Danish Christmas Decorations

Danish Christmas decorations: The ultimate guide to Danish Christmas ornaments

Danish Christmas decorations are one of the best ways to bring a little hygge to your holidays. If you’re a fan of the Scandinavian style, and you want a more authentic experience than buying your ornaments from IKEA, you’re definitely in the right place.

Today, we’re going to be taking a closer look at the beautiful Danish Christmas ornaments you can use to transform your home just in time for the festive season. It’s worth noting, Danish decorations are rarely as bright and eye-catching as the ones we see in the US and UK.

However, the ornaments in Denmark definitely have their own subtle charm — perfect for lovers of Scandinavian minimalism.

For those who like more subtle, relaxed, and natural tones for their Christmas décor, Danish chic is the perfect solution.

Traditional Danish Christmas decorations: Tableware

Julefrokost is probably the most exciting part of a Danish Christmas celebration, which means a lot of your holiday party is going to revolve around your tableware.

Setting the table for an event where you’re literally going to be eating all day might seem a little daunting, but the good news is it’s often easier than you’d think. The key to success is creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Danish tableware for Christmas often combines beautiful candle-focused centerpieces with table runners and soft textiles. You can also add beautiful porcelain plates with Christmas decorations to the mix for a finishing touch.

Danish Christmas Decorations
Check Royal Design

1. Royal Copenhagen Starfluted Christmas plates

Though buying a set of beautiful porcelain plates just to use at Christmas might seem odd, it’s quickly becoming a common practice in many parts of the world.

A stunning set from a Danish designer like Royal Copenhagen gives you the added benefit of knowing your plates and bowls are going to stand the test of time, unlike some cheaper alternatives.

The Starfluted set of Christmas plates are wonderfully eye-catching and packed with colors you’re definitely going to see on many Danish tables.

If you’re feeling particularly decadent, you can always take your tableware purchase to the next level with the 2020 collection here, featuring amazing Danish Christmas scenes.

Danish Christmas Decorations
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2. Benson Mills Christmas Story

A stunning Danish Christmas table just isn’t complete without a beautiful tablecloth. Fortunately, this Benson Mills Christmas Story cloth has you covered. Featuring beautiful scenery of Santa on his sleigh in a muted red color, the cloth comes in a range of sizes to suit any table.

Though surprisingly affordable, this high-quality tablecloth will launder well, so you can use it year after year.

We’d definitely recommend upgrading this cloth with some beautiful additional decorations on your table, such as fresh flowers and wreaths. You could even match your tablecloth to the colors on your Christmas plates.

Danish Christmas Decorations
Check Nordic Nest

3. Holmegaard Christmas cookie jar

The Holmegaard Christmas jar is a design by Jette Frolich created specifically for the Holmegard company. It’s distinctly Danish, featuring a beautiful winter scene on the glass, and a stunning golden lid.

Since Danish cookies are generally served as part of the Danish Christmas lunch, we think this Danish Christmas decoration would make a great addition to your table.

Fill the cookie jar with homemade treats in your favorite flavors. You can try out some Danish recipes, or stick to simple options like gingerbread if you prefer.

Danish Christmas Decorations
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4. Bjorn Winblad Christmas collection

Another option for those who want to invest in some extra special Christmas settings for their table, this set is a perfect choice.

The Bjorn Winblad Christmas collection features a beautiful wreath of red pattern around the rim of each plate and bowl. Beautifully designed by a Danish brand, this plate and bowl set is made with quality porcelain, so you know it’ll stand the test of time.

Although you will need to spend a little extra to get each of the plates for your setting separately, they’re all delivered in a gift box, so you can always save some extra cash if you’re gifting something plate-sized.

Danish Christmas Decorations
Check Royal Design

5. Bing and Grondahl Christmas bell

Designed in collaboration between Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl, this eye-catching Christmas bell will be the perfect way to finish off your Christmas Day feast.

The stunning porcelain bell features a hand-painted scene in traditional colors, with a stunning golden ring on top. Together, the blue and gold really grab attention in any home.

You can place this bell just about anywhere in your living room when you’re celebrating Christmas and it’s sure to get some comments, but we think it’ll work best on the table. Just make sure it’s not where people will be tempted to ring it for another course.

Danish Christmas candles

While many Scandinavians love candlelight, few are more obsessed with candles than the Danes. Considered to be crucial to hygge, Danish Christmas appear everywhere during the holiday season, from hallways to windowsills, table decorations, and even on the tree itself.

The Danes also have a tradition of burning an advent candle. The Danish advent candle features 24 days of December, and the Danes burn down to the next spot on the candle each morning. Here are some insights into Danish candles to have in your festive decorations.

Danish Christmas Decorations
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1. Biedermann and Son’s advent candle

This is a wonderful example of a Danish advent candle for people who want a beautiful centerpiece for their table, and a light source in one. The attractive candle features beautiful holiday symbols, and the full 24 days of the Advent, so the Danish can count down one by one.

This candle fits neatly into any candle holder, and it’s around 15 inches high.

While there are a lot of thicker candles out there with longer burning times, this might be a good choice if you don’t have a lot of time to watch a candle burn safely each day.

Danish Christmas Decorations
Check Georg Jensen

2. Georg Jensen SEASON candleholder

Since you’re going to be burning a lot of candles throughout the festive season as part of your Danish celebration, it only makes sense to have a great candle holder.

This beautiful SEASON candle holder from Georg Jenson is a beautiful addition to any decorative scheme. Stunningly designed to look a lot like a Christmas tree, this is a candleholder which will definitely pull some attention.

The Georg Jensen candleholder features the sensational quality you’d expect from such a well-known Danish company. You can expect to continue using it year after year.

Danish Christmas Decorations
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3. Advent Pillar candle

The Scandinavians, including the Danish, are huge fans of all-things natural. That’s why you’re likely to find depictions of animals, flowers, and other aspects of nature on their Christmas decorations.

This beautiful advent pillar candle is covered in winter birds, bringing a rustic feel to your Christmas decorations.

We love how beautifully detailed this pillar candle is. Plus, it’s made with stearin, which means you get a clean, smoke-free burn lasting up to a total of 50 hours. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season with a couple of hours of candlelight per day.

Danish Christmas Decorations
Check Georg Jensen

4. Georg Jensen Christmas tree candle holders

As terrifying as it may sound, the Danish have a habit of placing real candles on their Christmas trees. More popular than electric or flickering fairy lights, real candles help to add to the authentic, rustic glow of the tree.

However, to get the right effect, you need a set of secure candle holders, and drip-free candles (to protect your tree).

These Georg Jensen candle holders are a beautiful way to attach the candles you want to burn through Christmas to your tree. Just make sure you’re careful about placing any open flames too close to another branch.

Danish Christmas Decorations
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5. Nobili candle holder

Designed by Barbara Bendix Becker and Mette Bache for the Danish Kahler brand, this Christmas tree shaped candle holder is an excellent addition to any home. We love the way this snow-white candle holder is subtle enough to use year-round if you like too. Place your candle within the holder to watch the light sparkle through the carefully placed holes throughout the cone. According to the designers, the holder was inspired by the stars making the snow glisten in the Danish winter.

Danish Christmas tree decorations

There are plenty of ways to decorate your home for an authentic Danish Christmas. From Danish Christmas stars to Danish Nisse dolls. However, one of the most important things of all will be the tree.

The Danes often dance around their tree at Christmas, and decorate it with all kinds of glistening baubles, and real candles.

Here are some of the most stunning Danish Christmas tree decorations you can find for your Denmark-inspired celebration.

Danish Christmas Decorations
Check Georg Jensen

1. Georg Jensen ornaments

A set of Christmas tree ornaments from Georg Jensen is likely to cost you a little more than you’d expect to pay from other brands. However, the classic decorations from the amazing Danish brands are a widely anticipated release every year for true Danes.

The Company produces a host of beautiful annual ornaments, each a special edition likely to increase in value over time.

This year’s selection is truly phenomenal, featuring gold and silver designs, combined with thick, luxurious blue ribbon. You’ll also find plenty of common shapes like Danish Christmas stars, bells, hearts, and spheres.

Danish Christmas Decorations
Check Royal Copenhagen

2. Royal Copenhagen ornaments

Royal Copenhagen is another traditional Danish brand known for releasing specialist ornaments once per year. You’ll only see one or two porcelain ornaments from the Company on an annual base, as the brand tends to focus more on plates and dishware.

This year’s option is a stunning bird, painted with soft shades of deep and lighter blue. This is one of those ornaments you’ll look forward to passing down to future generations for years to come.

Danish Christmas Decorations
Check Nordic Nest

3. Angel Christmas decorations

Natural decorations are common among people celebrating Christmas in Scandinavia. It’s more common to see ornaments made out of straw, wood, and paper than you’d expect.

Although we’d definitely recommend thinking carefully about combining straw-style ornaments with real candles on your Christmas tree, these angels are a great touch if you’re going flame-free.

The set of two could be a perfect representation of you and your partner on Christmas. Make sure you match them with lots of natural-colored baubles.

Danish Christmas Decorations
Check Georg Jensen

4. George Jensen Danish Christmas star

For the ultimate Danish Christmas tree topper, it really doesn’t get more impressive than this. This stunning tree topper is beautiful, featuring 18 kt gold on stainless steel. Sure to draw attention to your tree year after year, this product is more like an heirloom than a tree decoration.

If you decide to use a different tree topper one year, you can still display your Georg Jensen star somewhere else in your home, as it comes with a handy hoop.

Danish Christmas Decorations
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5. Danish flag banner

This might sound odd, but the Danish are very proud of their country. It’s common to see Danes decorating their home with the Danish flag throughout the year.

At Christmas, many Danes will use little flags to decorate their tree, or purchase string pennants as an alternative to things like beads and tinsel.

If you’re using a paper Danish flag garland on your tree, we’d definitely ask you to be safe about any authentic Danish Christmas candles you may also use.

Danish Christmas ornaments: Home decorations

As lovers of the Christmas celebration, the Danes will often take every opportunity to make their homes as festive as possible. From the Danish advent wreath and candles to the Danish Tomte figurines, there are plenty of ways to get in the spirit.

The home decorations mentioned below won’t necessarily sit on your table or hang on the tree, but they’re excellent opportunities to add more Danish tradition to the occasion.

Danish Christmas Decorations
Check Nordic Nest

1. Venok Christmas star

The star is one of the most important shapes in Danish Christmas celebrations. Aside from the Danish Christmas star on top of your tree, you may also choose to decorate with paper and hand-made stars placed over your mantel, on a doorway, or hanging in front of a window.

This Venok Christmas star from Broste Copenhagen is a beautiful, simple, and natural-looking decoration. Designed to work with all kinds of home color palettes, the piece will continue to deliver amazing aesthetics year after year.

Danish Christmas Decorations
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2. Jolly Julemanden

Santa Claus in Danish is “Julemanden”. If you want to bring the smiling face of the jolly character into your home at Christmas, this stunning stone resin figure could be the perfect choice.

Part of the “Santa Around the World” collection, the design features beautiful Danish elements, like the Danish flags on Santa’s robe.

Santa also comes with a heart ornament and a spoon, representing the Danish love of home-cooked meals and time with family. On the back of Santa’s coat, you’ll find the royal coat of arms.

Danish Christmas Decorations
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3. Danish Tomte figures

Most Danish Christmas celebrations simply wouldn’t be complete without the addition of a few Danish “nisse” or tomte figures. These little gnomes, said to be the helper of Father Christmas, represent good luck and happiness in the home over the festive season.

This set of two attractive pixies come in traditional colors like grey and red, so they’ll fit perfectly into your Christmas decoration theme. The fluffy beards and hats of your Tomte dolls are also soft and durable, to withstand play from children.

Danish Christmas Decorations
Check Nordic Nest

4. Rosendahl Santa

Another beautiful example of a Santa ornament for Danish celebrations, this beautiful, hand-crafted wooden figure is an amazing addition to any home. Hand-carved from beech and painted to suit the festive spirit of Christmas, the figure is posable, and carries a walking stick and sack of toys.

This Santa figure, designed by Kay Bojesan, shows how much the Danes appreciate simple, minimalist, but well-made items. Though simplistic in appearance, the product features high-quality materials throughout to ensure it stands the test of time.

Check Nordic Nest

5. Tree ornament

If an exploration into traditional Danish Christmas decorations leaves you falling in love with the minimalist side of Denmark all over again, check out this beautiful Christmas ornament. The tree design is beautifully modern, adding a touch of futuristic art into your classic Christmas experience.

The Danish Ferm Living product features brass for a strong, long-lasting performance. Ideal for Christmas, you can also add things like candles to make this eye-catching ornament into a centerpiece for the room.

Transforming your home with Danish Christmas ornaments

Christmas in the Scandinavian region is a beautiful experience. A time for family and loved ones to come together over shared food, laughter, and drinks, Denmark knows how to celebrate Christmas right.

For those who love the simplicity of Danish style, or those who want to discover the benefits of hygge in their home, the right decorations are key.

Remember, for an authentic Danish Christmas, stick to well-known brands like Royal Copenhagen and Georg Jensen. Explore natural decorations with elements like wood, candle light, and even flowers.

Your finished Christmas look should have a minimalist appeal melting into tradition, with plenty of references to Danish mythology.

With a little luck, this guide has given you everything you need to celebrate in style during this festive season.

If you’re still looking for extra inspiration or guidance, check out some of these handy books and resources:

Fika and Hygge

This “Scandikitchen” book from Bronte Aurell is a perfect source of inspiration for all kinds of Christmas treats. If you want to start the holiday season with sweet cookies and cakes, you can practice some great recipes here.

The Nisse of Christmas

Share the joys of Danish mythology with your Children this Christmas with the “Nisse of Christmas” book. This story by Thomas Peek and Tammy O. Bullock will introduce you to the history and heritage behind the Nisse in Danish celebrations.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about Danish gnomes, you’ll get all the insights you need here.

Christmas in Denmark

Created by the World Book Staff, Christmas in Denmark is a traditional look at old-fashioned Christmas celebrations in Denmark. Though a little outdated today, the book covers plenty of insights into where some of the most common Danish traditions came from.

Remember you can find plenty of extra insights into Denmark and its traditions here on the Scandification website too.

Scandification: Discovering Scandinavia.

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