The Frederiksberg district: Get to know Copenhagen’s leafy enclave

Technically speaking, Frederiksberg isn’t part of Copenhagen; the district is its own municipality, with a different mayor to the capital. But without looking at a map, you wouldn’t know that you’re not officially in the capital when here.

Frederiksberg is one of the capital’s most affluent districts, and—thanks to Copenhagen Business School being located here—it has a livelier vibe than the likes of Østerbro. The district’s wide boulevards and fine dining give it a Parisian feel, and so do its cafés and grand architecture.

It might give off an exclusive feel from the outside, but dig deeper, and you’ll discover that Frederiksberg has something for everyone — and if you want to go a step further and move to this neighborhood, you won’t regret it.

So, what can you do in Frederiksberg? Is there much to see, and how do you get here in the first place? Let’s dive deeper and answer all of these questions.

Where is Frederiksberg in Copenhagen?

Although it has its own municipality and mayor, Frederiksberg forms part of the City of Copenhagen — along with Copenhagen, Dragør, and Tårnby. The district is west of the Danish capital’s traditional core and is separated from Nørrebro by Ågade — a long and busy street that cuts through the two.

If you go south of Frederiksberg, the district borders Vesterbro and Valby. Northwest of the neighborhood is Vanløse, which is the outermost district in the Copenhagen Municipality, while Brønshøj is also not far away.

To help you get a better grip of the neighborhood, we’ve added a map of Frederiksberg that you can refer to below.

Things to do in Frederiksberg

Frederiksberg is primarily residential, and the district is more about experiences than must-see tourist attractions.

When you come here in the summer, you won’t need to travel far to see people sitting and socializing outside restaurants, bars, and cafés. Another distinct Frederiksberg characteristic is its number of independent bicycle shops, and you’ll also find plenty of design outlets and whatnot.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite things to do in Frederiksberg.


Regardless of what you’re looking for, Frederiksberg has you covered. You’ll find most of its mainstream stores in Frederiksberg Centret, also known as FRB.C. This large shopping mall is located on Falkoner Allé, right next to Frederiksberg metro station.

FRB.C has three floors. Brands you’ll find here include the Danish design powerhouse HAY, plus Flying Tiger and Tiger of Sweden. Inside, you’ll also find a variety of places to eat if you get hungry.

If you’ve just moved to Copenhagen and you want to buy a new bike, you’ll find several stores catering to your needs. Some of these include Frederiksberg Cykler, Cykelbutikken, and Frederiksberg Cykelbutik.

Remember that new bikes in Denmark are expensive, though, and you might want to first try and find something second-hand for less.


The Danes, like all of their Nordic cousins, take coffee very seriously. And as you wander Frederiksberg’s tree-lined streets on a sunny day, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’ve suddenly transported yourself to Southern Europe.

If you want to get your caffeine fix with a side of hygge, it’s worth hopping around Frederiksberg’s cafés. Mad & Kaffe is a popular spot to grab a Sunday brunch. Original Coffee—which has several stores throughout Copenhagen—is also an excellent place to grab a cup of Joe and something sweet to accompany it.

Honorable mentions go to Ipsen & Co, Konsjös, and tiny Olivers Oase.


Baked goods are another key cornerstone of Danish culture, and the Frederiksberg district in Copenhagen has several places for you to grab some bread and sweet treats. Brødflov on Falkoner Allé is an excellent place to get freshly-made sourdough bread, and its sandwiches—particularly its rye bread ones—are well worth a try.

If you’re looking for something a little more mainstream, Lagkagehuset—Denmark’s best-known bakery—has a store on the same street. Lagkagehuset has a wide range of sweet treats, including buns and tarts for special occasions throughout the year.

Hart Bageri has two stores in Copenhagen, one of which is on Gammel Kongevej. The bakery sells an interesting range of pastries, including cardamom croissants and the spandauer — a Scandinavian classic popular in Norway and Denmark. You can also get various kinds of bread; the store lets you order online and pick it up later if you’re not ready to go just yet.

One of the best bakeries in Frederiksberg is Det Franske Conditori, which dates back to 1898. The store is renowned locally and combines French flavors with Scandinavian sophistication, as you can probably guess from the name. You can get all kinds of bread and croissants, plus various sweets and sandwiches.


Staying active

If you’re an active soul, Frederiksberg is the perfect place to stay in shape. Frederiksberg Have, which you might already know as Frederiksberg Gardens, is dotted with paths that you can use for running. Considering its elevation when you reach the palace, you can get yourself an extra endurance workout as well.

The district’s wide pavements also make exploring on your morning jog less stressful than other parts of the city. And while the district is quite far from the water, Frederiksberg Svømmehal is a great place to get some laps in.

Eating out

If you come to live in Frederiksberg, you could very easily never need to go into Copenhagen for anything other than work. The district has several places to eat out, and you’ll almost always find every restaurant packed on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Frankie’s Pizza is a popular chain in Frederiksberg and features a menu of innovative pizzas that you’ll probably never have previously thought of trying. The steak with Bernaise sauce is well worth trying, and if you want a carb overload, consider the Bianco Royale — which features potatoes alongside various other ingredients.

Frederiksberg is also a great choice if you’re looking to try traditional Danish food. In particular, Krøgers Familiehave is somewhere you cannot miss — especially on a warm summer’s day. Located just outside of the main park, the restaurant serves enormous portions for reasonable prices. Good luck finishing more than one serving of the all-you-can-eat flæskesteg.

If you want something a little more exotic, Zócalo is a chain with restaurants in Denmark and Sweden. The Mexican-themed menu features sizable burritos that aren’t overly expensive, plus bowls and a selection of drinks.

Live events

Frederiksberg, like Denmark in general, is brimming with cultural activities. Throughout the neighborhood, you’ll find a variety of places to watch live events.

The largest venue in Frederiksberg is Forum, which is not far from The Lakes and a short bike ride from the city center. The arena holds several concerts throughout the year; some of the names scheduled to play here in 2022 include the British rapper Dave and Green Day.

If you’re looking for a calmer live performance, Betty Nansens Teatret on Frederiksberg Allé is a popular place for various plays. Ticket prices vary, and many shows sell out — so it’s worth buying them early.

What to see in Frederiksberg

Frederiksberg isn’t Copenhagen’s most exciting suburb if we talk about major tourist attractions. However, the district has more than enough to keep you entertained for a day or two.

Below, you’ll find the best things to see in Frederiksberg when visiting Copenhagen. And why not get a City Card where you can enjoy free or discount entrance at more than 80 museums and attractions.

Frederiksberg Have

Frederiksberg Have is beautiful year-round and one of the most popular places for locals to spend their Sundays strolling. The park has several playgrounds and a spot where you can see the elephants from Copenhagen Zoo without paying an admission fee.

The undisputed main sight within the park is Frederiksberg Palace, which has a somewhat Viennese vibe. From the top of the hill, you can catch a glimpse of Copenhagen’s city center in the distance.


Copenhagen Zoo

Right behind Frederiksberg Palace, you’ll find Copenhagen Zoo. If you’re traveling with kids, this is a must-visit once you’re finished in Tivoli downtown.

At Copenhagen Zoo, you can discover wildlife from across the planet. These include polar bears, zebras, and rhinos. Tickets cost 195 Danish Kroner for adults and 105kr for children between three and 11-years-old. If you’re staying for longer, you can also buy an annual pass.

Frederiksberg Town Hall

The town hall in Frederiksberg is Copenhagen’s newer sibling. If you’ve ever been to the Norwegian capital Oslo, you’ll notice a distinct similarity in its architectural style with that city’s version.

Frederiksberg’s town hall celebrates its 80th birthday in 2022. Besides being a place of work, you can join a tour of the inside on the first Saturday each month. And if you’re looking to tie the knot with your significant other, you can also book weddings here.

The Cisterns

Cisterne is underneath the Søndermarken park, which is across the street from Frederiksberg Palace and Copenhagen Zoo. Having once been a reservoir for the area’s drinking water, Cisterne has transformed into an exhibition hall.

Once you’re underground, you’ll find intriguing formations coupled with various examples of contemporary art. Think of it as a less famous version of the Catacombs in Paris.

Credit: Scandic Hotels

Places to stay in Frederiksberg

Accommodation in Frederiksberg is a little better than Østerbro and Nørrebro, but you won’t find as many options as Vesterbro and Indre By have. If you’re coming to Frederiksberg as part of a Copenhagen visit, it’s worth looking on Airbnb and similar portals for short-term apartment rentals. Bear in mind, though, that you won’t be able to sign up in the Danish registry if you’re coming to live in the Danish capital.

In terms of pricing, hotels in Frederiksberg are pretty pricey. However, you can also find some mid-range options. We’ll cover both categories below.

High-end hotels in Frederiksberg

The most famous hotel in Frederiksberg is Scandic Falkoner, which is a stone’s throw away from the town hall. This huge hotel has a wide selection of single and double rooms, and you can even choose a triple king-size bed if you feel like you need some extra space.

Scandic Falkoner also offers several family-sized rooms. The building might look a little bland from the outside, but you’ve got tons of amenities once you step through the doors — including a gym, bicycle rental, and breakfast that is included in the price.

Mid-range hotels in Frederiksberg

One option that won’t blow as much of your budget is Hotel Euroglobe on Niels Ebbesens Vej. The establishment has several family-friendly rooms, with breakfast and coffee machines available.

Cabinn is a popular no-frills hotel chain in Denmark with two places to stay. One of these is Cabinn Scandinavia, which is right next to Forum. The other is Cabinn Express on Danasvej. Both offer basic rooms with comfortable beds, and you can enjoy breakfast at the pair of them to save a bit of money during your trip.

Living in Frederiksberg

Frederiksberg is one of Copenhagen’s larger districts, with a wide range of apartments if you’re looking to move here. Despite its affluence, the neighborhood houses many students — many of whom study at CBS. If you’re coming to study, it’s worth applying for housing through your university.

Another way to get an apartment in Frederiksberg is through your network, which is why it’s so important to begin making connections as soon as you come to Denmark. If you strike gold, you’ll be able to find something that costs less than you’d find on a housing portal.

Speaking of portals, BoligPortal is your best starting point if you’re looking for somewhere to rent. DanBolig is an option if you’re ready to buy but be warned — real estate in this part of the city is extortionate.

Credit: Leif Jørgensen

Transport in Frederiksberg

It’s easy to get from Frederiksberg to the city center of Copenhagen thanks to its excellent public transport links. You can get directly from Kastrup Airport to Frederiksberg metro station, which will also pass through the central train station.

In Frederiksberg, you’re never too far away from a metro stop.

The district’s stations are:

  • Frederiksberg
  • Aksel Møllers Have
  • Frederiksberg Allé
  • Fasanvej
  • Lindevang
  • Flintholm
  • Forum

Frederiksberg is also connected to Copenhagen by bus and a few S-train stops — namely Fuglebakken, Flintholm, and Peter Bangs Vej.

Besides the metro, the easiest way to get to central Copenhagen is by bike. Depending on where in the district you are, you can expect a 10-15-minute bike ride.

Frederiksberg is Denmark’s answer to France

Frederiksberg isn’t Copenhagen, but it also is. It’s a district of contrasts: independent but integrated with the rest of the city and lively with space to breathe. As you hop from one café to the next, you’ll feel the elegance ooze along its main streets and understand why it’s one of the most sought-after places to live in the Danish capital.

The district is excellent for spending a day exploring, with plenty of experiences to keep you entertained. If you found Nørrebro or Vesterbro too edgy, while Østerbro was too uptight for you, Frederiksberg is an ideal balance and a superb place to live.

When you come to Frederiksberg, you’ll realize why Denmark constantly ranks as one of the world’s happiest countries. From high levels of trust to arguably the best work-life balance in the world, there’s a lot to love about living in this part of the world.

So, why not read more on what makes the Danes so content?

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