Swedish Christmas Decorations

Traditional Swedish Christmas decorations: Swedish Christmas ornaments you’ll love

Traditional Swedish Christmas decorations are a little different to the ornaments you may see elsewhere in the world. During the festive season, Sweden becomes one of the most magical places on earth, brimming with gnomes, stars, and flickering candles. 

During Christmas in Stockholm, the marketplaces are brimming with beautiful scenes taken from Swedish tradition, with fairy-tale creatures in every store, and smiles on every Swedish face. Festive décor in Sweden, like other parts of Scandinavia, is rustic, subtle, and wrapped with homely charm. 

If you’re planning on throwing a more Swedish Christmas celebration this year, you’re in the right place. Here, we’re going to guide you through some of the best Christmas decorations on the market today for everything from your Christmas table to your tree.

Swedish Christmas decorations: Tableware

Swedish Christmas decorations often start with a consideration of the dinner table, where people will be enjoying their festive Julbord and aquavit on Christmas Eve

It’s common to have festive Swedish Christmas candles lining the table, as well as plenty of Swedish Christmas figures, and table runners to brighten the room.

Swedish Christmas Decorations
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1. 3D Christmas gnome table runner

Table runners are a must-have for your traditional Swedish Christmas décor. Most of the time, you’ll choose a patterned runner in shades like red, cream, and green. 

This fun table runner is the perfect pick if you want to add the classic Swedish gnome design into the mix. There’s a 3D gnome dangling on each end of the runner, giving the product a playful elegance. 

Matched with a couple of gnome figures in the center of the table, and some glasses filled high with gløgg, this table runner will create the perfect setting for your Julbord. 

Swedish Christmas Decorations
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2. Swedish Christmas centerpiece

When it comes to choosing traditional Swedish Christmas decorations, there are plenty of options for the table centerpiece. Some families choose a Swedish Christmas candle holder, complete with candles to warm the atmosphere at the table. 

We’re huge fans of this adorable, tiered centerpiece from Blulu, though, with its wooden rustic appearance and classic Christmas gnome. 

You could even add your own extra elements to the Tomte centerpiece, such as a Swedish starlight, or little bags full of treats for your guests. The use of wood in this product will help it to blend perfectly with classic Swedish décor.

Swedish Christmas Decorations
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3. Bottle toppers

If you don’t have much room on your Christmas table, but you still want to make things a little festive, a set of bottle toppers could be a great choice. Most of the Christmas Julbord for Swedish families will be accompanied by plenty of wines, beers, and other delicious drinks. 

These fun Tomte bottle toppers from Scandinavian Shoppe will give you the perfect way to top off your “God Jul” spirits during the festive season. You can even wrap your bottles in twine and beads to make them more festive too. 

Swedish Christmas Decorations
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4. Swedish Grace winter plates

The use of Christmas plates and dishware during the festive season is a common tradition throughout Sweden. It’s also something a lot of families are beginning to do around the world today. 

This set of beautiful Christmas plates from Rorstrand might cost you a little more than your average plate set, but they’re something you’ll definitely treasure for years to come. 

If you’re going to be feeding an army with your Julbord this year, you might want to mix and match some of these special plates with alternative options for the kids. 

Swedish Christmas décor: Candles & lights

Though candles are most common in Danish Christmas décor, they also appear alongside other festive lights within Swedish homes. The main difference is you won’t be using any real candles as your Swedish Christmas tree decorations (which might be a good thing). 

Swedish Christmas Decorations
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1. Swedish star light 

The Swedish Christmas star light is probably the most important light on your must-have décor list. You can place your stars in the windows of your home, instead of flashing fairy lights, but most people prefer to place their stars on top of the tree, just like we do elsewhere in the world. 

This attractive star for your Swedish tree topper will add an extra bit of sparkle to your home. It’s also a great way to get involved with the tradition of Swedish Christmas stars. Make sure you accompany your tree topper with plenty of home-made paper stars hung around your home. 

Swedish Christmas Decorations
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2. Angel chime candles

Angel chime candles are another popular form of Swedish Christmas lights. Taken straight from the 1940s, this traditional decoration holds a set of four candles, and includes little wind-chimes so you can hear the tinkling sounds of Christmas every time someone walks by. 

There’s even a spinning cherub on the top of the ornament, to remind family of the joys of the festive season. 

The angel chimes candle could be a good addition to the center of your Christmas table, or you could place it close to the window or door, so you can hear its gentle sound regularly throughout the day. 

There’s also the option to buy this particular chime in silver, brass, or “Christmas brass” to match the rest of your decorations. 

Swedish Christmas Decorations
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3. Swedish kanalljus stearin candles

For an authentic Christmas experience, it doesn’t get much more traditional than this. Kanalljus stearin candles are widely regarded as some of the best candles in the world. These products are part of what prompted candlelight to become such a significant part of the Scandinavian home. 

The use of stearin in the candle (which has a vegetable base), produces a very slow-burning candle, capable of lasting all throughout your Julbord meal. The candles are totally drip-free thanks to built-in draining channels, so there’s no mess on your table, and you get an extremely clean burn too. 

Swedish Christmas Decorations
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4. LED Christmas gnomes

Traditional holidays in Sweden generally involve more natural candlelight than LED or electrical lights. However, having lit candles around the home won’t be an option for everyone. 

If you’re worried about open flames, you can upgrade your Swedish Christmas lights with these adorable LED gnomes. A Christmas ornament and light in one, these Swedish gnomes feature grey and red hats, and lovely fuzzy beards. 

Thanks to the warm yellow light in the center of the gnomes, you still get a traditional candle-lit feel when you turn these ornaments on. We’d definitely recommend using them alongside some of your other Tomte or gnome-based decorations. 

Swedish Christmas tree decorations

Swedish Christmas tree ornaments are usually hand-made, or rustic items made with natural materials like wood, straw, and paper. You can even find decorations made in the colors of the Swedish flag, which is a nice way to subtly give a nod to your love of the country. 

Swedish Christmas Decorations
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1. Swedish reindeer

Beautifully designed in white, red, and the colors of the Swedish flag, these attractive wooden reindeer will be the perfect addition to any Swede’s tree. The hand-painted wood gives these little reindeer the authentic, home-made aspect that makes popular Swedish decorations so appealing. 

Made in Sweden, the reindeer are a fun, and attractive way to bring Scandinavian heritage into your home. What’s more, thanks to the wooden structure, you should be able to count on these ornaments to stand the test of time too. 

Swedish Christmas Decorations
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2. Snowflake and star ornaments

As mentioned above, the Swedes generally prefer to deck their halls with hand-made ornaments and decorations. If you want a traditional looking home at Christmas time, be prepared for lots of wood, straw, and paper. 

This set of 30 straw ornaments will be the perfect accompaniment to a rustic-looking tree. There are stars, snowflakes, bells, and other classic Swedish shapes to choose from. 

With red ribbons to add a touch of elegance to the overall look, these straw ornaments come straight from Sweden, and are carefully packaged for long-term durability.

Swedish Christmas Decorations
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3. Reindeer gnome ornaments

If you’re looking for something slightly different for your Swedish Christmas tree ornaments, these reindeer gnomes could be the perfect pick. They might not be the most traditional examples of Swedish Christmas decorations, but they’ll still bring a smile to your face. 

The festive gnomes come with little reindeer antlers for a festive finish. 

Ideal for hanging on the Christmas tree, or across your fireplace, the little felt ornaments feature high-quality craftmanship and environmentally friendly materials. These might be a good choice if you have kids looking to play with your ornaments.

Swedish Christmas Decorations
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4. Wooden gnome ornaments

You’re likely to see a lot of gnome theming in traditional Christmas decorations from Sweden, because gnomes are a common part of the festive celebration. Stories say mischievous gnomes called Nisse help Santa deliver his presents. 

These adorable wooden cut-outs are a lightweight option for decorating your tree with festive and fun characters. 

The package contains a total of 24 different hand-painted ornaments, each in different styles and colors. Like many classic Swedish ornaments, the hand-made design and wooden structure of these gnomes make them an excellent choice for a cosy Christmas theme. 

Swedish Christmas Decorations
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5. Swedish Tomte ornaments

Another example of the Swedish love for gnomes at Christmas, these Tomte hanging ornaments are an excellent pick for all kinds of home décor. 

While you can definitely hang them on your tree, they’re also large enough to make an impact when placed above your fireplace, in a garland, or simply sat on your windowsill. 

The set of six gnomes feature incredible craftmanship, with a soft felt construction, so your kids can enjoy playing with them too. The materials contain absolutely no harmful elements or dyes either, so they’re good for the environment. 

Swedish Christmas ornaments for around the home

While decorating the perfect Christmas tree is important for a Swedish festive celebration, you’ll also need to think about other decorations for throughout the home. Most Swedes will deck their entire house with gnomes and other themed items. 

Here are some of our favorites:

Swedish Christmas Decorations
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1. Tomte Christmas garland

A garland is a common example of one of the Swedish Christmas ornaments you can use to brighten your home’s appearance during the festive season. Most traditional Swedish homes will use either hand-made garlands featuring felt, paper and ribbon. 

Alternatively, you can make your garland out of straw, similar to the decorations on your tree. 

This Tomte Christmas tree garland is five feet long and comes with four hand-made fabric Tomte and over 20 eye-catching pom poms. This is a great pick if you’re looking for a long-lasting traditional garland you can use year after year.

Swedish Christmas Decorations
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2. Swedish Christmas Tomte with goat

Perfect for placing in the center of your Christmas table or on top of a mantelpiece, this Swedish Christmas Tomte with goat is a beautiful insight into Swedish heritage. Made within Sweden, the Jul Tomte is said to bring warmth, good luck, and happiness to the home. 

If you’re wondering why the little Tomte has his own straw goat, it’s actually an important Swedish tradition.

The Yule goat is a big part of Swedish celebrations, and there’s often a huge display erected throughout various Swedish cities. We’d definitely recommend checking out some of the goat events if you’re ever visiting Sweden at Christmas.

Swedish Christmas Decorations
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3. Swedish deer figure

If you want something a little different from the countless gnomes and similar products you’ll find from Swedish stores, why not opt for an adorable deer?

Swedish Christmas decorations frequently include a lot of animals, including goats and reindeer, which makes sense, considering the nature-focused vibe of the country.

This playful deer figure is a fantastic purchase if you need more family-friendly décor. Each deer is handmade and designed by an original Swedish artist. If you think your deer looks a little lonely on its own, you can get a set of gnomes from the same creator. 

Swedish Christmas Decorations
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4. Set of 3 Christmas gnomes

Alternatively, if you love the story of the Swedish Christmas gnome, and its ability to bring good luck into your home for the year to come, you can stock up on Swedish magic with this selection of three plush gnomes

The Scandinavian-style décor comes in soft materials, so it’s great if you’re worried about kids wanting to play with the ornament. 

Each gnome has its own felt hat and fuzzy beard, as well as a set of dangling legs so they can sit perfectly on the fireplace mantel or the windowsill. You also get the added benefit of a set of traditional Swedish colors such as grey, red and white to help match the rest of your décor. 

Swedish Christmas Decorations
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5. Handmade gnome

Another gnome option for your Swedish Xmas decorations, this adorable little character is a perfect pick if you’re looking for something more neutral for your home. 

Thanks to the cream and white colors, you’ll be able to match your gnome to the rest of your festive décor, even if you decide to change your theme one year. 

As an added bonus, you can also use the same gnome decoration for your Thanksgiving or New Year’s celebration too. We love how versatile this little gnome is, as well as the fantastic, high-quality, and handmade finish. 

Swedish Christmas books

Once you’re done decorating your home with all the Swedish Christmas ornaments and figures you can find, the next step is preparing for your festive celebration. 

The most important thing you’ll need to master before you can host an “authentic” Swedish Christmas is the Julbord, so it’s worth practicing some traditional Swedish recipes well ahead of time if you want to impress. 

It’s also worth reading up on some of the traditions of the Swedish holiday season, to make sure you’re celebrating like a real Swede. There are plenty of handy books out there to get you in the spirt and give you the direction you need. 

Here are some top picks:

Swedish Christmas Decorations
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1. Swedish Christmas Traditions

Start your adventure into Swedish festivity with this book on Swedish Christmas traditions by Ernst Kirchsteiger. 

This book is going to be the ultimate guide for you and your family as you celebrate your first Swedish holiday season, with plenty of guidance on things like how to craft your own Christmas tree decorations, and what kind of games you can play. 

As an extra bonus, the book comes packed full of traditional Swedish recipes, so you can practice making things like glazed ham, and apple herring before the big day. 

If you want to make your own Julbord at Christmas or learn how to make citrus fruit centerpieces for your table, Ernst has everything you need right here. You can even learn to make ice lanterns.

Swedish Christmas Decorations
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2. The Swedish Christmas Table

This book by Johanna Westman and Jens Linder is a must-purchase if you want the perfect Swedish Christmas meal. Available to guide you through things like side dishes, candies, and drinks of the big Christmas Julbord, the book is sure to get you feeling creative. 

You’ll learn how to make fresh-based gingerbreads just like the Swedish, as well as where to start with things like Swedish marzipan. 

If you need hints on the Christmas dinner, you’ll find recipes for frosted fruits, vegetable pieces, Christmas hams, and so much more. The best thing about this book is how it helps to pull you into the vision of a Swedish Christmas with mouth-watering descriptions and pictures.

Swedish Christmas Decorations
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3. Jul: Swedish American Holiday Traditions

If you’re making your first steps into a new set of traditions as an American looking forward to Swedish Christmas, this could be the book for you. Packed with insights into Swedish customs, and tips on how the Scandinavians spend Christmas, this book by Patrice Johnson is a delight to read. 

The best thing about the book is the insights into Patrice’s own family Christmas Eve’s and the julbord meals she’s created in the past. 

Featured dishes cover everything from traditional Swedish pancakes and cookies, to meatballs, pyramids of bread, and so much more. You’ll even learn how to make your own version of Swedish gløgg, which is sure to keep you happy while reading. 

Celebrating Swedish Christmas décor

There are tons of way to bring a little Swedish spirit into your Christmas celebrations, from making your own Julbord meal, to wishing people a God Jul. Of course, if you really want to get that Scandinavian style into your home over winter, it pays to start with some Swedish Xmas decorations.

Hopefully, our guide to everything from the Swedish Christmas tree topper to the Swedish Christmas candles you’ll use on your table has helped to inspire you for the holiday season. 

Remember, you’re always free to experiment with different looks, and mix traditions from different people to create the perfect festive theme. 

Don’t forget to check out some of our own Christmas recipes for fans of Swedish culture, so you can serve up a storm after you’re done decorating. 

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