Skiing In Sweden

Skiing in Sweden: 15 best Ski resorts in Sweden

Skiing in Sweden is a magical experience. Every year, thousands of visitors flock to the best Swedish ski resorts for their chance to master the slopes. If you haven’t experienced the wonders of this magnificent Nordic landscape yet, now might be the time to get planning.

Home to beautiful scenery, wonderful people and unique cultural celebrations, Sweden attracts visitors from all over the globe for a host of reasons. Like many Nordic countries, the region is a popular destination not just for summer adventures, but winter sports too.

Skiing is a very commonplace activity in Sweden, much like in the rest of Scandinavia. This means avid snow sports fans can easily find a range of locations to explore if they want to put their skills to the test.

Here, we’re going to take introduce you to the wonders of skiing in Sweden, to help you plan your winter trip.

Skiing In Sweden

The benefits of skiing in Sweden

For many locals, skiing in Sweden is an excellent insight into what life in the country is all about. Swedes are masters of style and fun, and they show this with their mastery of the slopes.

Sweden is home to the largest skiing resort in Scandinavia, (Åre), so if you’re planning on taking a trip to the ultimate Nordic skiing destination, it’s a great place to start.

What’s more, though there are plenty of challenging Skiing locations in Sweden, you won’t be left out if you’re just a beginner.

There are classes and beginner slopes for people new to the sport, and the friendly Swedish instructors will usually speak English, so you don’t have to worry about understanding their guidance.

Although skiing is extremely popular in Sweden, there are so many places to visit, you should be able to find a quiet enough place if you want to avoid the crowds. Plus, thanks to its geographical location, Sweden benefits from an extremely long ski season.

For the locals, this does mean longer winter months, but for visitors, it means you’ll have more opportunities to plan your trip.

Some of the biggest benefits of skiing in Sweden include:

Amazing hospitality

Resorts are everywhere, with beautiful sleeping areas, stunning views, and incredible restaurants to enjoy. You’ll get the full VIP treatment no matter how much you choose to spend, thanks to the friendly Swedes.


Swedish locals won’t let anyone feel left out — even if they’re new to the slopes. You can take classes without judgement at any level, and you don’t have to tackle any rougher slopes unless you want to.

Sensational views

Although it’s pretty important to keep your eyes facing forward when skiing, you’ll catch plenty of amazing sights when on the slopes. You can also safely enjoy the beautiful scenery when in your resort or lodge.

The best Swedish ski resorts: 15 top options

With your basic introduction to ski resorts in Sweden out of the way, let’s start looking at some of the top contenders for the best Swedish skiing experience. Remember, these are just a handful of the resorts available in Sweden, so don’t be afraid to do some of your own research too.

1. Åre

The biggest skiing resort in Scandinavia, Åre is the go-to destination for enthusiasts all around the world. This is a place capable of catering to every kind of skiing fan, from beginners to pros. Thousands of Swedes visit each year, along with plenty of global visitors.

The longest runs in Sweden are available at Åre, measuring around 6km. Plus, there’s so much to do outside of skiing. You can even take an aerial tramway to the top of Mount Åreskutan and enjoy some amazing views or try a little ice climbing if you’re feeling adventurous.

Delicious coffee and pastries are available at the highest café in Sweden, Toppstugan.

Find places to stay in Åre.

2. Sälen

Sälen is another phenomenal skiing destination, ideal whether you’re looking for a snow plough, off-piste skiing, or slalom experiences. The location is about five hours away from both Stockholm and Gothenburg, so you can check out some cities if you feel like it.

Interestingly, this massive Swedish ski resort is actually made of four interconnecting resorts, so there’s plenty of room.

If you’re looking for a great place to get started as a beginner, check out the Trollbacken area at Jundfjallet, or try the SkiStar fun ride adventure ski area for kids. There’s also a wonderful destination for more advanced skiers at Tandådalen.

When you need to refuel, local pubs and restaurants produce delightful, delicious and traditional meals.

Find places to stay in Sälen.

3. Vemdalen

Though perhaps not the most talked-about skiing resort in Sweden, Vemdalen is definitely one of the most popular with locals. The massive location has a selection of three amazing ski resorts to choose from — all at higher altitudes, so they’re great for advanced athletes.

Vemdalen is best-known for its wide-open pistes, and small crowds, so it’s great if you want to get away from the clutter.

If you’re feeling daring, you can challenge yourself with a run through the Klövsjö slopes. For a more relaxing vacation, visit Storhogna, where you can combine bouts of skiing with plenty of spa treatments and sauna trips.

There’s an abundance of restaurants for when you want to finish your day with an amazing meal too.

Find places to stay in Vemdalen.

4. Hamavan

When you’re looking for the best ski resorts in Sweden, few options are more appealing than the country’s very own Lapland. Hemavan is the ultimate location to visit if you’re looking for reliable conditions for an amazing snow experience.

There are plenty of huge and expansive slopes, so you won’t have to spend forever waiting around for a chance to have some fun.

Hemavan is the largest resort in Northern Sweden, with a total of 29 slopes, 3 children’s areas, 10 lifts, a ski cross arena, and a snow park too. You’ll love racing around the slopes of Anjabacken and Ingemarbacken or discovering the excitement of heli-skiing.

With Heli-skiing, a helicopter takes you to a mountain top where you can enjoy fresh snow.

Find places to stay in Hamavan.

5. Duved

If you’re a fan of leisurely downhill skiing for the whole family, Duved is a good choice. The location has a lot of well-pisted, wide, and lengthy slopes to enjoy. Around 10km west of Åre, Duved is accessible by a range of busses.

You’ll have a chairlift to take you to the top of Mullfjäll, where you can take it easy with your skiing adventure.

There are plenty of great ways to spend your time when at Duved, including visiting the cross-country trails, freeride skiing on freshly fallen snow, and more. The ski system is also linked to Tegefjäll so you can hit a ski lift to see what the area has to offer there too.

Find places to stay in Duved.

6. Riksgränsen

The most northerly Swedish ski resort available, Riksgränsen can be cold, and even dark at times, but it’s also wonderfully romantic. The beautiful once-in-a-lifetime skiing experience will allow you to discover the amazing experiences of the Midnight Sun for yourself.

The destination is a must-visit for free riders, and there are plenty of ski touring options available.

If you can handle the journey all the way from the capital (around 16 hours) to this hidden gem, it’s definitely worth visiting at least once. Riksgränsen even has its own little village for a traditional skiing experience.

Find places to stay in Riksgränsen.

7. Tänndalen

Home to a variety of wonderful skiing experiences, Tänndalen stands as one of the best Swedish ski resorts for families in search of a valleys, mountains, and high-altitude slopes.

There’s more than 38 km of skiing slopes to explore, along with guided tours to help you check out some of the most impressive sights along the Norwegian border. You can even try out some snow shoeing.

There are various restaurants and pubs to visit at the Ski Lodge Kök & Bar, or Forbonden. If you’re travelling to the destination from elsewhere in Sweden, you should be able to take a bus without much trouble.

Find places to stay in Tänndalen.

8. Stöten

Everything you need for an amazing winter vacation is available at Stöten. If you’ve always dreamed of exploring the best ski resorts in Sweden, Stöten has easy slopes and black pistes, as well as its own snow park, and a set of cross-country trails.

Around 40km northwest from Salen, the location is accessible from busses running in Malmo, Gothenburg, and Stockholm.

The Stöten world cup slope is a great visit if you’re looking for some of the longest slopes in Scandinavia. This Swedish skiing resort comes with plenty of activities to try too, such as scooter safaris, and snowboarding.

Find places to stay in Stöten.

9. Idre Fjäll

Part way between both Åre and Sälen, you’ll find the scenic skiing area of Idre Fjäll. If you’re looking for a traditional ski resort in Sweden, this could definitely be it.

There’s plenty of neatly-tended slopes to explore, as well as an adorable village, where you can check out local cafes and restaurants in between sporty adventures.

On top of the mountain, you’ll find a variety of tree-lined runs, combined with off-piste skiing opportunities. Although this location is only available for skiing some months of the year, the village and resort operate year-round for cycling and other forms of athletic vacation.

Find places to stay in Idre Fjäll.

10. Romme

If you like the idea of exploring skiing resorts in Sweden, but you still want to be close to the action, Romme is a good pick. Located close to Stockholm, Romme has around 33 slopes to enjoy, from a set of two mountain peaks.

You can board coaches from various locations in Sweden to get here, making it a big hit with tourists and locals alike.

If you’re keen to combine all the culture and excitement of a skiing break with the adventure of a city escape, this could be the idea skiing destination for you. There are various long and easy slopes to check out for beginners, as well as challenging slopes at the top of Solstinget and Älgkyssen.

Find places to stay in Romme.

11. Branäs

One of the biggest ski resorts close to the Norwegian border in Sweden, Branäs is a great destination for all kinds of skiing enthusiasts. The resort is great for families with kids, with plenty of tame runs to explore and children’s ski centers.

You can even have your children ski for free if they’re under the age of 8.

Although this isn’t the most challenging destination to visit for skiing in Sweden, it could be a good choice for introducing younger kids to winter sports. There’s also a fantastic lift system, which makes it much easier to get around the resort.

Find places to stay in Branäs.

12. Lofsdalen

Oozing charm, the Lofsdalen Swedish ski resort sits within a small mountain village, where you’ll find plenty of opportunities to make memories with loved ones. There are around 25 downhill ski slopes to check out, and over 122 km of cross-country trails.

You’ll also be able to check out some scooter trails if you feel like it.

One of the interesting things about Lofsdalen, is you can ski at various times during the day. After sunset, the slopes are illuminated for night skiing adventures. What’s more, Lofsdalen is only around 500km from Stockholm, making it easily accessible by bus, car, and train.

Find places to stay in Lofsdalen.

13. Kläppen

Located in the Dalarna province, close to central Sweden, Kläppen is one of the most highly regraded skiing destinations in the country. Awarded the title of Sweden’s best snow park destination for around nine years in a row.

There are a total of four parks to choose from, so you’ll have no problem finding something to suit your skills.

As one of the most versatile skiing resorts in Sweden, Kläppen has its own skiing schools, and plenty of opportunities for beginners and experts to ski alongside each other.

Find places to stay in Kläppen.

14. Ramundberget

Get a taste of the ultimate winter wonderland experience in Sweden, with a trip to Ramundberget. This fantastic skiing destination is often a little quieter than some of the other major resorts in the country, but it still has plenty on offer.

There’s lots of light and fluffy snow to enjoy, and it’s a great destination for free riders.

If you’re looking for a skiing destination with the perfect blend of challenging locations to test your skills, and relaxing activities, like spa treatments, this could be the place for you.

15. Funäsdalsberget

Open year-round for hiking and fishing in the Summer, or skiing in the winter, Funäsdalsberget offers a wide selection of beautifully groomed trails and off-piste landscapes. You’ll find plenty of fun opportunities to discover the beauty of the Swedish mountains here.

You can even ride to the very top of the mountain from the valley station in less than five minutes.

If you’re looking for a range of skiing slopes, combined with beautiful views of some of the most dramatic scenery in Sweden, Funäsdalsberget has you covered.

Find places to stay in Funäsdalsberget.

Swedish ski resorts: Before you book your trip

If you’re a huge fan of skiing, venturing a little further outside of Stockholm for a fully Swedish skiing experience could be an amazing way to make memories.

Before you book your trip, here are some quick answers to any questions you might have:

Q: When are Ski resorts in Sweden open?

Usually, there’s a good chance of snow around the ski resorts in central Sweden between November and April. If you travel to the furthest northern reaches of Sweden, then you’ll have additional opportunities to check out the snowy weather.

Q: Are Swedish ski resorts expensive?

Any skiing holiday can be expensive, particularly when you’re going with a number of people. However, Sweden can be quite affordable, depending on where you want to stay. Scandinavian vacations are often less expensive than skiing in places like the Alps.

Q: What’s the best ski resort in Sweden for beginners?

For beginners, most people will recommend checking out the beginner slopes at Åre, or you can look at the Dundret Lapland slopes, which is ideal for people starting to learn.

Q: What are the best ski resorts in Sweden for pros?

Since Åre is the biggest skiing resort in Scandinavia, it has options available for virtually every type of enthusiast. You should have no trouble finding something to match your ski level.

Q: What are the best Swedish skiing resorts for families?

Plenty of Swedish ski resorts offer great locations for families to ski together. Sälen is probably the top pick here. There are tons of different slopes and downhill runs to choose from, as well as dedicated family slopes and training areas for children.

Q: How difficult is skiing in Sweden

It all depends on which slopes you tackle, and how comfortably you are with skiing. Ultimately, if you feel confident on the snow, you should be fine. The weather can be quite bitter in Sweden but wrapping up warm should protect you from this.

Q: What are the best skiing resorts in Sweden for adventurous people?

If you’re keen to do more than ski the same slopes every day, Hemavan offers some of the most incredible landscapes to check out. You’ll have access to a host of mountainous locations to hike through. At the right time of year, you can even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Q: Which is the best resort for nightlife?

If you like the idea of dancing the night away after you’ve hit the slopes, Åre is famous for its nightlife. There are bars and live music venues to visit at, Fjällgården and Åregården. You’ll also find a range of fantastic eateries here too.

Finding the best ski resorts in Sweden

As you can see, there’s no shortage of fantastic Swedish ski resorts to choose from. Sweden is home to some of the most magical, welcoming, and versatile ski resorts in all of Europe.

While you might not get the same glitz as you’d get from a skiing slope on the Alps, you will get a unique and charming experience, with some of the best slopes in the region.

The vibe at most Swedish skiing resorts is family-friendly and relaxed, so you won’t have to worry too much about rowdy people. However, if you’re looking for a night on the town or a bit of late-night fun, there’s plenty of opportunity for this too.

Ultimately, your decision of where to go for your skiing vacation in Sweden will depend on what you’re looking for. With a little luck, our guide has given you the handy starting point you need to begin planning your adventure.

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