Norwegian Clothing Brands

The ultimate guide to Norwegian clothing brands

Despite the comfortable standard of living, spending a lot of time in Norway requires building resilience to the country’s notoriously bad weather. To help people dress appropriately for the sleet, snow, and rain, you’ll find a wide variety of Norwegian clothing brands. 

As you might expect from a country with so much outstanding natural beauty, you’ll find a wide selection of Norwegian clothes from outdoor brands. But that’s not all; if you’re planning for a big night out in Oslo, you’ll probably want to dress a little more stylishly. 

Of course, you probably don’t need us to tell you that Norway has pretty cold winters. When the temperatures drop, you’ll find plenty of cozy wool sweaters and turtlenecks to protect you from the elements. 

You’ll learn about all the above in this article, and we’ll also cover some of the best Norwegian clothing designers. We’ve got quite a lot to cover, so — without further ado — let’s hop in.

Norwegian fashion brands

Before we look at the best Norwegian clothing companies for the great outdoors, we’ll help you prepare for a fancy outing you might have. Below are some of the best fashion brands that originate from Norway. 

Norwegian Clothing Brands
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Holzweiler is perhaps the most famous Norwegian fashion brand. Considering how established it is, you might find it hard to believe that the company has only been around since 2012. Holzweiler creates a wide selection of clothing for both men and women and was founded by Susanne and Andreas Holzweiler. 

In Holzweiler’s range of menswear, you’ll find t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, and more. You can choose from a variety of designs without slogans and graphics, but you’ll find plenty that do if you’re feeling a little more adventurous. 

As for the women’s clothing, you’ll find a selection of footwear and various dresses for your summer vacation. You can also check out its range of hoodies, and you’ve got a selection of hats and sunglasses to choose from — plus more. 

In addition to summer, Holzweiler has a wide selection of clothing for the colder months as well. You can shop online, but the company has several stores throughout Norway — including in Oslo, Bergen, and Stavanger.

Norwegian Clothing Brands
Credit: Barbro Andersen

Tom Wood

Tom Wood is another popular Norwegian clothing company with a wide selection of clothing for men and women alike. Mona Jensen founded the brand in 2013, and it has since become a key player in the Scandinavian fashion industry. 

If you know about Swedish clothing brands, you’ll notice that Tom Wood has various resemblances to brands from the other side of the border — such as Acne Jeans. You’ll find a huge range of items in the menswear section, including various cutting-edge jackets. 

When shopping with Tom Wood, you can also sift through its collection of jeans — plus its stylish t-shirts that fit in well with the typical Scandinavian minimalist style you’re probably used to seeing. 

In the womenswear section, you’ll similarly find a wide selection of clothing to choose from. The company has various jackets that will work well for the spring and autumn, and you’ll find a big range of sandals for the days when the weather really heats up. 

Tom Wood also sells various accessories, such as belts and beanie hats. You’ll also find sunglasses, scarves, and more. 

You can shop with Tom Wood in multiple countries worldwide via its online store. But if you’re planning a trip to Norway in the near future, you can head to its flagship store on Øvre Slottsgate in Oslo.


In recent years, Scandinavian fashion has ventured beyond the muted colors and become a little more daring. If you visit any of the major cities on a warm summer’s day, you’ll probably notice a wide variety of bright-colored clothing that adds a little vibrancy to everything. 

ILA is perhaps the perfect example of this new direction in Scandinavian clothing. This Norwegian fashion brand focuses on womenswear and strikes a happy medium between standing out and not being too “in your face”. 

ILA is one of the newest clothing brands on this list, having been around since 2020. The company was founded by Renate Nipe. You’ll find a wide selection of women’s clothing when shopping with ILA, including summery shirts and sweaters that you can wear when it gets a little chilly. 

You will also find a wide range of long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts, some of which have graphic designs and others that include colorful patterns. The company also sells various accessories, including scarves and hats. 

At the time of writing, ILA doesn’t have a land-based store — but you can purchase its items online from several countries.


As we come close to the end of our list of Norwegian fashion brands, we couldn’t leave things without mentioning JOHNNYLOVE. If you’re looking for a cool suite of clothing that features earthy colors and is both comfortable and stylish, you don’t need to search much further. 

JOHNNYLOVE is well-established in Norway, having originally established itself in 2006. The company is headquartered in Trondheim, which is the country’s third-largest city and roughly halfway up Norway. 

JOHNNYLOVE has clothing for men and women alike, and you’ll find a wide selection for both. In the menswear section, you’ll find a broad range of clean and minimal shirts for warm summer days and those where the weather is a little colder. 

And to deal with the fickle Norwegian rain, you can check out its jackets. 

In addition to what we mentioned above, you will also find knitwear for when the temperatures drop — plus shorts, pants, overshirts, and more. 

In the womenswear section, JOHNNYLOVE similarly gives you a lot of choices. You’ll find knitwear that works as a sweater on its own but is equally effective if you simply want a pullover on a cooler summer evening. 

You will also find dresses for when you want to look stylish during the summer, plus shirts and other items. 

You can buy clothing from JOHNNYLOVE in stores throughout Norway, including outlets in Oslo, Trondheim, and Bodø. Further afield, you’ll find the company’s clothing in various cities — including Copenhagen, Berlin, and Zürich.

Norwegian outwear brands

If you think about Norwegian clothing brands, you probably think about outerwear more than anything else. And that isn’t too surprising; many people in Norway spend a lot of their free time out in nature; even in the Oslo metropolitan area, you’ll find hiking trails to enjoy. 

Naturally, spending a lot of time outdoors — in a country without ideal weather for most of the year — requires dressing wisely. Plenty of Norwegian apparel companies have made a name for themselves in the outerwear field; we’ll mention the best of them in the subsections below.

Norwegian Clothing Brands
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Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen is arguably the most recognizable Norwegian outdoor brand in foreign markets. The company has built a huge presence internationally, and the company has been helping people dress appropriately for the elements since 1877. 

Helly Hansen was founded in Moss, which is just outside of Oslo, by Helly Juell Hansen and Maren Margarethe. Hansen was a sea captain, and unsurprisingly, you’ll find a wide selection of sailing jackets for men and women alike. 

Beyond seafaring, you can also use Helly Hansen’s range of rain jackets that are perfect for visiting or living in parts of Norway with particularly unpredictable weather — such as Bergen. And, of course, what Norwegian outerwear brand would be complete without hiking coats? 

In addition to its huge range of jackets, Helly Hansen has manufactured numerous other items to help you brave the weather. You’ll find trousers for hiking and waterproof ones if you need to get around when it’s pouring down outside. 

Helly Hansen also sells t-shirts, polos, sweaters, and various other brands. For the little ones, you’ll find a big selection of clothing for children. 

You can buy Helly Hansen’s products in various countries, including Norway, Denmark, and the UK. In addition to the company’s stores, you can shop at several outlets to find what you’re looking for.

Norwegian Clothing Brands
Credit: Bergans, ©Hans Kristian Krogh-Hanssen

Bergans of Norway

In the Norwegian language, “Berg” literally means “Mountain”. So, there are no prizes for guessing what Bergans of Norway primarily focuses on. The company is another of the oldest Norwegian clothes brands on our list, having formed in 1908.

Bergans of Norway gets its name from Ole Ferdinand Bergan, who founded the company and lived in Tønsberg — a small city not far from Oslo. He originally started with inventing a backpack before evolving into the outdoor giant you see today. 

When shopping with Bergans, you will find a wide selection of clothing for men and women — in addition to various accessories for hiking and camping in Norway, plus hiking gear for kids.

In the menswear section, Bergans stocks various kinds of outdoor clothing — including trousers, wool sweaters, and mid-layers. You’ll also find t-shirts, jackets, and more. Women can purchase many similar products fitted specifically for them, and you’ll also find accessories like neck warmers. 

As for accessories, Bergans has a huge selection of items to choose from. You can pick the best backpack for your needs, and you’ll also find tents and canoes for when you’re going on a true adventure. 

Bergans’ flagship store is in Oslo, and it’s not far from the city hall. You will also find stores in Bergen and various other cities throughout Norway. Further afield, you’ll find its clothing in outlets in Denmark and other countries. 

Bergans also ships to several countries, including Sweden, Denmark, and Germany.


Another popular Norwegian clothing brand that focuses on the outdoors is Twentyfour, which is much newer than the other two companies previously mentioned. The brand came onto the Norwegian clothing scene in 2006 and has grown into a huge part of the industry since. 

Twentyfour sells various forms of outdoor clothing, including the standard bright-colored jackets that are essential for a trip into the mountains. You’ll also find trousers, hiking boots, and more. The company caters to men and women with its clothing selections. 

The company also has various forms of hiking gear for children, in addition to sweaters, shorts, and more.


As you’re probably gathering at this point, you’ve got a lot of choices when picking the best Norwegian clothing brand for your outdoor needs. Another that has a big fanbase in the country is Skogstad, which was founded in 1937 by Halstein Skogstad. 

Skogstad specializes in clothing that will keep you dry when Norway’s rainy weather kicks in, and many of its items are also available for a pretty affordable price. Like the others, you’ll find various menswear and womenswear items. 

In the menswear section, Skogstad sells jackets, pants, undershirts, and more. As for women, the selection ranges from shorts to jackets, overshirts, and more. 

Skogstad has various stores in Norway, including in Oslo, Stavanger, and Sandefjord. You can also buy its items online, with shipping available for several countries.

Northern Playground

If you were to describe Norway as a country in two words, “Northern Playground” is a pretty accurate name. With that in mind, Northern Playground is striving to equip you with everything you need to maximize your fun while out and about in the country. 

Northern Playground is a relatively new name in Norwegian outdoor clothing, having been around since 2014. The company offers a lifetime service once you purchase its items, which includes repairs and recycling. 

With Northern Playground, you can choose from a selection of clothing that will help you get out into nature and not have too many issues dealing with the elements. You’ll find crew shirts, jacket shirts, and much more. 

Northern Playground has a store in Oslo, and you can get delivery throughout Norway and the EU.

Norwegian Clothing Brands
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The final outdoor brand on our Norwegian clothing company list is Norrøna. The company has been around since 1929, having been founded by Jørgen Jørgensen — making it another of the most established brands in this particular field. 

Norrøna has a huge selection of outdoor clothing for men and women, including baselayers, jackets, and trousers. You will also find sleeping bags, tents, and — if you want to join in with the Norwegians — clothing that’s appropriate for skiing and snowboarding. 

In the womenswear section, you’ll find clothing for hiking, snowboarding, and mountaineering. On top of that, you can purchase jackets and whatnot that are suitable for hunting. 

Norrøna has stores in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, and various other cities in Norway. Internationally, Norrøna ships to most countries — with the exception of North Korea and Russia.

Norwegian winter clothing brands

Considering that much of the country is blanketed in snow for much of the year, you won’t find it surprising to hear that Norwegians are excellent at wrapping up warm. 

If you want to upgrade your winter wardrobe and make sure you don’t have problems when the weather gets colder, these Norwegian winter clothing companies are an ideal companion.

Norwegian Clothing Brands
Credit: MandelMedia

Devold of Norway

If you’re looking to stay warm no matter how cold it gets, Devold of Norway is an excellent starting point. The company is one of the oldest on our list, having been founded in 1853; it’s been a mainstay in the Norwegian winter clothing game ever since. 

Devold has a significant range of wool clothing for you to choose from. You can find undergarments to keep your body warm and dry, in addition to sweaters and turtlenecks. You can also choose from a wide selection of wooly hats and headgear to keep your head safe from the elements. 

If you need to keep yourself dry, but it’s not overly cold, you can also check out Devold’s selection of t-shirts. Other items include vests and shorts; in addition to menswear and women’s clothing, you’ll also find a wide range of clothing for children. 

Devold has various stores in Norway, and you can purchase its items in outlets in various other countries — including Iceland and Sweden.

Norwegian Clothing Brands
Credit: Dale x Eton

Dale of Norway

Another popular Norwegian clothing brand specializing in stuff to keep you warm is Dale of Norway. The company, like Devold, is pretty established; it’s been around since 1879. You’ll find various sweaters and fleeces for men and women, in addition to sweaters featuring traditional Norwegian patterns. 

In addition to its outerwear, Dale of Norway also sells items that fit closer to your skin and will provide a useful additional layer for when it’s particularly cold. You’ll find a selection of clothing for children alongside its menswear and womenswear collection. 

Dale of Norway has a concept store in Oslo, which is located on Karl Johans Gate — the capital’s main shopping street. It also has outlets in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands, and you can receive shipping to various countries.


Another Norwegian clothing brand focusing on winterwear is Norlender, which was founded in 1927 by Ola Tveiten. Of the winter clothing companies you can find anywhere, we’d argue that Norlender is one of the most stylish options around. 

Norlender has a significant selection of wool sweaters in various design types, along with ski sweaters and more. If you want something that will work in a more formal setting and isn’t too chunky, you’ll also find various pullovers. 

Norlender serves men and women, and it has an extensive collection for children too. The company ships to various countries around the world.

Norwegian clothing designers

We’ve mentioned a lot of Norwegian clothing brands so far, but we haven’t expanded too much on the faces that make the country’s fashion industry what it is. So, to wrap up this article, we’ll mention some of the top Norwegian clothing designers that have made their mark.

Cecilie Melli

Cecilie Melli is the founder of the namesake brand, which focuses on dresses that are primarily used for weddings. She launched the brand in 2004 in Oslo and has also since focused on designing jewelry. 

Melli won Best Norwegian Designer at the 2007 Costume Awards and has also worked with several major brands — including Disney and Dale of Norway. On top of that, she has designed dresses for MTV, X-Factor, and Eurovision.

Norwegian Clothing Brands
Credit: Espen Brenli

Kristian Aadnevik

Kristian Aadnevik lives in London these days, but he’s still well-known in his homeland. Having grown up in Bergen, Aadnevik is the founder of AADNEVIK alongside Hila Aadnevik. The brand launched in 2013 and has since enjoyed international success. 

Before founding AADNEVIK, Kristian had created a namesake brand that he retired to focus on the new company. He studied at the Royal College of Art in London.

Eva Emanuelsen

Eva Emanuelsen is the founder of Epilogue, a women’s luxury brand with its flagship store in Oslo. The company focuses on making clothing that will stand the test of time, and it focuses on getting a couple of things done really well. 

In addition to her fashion brand, Emanuelsen has an interest in photography and contemporary art.

John Vinnem

We mentioned earlier that we were fans of JOHNNYLOVE, so we figured that now was a good time to meet the founder. John Vinnem formed the company so he could find a brand that fit his fashion sense. 

Vinnem still heads the JOHNNYLOVE company from Trondheim and focuses his brand on quality over quantity.

Clothing companies from Norway

That’s our list of Norwegian clothing brands complete, and as you’ve probably noticed, the country’s fashion industry is relatively diverse. 

Norwegian clothing brands are practical and good-looking in equal measure. While winter clothing and outdoor gear are probably givens, considering the country’s terrain and climate, Norway has grown into its own in everyday fashion recently.

Norway is filled with creative minds who have brought their ideas to life and expanded across the globe while still maintaining their Norwegian roots. 

When you purchase clothing from one of these companies, you can expect something that will last a long time and is comfortable — along with having all you need to survive the cold or enjoy the sun. 

Have you ever dreamed of moving to Norway? We understand; who wouldn’t want to live in such a beautiful country with friendly people and endless opportunities? Moving is difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing, so we’ve put together this article to help you. 

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