Sauna In Copenhagen

What’s the best sauna in Copenhagen? A complete guide

While Finland is well-known for its sauna culture and Sweden isn’t a pushover in this area, you probably don’t think of Denmark as being as crazy about them. But you’ll find plenty throughout the country, which begs the question: “What’s the best sauna in Copenhagen?”.

Copenhagen is a city full of experiences and activities that boost your physical and mental wellbeing, and its locals take both of these very seriously. You’ll find a wide range of sauna facilities, ranging from traditional ones you’d expect to see elsewhere to more innovative kinds.

Before you go searching for the best saunas in Copenhagen, though, it’s worth doing a little research, so you know what to expect. And if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in the right place.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of saunas in the Danish capital. You’ll also discover whether they’re going to set you back a lot budget-wise before identifying our favorites in the city and its outskirts.

Are saunas popular in Copenhagen?

In many parts of the world, saunas are seen as a somewhat exclusive activity. It’s an enjoyable and relaxing activity if you’ve got a lot of money, and you can gain access to one if you join some of the pricier gyms.

That, however, isn’t necessarily the case in Copenhagen. Like swimming, using a sauna is relatively accessible — even if you don’t have a huge salary. Thanks to this, it’s a pretty popular activity for the locals — both during the week and on weekends.

In Copenhagen, saunas aren’t as common as in Finland. But let’s be honest — is that even possible?

Nonetheless, you’ll find plenty of places to sweat away your troubles throughout the city. Typically speaking, you’ll find these close to the water — though there are a few facilities elsewhere too.

Why would you go to a sauna in Copenhagen?

Using a sauna in Copenhagen has the same benefits as if you were to do so anywhere else in the world. The only difference is that your settings might be less picturesque if you were to use one elsewhere.

Saunas have several health benefits when used regularly. You can improve the look of your skin, relieve stress, and much more.

Saunas are especially satisfying to use when it’s cold outside, and they’re commonly frequented alongside a winter bathing session in the city. And since you’re going to be without your phone, they’re a superb way to disconnect from the world and meditate.

Sauna In Copenhagen

Are saunas safe to use in Copenhagen?

If we look at things from a design perspective, saunas in Copenhagen are extremely safe to use. Regardless of where you go, you can expect high quality and good value for money.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that using saunas can be dangerous if you take things too far. You’ll most likely feel dehydrated once you leave one, so it’s important to drink enough water to keep your body functioning properly.

It’s also important not to increase the temperature higher than you feel comfortable with. If you’re in a sauna with others and you feel like it’s too hot, tell them; they’ll almost always be happy to accommodate.

When using a sauna, you should also ensure that you don’t spend too long inside. Typically speaking, a session lasting between 15 and 20 minutes should be enough to get all the benefits without taking things too far.

Are saunas expensive in Copenhagen?

The price of a sauna in Copenhagen depends on several factors. A lot are on the expensive side of things, but that’s not the full story. You’ll also find some that allow you to pay a fixed membership price, which is more cost-effective than a one-off visit.

If you want to save money, an excellent way to do so is by gathering a group of friends. Some saunas charge a fixed price, which works out much less expensive if you have others going with you.

Some saunas in Copenhagen also offer discounts throughout the year. However, these vary — so you’ll need to keep your eyes closely peeled to whichever your favorite is.

What is the sauna etiquette in Copenhagen?

Sauna etiquette can be a little confusing depending on where you go, and the rules differ throughout the Nordic countries; in some cases, they’ll also vary from club to club.

In many cases, saunas in Copenhagen require that you wear a swimsuit while using them. However, some will allow people to choose whether they want to wear clothes or not.

In terms of gender, this again depends on where you go. Some saunas are mixed, but others will have men-only and women-only places to go instead.

Regardless of where you go in Copenhagen, you should wash yourself to ensure that everyone can enjoy a hygienic experience.

In a sauna, you’ll often also need to remove your shoes when entering them. Bearing in mind the heat, it’s important to remember that your footwear can release chemicals — and these could be harmful to others.

What are the best saunas in Copenhagen?

So far, we’ve covered most of the basics you need to know about saunas in Copenhagen. You now know how expensive they are, along with how you can save money on your trip. We’ve also discussed how to keep yourself safe when using one, along with what the etiquette is, so you don’t get into trouble.

Now, we can begin going into more granular detail and identifying our top choices for the Danish capital. Below, you’ll find our tips if you’re looking for the best sauna in Copenhagen.


CopenHot is an interesting swimming and sauna concept that is immensely popular in Copenhagen. Here, you’ll find a mixture of locals and tourists looking for an off-the-beaten-path experience.

At CopenHot, you’ll find a selection of a few saunas. One is the panoramic sauna, which gives you a view looking out towards the iconic but disappointing Little Mermaid statue — plus the intriguing and certainly not underwhelming Mamrorkirken.

The panoramic sauna is available for up to 10 people and is private; you’ll pay 1,200 DKK regardless of how many people go. So, if you’ve got a large group of friends, you can enjoy it for 120 DKK per person — which is a bargain for anywhere.

You can book the panoramic sauna at CopenHot for up to an hour each session. Once you’re finished, it’s also possible to hop into the sea.

Another possibility at CopenHot is to try the sauna hut instead. If you’re traveling with a smaller group, this is a more cost-effective option; the overall price is 500 DKK, and you can have up to four people.

Like the panoramic version, the sauna hut is private. CopenHot has several other facilities alongside its saunas, such as hot tubs.

To get to CopenHot, you’ll need to get to Refshaløen. The easiest way is to take the waterbus to its namesake station; this service operates from Nyhavn, Islands Brygge, and various other stops. All you need to do is buy a public transport ticket.

CopenHot is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, so it’s worth keeping this in mind when you plan to visit here.

Skodsborg Spa og Fitness

If you read our previous article about the best spas in and around Copenhagen, you’ll probably be familiar with Skodsborg Spa og Fitness. And in addition to those services, you can also enjoy a sauna in tranquil settings just north of the city center.

Skodsborg Spa og Fitness has a picturesque mist sauna where you can enjoy some peace and quiet while sitting in a quaint wooden room. The sauna is a little more luxurious than you’d get in a Finnish forest; it’s filled with aromas and whatnot to improve your experience even further.

To access the sauna at Skodsborg Spa og Fitness, you can book an overnight stay. However, that isn’t your only option; you can also become a member, which will grant you more visits whenever you want.

This hotel and wellness complex is located in the namesake town, which is 18 kilometers north of Copenhagen’s city center. If you’re feeling fit, you can cycle in just under an hour; alternatively, the train takes 30 minutes or so.

To get to Skodsborg Spa og Fitness, get a northbound train. You’ll need to get off at Skodsborg station before walking for just under 10 minutes.

Frederiksberg Svømmehal

Frederiksberg is one of Copenhagen’s most desirable areas, and living here comes with no shortage of options if you’re looking for things to do. People in this district, like the rest of the city, are big on their wellbeing — and Frederiksberg Svømmehal is one of the best places to see this for yourself.

While the hall is primarily a place to go swimming, you’ll find a broad range of other facilities here too. The service is a little similar to what you’ll see at Skodsborg Spa og Fitness, in the sense that it’s a mist sauna.

Frederiksberg Svømmehal was actually one of the first bathing places in Denmark that adopted the sauna. You’ll find several types of “saunagus” here, which typically last between 10 and 15 minutes.

Getting to Frederiksberg Svømmehal is pretty straightforward. It’s located on one side of Aksel Møllers Have, and the easiest way to get here is by hopping on the metro to that station.

You can also go to Frederiksberg metro station, which is a little further afield — but doing so is somewhat pointless, seeing as they’re both on the same line.

Sauna by GoBoat

Another example of Copenhagen’s ability to innovate with pretty much anything is Sauna by GoBoat. Considering how much of the city center consists of water, one of the best ways to admire the city is by being on it.

So, why not give yourself some well-deserved R&R while you’re at it?

The name might suggest that you get a boat of your own to go on the water, but that sadly isn’t the case. Instead, Sauna by GoBoat is a floating pop-up sauna that is located right next to Christiansborg Palace.

At the sauna, you’re allowed to bring your own drinks — namely beer, wine, soda, and water. When you book a spot there, you’ll get a session that lasts for an hour and a half; you can bring a group of up to 12 other people.

Like CopenHot, the price remains the same regardless of how many people you bring along. This ranges between 1,999 and 2,499 DKK per session.

At the GoBoat sauna, you can also try a Russian shower if you’re feeling too hot. Note that while you can take the drinks we mentioned above, it’s not permitted to bring food of any kind.

To get to the pop-up sauna, the best way is by metro. Once you’ve gotten to Gammel Strand, you won’t need to travel too far by foot. Alternatively, you can arrive on bike; it’s not far from either Strøget or the city hall.

Scandic Sluseholmen

If you read our article about the best hotels in Copenhagen, you’ll have noticed that many have additional wellness facilities — highlighted by how many also appeared on our top spas post. Scandic is a popular chain in the city, and one of the best places to try a sauna experience is in the new Sluseholmen district.

Sluseholmen is a modern neighborhood in Sydhavnen, an area just outside the city center that has undergone significant renovation in recent years. Here, you can enjoy a view over the surrounding areas while sitting in the wooden area.

It’s worth noting that the sauna at Scandic Sluseholmen is mixed, and there aren’t individual options for men and women. To use the facilities, you’ll need to be a guest at the hotel.

Getting to Sluseholmen is a little trickier at the moment, but the Copenhagen metro’s expansion in 2024 will make it much easier to get into the city. For now, the best option is to either cycle or get the ferry to Teglholmen. From there, it’s a 13-minute walk.


If you’re looking for a truly old-school sauna experience in Copenhagen, Sofiebadet is one place you should consider checking out. Based in the bohemian neighborhood of Christianshavn, you’ll find a whole range of wellbeing-related things to try out here.

Sofiebadet’s sauna is cozy, and you can enjoy a saunagus every Tuesday evening. Surprisingly, it’s pretty affordable and will only set you back 275 DKK; the two-hour session includes various things alongside the sauna.

Getting to Sofiebadet is pretty straightforward; it’s on the outer edges of Christianshavn and on the appropriately-named Sofiegade. If you’re traveling by public transport, you can get the metro to Christianshavn station.

By bike, Sofiebadet is less than 10 minutes from the city center. You can either go along Lille Langebro or Knipplesbro or travel across the water from Nyhavn and bike towards and beyond Vor Freslers Kirke.

Øbro-hallen Kurbad

Østerbro is one of Copenhagen’s most high-end districts, and a visit here will leave you in no doubt as to why the Danish capital regularly tops livability surveys. If you’re looking to get a closer glimpse of how things run in the local community, you can do much worse than a trip to Øbro-hallen.

Like Frederiksberg Svømmehal, Øbro-hallen has a wide range of facilities that go beyond swimming — including a sauna. This is one of the more authentic experiences in Copenhagen and is designed primarily for locals to enjoy on a regular basis — meaning it doesn’t come with a hefty price tag.

On weekdays, Øbro-hallen Kurbad costs 110 DKK to enter; 50 DKK if you’re classified as a pensioner in Denmark. On weekends, it’s a little more expensive; 150 DKK for most people and 60 DKK for pensioners.

If you plan on sticking around in Copenhagen for the long run, you can buy an annual pass for 1,500 DKK — which is much more cost-effective than pretty much every other option we’ve listed.

Øbro-hallen is close to Parken, which is where FC Copenhagen and the Denmark national team play their soccer matches. You can take the metro to Trianglen and walk, while another option is to go to Svanemøllen and walk from the Østerbrogade exit.

Alternatively, you can cycle from Copenhagen’s city center in 15 minutes; this is typically the fastest option.

It’s worth noting that Øbro-hallen is currently closed until September 2022 for renovation.

Butcher’s Heat

If you’re looking for a quirky sauna experience, you can do a lot worse than going to Butcher’s Heat. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy roasting your body in the back of a van if that’s your kind of thing.

Butcher’s Heat offers sauna services for both adults and children, though it doesn’t recommend that you go if you’re pregnant. If you want to, you can combine your time in the sauna with a jump in the water.

Butcher’s Heat hosts various classes throughout the year, and it’s also possible for you to get hold of a membership as long as you’re over 18 years old. If you want to purchase an annual membership, you can do so for 2,500 DKK; the initial registration fee is 399 DKK.

If you’re not interested in a full membership, booking one of the classes online costs 185 DKK.

Butcher’s Heat is not far away from CopenHot, all the way up towards Refshaløen. Like if you want to go to CopenHot, you can take the waterbus to Refshaløen and walk from there. Alternatively, it’s just over 15 minutes from the city center by bike. 

La Banchina

How does roasting yourself in a sauna followed by something to eat sound? If you answered that with “good”, that’s exactly what you can do at the unique La Banchina.

La Banchina’s sauna is open daily from 08:00 to 18:00, and you can book a session where you can stay for up to an hour and 45 minutes. The price is 400 DKK, and you can choose to go either on your own or with up to eight other people.

In addition to the sauna, you can enjoy a café at La Banchina; here, you can take some bread with you if you contact them in advance. You can also enjoy fine dining at the wine bar and restaurant, though this requires booking ahead of time.

La Banchina is another of the numerous innovative businesses on Refshaløen, and getting here by public transport is the same as before; hop on the waterbus and get off at the namesake station.

Sauna In Copenhagen

Det Kolde Gys, Amager

Despite being a capital city, you’re never far away from nature in Copenhagen. One of the best places to experience that for yourself is on Amager, the huge island separating the city center from Sweden.

Amager Strandpark is popular for bathing year-round. If you’re looking to get more from your experience, you can also join a club known as “Det Kolde Gys”. Just to get your confidence up a bit, that translates to “the cold horror” in English. 

In addition to winter bathing, Det Kolde Gys is an excellent way to experience a saunagus while mingling with like-minded people. You’ll find an extensive schedule on the “saunagus plan” section of the website and can download an app for both iPhone and Android to stay updated.

You’ll need to become a member to take advantage of these services, and the club announces when you can sign up at the end of each August. Before you join, you’ll have to take an obligatory initial class to ensure that you know the rules and whatnot.

Copenhagen saunas are a great place to forget about the world for a while

Denmark’s largest city might not be the first place that springs to your mind when you think of saunas. However, it’s got a broad range that covers several desires — and picking the best sauna in Copenhagen can be a little tricky.

The fancier saunas in Copenhagen are worth trying at least once on your visit; even if you live here, it’s a good idea to bring a group of friends and treat yourselves.

If you’re staying here for the long run and want more long-term memberships, you’ll find plenty of options for that too — and you can often combine them with other experiences like swimming.

As amazing as Copenhagen is, it’s not the only place in Denmark worth visiting. This pint-sized (and pint-loving) country has plenty of hidden gems, and we’ve put together a full list of the cities you should stop by during your time here. Why not check them out?

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