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Thule Sweden: An active lifestyle brand from Scandinavia

Scandinavia is a unique region of the world, best-known for its minimalist approach to design and happy, laid-back culture. Across Sweden, Denmark, and Greenland, you’ll find plenty of amazing insights into the Scandinavian way of life. This includes a host of amazing innovators.

From Swedish watch brands to architects changing the world one building at a time, there’s no shortage of creativity in the Scandi landscape. 

Today, we’re going to be taking a closer look at one of the better-known lifestyle companies in the region: Thule. 

Thule Sweden is a business from the Thulin family. The organisation started life selling fishing traps to the fisherman of Scandinavia. 

It wasn’t long, however, before the company started to branch into other methods of making life more convenient and practical. 

Let’s take a closer look. 

Who is Thule? Where is Thule from?

The Thule group began in 1942, founded by an inventor named Erik Thulin. 

A massive fan of the great outdoors, Erik created unique products to help him in his hobbies, like the original fishing trap that became Thule’s first product. 

By tackling real problems for people with an active lifestyle, Thule Sweden achieved incredible growth over the years. 

By the 1960s, Thule was making items like the Thule roof rack and Thule bike rack for cars and businesses. The first ski rack also emerged in the early 1960s. 

During the 1970s, Thule began to add new products, with things like the Thule backpack, and Thule jogger. 

Over the years, new product categories continued to emerge, supporting everyone from active parents to professional skiers. The company from Hillerstorp, Sweden, eventually sold to the public Eldon Group company. 

Fortunately, the passion and creativity in the products remained after the purchase. For decades, the Thule group has continued growing, residing with various private owners. 

Today, Thule stands out as a unique publicly listed company, and a world leader in the outdoor market. 

Some of the best Thule products available today

Thule is an impressive Swedish company with an incredible background. This organisation soared into the limelight at an incredible pace over the years. 

Thule isn’t just special for its minimalist Scandinavian design focus. The company also benefits from being highly functional and practical. 

According to the Thule Sweden team, the focus of the brand is on helping people to bring everything they care about with them into the great outdoors. Thule solutions are smart, attractive, and easy to use. 

Here are just some of the top-selling products available today… 

1. Thule Chariot Cross 

The Thule company has explored plenty of different product categories over the years, from laptop backpacks and cases, to Thule duffel bags. One of the most interesting areas for the company is in the pram and jogger landscape. 

The Chariot Thule baby jogger is an excellent example of how this company supports an active lifestyle for anyone. 

With this Thule jogger, lovers of the great outdoors have the perfect way to protect their little ones when they’re walking, jogging, biking, and even skiing. There’s a reclining seat, and a unique wing system that allows for easy conversions between activities

What’s more, because of the compact folding mechanism, you can easily take your carrier on the move. With this Thule pram, you don’t have to give up on an active lifestyle when your kids are in tow. 

Thule Chariot Cross
The Thule Chariot Cross is an all-round trailer, jogger, and stroller that offers comfort and flexibility for families with an active lifestyle. Featuring a unique wing system that allows for easy conversions between activites.

2. Thule EasyBase bar

As mentioned above, Thule started experimenting with vehicle-focused products at a pretty early point in the brand’s growth. The company wanted to ensure that people could easily take their favourite equipment on the move. 

The Thule EasyBase bar demonstrates this perfectly. 

This 4-in-one transportation solution consists of a platform tow-bar carrier and a selection of transport accessories. The platform consists of various durable and strong metal tubes. With a load capacity of 45kg, you can rest assured that your base unit won’t run out of strength. 

Thule Sweden also provides a range of smart accessories for the EasyBase, like the Thule bike rack (the EasyBike).

Thule EasyBase bar
The Thule EasyBase forms the basis for a user-friendly multi-purpose carrier system that fits most tow bars and solves a host of different carrying needs. This 4-in-one transportation solution is perfect for taking your favourite equipment on the move.

3. Thule WingBar Evo 118

The Thule roof rack is another excellent insight into how Thule makes outdoor travel easier. The powerful WingBar Evo 118 roof rack might not look like much at first. 

However, this kit comes with easy-to-install carrier feet and durable load bars for peace of mind. 

The upper T-track features a quick access interface with support for smooth installation and a quick system for removing accessories. The wind diffuser technology with the Thule WingBar also reduces noise, and drag, so you don’t have to worry about fuel economy. 

All that, and this innovative tool comes with a unique internal structure that boosts internal strength

Thule WingBar Evo 118
For an exceptionally quiet ride, easy installation of accessories, and maximum loading area, the Thule WingBar Evo 118 is an aerodynamic roof rack system that makes outdoor travel easier.

4. Thule Crossover backpack

Thule isn’t just a great choice for car accessories and joggers. As the active lifestyle continues to grow more popular, Thule is also experimenting more with backpacks and laptop cases too. 

The Thule TCBP Crossover backpack comes with an elevated compartment for your laptop, and a sleeve for your iPad. If you’ve got a smartphone handy, there’s a lined pocket for that too. 

The aluminium hardware in this backpack, plus water-resistant fabrics, mean that you can rest assured your products will remain safe — no matter what. 

The spacious central compartment in this backpack are excellent for housing bulky items, books, and clothing options. 

Thule Crossover backpack
This large 32 liter backpack is designed for gear-heads who need dedicated electronics protection plus plenty of bulk storage and organization pockets for whatever the day might bring during the week or weekend.

5. Thule Unisex Crossover

If you like the idea of using a Thule Sweden product for storing your must-have equipment, but you need something a little bigger, then the Thule Unisex Crossover carry-on could be the ideal option. Thule Sweden offers a wide selection of backpacks, totes, and spinner suitcases these days. 

The carry-on spinner is a durable and functional carry-on spinner that’s soft and strong at the same time. The expandable central pocket makes it easy to store all the equipment you need. 

There’s also a padded laptop compartment so you can protect your electronics. Like many of the backpacks and carrying options from Thule, the crossover comes with water-resistant fabrics and aluminium hardware.

Thule Unisex Crossover
Roll your carry-on luggage through the airport or carry it with hide-away, cool mesh shoulder straps. The Thule Crossover is durable, versatile and functional making it easy to store and travel with all the equipment you need.

6. Thule Landmark backpack

If you need a backpack that you can rely on for a longer Scandinavian adventure, the Landmark is probably the best choice. This hefty backpack comes with everything you need to protect your must-have items on the move. 

There’s a SafeZone compartment to protect your glasses and smartphone.

For people travelling with money and important documents, there’s also a cash-stash compartment to protect you from pickpockets. The Thule Sweden brand thinks of everything, with innovative loop locks to keep your bag secure. 

There’s also a dedicated storage compartment for both your laptop and your tablet. Internal compression straps and storage pockets are available too. 

Thule Landmark backpack
Packed with a ton of features, the Thule Landmark Backpack is perfect for your next Scandinavian adventure. With a detachable daypack, built-in safety features and a back panel cover to prevent wear and tear, this backpack will last you even through the toughest conditions.

7. Thule Urban Glide 2

Thule jogger and pram products are some of the most innovative in the market, offering everything from excellent comfort for your child, to incredible lightweight durability. 

The Thule Urban Glide 2 jogging stroller is an all-terrain lightweight Thule jogger ideal for life on the move. 

The swivel front wheel locks into place when you’re jogging, and the extra-large rear wheels allow for a smoother ride thanks to the extra suspension. The one-handed system can fold quickly and easily for storage. 

What’s more, you also get a reclining seat for your little one, complete with a 5-point harness for safety. All that, and Thule even includes a storage basket for your essentials too!

Thule Urban Glide 2
The Thule urban Glide 2 is the perfect all terrain stroller for the active family. Whether you're looking for a jogging stroller to take on your favorite path or a full size stroller to easily navigate throughout town, The Thule urban Glide 2 delivers.

8. Thule Yepp Mini

There are plenty of products for active parents from the Thule brand today. You can get devices that latch onto the back of your bike, or extra-safe seats for when you want to be closer to your child. 

The Yepp front-mount seat makes mounting quick and easy. This device is compatible with most models, and it features shock-absorbing design to protect your little one. 

The childproof safety buckle on the Yepp Mini makes securing your child a breeze, and as your child grows, you can move the adjustable footrests and foot strap to maintain proper comfort. 

Because the seat is fully water repellent, it’s also easy to clean. 

Thule Yepp Mini
The Thule Yepp Mini is the perfect front-mount seat to take your little one on a ride with you. The device is compatible with most models and features shock-abrsorbing design to keep your child safe.

9. Thule Chasm Sport

The Thule Chasm Sport oversized duffel is a reliable and spacious product – great for carrying your gym equipment. With a wide mouth opening, it’s easy to pack your bags and get to your gear in seconds. 

There’s also side access available when you need to enter the main compartment from any angle. 

The fun thing about this Thule backpack is that it’s also a Thule duffel, with straps that quickly convert your bag from one shape to another in seconds. 

The durable waterproof fabric also stands up on its own for easier packing, but it can fold down for storage too. Compression straps prevent the contents of the bag from falling in backpack mode.

Thule Chasm Sport
With a wide mouth opening and removable backpack straps these rugged, weather resistant Thule chasm duffels are your go-to gear hauler for any adventure. The durable waterproof fabric also stands up on its own for easier packing, but it can fold down for storage too.

10. Thule Crossover Casual

So far, we’ve looked at a wide variety of Thule products, from the average Thule rucksack to the Thule pram. One of the most popular products available from Thule Sweden is the Crossover Casual Thule backpack. 

This high-performance backpack comes with crush-proof SafeZone support for your phone and glasses. 

One of the most exciting features of this Thule rucksack is the breathable air-mesh straps that keep your back cool when you’re running and hiking. 

There’s also an adjustable sternum strap so you can maintain the best possible comfort on the move. Side zippered pockets make it easy to reach small items and water bottles too. 

Thule Crossover Casual
The ideal pack for travel and daily city excursions, this lightweight bag is designed to fit it all. Also featuring crush-proof SafeZone support to protect your fragile belongings such as your phone or glasses.

Get to know Thule Sweden 

Thule is a lifestyle company that perfectly encapsulates the practical but straightforward values of Scandinavian culture. 

Whether you’re shopping for a Thule pram or a Thule backpack, you’ll love the reliable and functional nature of this fantastic company. 

The Thule brand shares its customers desires to spend more time in the great outdoors, enjoying hobbies and passions that speak to them. 

For more than 75 years, this company has been creating solutions to make the everyday adventure of life more accessible. 

Don’t’ forget to check out some of the other amazing Scandinavian companies changing the world today, here at Scandification. 

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