Nowegian Girl Names

Norwegian girl names: Norwegian names for girls

Today, we’ll be looking at some of the most memorable Norwegian girl names available, and what they mean, so you can enjoy the wonders of Norway yourself. 

For those who haven’t visited, Norway is a country plucked straight from a fairy tale. From rolling mountains and wildlife, to stunning waterscapes and fjords, Norway has it all. 

It’s no wonder the people who live here have a certain magic to them. 

When you visit Norway, it’s not just the incredible views charm you, but the interesting stories and unique culture of the locals too. As the Scandi way of life continues to capture more attention worldwide, it’s common to want to bring a bit of wonder into your own world. 

Fortunately, if you’re planning on welcoming a new member of the family, you have a great opportunity to imbue Norwegian culture into your household. Norwegian names for girls are some of the most wonderful in the world — and perfect for any young child. 

Here are the most popular Norwegian female names today…

Nowegian Girl Names

Norwegian female names: Norwegian names for girls

Choosing the perfect name is an exciting experience for any new parent. Whether you’re welcoming a new child or even a pet, it’s important to find a title which means something to you. 

For most of us, choosing the right name is an emotional process. We pick titles connected to our family histories, or the people we love. 

Norwegian girl names come heavily from things like Norse mythology, and the Viking culture. This means you’ll find a lot of popular Norwegian girl’s names with significant strength and purpose behind them. 

You’ll also find a handful of titles taken from German, Greek, Hebrew, and more. Here are some of our favorite female Norwegian names.

1. Aase

Sometimes spelled with a single “a”, Aase is a traditional Norwegian name for girls which comes from the Old Norse language. Pronounced Awe-sah, this attractive title means “Goddess”, or “tree covered mountain” in some parts of Scandinavia. 

2. Agnete

Norway has a wide selection of alternatives to the name Agnes, or Agatha to choose from. You can explore everything from Agnetha, to Agnethe, Agot, and even Agnete. This name, like Agnes, means “good” and “honorable”. 

3. Alfhild

An unusual Norwegian girl’s name, Alfhild comes from both Norway and Sweden. Taken from the Old Norse words, alfr, and hildre, Alfhild means elf of the battle. In legend, Alfhild was a maiden who disguised herself as a warrior to avoid being married to a king.

4. Astrid

Astrid is probably one of the most popular Norwegian girls’ names, as it has long been used for royalty throughout the country. Astrid has a variety of spelling options to experiment with. The name comes from “Ássfriðr”, the Old Norse word for beautiful goddess. 

5. Audhilda

You’ll notice a lot of “hild” sounds in Norwegian women’s names, often taken from Old Norse, and the battle maidens of Viking times. Audhilda is an example of this fantastic trend. The Norse name means “rich warrior woman”. 

6. Beate

Simple and charming, this Norwegian girls’ name has a unique appeal to it. The name appears in various cultures and languages, including throughout the countries of Scandinavia. The title comes from the Latin “beatus” which means “blessed”. 

7. Beret

Not to be confused with a French hat, Beret is a common and popular Norwegian girls name, meaning “bright” or “glorious”. The title is very common throughout certain parts of Norway, thanks to its charming definition. 

8. Birgit

Similar to Bridgette, a name most of us know throughout the western world, Birgit actually comes from the Viking and Old Norse cultures. The name translates from a word which used to mean “the strong one” in Old Norse. 

9. Bodil

Another wonderful example of the power behind Norwegian women names, Bodil is an Old Norse name with a ton of meaning. This powerful name for a little girl means “commander” or “commanding”, depending on who you ask. 

10. Brit

Attractive Norse and Nordic names don’t have to be complicated. Brit is a shortened version of Brita, or Birgitta. The name “Brit” can also be spelled “Britt”, and it usually means “exalted” or “lofty”. 

11. Cecilie 

Cecilie might not seem like your average Norwegian girls’ name at first glance, but it’s quite common throughout Scandinavia. The term comes from Cecilia, and an older version of the title, Caecillia, which meant the “blind” saint. 

12. Cathrine

Cathrine is a common alternative to the name Catherine or Katherine, which comes from English and Germanic. Cathrine has multiple meanings, but it’s usually connected with terms like “pure” “clean”, or “clear”.

13. Dagny

There’s something special about this Norwegian girls’ name difficult to ignore. Dagny is a cute name which comes from the Norse words for “day” and “new”. In other words, Dagny means a “new day” in Norway. 

14. Dagmar

Taken from the Old Norse “Dagmær”, Dagmar appears throughout Norway and various other parts of Scandinavia. Dagmar is a wonderful name which means “day maid”. This was also the moniker of the Danish king’s wife (Valdemar II). 

15. Eir

We love the special sound of this unique Norwegian girl’s name. It’s sometimes spelled with an “a” on the end, to make it Eira, and it’s frequently used throughout Iceland and Demark, as well as Norway. Eir means mercy in Old Norse. 

16. Eline

Eline, or Elin in some cases, is a very popular Norwegian girl’s name. This is essentially the Scandinavian version of Helen, though it also appears in Wales. Elin can also be shortened to Eli. The moniker means “a ray of sun”. 

17. Elise

A shorter form of the name Elizabeth, and sometimes used to refer to Eleanor, or Ellen, Elise is a wonderful Norwegian girl’s name. You can also spell it “Else”. Elise means “My God is my oath” or “God is in abundance”. 

18. Embla

Probably the most memorable and meaningful Norwegian female name we’ve looked at so far, Embla is essentially the Scandinavian version of Eve from the bible. Embla was apparently the first girl in the world according to Norse mythology. 

19. Erle

One of the more common Norwegian male names is Jarl, which means the leader, or the nobleman of a tribe. Erle is the female version of this, and it’s common throughout places like Sweden and Germany, as well as Norway. 

20. Frida

Frida is commonly seen as a Germanic name, and a shorter form of names containing the term “frid”, which means peace. However, Frida is also a Scandinavian name, taken from the Old Norse “Frida”. Frida means “peaceful”. 

Nowegian Girl Names

Popular Norwegian girl names: Norway girl names

As you’ve seen so far, there’s plenty of Norwegian names for girls if you’re looking for something unique for the new arrival in your family. Although many of the titles we’ve looked at so far come from Old Norse and Norway’s history with the Viking culture, some are connected to nature too. 

Here are some more excellent names to consider…

1. Frøya

Frøya is the more exotic version of the name “Freya” or “Froya” which appears elsewhere around the world. This name means “lady”, and it comes directly from the Old Norse history, where it was the title for a Norse goddess. 

2. Grete

Grete is a wonderful German, Danish and Norwegian female name, typically used as a diminutive or nickname. Grete comes from the name “Margarete”, or “Margarethe”, and it can also be spelled with a “h”. The title means “pearl”. 

3. Gudrun

There aren’t as many names beginning with G in the western world for young girls as there are in Norway. Gudrun is a highly powerful Norwegian name, which comes from the Old Norse for “God’s secret lore”. Gudrun was the wife of Sigurd in Norse lore. 

4. Gunn

Gunn might not sound like a very ladylike Norway female name, but it’s actually quite popular. Often a shortened version of Gunnor, Gunnhild, or Gunhilda, Gunn comes from Old Norse, and it connects to words like “cannon” and “war”. 

5. Hanne

Probably a more familiar sounding name for most people outside of Norway, Hanne is the Norwegian version of Hanna, or Johanna. The title means “grace” or “favor”, and you can also spell it with an “a” at the end, though the h is less common. 

6. Hege

Probably unsurprisingly, Hege is both a Norwegian and Danish name which comes from the better-known Norwegian female name, Helga. Hege also has connections to the bible, where it means the “word”, or meditation. 

7. Hedda

Hedda, or Hedde is a shortened version of the popular Norwegian girls’ name, Hedvig. Hedvig is the Norwegian version of “Hedwig”, which is a popular girl’s name in Germany. The title means “contention” and “strife”. 

8. Hilde

As mentioned above, there’s a lot of female names in Norway which take inspiration from “Hild”, and the battle maidens of old. Hilde is the most obvious example of this. The title comes from Hildr, in Old Norse, which just means “battle maid”. 

9. Hulda

If you’re looking for something similar to Hilde, but a little less common, then you could try Hulda, which has a familiar sound. Hulda is common in Iceland, Sweden, and Norway. The name comes from Norse mythology, and it means “hiding” or “secrecy”. 

10. Iben

Frequently shortened to “Ib” for the male version, Iben is a fantastic Norwegian girl’s name which is actually connected to the word “ebony”. Iben can also mean yew wood in certain parts of Scandinavia, so it’s great for anyone who loves nature. 

11. Inger

When it comes to female Norwegian names with history, it doesn’t get much better than Inger. In Norse mythology, the god of fertility is called “Ing”. In Scandinavia and Norway, Inger starts for the feminine side of “Ing”, and it means “Ing’s abundance”. 

12. Ingrid

One of the few Norwegian women’s names well-known around the world, Ingrid is an easy to remember name which can also link back to the Goddess Ing. Ingrid means “beautiful”, so it’s sure to appeal to plenty of parents. 

13. Jacobine

The name Jacobine comes from the male name “Jacob”. It’s a more common name in Norway than it is elsewhere in the world, but it can also appear in the Netherlands and Denmark. Jacobine means “she who supplants”. 

14. Jannicke

This unusual name is sure to appeal to anyone with a love for the unique. Jannicke, often shortened to Janne, or Jannike, appears throughout Norway and Scandinavia, and it means “God is gracious”. You can also shorten the moniker to “Jan”. 

15. Jorun

One of the most purely Norwegian girl names on this list, Jorun doesn’t really appear anywhere else in Scandinavia, or around the world. Spelled Jorun, Jorunn, or Joran, the name comes from Old Norse, and means “lover of horses”. 

16. Kaja

Initially, this name might sound more Russian or Slovakian than Norwegian. However, Kaja is a popular Norwegian girl’s name with Danish, Swedish, Estonian, and Norwegian roots. Kaja comes from the name “Katarina”, which means “pure”. 

17. Kari

Another simple two-syllable Norway female name, Kari comes from the longer name Karina. There are various options to choose from for spelling, including Karine, Karin, and the full Karina. This attractive moniker means “pure”. 

18. Klara

In Norwegian boys’ names, it’s common to replace the “C” with a “K”, due to the difference in available alphabets. Klara is an example of this pattern in girl’s names too. Klara means “clear” as well as “famous” and “bright”.

19. Lene

Sometimes spelled Lina, or Lena, Lene is a Germna, Danish, and Norwegian name coming from the longer title of Helene or Magdalene. The moniker “lene” means silky and soft, but it’s also connected with words like bright and beautiful. 

20. Lisbet

Lisbet is a highly Scandinavian version of the name Elisabeth. Like we have “Lizzie” or “Eliza” in the western world, Lisbet is more common in Norway. The title means “the promise of God”, just like the longer name Elisabeth. 

Nowegian Girl Names

Norwegian women’s names: More Norway women names

There’s no shortage of inspiration available when you’re on the hunt for a memorable Norwegian women’s name. Whether you want something completely unique, or you’re keen to find a sound connected to your heritage in some way, there’s something for everyone. 

Here are a few more options you can explore…

1. Malin

One of the more common names around the Norse landscape, Malin comes from Finland, Sweden, and Norway. It means the “woman from Magela”, but it can also refer to a high tower. This is a beautiful name with a fairy-tale meaning. 

2. Marthe

Both Norwegian and French in origin, Marthe is a version of Martha, and it can also be spelled without the h, making it “Marte”. This title comes from biblical origins, and it means the “lady” or the “mistress”. 

3. Mie

Such a cute and easy-to-remember name, Mie is a diminutive form of the longer name Maria. It can also be spelled with an “a” for Mia. The name “Mie” simply means “mine”, making it a wonderful name for any child. 

4. Nanna

Nanna is a common Scandinavian name appearing throughout Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland. The name comes from Old Norse mythology, and refers to the Norse name for “brave” or “daring”. Nanna was a goddess who died of grief when her husband was killed.

5. Nora

Nora is one of the most popular Norwegian girl’s names right now. Spelled sometimes with a “h” on the end, Nora is a well-known title across the globe, which means things like “honor”, “pride”, or even the “light”. 

6. Oda

You probably won’t have come across this name before if you’ve never visited Norway. The title comes from ancient Germanic, like many Scandinavian names, and it’s the feminine form of Odo, or Otto. The moniker means “praise God”. 

7. Runa

A very popular Norway female name, Runa is common throughout Scandinavia, and derives from Old Norse legend. The title “Runa”, or “Rune” for boys, means the “secret lore”, or the “secret of the moon”. 

8. Rakel

Ideal if you’re looking for a name with a familiar sound but a unique twist, Rakel is the appealing Norwegian female name version of Rachel. Rakel is a girl’s name which usually means “female sheep” or “ewe”.

9. Sidsel

Sidsel is a Norwegian and Scandinavian version of another name we mentioned above “Cecilia”. The title is more popular in Norway than anywhere else, and it refers to the blind saint. Other options include Sissel, and Sizel.

10. Siv

Siv, or Sif is a common name in Norway, and a popular title elsewhere in Scandinavia too. Coming from Old Norse, the name means “bride” or “wife”. Siv was the wife of Thor according to Norse legend, the god of thunder.

11. Thora

Thora is essentially the female version of the name “Thor”, which has grown increasingly common throughout Scandinavia thanks to the Marvel movies in pop culture. Thor was the Norse god of thunder. 

12. Unni

This is a name popular in both Norway and India. Unni comes from the Old Norse elements, to wave, and to love. It’s also connected to the word “new”. You can shorten Unni to “Unn” or spell it with an “r” for Unnr. 

13. Ursula

Not unheard of in most regions of the world, Ursula is a popular name. The title, which appears throughout England, Scandinavia, and Europe, means “little bear”. The title apparently comes from the Latin word for “she bear”. 

14. Vilde

Vilde is an Old Norse and Germanic name from the longer title, Avilde. According to legend, this name comes from the Old Norse words meaning to “shine or gleam”, it could also refer to an elf or supernatural being. 

15. Ylva

Beautifully Scandinavian in its unique spelling and sound, we love the name Ylva. Pronounced with an “ee” sound at the beginning, Ylva is a name from Old Norse which means “wolf”, or “she-wolf”. It’s the ideal name for a wild child. 

We hope these beautiful Norwegian girl names have inspired you to choose the perfect new title for your recent addition. If you’d like to learn more about Norwegian names for boys and girls, surnames, or even Scandi names from elsewhere, check out our other lists.

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