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What is Norway known for? Interesting facts about Norway

How much do you know about Norway? Ask someone, “What is Norway known for?” and they’re sure to mention things like the stunning Fjords, or the Vikings that discovered and settled Scandinavia. 

Norway is one of the most incredible regions on the planet, home to awe-inspiring natural sights, amazing outdoor adventures, and wonderful, warm people. 

Unfortunately, most people don’t know the most interesting facts about Norway. 

If you’ve been exploring Scandinavia recently, and you want to brush up on your knowledge before your next adventure, you’re in the right place. 

Today, we’re going to cover the question “What is Norway known for?” 

Let’s get started. 

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What is Norway famous for? Norwegian salmon

Let’s start with Norwegian food. 

One of the most common things to know about Norway is that it’s the home to the cheese slicer — a handy kitchen utensil that people around the world still use on a daily basis. 

The cheese slicer was created by Thor Bjorklund — a famous figure for the company. 

However, Norway’s most famous food isn’t cheese — it’s salmon.

Ask any expert what kind of Norwegian things travel around the world every day, and they’re sure to mention Salmon. Norway exports salmon to more than 100 countries worldwide. 

Japan never considered using salmon in sushi until the Norwegians supplied it in the 1980s.

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What is Norway famous for? Vikings

The Vikings play a significant part in a lot of Scandinavian culture. You’ll hear about Viking heritage if you visit Sweden, Norway, or even Denmark. 

However, Norway seems to have a particularly close connection with its Viking background. 

The fact that Vikings so heavily populated Norway in centuries past might be why most Norwegians today are known for their incredible blond hair and blue eyes. 

It might be a stereotype, but it’s true. Around 55% of Norwegians have blue eyes today. 

Light-colored hair is also much more common in Norway — although the hair can be both blonde and red too! 

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Opera House, Oslo

What is Norway famous for? The art

The most beautiful art produced by Norway well may be the country’s natural landscapes and fjords. However, you’re probably familiar with a man-made masterpiece from the region too. 

Edvard Munch was a Norwegian artist, and he created the well-known piece “The Scream”. 

This somewhat alarming painting might be a little creepy to some, but it’s almost as famous as the Mona Lisa, and it’s a common point of discussion around the world. 

You can visit the national museum in Oslo to see the Scream when you’re on your Norwegian vacation. 

For more insights into the creative nature of Norway, it’s worth checking out some of the design and art museums. Oslo is home to some of the world’s most impressive contemporary buildings, including the walk-on roof opera house

You can also visit the Astrup Fearnley museum for modern art. 

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What is Norway famous for? The landscape

It’s hard to answer the question “What is Norway known for?” without mentioning the incredible landscape. If you ever visit Norway, then you have to check out the incredible Fjords

These breath-taking natural spectacles include everything from the towers of Sognefjord to the iconic view of Lysefjord. 

Once you’re done checking out the Fjords, don’t forget to make the most of Norway’s frosty landscape elsewhere. 

Skiing is one of the most popular pastimes in Norway, so you’re sure to find plenty of chalets and hills where you can practice your skills. Some say that Norway actually invented the art of skiing too. 

With such a significant impact on the winter sporting world, it’s little wonder that Norway has also been home to the Winter Olympics twice — first in Oslo during 1952, then in Lillehammer in 1994.

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Laerdal Tunnel – Longest Road Tunnel In World

What is Norway famous for? World records

When you’re looking for interesting things to know about Norway, why not consider the fact that the country holds a few world records? 

The world’s most remote island is a territory in Norway — though surprisingly, it’s not in the North. 

The Bouvet Island in the South Atlantic Ocean is the most remote location on earth — perfect for those who need a break from the hustle and bustle. 

The space sits around 1,7000km north of Antarctica’s coastline, with the British territory of Tristan da Cunha as the closest inhabited island. Norway designated the island and its waters as a reserve in the 1970s, and nobody lives here. 

Norway also houses the longest road tunnel in the world. The Lærdal tunnel cost 1 billion Norwegian Kroner to construct, and it connects the communities of Aurland and Lærdal. 

Every 6km or so, there’s a cave that separates sections of the road. 

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What is Norway famous for? Incredible sights

If the world’s longest road and the most secluded region aren’t enough to excite you, how about the fact that you can check out the world’s largest herd of wild reindeer? 

The pack lives on the biggest mountain plateau in Europe, where you’ll find countless lush valleys and high mountains, as well as beautiful glaciers too!

According to estimates, the number of wild reindeer that roam here in winter usually totals around 25,000. For centuries, these fantastic creatures used to explore Norway freely, though hunting drove them into the mountains. 

Another amazing sight worth seeing in Norway is of course, the Northern Lights. You can check out the aurora borealis in a few different places around Scandinavia. 

However, you have a better chance of seeing the lights than anywhere else in the world. The best place to see the lights is in the northern territories.

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What is Norway famous for? Happy people

For years, Scandinavian countries have stood out as some of the most appealing for people in search of happiness and peace. Norway, however, is one of the few countries to earn the title of one of the happiest place on earth for its population

If you’re searching for a destination where you’re sure to find plenty of joyful people, then this is it. 

Norway, Finland, and Denmark are all packed full of happier people, thanks to factors like social mobility, wealth, excellent community connections, and political freedoms. 

Since the environment is good to them, the people of Norway are great to their environment. 

Norway’s oil and gas industry has a small impact on the country’s economy — but it doesn’t power the homes of the nation. Around 98% of Norway’s energy comes from the hydroelectric power plants of the Nordic space. 

Currently, Norway is ninth globally on the list of countries that source domestic energy from renewable solutions. However, the country generates more energy than all of the places listed above them added together. 

The Norwegian government are convinced that the country will be completely carbon neutral by 2030. 

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What is Norway famous for? An endless coastline

Norway might have a reputation for jagged mountains and beautiful fjords, but it’s also worth paying some attention to its amazing coastline too. According to experts, there’s no exact measurement for the length of the Norwegian coast. 

Stretching from the sunny southern regions of Oslofjord to the many western fjords and beyond, Norway’s massive coastline is difficult to fully understand and calculate. 

There are a lot of estimations out there, but the guesses vary from one person to the next — often by massive degrees. 

One thing is for sure – the coastline is vast, and it’s worth exploring if you have a little time during your journey.

What is Norway known for?

Norway is best known for a wide range of things, stretching from its stunning fjords, to its incredible artists and environmentally friendly structure. 

Of course, the best way to discover what makes Norway so special is to visit the region for yourself. A trip to Norway will introduce you to all the amazing sights and people that the country has to offer. 

There are hundreds of hotels available in Norway for you to choose from.

In the meantime, remember to check out our other Norway-based articles for a glimpse behind the scenes at Norwegian life and culture. 

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