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Michelin Star Restaurants In Copenhagen

The 2019 guide to Michelin star restaurants in Copenhagen

Boasting some of the finest restaurants in the world, Copenhagen continues to hold the crown as a go-to destination for food and wine lovers. 

As of 2019, it is home to two of the top five best restaurants in the world, as voted in this year’s list of World’s 50 Best Restaurants. But the accolades don’t stop there, with a total of 22 Michelin stars scattered across a diverse group of restaurants in the Denmark capital.

Led by some amazing chefs and dedicated hospitality teams, Copenhagen’s star-rated restaurants offer everything from authentic Nordic recipes to the exotic tastes of true Thai cooking, and everything in between. 

Depending on the type of culinary experience you’re after, there’s something to suit all tastes.

But if you’re only coming for a visit, you’ll be flat-out trying to sample all of the restaurants with Michelin stars in Copenhagen. Unless you take that as a “Challenge accepted!” and embark on the Danish culinary adventure of a lifetime…in which case, we’d be very impressed.

Either way. Whether you’re in the mood for a small shiny taste or the full glittering feast, here’s a guide to everything the Michelin star restaurants in Copenhagen currently have on offer. 

How many Michelin star restaurants are in Copenhagen and where are they?

At last count, 17 in total.

Although obviously this can change depending on the year. In fact, in 2018 there were only 15 restaurants on that list, so the Michelin-rated culinary opportunities in Copenhagen are on the rise.

As for location, they’re all over the place. Some you’ll find in the heart of the city and others require a bit more of a trek into the surrounding neighborhoods.

Many of them are located in venues that are almost as interesting as the food, including Medieval cellars, old inns, industrial warehouses and overlooking many of Copenhagen’s best views.

Geranium — the only three Michelin star restaurant in Copenhagen

Address: Per Henrik Lings Allé 4 (8th Floor), 2100 Copenhagen Ø.

Vibe: Modern, open, fresh.

Taste: Nordic with international influences.

If you’re looking for a taste of true Michelin mastery, look no further than Geranium, Copenhagen’s only restaurant that boasts 3 Michelin stars and ranked the fifth best restaurant in the world in 2019.

The chef at Geranium is none other than Rasmus Kofoed, who was crowned world’s best chef in 2011 when he won the Bocuse d’Or (the world championships in cooking).

The tasting menu is obviously exceptional, but you’ll also feel the dedication of the chefs who often come out to explain each dish. Plus, the tour of the wine cellar and kitchen offers that extra touch.

The location is quite unique sitting on the 8th floor of a building in the national football stadium. The views are wondrous overlooking Fælledparken, Copenhagen’s largest park. You can also see the city and a glimpse of the windmills of Oeresund.

Open Wednesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner.

All the Michelin star restaurants in Copenhagen with two stars:


Address: Refshalevej 96, 1432 Copenhagen K.

Vibe: Natural, earthy, friendly.

Taste: New Nordic.

It’s been named best restaurant in the world four times and it’s easy to see why.

The Noma team have drilled deep into the culture and nature of Denmark, distilling what they find into authentic recipes that reflect the region. The eating experience can be eye-opening with a fixed menu that is a multi-course banquet of exotic recipes and unique concoctions.

They use only the finest produce. To do this, they organise their menu into three different seasons, matching the dishes to the types of ingredients that are peaking depending on the time of year.

  • Vegetable Season is from June 25th to September 21st.
  • Game and Forest Season is from October 15th to December 21st.
  • Seafood Season is from January 7th to June 13th.

The gaps in between are their holidays, so be careful you’re not visiting when they’re shut down for the season!

Reserving a table requires some pretty serious planning ahead, especially as they’re currently ranked second best restaurant in the world for 2019.  Noma opens bookings a few times a year, and you need to get in quick to secure a reservation. You also need to be prepared to pay upfront.

Located in Refshaleøen, an old industrial island, it’s about a 15-minute bike ride from the city centre, or shorter if you go by car or taxi.

Noma sits beside a beautiful lake in a light and airy complex that was purposefully designed to look like an old Danish village. The garden surrounding the pathway is beautiful and the perfect entrance for a memorable Michelin experience.

Open for dinner from Tuesday to Friday and for lunch on Saturdays.


Address: Dronningens Tværgade 2, 1302 Copenhagen K.

Vibe: Refined, peaceful, understated.

Taste: New Nordic.

AOC is in Central Copenhagen, not far from Kongens Nytorv. The venue is particularly interesting, serving meals within a high-vaulted cellar of Moltkes Palæ, a mansion from the 17th century. The interior is also very simple and cosy but rather serenely beautiful with white-washed ceilings.

The multi-course set tasting menu is pioneered by chef Søren Selin, a leader in his field.

They produce seasonal dishes using local produce, so are always changing their offerings based on the availability. You can expect simple dishes that offer clean flavours, and exceptional quality.

Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 6:30pm.

Kadeau Copenhagen

Address: Wildersgade 10b, 1408 Copenhagen K

Vibe: Classy, intimate, cosy.

Taste: New Nordic.

This restaurant allows you to explore the flavours of Bornholm, an island in the Baltic Sea not far from Copenhagen. Kadeau Copenhagen is actually the sister-restaurant of their first restaurant, which still operates on Bornholm.

They have an amazing tasting menu that uses ingredients from their farm in Bornholm — many of which have been pickled, cured, fermented and smoked, adding some exciting twists to the dishes. Because of this natural approach to using local produce, the menu is seasonal.

It’s located in a quiet side street in Christianshavn, which is only a five-minute walk from the Christianshavn Metro station.

Pressing the entrance buzzer of the big blue door you almost feel like you’re visiting a friend as you enter the intimate venue and are welcomed with an open-plan kitchen.

Open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday (lunch is also served on Saturday).

All the Michelin star restaurants in Copenhagen with one star:


Address: Sturlasgade 14P (1st Floor), 2300 Copenhagen S

Vibe: Quirky, contemporary, refined.

Taste: American with European and Nordic influences.

It’s a set menu with five courses, but the menu morphs according to the season and availability of ingredients, and therefore it’s ever-changing.

The entrance itself is almost as interesting as the menu. 

When you arrive at the address, staff wait for you on the street, and then lead you into a slightly tucked away backyard of an industrial setting covered in graffiti — you then take a freight elevator up to a wooden door that opens to reveal the hidden gem of a restaurant awaiting you inside.

As far as entrances go, this is pretty cool.

The interior is fresh, modern and refined, with an open kitchen and a wood-fired hearth.

Located in Islands Brygge, it’s a ten-minute taxi ride from Central Station or you can walk it from the Islands Brygge Metro station.

Open from Thursday to Saturday from 5:15pm to close.


Address: Øster Farimagsgade 8, 2100 Copenhagen K

Vibe: Intimate, homely, fresh.

Taste: French.

They describe their food as “Classic, mostly French” and while they source many of the ingredients locally from Denmark, they aren’t afraid to look abroad to secure the exact tastes they’re aiming for.

If you’re a wine lover, you’ll be in heaven, because that’s their specialty. They even go so far as to select the wines before creating the dishes to complement them.

When it comes to food and wine pairing, they’re the best of the best. In fact, they just recently won the Copa Jerez 2019, which is a prestigious sherry food pairing competition.

Open from Wednesday to Saturday for dinner only.

Era Ora

Address: Overgaden Neden Vandet 33B, 1414 Copenhagen K

Vibes: Elegant, romantic, vibrant.

Taste: Italian.

Established way back in 1983, Era Ora offers explorative Italian cuisine and boasts a rare Italian wine collection of over 90,000 bottles.

This restaurant has become a bit of a royal dynasty in the Michelin culinary world, having received a star for 23 years in a row. When they received their first star in 1997, they were also the first Italian restaurant outside of Italy to receive one.

It’s right in the middle of Copenhagen near the canals of Christianshavn in a beautifully renovated 18th century building. The Royal Opera, Christiania and Metro station aren’t far away.

Open from Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner.

Studio at The Standard

Address: 44 Havnegade, 1058, Copenhagen K

Vibe: Warm, energetic, open.

Taste: Modern Scandinavian.

Of all the restaurants with Michelin stars in Copenhagen, Studio is one of the smallest. Amazingly, they received their first Michelin star after being open for only four months in 2014. They also appeared on the list of OAD’s top 100 of the best restaurants in Europe in 2018.

Their tasting menu changes according to the season and is prepared in a beautiful open kitchen. If you’re lucky, you might even score a seat at the counter overlooking the chefs as they work, giving you the chance to see the magic unfold.

Studio sits on the first floor of The Standard (an art deco building) near the Inderhavn bridge and Nyhavn, providing stunning views of the harbour.

Open for dinner from Wednesday to Saturday, as well as lunch from Thursday to Saturday.


Address: Kronprinsessegade 64, 1306 Copenhagen K

Vibe: Fresh, intimate, contemporary.

Taste: Danish.

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, Kokkeriet offers Danish food that they describe as both innovative and traditional.

The head of the kitchen is talented chef Morten Krogholm (who also boasts experience working at Noma) and the head sommelier is Sammy Shafi who was named Sommelier of the Year in 2012.

You can choose between a small or large menu, and on some days (it’s best to call and ask) they also offer a taste of four of their latest experimental dishes and recipes, at no additional cost.

The restaurant is located in a beautiful old building in the charming neighbourhood of Nyboder, so it’s slightly away from the buzz and hype of the inner city.

Open from Monday to Saturday from 6pm until close.


Address: Hotel d’Angleterre, Kongens Nytorv 34, 1050 Copenhagen K

Vibe: Luxurious, classy, old-world charm.

Taste: Nordic and French.

Located in the historic Hotel d’Angleterre, Marchal serves Nordic cuisine with a modern French foundation. Having been awarded a Michelin star for the last few years, the food is obviously exceptional, but the dining experience is truly wonderful.

The restaurant like the accommodation of the hotel is quite regal-looking and it’s incredible to stand in a building from the 1870s. In the warmer months, the restaurant opens its doors offering a charming alfresco dining option on the terrace and sidewalk of Kongens Nytorv.

It’s right in the middle of everything, so whether you’re walking, riding a bike or catching the train, Marchal will be right at your fingertips.

Open all week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Kong Hans Kælder

Address: Vingaardsstræde 6, 1070 Copenhagen K

Vibe: Romantic, intimate, sophisticated.

Taste: Classic French.

The restaurant calls the oldest building in Copenhagen home, situated within the white-washed basement of an old merchant’s house from the Middle Ages. It’s been beautifully restored but retains the Medieval feel with stunning Gothic arches and vaulted ceilings.

Fun fact: It was actually the first restaurant in Copenhagen to receive a Michelin star back in 1983.

The signature tasting menu consists of five courses and changes daily depending on the season and availability of ingredients. The wine menu is quite extensive, making it a popular option for wine-lovers.

Located in the heart of the city, it’s easy to access whether you’re walking or on a bike, and quite close to other attractions like Kongens Nytorv.

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 6:00pm.

Søllerød Kro

Address: Søllerødvej 35, 2840 Holte

Vibe: Classic, stylish, serene.

Taste: French.

This restaurant has established itself as one of the most consistent Michelin star restaurants Copenhagen has to offer — they’ve retained their one star 13 times.

The Head Chef is currently Brian Mark Hansen, who is an award-winning culinary artist and in May 2019, the restaurant was crowned Winner of “The Nordic Prize”.

The restaurant itself is set in an old inn from 1677, with stunning surrounds including trees and a pond. It’s truly as pretty as a postcard, with a beautiful courtyard terrace and elegant dining rooms that are both stately and comfortable.

It’s a bit out of the way, north of the city. If you’re catching the train from Copenhagen Central Station you just take the S-train to Holte Station. From there, it’s roughly a 30-minute walk, or you can take bus number 195 or catch a taxi.

Open for lunch from Wednesday to Sunday, and for dinner from Wednesday to Saturday. In December, it’s open every day.

Kiin Kiin

Address: Guldbergsgade 21, 2200 Copenhagen N

Vibe: Exotic, charming, comfortable.

Taste: Thai.

Located in the hip neighbourhood of Nørrebro (which is a northern suburb of Copenhagen), this place is one of the only Thai restaurants outside Thailand with a Michelin star. It’s also proudly kept that star for over ten years, which is a huge accomplishment.

They take a modern approach to Thai cuisine and offer a nine-course menu, led by their extraordinary head chef, Dak Laddaporn. You can expect vibrant flavours, starting with nibbles in the lounge followed by a series of wonderful dishes in the more formal dining area.

It’s conveniently located just a 10 to 15-minute walk from Nørreport Metro station.

Open Monday to Saturday for dinner.


Address: Strandgade 108, 1401 Copenhagen

Vibe: Trendy-casual, minimalist, modern.

Taste: Nordic.

It opened in 2016 so this place hasn’t been around as long as some of the other veterans on this list, but it’s absolutely the protégé of Noma and it shows.

Just like its sister-restaurant Noma, 108 specialises in Nordic cuisine presented through imaginative recipes that use local produce. But just like any two siblings, these two restaurants have their own identities and you can see that through their differences.

For example, things are a little more flexible here. They offer both an a la carte and tasting menu, with the latter offering an 8-course service showcasing the season’s best ingredients. And while it’s still safest to reserve a table, they do have a few seats available every night for walk-ins.

It has a sort of minimalist industrial look, and you can enjoy the stunning canal-side view of historic Christianshavn through the impressive floor-to-ceiling windows.

If you’re coming from Copenhagen’s city centre, getting there is easy. It’s a short stroll or bike-ride across the pedestrian bridge (Inderhavnsbroen) that joins Nyhavn and Christianshavn. It’s also not far from The Opera House, The Playhouse and The Old Stage in Copenhagen.

The restaurant opens at 5:00pm from Monday to Thursday, and at 12:00pm from Friday to Sunday. 108 also runs a coffee and wine bar they call ‘The Corner’ that is open every day from breakfast until close.


Address: Jægersborggade 41, 2200 Copenhagen

Vibe: Welcoming, authentic, rustic.

Taste: Scandinavian.

When people hear the words “Michelin star” they usually think of fine dining, but Relæ proves that you can take a cosy and rustic approach while still maintaining culinary excellence and sophistication.

The style is very much farm-to-table in its most honest form and the results are mouth-wateringly good.

At least 90% of all their produce is certified organic. In fact, they’re passionate about sustainable practices and it’s a key part of how they source ingredients — many of which are grown at their farm in Svanholm (a place that is dedicated to organic and sustainable agriculture).

In 2015 and 2016 Relæ won The Sustainable Restaurant Award two years running (given to the restaurant with the highest environmental and social responsibility rating). You can read their 2019 Sustainability Report here.

The head chef is Jonathan Tam who continues to build on the style and direction of chef proprietor, Christian F. Puglisi.

Relæ sits on one of the coolest streets in Nørrebro, made popular by Copenhagen’s hipster crowd. It’s surrounded by art galleries, boutique jewellery designers, vintage shops, and the like. It’s about 10 minutes by car from Nyhavn.

Open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday from 5:00pm onwards. Open for lunch on Friday and Saturday from 12:00pm to 3:00pm.

Formel B

Address: Vesterbrogade 182, 1800 Frederiksberg C

Vibe: Relaxed, flexible, stylish.

Taste: Danish-French.

Self-described as ‘simple, honest and unpretentious’ this restaurant is another one of the more relaxed Michelin restaurants in Copenhagen.

The food has its roots in the classic French style. But the Formel B profile translates their philosophy as  “A free restaurant, liberated from rules and dogmas” and this is certainly true to their cooking and flavours.

Things are a bit more flexible than other Michelin star-rated restaurants, offering an extensive a la carte selection or a six-course menu.

If you’re passionate about ethical farming and sustainability, you’ll be pleased to know that Formel B work closely with their Danish suppliers to ensure organic products, animal welfare and high standards.

The restaurant is in central Frederiksberg, about a 10-minute drive from Rådhuspladsen.

They’re open for dinner from 5:30pm onwards and shut on Sundays.


Address: Gentoftegade 29, 2820, Gentofte

Vibe: Cosy, friendly, wholesome.

Taste: Danish.

The name means “Down-to-earth” in Danish but these guys clearly mean business, because they received the Michelin star for the first time in 2018, only ten months after opening!

They’ve now kept their Michelin star for two years running, so it looks like Jordnær are here to stay.

Eric Kragh Vildgaard who leads their kitchen spent three years at Noma and it shows. The tasting menu is incredible with flavours that the Michelin Guide describes as “pure and harmonious”.

The venue itself has some great history too. The restaurant operates out of the Gentofte Hotel, which dates back to 1666.

It’s roughly 10 kilometres north of Copenhagen, so a bit more out of the way, but you can reach it by car or via train — you just get off at Gentofte Station.

Open from Wednesday to Saturday from 6pm onwards.

5 things to know about restaurants with Michelin stars in Copenhagen

  1. Due to the popularity of Michelin star restaurants in Copenhagen, many of them require reservations well in advance. For some, we’re talking months ahead. Some will also ask you to pay a deposit or the full price ticket when you confirm your reservation.
  2. Be aware that fixed menus and tasting menus are very common in Michelin star restaurants in Copenhagen, and you often won’t have flexibility or choice in picking meals (unless you’re at one of the few that offer this option). 
  3. Water is sometimes charged extra in Denmark eateries, which may surprise diners who aren’t used to this in their own country. So just keep this in mind when you’re considering your budget.
  4. If it’s your first time trying a tasting menu, it’s handy to know they can take a while — like three hours or more sometimes. So, leave enough time in your itinerary for the full experience.
  5. Many Michelin star restaurants in Copenhagen offer private dining rooms (in addition to the regular dining area), which you might enjoy if you have a large group. If this interests you, just ask if this is possible when you book.

We hope you have an appetite because you’re in for a treat in Copenhagen

Feeling inspired? Good. You’re probably also feeling hungry. Also good. Because Copenhagen’s reputation for world-class dining is well deserved and you’re going to be presented with some of the most intriguing and thought-provoking culinary masterpieces.

Although, obviously you might not love every course that’s presented. When it comes to taste, everyone has their favourites and their not-so-favourites.

But that’s all part of the journey: exploring the unknown. Which can be exhilaratingly uncertain.

But there is one thing you can be sure of: Michelin stars may come and go, but Copenhagen’s ability to excite, delight and surprise diners isn’t going anywhere.

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