmas market here, along with some of the prettiest streets in Denmark.

Frederiksborg Slot

Hillerød is a suburb just north of Copenhagen, and its highlight is undoubtedly Frederiksborg Slot. The Dutch Renaissance-style castle is stunning year-round, but it has a particular charm during the winter months. If you’re lucky enough to be in Copenhagen just after significant snowfall, do not miss the opportunity to venture here.


In between all of the eating and sightseeing, Copenhagen is a fantastic place to do your Christmas shopping. Below are some of the best places to do so.


ILLUM, at the back end of Strøget, is one of Denmark’s fanciest department stores. You’ll find a whole host of Scandinavian fashion brands here, along with various international names. In addition to clothing, you can also purchase multiple household items. 

The rooftop café is worth visiting if you want a hot drink and to overlook the wonderful fairy lights below.

Magasin Du Nord

The flagship Magasin Du Nord department store is on Kongens Nytorv. Here, you’ll find plenty of Danish fashion brands — plus opportunities to grab something to eat. 

You’ll also find a Magasin Du Nord store in Kongens Lyngby.


Jægersborggade is one of Copenhagen’s most picturesque streets. It’s located in the multicultural Nørrebro district, and you’ll find several independent sellers here. You’ll also find a Meyers Bakery store for your baked goods needs. 


Fisketorvet is a large shopping mall close to Dybbølsbro Station. If you’re looking for big-name brands, like Levi’s and Jack and Jones, it’s a good place to start. You will also find various bookstores, plus a couple of large grocery stores and more.


Strøget is Copenhagen’s main shopping street. It’s pretty crowded on weekends, and even more so in the lead-up to Christmas. But if you’re looking for something in particular, you might find it here. 

On Strøget, you’ll find stores for several brands — including Gucci. You will also find a relatively large LEGO store — great if you want to gift a set to someone and make their parents lambast the bricks lying around the house when they step on one.

Copenhagen In December


What’s Copenhagen in December without hygge? Probably nothing at all; it’s almost impossible to escape the feeling. Below are some of the best places to get your fix.


Kødbyen, or the Meatpacking District, is an excellent place to spend the evening with friends. You’ll find several bars in this corner of Copenhagen, and it attracts a mixed crowd. You can also enjoy great food at places like Warpigs.


Christianshavn is one of Copenhagen’s most charming neighborhoods. Besides the healthy number of bodegas here, the best thing you can do is stroll its cobbled streets and wander the canals. You’ll probably feel like you’ve been transported to Amsterdam.

Den Sorte Diamant

Den Sorte Diamant, also known as the Black Diamond, hosts a large library. It’s perfect for escaping the bad weather and also ideal if you need to get a bit of work done. Thanks to its large windows, you can also people-watch.

Christmas markets

Denmark’s capital city has several Christmas markets dotted in multiple locations. We’ve already mentioned Tivoli and Nyhavn, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

Kongens Nytorv has another of Copenhagen’s Christmas markets, and you can also go to Nytorv — which is at the other end of Strøget. There are plenty more, though, and you can discover the best ones in this article.

Copenhagen districts in December

Copenhagen is a compact city, but each of its districts has a unique charm. In December, they all offer different activities. Below is a rundown of what the city’s main neighborhoods are like at this time of year.


Østerbro is one of Copenhagen’s most upscale districts, and it’s also one of the quietest. It’s an ideal place to visit in December if you want to browse independent stores and go for a stroll in the fresh air.


If you were going to pick a single Copenhagen district to spend most of your time during December, we’d probably recommend Frederiksberg. Like Østerbro, it’s one of the wealthier parts of Copenhagen — but it’s also a lot livelier, with a distinctly younger crowd. 

Frederiksberg has several cozy cafés to retreat to when the weather gets bad, and its streets are lit with beautiful Christmas lights from the beginning of the month. You can also enjoy a stroll around Frederiksberg Have and do some shopping at its large shopping mall.


Vesterbro is one of Copenhagen’s most intriguing districts. It has a distinctly bohemian vibe, and the neighborhood’s bars are a great starting point for sampling Danish Christmas beer. If you’re looking for hygge, going into one of these is also a good option.


Nørrebro is even more bohemian than Vesterbro, and you’ll find plenty of things to do here in the lead-up to Christmas. Like Vesterbro, you can enjoy its many indoor spots when the weather gets too unbearable. The district has plenty of excellent food places, along with several bars.


Amager is a little further afield, and it’s often not the first place that Copenhageners think of when it comes to Christmas. Nonetheless, Amagerbro has a selection of places to eat and drink — along with several fine bakeries. You can also enjoy the lights along Amagerbrogade. 

Amager Strand is, if you’re daring enough, a great place to sample some winter bathing. Keep in mind, however, that this part of Copenhagen is particularly windy.

Copenhagen’s outskirts

Copenhagen’s outer districts also have a distinct Christmas charm. We’ve already talked about the nearby town of Dragør, which is part of the Storkøbenhavn (Greater Copenhagen) region. Hellerup is another place worth checking out in December; its high street has several excellent shops. 

If you go a little further north, Klampenborg is home to Bakken — which has a Christmas market and various other festivities.

Christmas beer in Copenhagen

If you’re looking for Christmas beer in Copenhagen, December is the best time to visit by far. You will find it in almost every pub and bar, with Tuborg being the most popular version. You can also buy Christmas beer from several supermarkets and 7-Eleven kiosks around the city. 

But Tuborg isn’t the only Danish Christmas beer available. You’ll find several newer versions from some of the country’s biggest craft beer brewers, and Carlsberg also has a selection. 

You’ll notice most Christmas beers from their distinct blue packaging.

Copenhagen December traditions and festivities

A December visit to Copenhagen offers the chance to get involved in several local traditions and festivities. Below are some of the most popular ones, with an explanation of what they are.


Luciadag is celebrated throughout Scandinavia. Also known as St. Lucy’s Day, it’s held on December 13th — and Copenhagen is one of the best places to celebrate it. The festivities usually involve singing, and saffron buns are normally served; these are known as Luciaboller in Danish. 

If you’re in Copenhagen, make sure you head to Nyhavn to watch the lit-up kayaks make their way down the canal.

Lighting candles

Despite most homes having wooden floors, the Danes are some of the most enthusiastic candle-burners in the world. Candles are lit throughout December, with one common tradition in Copenhagen and other areas being to light a new one for each Advent Sunday. 

You’ll find plenty of candles that allow you to do this in Copenhagen’s many stores, and you’ll need a wreath as well. 

The notorious Julefrokost

Julefrokost, also known as Christmas lunch, is big business in Denmark. It’s a lengthy event, and you’ll find all kinds of food on offer — including flæskesteg (fried pork) and caramelized potatoes. 

Julefrokost features multiple courses, and you’ll usually have cold foods first. Fish is next up, followed by meat and the accompanying sides. Then comes dessert and soup. All of which is served with an incredible amount of alcohol.

The big day

If you’re from most European countries, Denmark celebrating Christmas on December 24th probably isn’t a huge shock to you. But if you’re from the UK or the US, it will be. Christmas Eve is a big deal in Denmark, and pretty much all of Copenhagen shuts down. 

Christmas involves presents after dinner, and many Danish families put candles on their Christmas trees. Said trees are often real-life ones, so you’ll want a water bucket handy. Traditions include dancing around the Christmas tree and singing songs.

Copenhagen In December

The daylight hours

December is the darkest time of the year in Copenhagen, with the winter solstice — which is usually December 21st — being the shortest day. The earliest sunset of the year is at 15:38 on December 21st, with the sun rising at 08:37 on that day.

The sun doesn’t rise before 08:00 at any point in December, and it’s only toward the end of the month where it stays up longer than 15:45. You’ll get around seven hours of technical daylight, but the sun often doesn’t peer through the clouds that cover the Danish capital throughout the winter.

What to pack for Copenhagen in December

Packing plenty of layers is essential if you want to enjoy a December trip to Copenhagen and brave the cold weather. A hat and gloves are essential, and you should also wear a scarf. Considering the wet conditions, warm socks — ideally two layers’ worth — are worth bringing with you.

You should also bring waterproof shoes; a fashionable pair of boots will help you blend in with the locals. Undergarments are also a wise addition to your suitcase.

Bringing a warm jacket is also wise, but make sure it isn’t too warm. Wool sweaters and turtlenecks are also smart.

Get ready for Copenhagen in December

Copenhagen in December is nothing short of magical. It might be the darkest time of the year in Copenhagen, but it’s also the most magical. Copenhagen’s winter natural light is a sight to behold, and the Christmas decorations keep the streets bright long after the sun has dipped below the horizon. 

You’ll find a whole host of things to do, and the best thing is that most of them are also popular with the locals — giving you an authentic experience. And of course, there’s the beautiful buildings and Danish culture to enjoy.

From Christmas markets to mulled wine and special beer, December in the Danish capital is a must-experience. Ignore what the thermometer says, and come join the fun!

If you want to learn more about Christmas in Copenhagen specifically, we’ve got a full guide for that.

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