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Libratone Q Adapt headphones review: Stylish on-ear headphones

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The Libratone brand is quickly becoming one of the top choices for those in search of excellent audio quality, combined with Danish style.

Similar to other market leaders like Bang and Olufsen, Libratone grabs the attention of its customers with beautiful products that work perfectly.

Every item from Libratone, whether it’s the Zipp wireless speaker, or the Track Air+ earbuds, shares a consistent commitment to quality.

Although you might pay a little more for these headphones than you would for a bog-standard pair of on-ears, you get exceptional value as a result.

Today, in our Libratone Q Adapt review, we’re going to walk you through all the features and capabilities that make these wireless on-ear headphones so appealing.

Libratone Q Adapt review: Tech specs

It’s not easy finding a set of headphones that can combine high-quality audio with comfort for a price that’s lower than $300.

Fortunately, Libratone seems to be knocking this issue out of the park with the Libratone Q Adapt on-ear headphones. They look great, feel fantastic, and sound incredible.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: H: 190mm, D: 60mm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Power: Up to 20 hours
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • AptX codec
  • 3.5mm aux input
  • Libratone app access
  • 2 x 40 mm neodymium drivers

Crafted to deliver the ideal blend of functionality and beauty, the Libratone Q Adapt headphones are some of the most impressive noise-cancelling on-ear products at this price point that we’ve seen.

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Libratone Q Adapt review: Design

Design is one of Libratone’s strong points. Like many Scandinavian technology brands, this is a company that wants to make sure that your products don’t just perform well — they look great too.

The sleek and simple Q Adapt headphones are available in 2 colors, with soft silver accents. The synthetic leather and soft memory foam ear-cups offer exceptional comfort, with woven fabric on the headband.

You can adjust the size of the headphones to suit your head with a simple slider function. Unfortunately, the headset doesn’t fold down after use, so you might have some issue with storing it in your bag when on the move.

A lit-up bird is present on the right ear-cup for the Libratone Q Adapt, so you can see whether the headphone is in use via Bluetooth. You’ll also see the Libratone logo on the other side which doesn’t light-up.

Meanwhile, the right ear-cup houses a touch-control panel that allows you to control music and content using gestures.

Swiping clockwise or counter-clockwise adjusts the volume, while holding the panel for three seconds pauses or plays your audio.

If you run low on battery, Libratone’s Q Adapt headphones also come with an aux cable, which you can attach to any device with a 3.5MM APP.

Libratone Q Adapt review: Features

Despite a sleek and featherlight design, the Libratone Q Adapt headphones are packed full of features. It would be easy to forget you’re wearing these headphones if you didn’t have amazing sound to remind you.

The Q Adapt headphones are compatible with smart assistants like Google and Siri — which is  rare feature for Libratone.

Touch the control panel for five seconds and you’ll automatically call your assistant to make a quick call or access your musical apps.

It’s also worth noting that these Libratone headphones come with active noise cancellation built-in, which is a nice bonus for distraction-free listening.

The battery life on your wireless headphones will last up to 20 hours of constant play, with slight adjustments to that number depending on your volume choices. There’s also a handy app included that you could use to toy with audio settings.

Even with an impressively low price-tag of under $150, features of Libratone’s Q Adapt headset include:

  • Professional noise cancelling functionality
  • Premium sound quality
  • Qualcomm AptX technology
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Winner of the Nordic style award
  • Touch and gesture controls
  • Comfortable memory foam earpads
  • Extremely lightweight design with swivel options
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • Included intelligent app
  • Voice assistant support
  • Dual connect to more than one device
  • 5 microphones for hands-free calling
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Libratone Q Adapt review: Performance

As a pair of modern wireless headphones, the Libratone Q Adapt have a lot to offer.

These active noise cancelling headphones can cancel up to 90% of the ambient noise around you, so you can enjoy a distraction-free listening experience for up to 20 hours of playtime.

There are four levels of noise cancellation to choose from, and you can adjust transparency levels in the included Libratone app.

The app also gives you the option to experiment with your Bluetooth connections, adjust touch control functionality and set up smart assistant access.

There’s even the option to experiment with EQ through the app using Libratone’s pre-sets.

If you want to adjust things like bass and treble, then Libratone gives you the freedom to do so. However, it’s worth noting that the audio quality is pretty impressive out of the box.

The bass is rich and thumping without being overwhelming. Vocals and high notes stand out perfectly among the sea of other sounds in your music.

It’s also worth mentioning the hands-free speakerphone features included with the Libratone Q Adapt. To ensure better voice quality, you get a range of five microphones to give you crisp voice quality.

This could be an excellent set of headphones to invest in if you do many calls on the move.

Libratone Q Adapt review: Verdict
The Libratone Q Adapt headset isn’t perfect — but it’s a very good effort. If you’re looking for a comfortable on-ear headset that looks as good as it sounds, then Libratone has you covered.

The Q Adapt delivers fantastic audio quality and amazing bonus features like active noise cancellation and voice assistant access.

You won’t get as much noise cancellation as some of the leaders in the market, and the battery life is a little lower than what’s available elsewhere. However, all around, these headphones offer serious value for a low price.

Beautiful minimalist design
Easy-to-use touch controls
Voice assistant access
Comfortable lightweight build
Excellent app access included
Fantastic audio quality and volume
Built-in adjustable active noise cancellation
Great Bluetooth connection
Excellent price
Not the best timing
Limited noise cancellation compared to rivals
Battery life could be better
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