Best Cities In Denmark

Danish cities: The best cities in Denmark to visit this year

The best cities in Denmark are getting plenty of attention lately. Capable of offering an incredible insight into the wonders of Danish living, Danish cities are diverse and beautiful.

In 2019, before the pandemic reduced travel opportunities around the globe, Denmark registered the highest number of overnight visitors in its history, with 56.1 million overnight stays. 

As a hub of culture, incredible sights, and unique things to do, Denmark is starting to appeal to younger travellers everywhere. We understand the appeal!

Mixing the modern minimalism of Scandinavia with the historical beauty of older architecture and Viking culture, Denmark really does have it all. Whether you’re visiting fantastic museums, or exploring the daring culinary scene, there’s no shortage of joys to explore in Danish cities.

Today, we’re going to be listing some of the best cities to visit in Denmark, so you can make the ultimate Scandinavian bucket list.

Best Cities In Denmark

1. Copenhagen

Starting with the most famous city in Denmark, Copenhagen is the capital of the country, and one of the most impressive cities in the world. The location is home to a multitude of visual and cultural experiences, from beautiful harbors with crystal-clear water to amazing historical attractions.

You can discover the story of the true Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen or check out one of Copenhagen’s fifteen Michelin Star restaurants. There are royal palaces to explore, and neoclassical mansions for those with an architectural eye. 

A clear contender for one of the most popular cities in Denmark, Copenhagen is also where you’ll find the largest share of Danish people — around 800,000 in total. The city is also home to some major visitor spots, like Nyhavn, Tivoli Gardens, and the Round Tower.

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Best Cities In Denmark

2. Aarhus

Another of the top cities in Denmark, Aarhus is the second largest city in the country, with around a quarter of the population of Copenhagen. Here, you’ll find an incredible mix of youthful energy and artistic passion, with tons of cultural wonders to explore. 

Aarhus has some of the best architecture and art museums in the country, as well as 3 of Denmark’s most popular museums: Moesgaard, Den Gamle, and ARoS. According to history, Aarhus was founded by Vikings, and named the capital city of “Culture” in Europe for 2017. 

There are plenty of events and festivals taking place here each year, as well as a healthy range of shopping options. 

Aarhus is welcoming more visitors to its streets on a yearly basis, thanks to its picturesque aesthetic and its fun atmosphere. Aarhus can even be a great place to live if you’re planning on moving to Denmark sometime soon.

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Best Cities In Denmark

3. Odense

Birthplace of the incredible Hans Christian Andersen, Odense is home to a number of museums celebrating his literary creations and life. Odense has a number of great galleries to explore too, as well as a zoo if you’re looking for some educational experiences to enjoy with the kids. 

With more than a thousand years of history in total, Odense is a fantastic place to visit whether you’re just looking for a day-trip, or you want somewhere to spend your entire vacation. Odense was once the home of trade and public administration in Denmark. 

Originally known as “Odin’s Sanctuary”, Odense also has a history with the Norse Gods. 

While not as cluttered as some of the other top cities in Denmark, Odense packs a lot of excitement into a short space — particularly for those who have an interest in new cultures.

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Best Cities In Denmark

4. Aalborg

An often-forgotten treasure, Aalborg is one of the top cities to visit in Denmark if you’re looking for a blend of industrial appeal and maritime wonder. Seated within the Jutland region of Denmark, Aalborg is best-known for breathing new life into the waterfront of the Limfjord — the water cutting through Jutland. 

There’s a huge outdoor pool here, as well as a host of fantastic cultural and historical exhibitions to check out throughout the year at the Utzon Center. Make sure you check the House of Music for any upcoming events when you’re there too. 

Aalborg has a combination of modern events, and classical sights to see, including a 16th century castle, a medieval old town, and a Viking burial site. There’s also a fantastic set of clubs if you’re looking for nightlife.

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Best Cities In Denmark
Credit: Necz0r

5. Randers

Another wonderful place to explore if you’re a fan of the amazing architectural design and history on show in Denmark, Randers is packed with things to do. You can visit the Memphis Mansion if you’re looking for a more modern look at architectural wonder or go to the Randers Zoo to see monkeys and lemurs, among other animals.

Randers is also home to the Danish Design Museum, where you can see some of the iconic products which helped to put Denmark on the map as a must-see destination for interior design. Plus, there’s the cold hand winery for a quick drink. 

As one of the largest cities in the central Denmark region on the Jutland Peninsula, it’s amazing to think this town is so frequently overlooked by tourists. 

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Best Cities In Denmark

6. Esbjerg

If you’re looking for amazing towns in Denmark, look no further than Esbjerg. Modern and unique, Esbjerg is the largest port in Denmark, and the heart of the country’s oil industry.

The most popular tourist attractions are positioned quite close together, so you can easily wander around and soak up some culture on foot. 

Make sure you check out the fisheries and maritime museum if you’re interested in sea life. You can learn about Denmark’s incredible fishing history here too. Visitors should also explore the main streets of Skolegade, where you can find a host of bars and shops to explore. 

For a spot to eat, check out some of the incredible local restaurants, or even get yourself over to the Vedsted Vingard for a spot of wine. 

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Best Cities In Denmark

7. Frederiksberg

Sometimes listed as “part” of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg is one of the most famous cities in Denmark, packed with things to do and see. If you’re looking for sophistication and natural beauty, this is the place for you. 

There are tons of amazing coffee spots to visit, and beautiful bars for when you’re ready to unwind on an evening.

The Cisterns contemporary art space is a unique exhibition venue, where you can explore some truly unforgettable exhibits over the year. There are also countless green getaways within Frederiksberg, such as the University Garden, with a wide selection of botanical wonders. 

Alternatively, why not check out the Frederiksberg Gardens right in the middle of the district?

For a more active experience, head over to the Værnedamsvej shopping area, where you can hire a bike and glide through the streets, watching the world go by.

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Best Cities In Denmark
Credit: Janus Sandsgaard

8. Roskilde

No trip to Denmark would be complete without a visit to Roskilde. The city of Vikings and kings, Roskilde is one of the most popular cities in Denmark by far. Packed with beautiful sights to see, and plenty of museums to teach you about the Vikings, Roskilde is an absolute hub of culture.

In the old town, you can check out the impressive Roskilde Cathedral, or stroll along the old harbor to check out some of the Viking long boats. Since you’re close to Copenhagen, you can also jump back and forth between the capital too. 

Roskilde, of course, is also famous for one of the largest rock festivals in Europe. Although you’ll find plenty of other huge festivals and musical celebrations in the city throughout the year. When the music isn’t playing, keep your mood high by checking out the local skate parks and art workshops.

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Best Cities In Denmark

9. Skagen

More than just a popular watch brand, Skagen is also one of the best places to visit in Denmark. Lying where the Baltic Sea and North Sea connect, the busy Skagen Harbor is packed with peaches on either side. 

During the Summer months, you’re sure to find plenty of locals enjoying the holiday atmosphere the town has to offer. 

Situated on the northern side of Jutland, Skagen is home to a variety of beautiful neighborhoods well-worth exploring. Skagen is also home to a rich art heritage. In the past, artists came here to paint the dramatic landscapes on the shores. You can now see some of these paintings in local art galleries. 

Like much of Denmark, Skagen also has various popular museums to explore, and a range of restaurants where you’re likely to see seafood dishes galore.

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Best Cities In Denmark

10. Vejle

Another of the best towns in Denmark, Vejle is on the south-east of the Jutland Peninsula at the head of Vejle Fjord, where the Grejs and Vejle rivers and valleys meet. This location is well-worth a visit if you’re interested in sandy beaches and protected wildlife. 

The town is home to “The Wave”, which is a unique apartment complex shaped like a wave with glazed tiles. There’s also various events worth checking out, like the International Steam Festival, which celebrates all kinds of ships with their own special functions. 

The Vejle Fjord bridge is another top attraction, covering around 1712 meters in total. Or you can just head along to the Vejle museum, where you can see Rembrandt artworks, and a display of amazing historical artefacts.

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Best Cities In Denmark
Credit: S.Juhl

11. Kolding

A charming Danish seaport, and one of the better major cities in Denmark to visit if you want to avoid the crowds, Kolding is a fantastic visitor’s paradise. The city holds itself to be one of the friendliest towns in Denmark, with streets lined with red Danish flags, bidding you welcome. 

Kolding is popular for its amazing pizza, and it’s a short distance from the Jelling Stones, a UNESCO world heritage site. For a relatively small city, with under 100,000 inhabitants, there’s also quite a lot to do, like taking a tour of the Trolden Microbrewery. 

You can take a stroll through downtown Kolding to enjoy some of the brightly-colored houses and get your fashion fix at local stores. There’s also the amazing Trapholt Museum, which holds one of the largest collection of designer chairs in the country.

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Best Cities In Denmark

12. Helsingør

When it comes to the best cities in Denmark, Helsingør is a postcard-perfect example. The beautiful destination, also known as Elsinore, is a port in the East of Denmark, overlooking the Øresund strait

If you’re looking for a touch of history and literature, this city is home to Kronborg Castle. The castle provided the setting for Hamlet, by Shakespeare.

Not too far away, there’s an MS Maritime Museum with access to more than 600 years of Danish history on the seas, and an excellent variety of stories to uncover. You can also check out the glass-walled culture yard in the shipyard, where there are a number of events throughout the year. 

Helsingør is great for foodies too, with various niche cafes and cozy spots where you can enjoy a bite to eat and soak up some local culture.

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Best Cities In Denmark
Credit: Hubert Gajewski

13. Horsens

Home to Denmark’s widest pedestrian street, Horsens is an often-forgotten destination on the list of best cities to visit in Denmark. The city was once home to Russia’s royal family, when problems were happening in the country during the 1700s. 

Today, the city is home to around 129 of the world’s 193 nationalities, making it a true cultural melting pot. 

If you’re looking for something unique to do during your time in Denmark, Horsens is host to the largest medieval festival in the region. For a total of three days, you can check out medieval markets, cheap shows, music, and theatre, as well as hundreds of stalls. 

Horsens was also once responsible for holding some of the largest events in Denmark, including the incredible Rolling Stones event at Forum Horsens, in 2006. 

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Best Cities In Denmark
Credit: Jens Cederskjold

14. Herning

Another of the most popular cities in Denmark, Herning sits just at the heart of Jutland, offering an amazing cultural and arts scene, with lots of beautiful exhibitions. Throughout the year, visitors can enjoy trade fairs and conventions galore. 

There’s also a local art museum which is surrounded by a sculpture park — ideal for those interested in art. 

Herning also happens to be home to the phenomenal Carl-Henning Pedersen and Else Alfelts Museum, which is worth visiting just to see it from the outside alone. There’s the Tekstilmuseet, where you can learn about the textile industry in Denmark over the years too.

If you’re a fan of churches and cathedrals, make sure you visit the ultra-modern Baunekirken, for a design you’re sure to have never seen before.

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Best Cities In Denmark
Credit: Slaunger

15. Viborg

A truly magical destination in Denmark, Viborg is absolutely steeped in charm. Start your adventure strolling through the narrow streets of the Old Town, which once held a massive 25 churches. 

There are only two old churches remaining, but you can go and visit for a look at Danish history. The Viborn Dom Kirke Cathedral is particularly compelling, with its own crypt.

Picturesque places are in no short supply within Viborg. You can check out the nature and wildlife in Dollerup Bakker, or explore the historical site of Hald Ruin. There’s also a wider variety of museums and galleries to explore when you’re there too. 

Viborg is one of the oldest towns in Denmark, and it still holds some of its old Viking atmosphere, with numerous old buildings and historical sites.

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Best Cities In Denmark

16. Sonderborg

Frequently defined as the economic hub of Denmark, Sonderborg sits on the narrow Als Sund waterway. Though this Danish city is very historic, it also has elements of modernity to it, blending the future and past in a way only the Danes could do. 

There’s a delightful waterfront to stroll along, and the fun Danfoss Universe if you’re looking for entertainment and education in one package. Sonderborg still has close ties with Germany nearby, so you’ll find plenty of people passing through from Germany when you’re here too. 

Sonderborg, like many of the top cities in Denmark, also has a rich selection of specialist museums, like the Sonderborg Slot. For a wonderful walking area, get yourself over to the Gendarm Path, which runs through a picturesque landscape for 74km.

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Best Cities In Denmark

17. Billund

If one of your favorite things about Denmark is the fact it’s responsible for Lego, you’re going to love Billund. This town in Jutland is the home of the head office for the Lego Group. It’s also the site of the Legoland theme park, and a waterpark resort too. 

Billund is one of the many locations in Denmark you’ll be able to visit quite easily, as it’s home to its own airport — the second largest in Denmark. 

Though this is one of the smaller towns in the Danish landscape, it’s still definitely worth visiting. The Lego factory on the outskirts of the town was responsible for 90% of the company’s products as of 2005.

The headquarters of Lego in Billund is also the first ever Legoland theme park, which opened first in 1968. Never has a town been so committed to one brand.

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Best Cities In Denmark
Credit: Chiquita Harding

18. Svendborg

Charming and rich in history, Svendborg is one of the best towns in Denmark. Located in South-Central Denmark, Svendborg is the second-largest city in Funen, and it was also declared the “town of the year” in 2000. 

This market town is a great place to go and check out local fairs and creations from people all throughout Denmark. 

You’ll also be able to visit Svendborg easily from Copenhagen, as many bus and touring companies offer day trips to the destination. Svendborg is also home to a beautiful natural history museum, and social history museum. 

Make sure you spend some time checking out the islands from the South Fyn archipelago if you can, or head for a stroll through the Svendborg narrow streets, to soak up some of the unique culture of the region. 

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Best Cities In Denmark

19. Ribe

Want a true taste of history? Visit the oldest town in Denmark, with a trip to Ribe. The quaint atmosphere and ambience of this town is really unrivalled by any other location in the country. 

The medieval past sets the stage for this town, where you’ll find cobbled streets, and ancient architecture to explore at your leisure. 

Ribe is a short distance from the Wadden Sea National Park, where you can check out some amazing wildlife and snap some pictures. There’s even the option to hire a bike and cycle around the park if you feel like it. 

Ribe is a great place to get up-close and personal with nature. It’s also wonderfully close to a range of other locations worth visiting too. 

If you want a change of scenery, you can easily head over to the white beaches of Southwest Jutland or take a trip to Legoland within an hour. 

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The best cities to visit in Denmark

Danish cities are packed with amazing things to do and see. No matter where you go, you’re sure to be greeted with beautiful architecture, both from modern designers, and historical icons. 

Plus, Denmark is a great destination to check out if you’re looking to cities with plenty of maritime flare, art history, and museums. 

As one of the most impressive cultural landscapes in the world, Denmark ensures all of its leading cities offer something unique to visitors, whether it’s a theme park, or an exciting selection of stores. 

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