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What is Finland famous for? Things Finland is known for

Finland is a must-see part of the Nordic region. Famous around the globe for its incredible scenery, beautiful architecture, and amazing people, Finland deserves a spot on any bucket list. 

However, most people have their own opinions on the unique things that make Finland special. 

For some, it will be the amazing landmarks in Finland that keep them going back year after year. 

For others, the wonderful things to do in Finland, like checking out the breathtaking lakes of the Nordic will be the most exciting draw. 

Don’t forget, the Finns are, like many of the Scandinavian folk, some of the happiest people in the world too! 

To help you better understand what Finland is known for, we’re going to reveal some important things to know about Finland right here!

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What is Finland famous for? Unforgettable scenery

Probably the most common reason to fall in love with Finland is its unforgettable environment. The Scandinavian region of Finland also has the name “land of a thousand lakes”. 

If you’re wondering “What is Finland known for?” the first thing you should know is that it’s home to almost 200,000 lakes in total. 

The pristine bodies of water around Finland are also incredibly eye-catching — contributing to some of the most beautiful places in the world. 

Located around Finland’s lakes, you can also find a host of stunning lakeside and island properties that allow for amazing summer getaways

Finland has more forest and water than anywhere in Europe. 

Over 70% of Finland features amazing forest just begging to be explored. 

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What is Finland famous for? Wonderful wildlife

With so many natural landscapes to check out, it’s probably no surprise that Finland is also a great place to find some incredible wildlife. The 130,7000 square miles of land only comes with around 5 and a half million citizens — which isn’t as much as it seems. 

This makes Finland a brilliant destination for animal lovers looking to check out Elk, reindeer, wolverines, bears, and more. 

One particularly interesting thing about Finland is that the country firmly believes in the concept of everyman’s right. 

This essentially means that people can walk freely in nature whenever they want, discovering all the unique smells, sounds, and tastes of the wilderness. 

When it comes to impressive ways to interact with nature, and Finnish wildlife, you’re spoilt for choice. Finland is home to a host of popular outdoor activities, ranging from dog sledding in the winter, to cycling, hiking, and kayaking in the warmer months of the year. 

You can even spend your summers boating between the various islands around Finland too. 

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Finnish Traditional Pasties Or Pirogs

What is Finland famous for? Unique food and drink

If you ever plan an epic trip around Scandinavia, it’s a good idea to carve out plenty of time to check out the delicious foods and beverages that you can find in the region. 

Finland has always been a massive fan of local and seasonable produce. The country takes advantage of what the land can give in a big way, so you’re sure to experience new dishes year-round. 

Some meals are more of an acquired taste than others — like the ammonium chloride liquorice which is a surprisingly popular Finnish food. However, you can also find plenty of home-cooked and simple staples, like smoked fish, reindeer, sausages and potatoes, and meatballs. 

For those with a sweet tooth, one of the most interesting facts about Finland is that the country loves its coffee and candy. If you want to check out some delicious treats, make sure you stop by a local café for a pastry and a dose of caffeine. 

If you’re looking for something a little stronger, Finland competes with Russia in strength for its sensational vodka. This clear spirit is a favorite among the locals, and often drunk in a single shot. 

Just make sure you drink with caution. 

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What is Finland famous for? Winter wonderlands

One of the best things about Finland for a lot of visitors is its approach to Winter and seasonal holidays. The town of Rovaniemi in Lapland was also rumored to be the home of the very first St Nick. 

If you’re checking out Landmarks in Finland with the family, make sure you check out Santa’s actual grotto

A trip to Finnish Lapland will treat you with everything from picturesque snow-laden trees, reindeer, and hotels built entirely from ice. There’s even an address where you can send a letter to Santa and get a response back too!

While you’re enjoying the wonders of winter in Finland, make sure you pick a night to go hunting for the northern lights too. Like many locations in Scandinavia, you can sometimes see the Aurora Borealis from Finland. 

The country even has glass igloos, glass treehouses, and other incredible hotels where you can spend the night and wait for the lights to shine.

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Lapland, Finland

What is Finland famous for? Saunas and skiing

Speaking of the colder weather in Finland, the skiing season here lasts long over 6 months, depending on where you visit. 

During the darkest winter days, you can check out the slopes with their unique pre-lit tracks. In the spring, the sun can also shine through the evening, late into the night. 

For fans of winter sports, Finland is a must-see destination, with hundreds of kilometers worth’ of locations to discover. Indeed, this is one of the most comprehensive skiing locations in Europe, if not the entire world. 

After you’ve put your skills to the test on the Finnish slopes, you can warm up again with one of the most popular places in Finland — the sauna. Heading out to relax in a sauna is a rare treat for most people. However, for Finns, it’s something that happens daily. 

The Finnish gather at saunas in the same way that people from the UK meet friends for a drink at the pub. 

Locals regularly sweat out their worries in a sauna, contemplating life with friends and families. Finland is, therefore home to various different kinds of sauna, ranging from modern infrared options to wood-heated saunas and a cable car sauna too!  

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Kampii Chapel in Helsinki

What is Finland famous for? Architecture and education

Finally, we mentioned above that one of the best things about Finland is its people. 

The locals are incredibly happy and welcoming people — with a wonderful creative streak. You’ll see that for yourself in the fantastic architecture. The town of Porvoo, located just an hour from Helsinki, makes for a wonderful destination for a day trip. 

Here, you can check out traditional Finnish architecture, with plenty of colorful wooden houses to catch your attention. You can also explore the Kamppi Chapel and the Sibeliustalo. 

It’s no wonder that the Finns have created so many incredible places when you consider the country’s world-class approach to education, of course. 

Schools in Finland rank towards the top of the list for the world. Interestingly, children don’t go to school until the age of 7 here, yet most leave with a deep knowledge of at least two different languages. 

What are the Finnish known for?

There are tons of Finnish things to explore during your trip to Scandinavia. The region is a beautiful location, packed full of natural wonders and amazing scenery. 

Whether you’re taking a trip to the ski slopes, or you’re relaxing in a Sauna, you’ll find your own corner of Finland to fall in love with. 

Of course, the best things about Finland are the memories that you’ll make when you’re there. 

If you want to discover the incredible experiences that Finland is known for yourself, then you should start planning your trip. 

Remember to check out the other articles here on Scandification for more insights into the Nordic region, and the incredible country of Finland. 

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