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How to get that Scandinavian Christmas tree look this festive season

Without doubt, Scandinavian Christmas trees are a thing of simplicity and beauty. If you would like to achieve the traditional Scandinavian Christmas tree look this festive season, we’ve got you covered! Here’s your complete guide to Scandi Christmas tree chic!

Scandinavia is famous for a lot of reasons. The region is one of the most beautiful in the world. 

Whether you’re exploring the forests and lakes of Finland or you’re discovering the dramatic beauty of Norway, there’s nowhere quite like the Nordics for the perfect insight into the great outdoors. 

Although various countries in Scandinavia have quite a mild climate, the region is better known for its cold weather. Your mental picture of Scandinavia probably includes a fair few snowy hilltops and skiing slopes. 

The winter wonderland image of the Scandi landscape also makes it the perfect setting for some truly unforgettable holiday celebrations

The Scandi nations have a variety of amazing holiday traditions to discover, including a unique way of decorating their Christmas tree. 

So, how do you get that Scandinavian Christmas tree look?

It’s all about:

  • Using neutral colors
  • Celebrating natural materials
  • Getting crafty
  • Cozy environments with knits and furs
  • Channeling Scandinavian minimalism
  • Finding the perfect place for your tree
  • Updating your wrapping strategy
  • Making the most of lighting
  • Having fun with shapes
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What makes the Scandinavian Christmas tree special?

The Scandi Christmas tree is a beautiful celebration of nature and Nordic culture. Around the world, Christmas trees are some of the most enduring and popular symbols for Christmas. 

Countless countries decorate one of these evergreens each year (real or fake) to celebrate the year’s end in style. Scandinavian Christmas trees date back to the Viking celebration of Yule.

Many of the traditions for Scandinavian Christmas come from Germanic culture, from the use of mistletoe to the observation of the 12 (or 13) days of Christmas. Some people even believe that Santa Claus has Nordic origins. 

There’s a mysterious elf in Norway called Sintaklaas, and Sweden has its very own “Yule Man”, with a sleigh pulled by reindeer. 

You don’t necessarily need to embrace all of Scandinavia’s traditions to have an amazing holiday season. 

However, as Scandinavian minimalism and other aspects of interior design continue to grow in popularity, you may decide that this is the year you should add a little Scandi magic to your Christmas tree too. 

Scandinavian design elements generally embrace the importance of comfort and practicality alongside beauty. Unlike traditional minimalism, Scandi minimalism focuses on creating practical spaces where people can feel peaceful and relaxed. 

Neutral color palettes and natural materials are a common choice too. 

Let’s take a closer look at the most important things you’ll need to get that Scandinavian Christmas tree look. 

1. Using neutral colors

Scandinavian design is all about neutral colors. You’ll see a lot of these in every aspect of Scandi life, from neutral speakers from B&O to soft shades on home furniture. When you’re shopping for Scandinavian Christmas decorations, focus on shades that are soft and pale. 

Natural wood is an excellent choice, as are small amounts of grey and pastel blues. 

One area that you can get a little more colorful in is the tree itself. Lots of fresh wintery greenery is excellent for pulling attention to the outside world’s beauty, which the Scandinavians love. 

2. Celebrating natural materials

Speaking of nature, if you want to create the perfect Scandi Christmas tree look, then it’s important to add plenty of organic elements to your room. Bring the outside in with bits of wood, pinecones, and even moss. 

In an ideal world, your house would spell exactly like a Scandinavian forest. 

Many Scandi locals use branches in their home where they can hang additional ornaments too. If you’re particularly short on space, you could even replace your evergreen with a beautiful pale-wood branch that you can cover with decorations. 

3. Getting crafty

A lot of the most popular Scandinavian Christmas ornaments are hand-made options made from branches, straw, and other natural ingredients. 

Remember that Scandinavian Christmas is a very old celebration that harnesses a lot of old traditions. Highly commercialized items and sparkling lights won’t fit as well as DIY decorations. 

Look for ways to get crafty with inspiration from online videos and articles. You can even make your own Scandi advent calendar with unique prizes to discover every day.


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4. Cozy environments with knits and furs

If you’re a fan of Scandinavian culture, you probably already know all about hygge. This crucial concept for Scandi living is all about comfort and happiness. Nowhere will you find a better opportunity for hygge than at Christmas time. 

Get your home ready for those cozy experiences by decking the halls with plenty of chunky knit blankets and furs. Make sure that your fireplace is ready, and that there are lots of spots where people can curl up and relax as they chat with friends and family. 

5. Channeling Scandinavian minimalism

It’s easy to go over-the-top with Christmas decorations. There are tons of huge flashing lights and neon signs available today. However, when you’re decorating a Scandinavian Christmas tree, it’s best to remember that less is often more. 

Don’t let yourself get carried away with tinsel and sparkles. Keep things as simple as possible. 

Don’t overwhelm the house with too much stuff either. Remember that Scandi minimalism believes every item in your house should have a distinct purpose. 

6. Finding the perfect place for your tree

Choosing the right spot for the Nordic Christmas tree is an important step. Rather than using a standard tree stand, you’ll get a more impressive Scandi experience if you use a seagrass or rattan basket instead. 

This is another way to add those neutral colors to your home.

Remember, when decorating your Scandinavian Christmas trees, it makes more sense to have a Scandinavian Christmas star than an angel, because of the traditional “Yule” celebration. 

Keep the decorations simple with minimal lights too. 

7. Update your wrapping strategy

In the commercialized world of Christmas, we’re used to having a lot of glitzy and glittery wrapping papers. If you want to complement your Scandinavian Christmas tree, however, keeping things simple is a better choice. 

Wrap your gifts in brown and neutral paper with pieces of spring. Twine and string give your presents that hand-finished look, and you can even finish off the appearance with some paper labels and sprigs of tree! 

If you’re giving a gift to a partner, why not make the wrapping extra special by including a bit of mistletoe tied onto the present?

8. Making the most of lighting

If you ever have the opportunity to embrace Christmas in Stockholm, or another part of Scandinavia, you’ll see first-hand that natural and soft lighting is usually the preferred choice. 

Bright neon lights aren’t a big thing in this part of the world, but you’re sure to see plenty of candles flickering in windows. 

Fill your home with soft mood lighting with warm candles and even a roaring fireplace if you have the opportunity. If you do want to use string or twinkle lighting, stay away from cold white colors, and stick to warmer bulbs to create a sense of hygge. 

9. Having fun with shapes

Finally, if you want to bring more minimalist design from Scandinavia into your Christmas celebrations, make sure you know how to use shapes to your advantage. 

Scandinavian homes are often covered with geometric shapes, looking into things like triangles, diamonds, and stars. 

A good way too bring more shapes into your décor is to include them on knitted blankets, throw pillows, and soft rugs. You could also choose more geometric shapes for your Christmas tree decorations. 

As well as looking for Scandinavian Christmas stars for your tree topper, look into diamond and triangle-shaped baubles, rather than focusing on the traditional globes. 

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Make the most of your Nordic Christmas tree!

Decorating your Scandinavian Christmas tree can help to bring a sense of the true spirit of Yule into your home this holiday season. Since Scandinavians love minimalism, you’ll probably find that creating the perfect Scandi setting is a lot easier than you think.

Keep your Scandinavian Christmas decorations simple, and remember to go for traditional, hand-made, and natural aesthetics over anything manufactured. You can definitely leave the tinsel in the attic. 

Remember, above all else, make sure that your Scandinavian-inspired home is brimming with love, comfort, and joy throughout Christmas. 

If you can get those elements right, then the bright faces of your loved ones will be much more illuminating than all the lights in the world. 

We hope you enjoy your Scandinavian Christmas tree!

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