Best Spa In Copenhagen

What’s the best spa in Copenhagen? A complete guide

Copenhagen is an invigorating city, and thanks to the locals’ unique approach to life, the standard of spa in Copenhagen is of the highest quality.

Copenhagen’s spas have taken inspiration from all across the world. In addition to those that tap into the raw Nordic experience of yesteryear, plenty of others feature the sleek design and minimalist colors that we’ve grown to associate with modern Scandinavia.

With Denmark’s capital becoming more and more international, people and cultures from elsewhere have also left their mark.

But while Copenhagen’s spa scene is dazzling and varied, it’s still largely unexplored by those that don’t live here. As a result, picking the best place to go can be a little challenging. Where can you find a spa that fits your needs, and how much should you expect to pay?

You might also find yourself wondering what Danish spa etiquette is and whether you’ll have the whole place alone. If you’ve found yourself asking any of these, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

In addition to identifying the best spas in Copenhagen, you’ll also discover the answers to all of the above questions in this complete guide. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What kinds of spas can you find in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen has a wide selection of spas, and you’ll almost certainly find something that interests you. Hotel spas are one of the most common kinds; the vast majority of high-end hotels in the city have one, though you’ll often need to be a guest to gain access to them.

In Copenhagen, you can also find public baths and saunas — but we’ll talk about those in a separate article.

The Danish capital also has a wide selection of private spas that are open to paying members of the public. If you want to meet locals, or you live in Copenhagen yourself, this is where you’ll most likely end up going.

Are spas in Copenhagen expensive?

Yes and no. Some spas in Copenhagen are more expensive than others; hotel spas, for example, require you to pay the rate of at least one night if you want to gain access to them. Away from this, some of the private non-hotel ones also cost a pretty hefty amount of money.

The high-end spas in Copenhagen will set you back a little, but you can also find less pricey options if you’re willing to shop around a bit.

Spa deals in Copenhagen are one way to save money on your visits. And if you plan to use them frequently, consider purchasing a gym membership with spa access included in the monthly fee.

Why are spas in Copenhagen popular?

Life in Copenhagen, and Denmark as a whole for that matter, is supposed to be taken at a slower pace. On average, the Danes work some of the fewest hours per week in Europe. And over the summer, the capital is a ghost town in July, with most people taking three weeks of vacation.

The concept in Copenhagen is simple: work hard from rest. Free time is taken very seriously, and one of the best ways to relax—especially during the colder winter months—is by treating yourself to a spa session.

Another reason that spas play an important role in many Danes’ lives is that they provide an opportunity for socializing. Community is a cornerstone of Danish society, and many of the locals will spend a lot more time with friends and family than is the case in other parts of the world.

Booking a spa date is a great way to catch up on the latest gossip and “hygge” with one another.

Best Spa In Copenhagen

What is the spa etiquette in Copenhagen?

In Scandinavia, the etiquette when it comes to swimming and similar activities is a little different from the likes of North America. As such, you might find yourself a little confused as to whether this is also the case with spas in Copenhagen.

Like with public swimming pools elsewhere in Denmark, spas in Copenhagen will ask you to wash before using the facilities — and you’ll need to do so with soap rather than a quick soak.

When using a spa in Copenhagen, your pre-wellness shower will also require you to take your swimwear off. If you find this a little intimidating, don’t worry; nudity isn’t a big deal in the Nordic countries, and nobody’s going to give you weird looks.

As for using the spa facilities, things aren’t overly different from what you might have tried in the US, UK or Canada. Be respectful of others and keep your voice to a minimum if sharing spaces. It’s also a good idea to use the robes provided and wash thoroughly when you’re finished.

What do spas in Copenhagen normally consist of?

When you enter a spa in Copenhagen, you’ll have several services to choose from. Of course, these will vary depending on the place you visit — and you’ll be able to make a better choice after reading our comparisons below.

Massages are common in the city’s spas, and you can choose to have one alone or with friends and loved ones. Several types of massages are available, including the standard universal version.

At spas in Copenhagen, you can also get massages that target specific parts of the body — such as your back. On top of that, you can book services for pregnancy and post-pregnancy wellness sessions. Meanwhile, some spas also offer massages for children.

Other massage types include:

  • Hot stone
  • Acupuncture
  • Stress relief

If you’ve walked or biked around the Danish capital at any time of the year, you’ll almost certainly have seen people going for a quick dip in the harbor. And if a winter swim when it’s just below freezing outside doesn’t appeal to you, don’t worry; you can enjoy something warmer at a spa.

Many spas in Copenhagen have thermal baths that you can book sessions for and enjoy a swim or sit-down. If you’ve been to Iceland, you’ll probably be familiar with these; think of them like the Blue Lagoon but indoors.

But thermal baths aren’t the only relaxation experiences involving liquids. Some spas offer more peculiar services — for example, one of the places we mention on our list lets you bathe in red wine.

Do you have a spa all to yourself when booking one in Copenhagen?

The answer to this question depends on the service you book. If you order a massage, you’ll often have the room to yourself — unless you’ve asked for one with someone else.

When you get changed beforehand, you’ll share a locker room with the other guests. Don’t worry, though, because these are usually cleaned thoroughly throughout the day — so you shouldn’t need to deal with any dirty facilities.

When it comes to thermal baths, you’ll often share these with others. However, you should have more than enough space to find a peaceful spot on your own. And since bookings are time-constrained, you don’t need to worry about overly busy periods and not being able to enjoy some time to yourself.

In some spas, you can order a hot tub experience. When this is the case, you’ll have the tub to yourself — unless you book a couple’s experience or want to do this with friends.

What’s the best spa in Copenhagen?

So far, we’ve already covered a lot about what you can expect from a spa in Copenhagen. You know why they’re popular, and whether or not you’ll need to part with a lot of money to use them.

We’ve also covered what the spa etiquette is in the Danish capital and the types of services that you can choose from.

All of that leaves one question left to answer: what’s the best spa in Copenhagen? Stick with us because we’re going to go through a selection of our favorites below.

Best Spa In Copenhagen
Credit: News Oresund

Villa Copenhagen

Villa Copenhagen is one of the city’s swankiest and newest hotels. Located right next to Copenhagen Central Station, this five-star establishment opened in 2019 and is quickly growing into one of the Danish capital’s hottest places to stay.

As you might expect from a high-end hotel, Villa Copenhagen offers several amenities. And as part of these, it has a broad range of wellness facilities.

At Villa Copenhagen, you can enjoy a rooftop pool with views around the city center and Vesterbro; keep in mind that you need to book in advance. On top of that, you can also gain access to a sauna.

To stay at Villa Copenhagen and use these facilities, expect to pay around 1,500 DKK per night.

Best Spa In Copenhagen
Credit: Daniel Rasmussen

Manon Les Suites Hotel

Manon Les Suites is one of the most popular spa hotels in Copenhagen. You might already be familiar with the name; we covered it as one of our top places to stay in the Vesterbro district guide.

This five-star hotel is located on Gyldenlovesgade, which connects the inner city to Frederiksberg and Nørrebro via The Lakes. But while it’s located on one of Copenhagen’s busiest streets, you’ll feel the tranquility as soon as you step inside.

Manon Les Suites’ interior design is inspired by Bali, and you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of an Indonesian paradise if you ignore the perpetual rain and cold. The hotel has a spa as part of its rooftop complex, which also includes a lounge and sauna.

The spa is open from 8am to 10pm daily, and you can enjoy a view over The Lakes while you’re on the roof. You can only access the spa if you’re staying at the hotel, and you can expect to pay anywhere from just under 1,400 DKK to over 2,500 DKK per night for a room.

AIRE Ancient Baths

Since we’ve only covered hotels so far, we figured it would be wise to include spas in Copenhagen that don’t require you to pay for a room to access them. One of the city’s most picturesque is AIRE Ancient Baths, located in the up-and-coming Carlsberg District.

AIRE is a chain with establishments in several cities, including Chicago, Barcelona, and New York City. Its Copenhagen spa offers a wide range of services, including a wine bath. You can book this service for you and your partner, but it’s also available if you want to treat yourself and nobody else.

Seeing as AIRE Ancient Baths is in the same area as Danish beer giant Carlsberg, it also makes sense for something beer-related to be on the menu. Like you can with the wine bathing experiences, this spa also offers beer bathing experiences for singles and couples.

Besides bathing, the experiences mentioned above also include massages.

If you’re not big on alcohol, don’t worry — AIRE Ancient Baths has plenty of alternative offerings. One is a deep-body massage known as “The Athlete Ritual”, which you might find useful if you’re a regular exerciser.

This spa also offers simpler packages, including 60 and 75-minute massages coupled with the opportunity to use a thermal bath.

Prices vary depending on the experience you choose, but you should note that this is one of the more expensive spas in Copenhagen. The single-person wine experience costs 2,850 DKK, and the double is priced at 5,700.

Other prices to keep in mind include:

  • Single/double-person beer bath experiences: 2,500DKK/5,000 DKK
  • Athlete ritual: 1,395 DKK
  • Thermal bath and 60-minute massage: 1,350 DKK
  • Thermal bath and 75-minute massage: 1,550 DKK

Skodsborg Spa og Fitness

Copenhagen’s tranquil coastal suburbs are a popular escape for those who live in the inner city, and they offer a whole host of wellness experiences. You can see a shining example of this at Skodsborg Spa & Fitness, located just north of Dyrehaven.

You’ll find Skodsborg Spa og Fitness at Kurhotel Skodsborg. Unlike the other hotels we’ve mentioned so far, you don’t need to be a guest to use the spa facilities here.

Skodsborg Spa og Fitness has over a dozen bathing experiences, and you can also use the lounge to chill out. If you want to get your body moving beforehand, you’ll also find a gym at the hotel.

If you want a day pass, you’ll pay 800 DKK. Meanwhile, a spa day package with a bathing ritual kit costs 1,050 DKK.

For those that plan on visiting frequently, you might want to consider the discount card. You’ll get 10 visits for 6,000 DKK altogether.

If you want to stay for the night, you’ll pay 1,500 DKK and above.

Arndal Spa

Another popular spa in Copenhagen is Arndal Spa. It’s located on St. Kongensgade, which is right in the city center and not far from Nyhavn. Here, you’ll find a large range of experiences to choose from — including no fewer than 12 massages.

Some of the massages you can enjoy in Arndal Spa include ones designed for expecting mothers and those who have already given birth. You can also pick from hot stone and acupuncture massages, plus more.

Arndal Spa also has several experiences for couples to relax and bond together. These include afternoon tea, in addition to spa and brunch combinations.

Prices at Arndal Spa vary but are good value for money. A classic massage costs 500 DKK for 25 minutes, 800 DKK for 55 minutes, and 1,150 DKK for one hour and 25 minutes. You’ll pay the same prices for the pregnancy and post-pregnancy ones, too.

You’ll find some cost examples for other experiences listed below:

  • Hot stone massage: 1,200 DKK
  • Afternoon tea: 770 DKK per person (add-ons available)
  • Spa and brunch: 770 DKK per person (add-ons available)

You can buy gift cards (minimum 500 DKK) for Arndal Spa. If you get an annual or monthly membership for the gym, you can get a 20% discount on spa treatment.

Best Spa In Copenhagen
Credit: D’Angleterre

Amazing Space at Hotel D’Angleterre

Also close to Nyhavn is Hotel D’Angleterre, which is arguably Copenhagen’s most iconic. The hotel is in an elegant white building on Kongens Nytorv and right next to the Magasin Du Nord department store.

Hotel D’Angleterre has a sizable spa that is aptly called Amazing Space. Here, you can get a broad range of spa treatments, including deep-body massages and a romantic experience for couples.

As part of some massages, you can also enjoy skincare to finish off the treatment. In addition to what we’ve already mentioned, Amazing Space at Hotel D’Angleterre also offers a broad range of facials. You can incorporate makeup and eyebrow treatments as add-ons to what you book.

You don’t need to be a guest to book spa treatments at Amazing Space. How much you pay will depend on the service you choose; the Nordic Space package costs €220 and lasts for 120 minutes.

Other treatment prices include:

  • Amazing Face Classic: €144 for 70 minutes
  • Romantic Moment: €194 per person for 90 minutes
  • A Day in Heaven: €395 for three hours and 15 minutes

Samadhi Spa

When talking about the Copenhagen spa and wellness scene, Samadhi Spa is about as central as you can get. You’ll find it on Rådhusstræde, which is right next to the Danish capital’s city hall.

Samadhi Spa offers several wellness experiences, including several jacuzzi ones. You can get these both for yourself and as a couple, with private experiences offered if you’d like to treat your significant other.

The spa also caters to women with several packages, including skin treatment and hygge with friends. It does the same for men, with massages and skin treatment.

Samadhi Spa’s prices are a little higher than some of the spas we’ve mentioned but largely in line with the overall average. Private jacuzzis range from 1,250 to 2,900 DKK, while a 30-minute spa bath is priced at 675 DKK.

Some of the women’s treatment packages include:

  • Dronningebehandlingen (The queen’s treatment): 2,195 DKK
  • Mor og barn (Mother and child): 1,445 DKK
  • Venindehygge for 2 (Friend’s hygge for two): 995 DKK

Meanwhile, some of the men’s treatment package prices include:

  • Kongebehandlingen (The king’s treatment): 2,195 DKK
  • Luksusbehandlingen til ham (The luxury treatment for him): 1,375-1,495 DKK

Ni’mat Spa, Hotel Kong Arthur

Hotel Kong Arthur is one of Copenhagen’s most exclusive hotels, and it’s home to the city’s oldest and largest spa. Ni’mat spa has several treatments available, including massages and pampering.

Ni’mat spa also offers face lifting and other facial treatments, in addition to the ability to order food and drink while you’re getting yourself looked after.

Considering its status, Ni’mat Spa offers pretty reasonable prices. Classic massages cost 700 DKK per person for 50 minutes and 900 DKK for 80 minutes, while a 50-minute-long Buddha Massage is priced at 750 DKK.

Other prices include:

  • Temple massage: 950 DKK per person
  • 80-minute pampering: 1,450 DKK
  • Fruit acid treatment: 650 DKK

What are the alternatives to spas in Copenhagen?

If you don’t want the full spa treatment but would still like to look after yourself, Copenhagen has several alternatives. In addition to several swimming centers, you can jump in the harbor year-round. Some places offer memberships that give you changing room and locker access.

As is the case in Finland and Sweden, you’ll also find several saunas in the Danish capital. You can find some of these in winter bathing spots, though many fitness centers and hotels also have them.

Kick back and relax in the best spas in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a city where personal wellbeing is at the top of the agenda for urban planners and locals alike. The Danes have a relaxed approach to life and are the last people who’ll shy away from a bit of leisure time.

Copenhageners also tend to be well-groomed; when you add this with what we said above, it makes complete sense why a spa day in Copenhagen is so popular. You’ll find several packages and offerings, meaning there’s something — somewhere — that will fit your needs.

Denmark regularly features at the top of the World Happiness Rankings because of its unique approach to living, and Copenhagen is renowned as one of the world’s most livable cities. Why not find out the secrets as to why these are the case?

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