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Introducing the Rains brand: Making a splash with rainwear


Here at Scandification, we love Denmark for many reasons. The location is home to some of the world’s most delicious meals and cheeses, plus it’s a great place to visit if you’re on the hunt for heritage and history. 

However, Denmark also has another critical advantage to consider: its hub of innovative designers.

Over the years, the Scandinavian landscape has been the birthplace of countless market-leading brands, from Bodum to Bang and Olufsen. 

Today, we’re going to be introducing you to the Rains brand, a Danish rainwear company that makes it easy to stay fashionable when the weather isn’t great. 

A contemporary rainwear lifestyle brand, Rains shows us that a drizzly sky doesn’t have to mean a drab today. 

Here’s your introduction to the incredible Rains experience. 

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Rains, Denmark: The Rains story 

Rains is a Danish brand committed to making sure that no-one can rain on your parade. 

This innovative fashion company started life in 2012, intending to replace the boring rubber raincoat with something a little more fun

With styles influenced by the company’s Scandinavian heritage, Rains prioritizes qualities like simplicity, timelessness, and excellent performance. Like most Danish designers, Rains believes that proper, reliable rainwear shouldn’t come at the expense of stunning design. 

Whether you’re investing in a Rains backpack, or browsing through Rains raincoats, you can expect excellent quality from head-to-toe. Rains clothing withstands the stormiest weather conditions, while still helping you to showcase your unique style. 

Even the name of the Rains brand speaks to the simple and straightforward nature of the business. Rains wants to give the human race a chance to reclaim rainy days. 

Inclement weather doesn’t have to be just an inconvenience; it can also be an opportunity to have some fun and show off your sense of style! 

Rains history: A brief overview

Rains hasn’t been around for as long as some of the other iconic Danish brands we’ve covered here at Scandification. However, that doesn’t make this company any less incredible. 

Since 2012, Rains has consistently delivered on its mission to help customers rethink the appearance of quality rainwear. 

The company launched with a simple, meaningful product: a waterproof poncho. The next season, the company delivered an entire portfolio full of waterproof apparel, accessories, and bags. 

Today, Rains clothing maintains the same incredible spirit that it’s always had. Every Rains rucksack and jacket offers the ideal blend of trending designs and timeless ideas. 

Carefully created for the “global” customer, Rains products have earned a lot of attention over the years. The company isn’t just a Danish marvel anymore. 

Since 2016, Rains has opened various concept stores in cities worldwide, including Paris, New York City, Copenhagen, and London. 

Although every store highlights the same collection of products, the company has carefully chosen the architecture and interior of each space to respect the space’s original features. The bright, simple, and uplifting aesthetic of the Rains brand has become its calling card. 

Popular Rains clothing and products

Rains Denmark, like any fashion brand, is constantly evolving. 

As customers continue to flock to Rains stores, sharing their thoughts and feedback, the items available are starting to grow. 

Here are just some of the most impressive products available from Rains right now… 

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1. The Rains Backpack (casual)

Backpacks are one of the first accessories that Rains began to experiment with, after achieving incredible success with their waterproof outerwear. The Rains Backpack is a simple and classic item, made from a water-resistant fabric. 

Available in a range of colors, this fully-lined and extra chic rucksack looks incredible with its sleek matte finish. Inside, you’ll find a spacious main compartment, a laptop pocket, and even a hidden space for your smartphone. 

The magnetic closings and carabiner details keep your items secure when you’re on the road. 

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2. The Rains Long Jacket (mens)

The Rains brand story started with outdoor rainwear. The first product the company made was a waterproof poncho. Now, there are tons of jackets and waterproof trousers to choose from. 

The Rains Long Jacket for men is one of the more popular items of Rains clothing.

Available in a wide selection of shades, this long jacket ensures that you have excellent protection against any weather condition. The water-resistant lightweight fabric is great for active lifestyles. 

We also love the appeal of the soft matte finish, for an extra elegant look. 

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3. The Rains Hooded Coat

Beautifully simple and stylish, the Rains Hooded Coat features large pockets, a straight body, and ventilation holes so that you can feel more comfortable on the move. The style features a drawstring hood, which includes the Rains signature built-in cap. 

The whole design also includes water-resistant PU so that you can stay comfortable in any weather. There’s also a Rains hooded coat that includes a sweatshirt.

Lightweight and unisex, Rains created the hooded coat as an ode to the nostalgic styles of days gone by. The classic silhouette and consistent practicality makes this item a firm favourite among the Rains rainwear collection.

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4. The Rains Women’s Belt Jacket 

Similar in style to the Rains Long Jacket for men, the Belt Jacket from Rains for women is sleek, stylish, and easy to wear. Designed with a little extra shape for women that like to show their curve, the Belt Jacket is a modern take on the feminine silhouette. 

Just like most products from Rains, this jacket comes with handy pockets that offer plenty of room for accessories, phones, and other must-have items. The snap buttons ensure that you can keep your items well protected from the rain. Tonal buttons also allow for a more clean and streamlined finish.

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5. The Rains Tote Bag

Rains Tote Bags come in a huge selection of shapes, sizes, and colours to suit any fashion preference. These incredible accessories are affordable and lightweight. The waterproof fabric ensures that all of your items stay safe, no matter what happens with the weather. 

The fully-lined bag also comes with a central compartment and an inside pocket for better organization. 

Two durable webbing straps ensure that you have a comfortable experience whenever you need to carry your items with you on the go. The waterproof zipper also ensures a better quality of all-weather resistance. 

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6. Rains Ultralight Tracksuit Jacket

Another example of unisex fashion from Rains, the Ultralight Tracksuit Jacket features the company’s ultra-breathable and lightweight fabric. If you want some extra protection from the rain, consider the Rains standard raincoat

Signature to Rains category of rainwear, this sensational style has been designed to withstand all styles of wet weather, while ensuring that the wearer can continue to be active and agile on the go.

The ultralight Tracksuit Jacket also comes with a stand-up collar where you can store a hidden hood for extra defense against the elements. 

The functional side pockets are great for storing items, while the elastic string adjustments and cuffs allow for more customisation in the fit of your new coat. 

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7. The Rains Rolltop Backpack

Rains has a waterproof product for virtually every occasion these days. You can find bum bags for when you want to travel unencumbered by excess weight, and stunning jackets to take with you on your next hike. 

Backpacks are one of the areas where Rains truly excels, though. 

The Rolltop Rucksack is a unique take on the standard cycling backpack. Once again, you’ll find Rains’ signature fabric here, along with a rolltop enclosure and an adjustable strap. There’s a loop available for a bike lock too. 

Inside the rucksack, Rains offers a large main compartment, easy-to-access front pocket, and side-access compartment. 

Discovering Danish raincoats with Rains 

The co-founders of Rains, Philip Lotko and Daniel Brix, met when they were studying at TEKO design school. The two creators grew up in cities well-known for their textile diversity. 

Quickly after meeting, these experts designed that they wanted to create a label firmly rooted in Danish tradition.

The Rains brand is named after the notoriously inclement weather of Denmark — the country battles through around 170 days of rain each year. 

The raincoat is the signature piece for the company, but this business is about a lot more than just staying dry. 

According to the co-founders, every collection challenges the notions of rainwear and proves that there’s an opportunity to showcase style in any weather. Since the day the company began, they’ve always wanted to put a contemporary spin on the traditional raincoat. 

Rains is a brand for the people, and it continues to showcase this today. 

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