Morten Harket

Fun facts about Morten Harket: Get to know one of Norway’s greatest vocalists

Despite being a relatively small country by population, Norway is a poster boy for the world in many ways. You’ll probably know about its music exports like a-ha, and there are plenty of fun facts about Morten Harket – the band’s lead singer. 

Harket is one of the most famous Norwegians full-stop, and he has received national and international recognition for his services to music. The gifted singer is still active and known for his easy listening songs, plus more. 

So, who is Morten Harket, and what do we know about him? Read on, and you’ll know much more about him by the end of this piece. 

Who is Morten Harket?

Morten Harket is the lead singer of a-ha, which is one of the most famous techno-pop bands of all time. He was born in Kongsberg, a small mining town in Southern Norway and around an hour south of Oslo.

Harket was born in 1959 and has been in the music business for most of his life. Prior to becoming a part of a-ha, he sang for Soldier Blue and was a key part of the Norwegian capital’s nightlife scene.

In addition to singing with a-ha, Harket has had a lengthy career on his own and released several solo albums.

Harket has four siblings, and he’s the second-oldest of these. He suffered from bullying in his younger years but overcame these challenges to become a national icon; he helped launch an anti-bullying campaign in Norway in 2015.

Morten Harket

When did Morten Harket first get involved in music?

Harket joined a-ha in 1982, but the early phases of his music career started well before that. As a youngster, the band’s lead singer played the piano at home; several prominent musicians helped him form the style he became famous for, including David Bowie and Johnny Cash.

While Harket gave piano lessons a go, he lacked discipline when it came to practicing — and this is something that was a recurring theme in many of his subjects at school. His father thought about becoming a classical pianist but instead opted for a chief physician career at a hospital.

What is Morten Harket’s voice range?

Morten Harket is one of the most gifted Norwegian musicians, especially when it comes to his voice. He has said himself that he doesn’t know, as he’s “never counted” — which you can understand, as it’s an unlikely thing to think about when you’re on the stage.

Others, however, have tried to determine Harket’s voice range. And if we believe them, we can say that it spans across five octaves; others have said his voice range spans three octaves and nine semitones.

Meanwhile, NME (remember them?) argued that Harket has potentially “the greatest falsetto in the history of pop music”.

Morten Harket

Is Morten Harket still married, and does he have any children?

The Norwegian singer has had a varied dating life with various partners. His first marriage lasted from 1989 to 1998, and it was to the Swedish actress Camilla Malmquist.

While together, Harket and Malmquist had three children; one of them, Tomine Harket (full name Anna Katharina Tomine Malmquist Harket), is an actress and singer. She featured on the song Darkside with British-Norwegian music sensation Alan Walker.

The other two children Harket and Malmquist had together are Jonathan Henning Adler Malmquist Harket and Jakob Oscar Martinus Malmquist Harket. Jakob is the oldest, followed by Jonathan and Tomine.

Following Morten and Camilla’s divorce, Harket entered a relationship with Anne Mette Undilen — a skier from Norway. The couple had a daughter in 2003 named Henny. Later, he entered a relationship with Inez Andersson and had another child — called Karmen Poppy.

So, who is Morten Harket married to now? Well, according to several sources, he’s still in a relationship with Andersson.

Was Morten Harket on the Masked Singer?

The Masked Singer is a singing competition that is popular in the UK and the US, and in 2021, Harket appeared on the UK version. He appeared in a Viking outfit on 30th January of that year, and the Norwegian sang Coldplay’s heartstring-pulling hit “The Scientist”.

On the Masked Singer, he also sang “Take on Me” — perhaps a-ha’s greatest-ever song. When asked about why he participated in the contest, Harket said that he wanted to challenge himself and do something uncomfortable.

In an interview on a-ha’s website, Harket said that he found it quite easy to keep everything a secret.

His words about joining were:

“My main reason for joining was that I knew how much I would be exposed to performing conditions of which I would have very little control. It’s the complete opposite of my usual mindset. Knowing I would hate that was an excellent reason.” 

“A pandemic had wiped a major tour off the foreseeable calendar. Suddenly, the door opened for other types of requests.”

Which labels is Morten Harket signed to?

Many of the world’s largest musicians are signed to music labels, and Harket is no different. He has been signed to Warner Bros, Polydor, and KKV/BMG Norway.

Morten Harket
Credit: sergey-astral

Does Morten Harket still sing?

Yes — Harket is still active in the music space. He has a very decorated career, to say the least; in addition to his six solo albums, the Norwegian has released 10 studio albums.

As a member of a-ha, which also includes guitarist Pål Waaktaar, Harket was part of the group during its initial active phase from 1982 to 1994 — before doing likewise from 1998 to 2010. The group started playing together again in 2015, and Harket remains a part of it to this day.

a-ha announced in Rio de Janeiro that it would come back together in 2010, and the band holds the record for having the largest paying attendance (198,000) for a rock concert.

Other fun Morten Harket facts

  • Morten Harket received a Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav.
  • Here’s a fun Morten Harket fact that might appear on a pub quiz someday: he’s a Stoke City supporter. Yes, you read that right.
  • a-ha has a Guinness World Record, and so does Harket. The Norwegian earned the record for holding the longest vocal note in a UK single in 2000, which — at 20.2 seconds — featured in “Summer Moved On”.
  • Morten Harket still lives in Norway to this day.
  • Morten Harket has featured at various concerts in the past. One of the most notable ones was in Copenhagen when he sang “Children First” UNICEF’s official song — at the Danish capital’s HC Andersen Jubilee.
  • James Brown is another of Morten Harket’s musical influences.
  • Morten Harket decided that a-ha should have that particular name, and it has stuck ever since — so you can safely say that it was a success.
  • Morten Harket saw the plane crash that killed a-ha band member Magne Furuholmen’s father. Harket’s dad went to the scene as they were driving in a car at that time.
  • a-ha released a movie in 2022, which showcases how the band became arguably Norway’s most famous musical export.
  • Morten Harket refused to pay for several tolls in 1989 as he argued that electric cars should be exempt — and if they were, more people would use them. Today, that is a reality in Norway.
  • Harket and a-ha lived in London during their early days, and they had an apartment in Forest Hill — which is in Southeast London. In an interview with the Guardian, he said that “we had mice and rats outside”, and that “the flat had a strange vibe”.
  • In the same interview mentioned above, Harket claims that Steve Strange once had a crush on him.
  • Harket has a reported net worth of around $60 million.
  • Harket and a-ha performed the theme song for The Living Daylights, a James Bond film released in 1987.
  • Harket purchased his first electric car in 1989 and has since been a vocal speaker about climate-related issues.
Morten Harket

Morten Harket is one of the most famous Norwegians of all time

So, that’s that for our facts about Morten Harket article. The Norwegian stakes a pretty good claim for being his country’s greatest-ever export altogether, let alone in music. His colourful personality has led to him being one of the greatest entertainers of his time, even if he calls himself an engager instead.

Even in his sixth decade, Harket’s music career is still going strong. The Norwegian continues to tour the world with a-ha, and the band has released a huge number of studio albums — with Harket working on his own individual work in the meantime as well.

With plenty of profound songs, Harket has left a huge mark on the Scandinavian music scene.

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