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Danish girl names: The most popular Danish female names

Today we’re going to be checking out some of the best Danish girl names, following on from our other explorations into Danish female names. 

Anyone who’s visited Denmark will know it’s like exploring a new world. If the incredible scenery wasn’t enough to blow you away, there’s no doubt you’d fall in love with the unique stories and traditions which make Denmark so special. 

Danish people show their amazing heritage in a range of ways, from flying the Danish flag whenever they can, to creating some of the best foods in the world. You’ll also find some pretty interesting stories behind the popular names in the region.

We’re ready to reveal our favorite female names in Denmark, so let’s begin…  

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Danish girls’ names: Danish baby girl names

Probably the most common reason to start shopping for Danish girl names, is you’re expecting a new arrival in your home. The female name can be an excellent way to bring a sense of hygge and Danish beauty into your life. 

Danish girl names come from a variety of different backgrounds. Some link back to the Vikings and Old Norse, while others are common throughout all of Scandinavia.

Here are some of the most popular Danish female names:

1. Aase

Denmark is a beautiful place, from the city of Vikings, to the colorful Copenhagen. Why not celebrate that beauty with the perfect moniker? Aase is an unusual, but attractive Danish name translating to mean “tree covered mountain”. 

2. Annegrete

You may not hear the Danish girl name Annegret much around most parts of the world, but it’s very popular throughout the Scandinavian region. Combining Grace (or Margareth) and Anne, Annegrete means something close to “God answered our prayers”. 

3. Andrea

The female version of Andrew, Andrea is a memorable name with a fun twist. The name Andrea, which is also common all around the world, means “virile”, or full of life. We think this meaning makes it even more appealing. 

4. Anja

Sometimes spelled “Anya”, Anja is a name you’ll find all around Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. It’s also common in Serbia and the Netherlands. Anja is a religious name translating to “God has favored me”. 

5. Benedikte

Sometimes shortened to Bente, or Benthe, Benedikte is the female form of Benedict, and it appears frequently across Scandinavia. You’ll most likely hear this name in either Denmark or Norway. It means simply “blessed” and comes from the late Latin name Benedictus. 

6. Bine

Bine is a fun and easy to spell Danish girl name. Pronounced “Bee-na” in some regions, it’s a shortened version of Jacobine, which is the feminine version of James or Jacob. The name “Bine” shares the meaning of Jacob, which is “my God protects”. 

7. Bodil

This is a fantastic choice among Danish baby girl names if you’re looking for something with history attached to it. Bodil comes from the old Norse name, Bothildr, which translated to battle maiden, or battle remedy. 

8. Caja

Caja is the Danish version of a Greek name you may have heard of before, Kaja. This exotic name has a beautiful ring to it, and it means “pure”, which is ideal for any loving baby girl. You could also shorten the name to “Ca”. 

9. Dorthe

Spelled either with or without the “H”, Dorthe is a popular name throughout Scandinavia, Germany, and the Netherlands. Taken from the better-known title Dorothy, Dorthe is a fun and quirky name which translates to “gift from God”. 

10. Dana

Dana is probably a name you’ve heard outside of Denmark before. The Danish female name is often a feminine variation of Daniel, or an alternative to Donna. Dana can also refer to the Celtic fertility goddess, Danu. The moniker means “generosity”. 

11. Ebba

Ebba is a feminine Danish name, taken from the male moniker, Ebbe. The name Ebbe comes from a longer Germanic name Eberhard, which means “strong”. Ebba is a popular name in Denmark because if both its meaning, and its unique sound. 

12. Elna

Elna is a Danish female name, but it’s also popularly connected to Greek. As a diminutive form of the moniker Elanor, this name is likely to feel pretty familiar to most parents in the western world. The name Elna means “ray of sunlight”. 

13. Embla

Often associated with the Old Norse word for “elm”, Embla is another Danish baby girl name that focuses on the beauty of nature. It’s also one of the most popular names for girls in Sweden. Embla means “elm”, and it’s also the name of the Norse version of the bible’s Eve.

14. Gjerta

This is a very exotic Danish girls’ name for people who really want to show their Scandinavian roots. The use of the “j” in the middle of a name feels very Danish. Gjerta is a fantastic Danish girl name meaning “safety” or “protection”. 

15. Gudrun

One of the more traditional female names in Denmark, and a more unusual title, Gudrun comes from Old Norse, and appears in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. The name Gundrun means “God’s secret lore”, or “God’s secret”. 

16. Hanne

An adorable and popular Danish girl name, Hanne is similar to Hannah, and it sounds a little like the name for one of the main characters of Star Wars. Danish, Norwegian, and German, this moniker shares the same meaning of Hannah, which is “grace”. 

17. Hilda

Another fantastic choice for parents in search of traditional female names in Denmark, Hilda comes from Old Norse, and it means secrecy or hiding. The name Hilda belonged to a sorceress in Norse mythology, so it’s got some pretty interesting background. 

18. Ina

More than just a Popular Danish girl’s name, Ina is a moniker with an impact all over the world. It’s often used as a nickname for any title finishing in in “Ina”, but it also means “to entertain”, and even “home”. Some people say Ina can also mean “leader”.

19. Inge

Sometimes spelled “Inga”, Inge is a name suitable for both boys and girls in Denmark. The title refers to the Germanic god, Ing. In Sweden and Norway, Inge is usually a masculine name, while Inga is entirely feminine. However, Danish people also use Inge for girls. 

20. Jensine

Jane might be an attractive name in the western world, but it’s not very unique. Jensine is an alternate version of the title, which can mean “God is gracious”. Jensine is popular in various parts of Scandinavia, but it’s particularly appealing in Denmark. 

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Popular Danish girl names: Female Danish names

Danish women’s name are wonderful for those who want to explore the history and heritage of Denmark. Many of the titles mentioned so far are sure to appeal to you if you want to show your love of Scandinavia, or celebrate your Danish roots. 

Here are some more popular Danish girl names to consider: 

1. Janni

Sometimes used as “Janne”, Janni is another variation of the title, Jensine, which means “God is gracious”. There are origins for this title in Greek, but it’s very popular in Denmark too. Other spellings include Jannie, and Jan. 

2. Jytte

Jytte is Denmark’s take on the Hebrew name Jutte. Like many monikers with a Hebrew origin, Jytte is a highly religious name which means either “women or Judea”, or “he will be praised”, depending on who you ask. 

3. Klara

As you might have guessed, Klara is the Danish form of Clara, with a bit more of a twist to it. The feminine form of Clarus, which used to mean bright, clear, or famous, Klara is a popular Danish name. Klara can also be shortened to Klare. 

4. Katrine

Meaning pure, just like Katie and Katherine, Katrine is a slightly more Danish-sounding version of Karen, or Katrina. This is a popular name for those who want something which sounds unique and serene for their daughter. 

5. Katja

More commonly spelled with a “y” in other parts of the world, Katja is a feminine name appearing all across Scandinavia, Germany, and the Netherlands. This Popular Danish girl name means “Pure”, just like the alternative “Katherine”. 

6. Lærke

One of the more unique Danish girl names on our list, Lærke may take some getting used to if you’re not familiar with the Danish alphabet. The name comes from the word for the “Lark”, so it’s great for those who love birds. 

7. Lena

Lena is quite a common Danish girl name with roots all over the world. Made popular in recent years by celebrities with the same name, Lena is a shortened version of names like Helena and Magdalena. The title means “generous and kind”, or “she allures”. 

8. Lise

In Denmark, Lise is an alternative to the name Lisa, and a shortened version of Elisabeth, or Elizabet. With Hebrew origins, Lise means “God’s promise”, making it an attractive biblical name for religious families. 

9. Maja

Maja is a cute Scandinavian name, and something growing in popularity around the world. The moniker can also be spelled with a Y. Maja means “splendid”, so it’s definitely a fun and positive name for a young girl. 

10. Majken

Want something a little different to Mary? Majken is the ultimate Danish alternative. Popular throughout Scandinavia, Majken is related to both Maike, and Maiken. The title can mean beautiful, but it also refers to the month of May. 

11. Merethe

We love this Danish name because it sounds so different to the titles we’re used to in the Western world. Merethe has both Scandinavian and German origins, and it means to be a “pearl” or “precious”, which is wonderful. 

12. Natasja

With both Latin and Scandinavian origins, Natasja has a wonderfully exotic sound to it. An alternative to Natasha and Natalie, the moniker means “birthday”, or the “birth of Christ”. It’s a fun name that reminds us a lot of Christmas. 

13. Nanna

Nanna may sound like an odd name for Danish girls if you live in the UK, as it’s also the name used for a grandmother. However, in Denmark, Nanna is among the top thirty most popular Danish girl names. The moniker means “darling” or “bold”. 

14. Olga

Olga is a pretty popular name around Germany, the Netherlands, and Scandinavia too. You’re likely to hear this one a lot when you’re visiting Denmark. The name Olga comes from Helga, and Old Norse words. It means “blessed” or “successful”. 

15. Oline

One of the more unique titles we’ve looked at so far, Oline is popular in both Denmark and Hawaii. The title related to “Olina” apparently means “joyous” or a “beam of hope”. You can’t go wrong with a name like that for your baby girl. 

16. Ragna

Another Old Norse name, Ragna is common around Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. This title is often referred to as an “ancient Scandinavian” moniker. Ragna refers to “counsel” or “advice”, great for a wise girl. 

17. Rikke

Always liked the name Frederik, but want a feminine version? Rikke is the Danish short form of the title Frederikke, which is feminine in Scandinavia. It can mean “alone”, but it also translates to “forever”, which is a little less sad. 

18. Signe

One of the most popular Danish girl names, and ideal for those who love their Viking heritage, Signe appears all over Scandinavia. The title, which comes from Old Norse, means “new victory”, or simply “victory, depending on who you ask. 

19. Sanne

Sanne is a cute and easy to remember name which also stands out in The Nertherlands. It’s a shortened version of “Susanna” or “Susan”. Sanne means “lily”, making it a top choice for nature-focused names. 

20. Saffi

A popular Danish alternative to “Sophie”, Saffi is an easy to remember name with a fun lilt to it. The title means “wise”, and it’s popular all around the Nordic region, as well as throughout Germany and the Netherlands. 

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More female names in Denmark

So far, we’ve covered a huge selection of traditional female names in Denmark, popular Danish girl names, and more. If you still haven’t found your perfect Danish women’s names yet, don’t worry, we’ve got a few more common Danish female names to share with you. 

1. Sif

Well-known in the world today thanks to Lady Sif in the Thor and Marvel cinematic universe, Sif is a variant of Siv which is popular throughout Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Taken from an Old Norse word, it can mean “bride” or “to marry”. 

2. Silla

This is a Danish name that just rolls off the tongue. Silla is the Danish version of Cecilia, and it can also share the spelling Sille, depending on your preferences. Another option is Silje. This name means “blind” or “saint”. 

3. Tanja

Tanja is a Danish version of the better-known name, Tanya, in other parts of the world. The two monikers are pronounced the same way, but the ‘J’ allows for a more Scandinavian vibe. According to legend, Tanja means “fairy queen”. 

4. Tea

Why not celebrate Scandinavia and your love of tea at the same time? Tea is a cute and memorable Danish girls name which derives from longer names like Theodora and Dorothea. The meaning for this moniker is “gift of God”.

5. Tove

Tove, sometimes spelled “Tova”, is a modern version of an Old Norse name, Tofa. The title isn’t as popular outside of the Scandinavian region. Tove means “beautiful”, so it could be the ideal name for your little girl. 

6. Thora

Why should little boys have all the fun when it comes to Old Norse names with a Godly background? Thora is connected to the God of Thunder in Norse mythology. Some people say it means the “Thunder Goddess” rather than the Thunder God. 

Others believe Thora means “Thor’s struggle”. 

7. Ulla

It’s not always easy to find names beginning with ‘U’ in the Western world, but that’s not the case in Denmark. Ulla is a diminutive taken from the names Hulda, Ursula, or Ulrika. Connected to Old Norse, this moniker means “willpower” or “determination”.

8. Ursula

Ursula is a Danish girl’s name that appears all over the world, including in England, Germany, and the Netherlands. Taken from Old Norse, this title means “little bear”. Saint Ursula was also a legendary virgin princess in the Middle Ages. 

9. Vibeke

An unusual, but unique name, this Danish baby girl name means “little woman”. It might look complicated written down, but it’s easy enough to pronounce. You say “Vee-beh-keh”, a little like Rebecca. 

10. Vigga

This name feels fun to say, and looks great written down. Vigga is a Scandinavian and Danish name which comes from Old Norse and the Vikings. The title “Vigga” is the feminine version of Vigge, which meant battle or war. 

Amazing Danish girl names

We hope you’ve found plenty of amazing Danish girl names to inspire you here. If you want more insights into some of the best Danish names, make sure you check out our full list of amazing titles. 

Alternatively, check out our lists of Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish names too! 

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