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Swedish watches: Make time for the best Swedish watch brands

As lovers of all things Scandinavia, we’ve previously done a deep dive into the best watch brands the Scandinavian region has to offer.

Sweden, better known for its scenic landscapes rather than timepieces, to our surprise proved to be an up and coming hot-spot for watch design.

We found that Swedish watch brands offer a wide range of options combining the Scandinavian simplicity and minimalism with superb Swedish craftsmanship.

While Swedish watch brands are not as revered as the likes of Omega or Rolex — they’re certainly proving themselves worthy of consideration. And not only around Scandinavia, but also amongst the global watch market.

So, let’s take a closer look at the line-up of top watch brands the Swedes have to offer…

While the following selection of Swedish watch brands might not be household names, we’re confident the potent combination of premium designs and value for money will ensure there’s something for everyone!

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1. Boom Watches

Boom Watches, as the name suggests, is an exciting and innovative company that’s been disrupting the watch making industry with its fully customizable timepieces.

This brand emerged through a crowd-funding platform back in 2016 with the idea of essentially splitting the watch into 4 main elements (Case, Top Ring, Dial and Strap) allowing you to adjust the styles of each to achieve endless variations.

The Boom website has an intuitive designer tool that allows you to unleash your creativity in 3D by mixing and matching different styles to suit your own personality and aesthetic.

BOOM watches are geared towards the DIY kind of people but also offer some watches that are fully assembled and pre-designed for you.

What’s also interesting is BOOMs consideration to cater to all consumers by providing vegan collections. If you are a part of the ever-growing number of vegans and struggle to find cruelty-free watches, this may be a brand to look out for.

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2. TID Watches

TID (the Swedish word for time) is a brand that understands the precious value of the very concept, by investing time into designing watches with excellent attention to detail that can be worn every day.

The brand puts a strong emphasis on design, collaborating with different artists to produce limited edition timepieces that you wouldn’t be surprised to see in an art gallery.

TID watches are not average to say the least — they have a distinct sophisticated look featuring creative components.

The No.3 Builders Club Edition will certainly make you stand out with an all-black strap and dial combo, contrasted by hands that have a playful blue, yellow and red colour palette.

Some watches also come with a fancy looking glass strip around the perimeter creating an industrial feel, allowing you to briefly look into the dial mechanism.

Made from the highest quality materials, offering free worldwide shipping and a 2-year warranty, prices are surprisingly affordable for such elegant yet bold wrist watches made in Sweden.

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3. Larsson Jennings

The founder of Larsson & Jennings, Andrew Jennings always had a love for watches, having inherited a vintage Rolex at the age of 10 from his uncle — but it took him many years to actually pursue his passion.

As time ticked on in the financial districts of London where Andrew worked, he became less fulfilled, leading him to quit his job during 2010 to then partner with his friend from Stockholm, Joakim Larsson who later bought his share in 2014.

Not only did Andrew’s risk pay off but it allowed for a unique style to flourish — one that combined elements from both Stockholm and London, creating the perfect balance between modern and classic.

It’s a real pleasure to browse through the wide range of watches offered by Larsson & Jennings. Some have a luxury feel similar to Rolex watches, some have a clean minimalist look and others resemble vintage style wristwatches.

The LUGANO watch range is one of the best-selling collections, bringing together all the traditional aspects of an English dress watch with contemporary Swedish design.

The tidy yet bold dial gives this collection a defined and modern aesthetic, whilst the use of Roman numerals (numbers) embody the company’s British roots.

The LUGANO watches also feature a silver-plated case complemented with either a soft Milanese or VASA link strap.

One of the core values of Larsson & Jennings is to produce watches that are efficient and sustainable. The brand is always making conscious decisions to lower their footprint in the hope of becoming carbon neutral by 2030!

On the Company’s list this year is to introduce natural metal cases to its range of watches and hard-wearing vegan leather straps. Also, all of their packaging is set to become reusable and recyclable.

Look good and feel good about your purchase!

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Triwa is a bold and expressive brand offering one of the most versatile collections of watches on this list. Overall, this brand has a current, fashionable feel mixing in timepieces that express the unique classical style of the 1950s.

As a part of Triwa’s design philosophy, they only design what they would wear themselves and this investment of passion is clear when looking at watches such as the ‘Ocean Plastic’ range made from recycled materials.

Not only does this watch brand aim to produce high quality products, it also hopes to shift the traditional attitudes within the industry, from viewing watches as a symbol of style rather than a symbol of status — that’s actually where the name comes from TRIWA (Transforming the Industry of Watches).

Prices range from $100 to $600 for well-made watches powered by Japanese Miyota movements, available in several colors and textures, as well as types of indices, dials and band options.

Triwa lets you have a major timepiece without the major price tag.

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Founded in 2014, Therese and Carl-Johan Gadd harnessed the style and sophistication deep-rooted in 3 generations of the Gadd family heritage dating back to 1916.

Arriving late to the watch making market, the entrepreneurial business owners used this as an opportunity to fuse their vintage design with a modern makeover — resulting in a unique set of timepieces.

The current line of watches range from £180 to £270, most of them being powered by reliable Miyota quartz movements. This price range is excellent for those getting into watches and looking to close their first buy. 

Something interesting about KNUT GADD is the responsible attitude the brand demonstrates toward caring about the next generations of its heritage. To achieve a sustainable production line, materials are carefully chosen and manufactures are regularly inspected for the highest quality standards.

On top of that, during 2020, 10 trees will be planted for every product sold! 

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6. Daniel Wellington

You may have heard about Daniel Wellington before. It has become one of the largest watch brands in Sweden, while also having a considerable presence internationally.

Its rise in popularity can be attributed to the line of minimalist quartz watches it offers, which are impressive in design while remaining competitive in price.

What stands out about this Swedish watch company is the meaning and motivation that drives the look and feel of its timepieces.

The brand was founded in 2011 by Filip Tysander and inspired by an interesting English gentleman who he described as having “impeccable yet understated style”. His name, you guessed it — Daniel Wellington.

As you browse through the online catalogue, you will find a wide range of watches with a mixture of vintage and classical styles that may appeal to you. Most of the watch designs feature dials that are quite clean and minimalistic, creating a great casual watch accessory.

In terms of straps, you can choose between leather, metal and NATO — all being interchangeable.

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7. Miro

Based out of Stockholm, Luca Ohman launched Miro in 2012 setting out to create a companion for the journey of everyday life, geared towards watch lovers with an appreciation for classic and timeless style.

Drawing inspiration from the Scandanavian minimalism, Miro blends elegance with simplicity resulting in a timepiece that is versatile enough to match any outfit, whatever the occasion, whenever the time.

There are three lines of watches to choose from; Classic, Everyday and Occasion that all come in a variety of colours and styles. Miro chooses Miyota movement to power their watches as they are well known in the industry and will keep you ticking for years.

Checking the time is also made easy with a domed anti-reflective sapphire crystal partnered with luminous (glow in the dark) hands/indices for viewing in low light conditions.

It’s a joy to find watch designers who are truly passionate about their craft and this is certainly the case for Miro. The brand focuses on quality over quantity, only releasing watches they can be truly proud of.

Until their next release, you can browse their current watches on Amazon.

It’s time to discover Swedish watch brands!

So that is it for our top picks! This region is rarely brought up when discussing watches so we hope our selection has helped you gather more information to understand what Swedish watch brands have to offer.

We found that Swedish watchmaking companies are humble in both nature and number compared to the more established well-known names. However, there’s certainly no shortage of variety and innovation on this list for all you watch enthusiasts to have a look through.

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