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Danish boy names: Popular Danish names for boys

Today we’re going to explore the most popular Danish boy names, and unearth their meaning and back-story. If you’re looking for inspiration, read on…

As anyone who’s visited will know, the Danish are an incredible bunch. Not only do they have some of the most delicious food and beautiful places in the world, but Danes also happen to enjoy some of the most impressive names too. 

Inspired by amazing folk tales, wonderful history, and Norse heritage, Danish boys’ names are powerful and meaningful. If you’re looking for inspiration for your new son, or you’re planning on naming your pet with a Danish moniker, then you’re in the right place. 

Here, you can learn all about the Danish male names to bring hygge into your home for years to come. You could even use this list as a way to learn about the names of some of the people you meet when you’re exploring Danish cities

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Danish boy names: Popular Danish boy’s names

There are tons of great Danish boy names for parents and the curious-minded to explore. Some are more exotic, like Aage, or Agner, while others might feel more common, such as Abraham or Adrian. 

For this list of male names in Denmark, we’re going to cover a handful of monikers which are truly Danish in the way they look and sound. 

Some of the names mentioned below may be popular in other parts of Scandinavia too, but they’re sure to give you a fantastic Danish feeling when you speak them out loud. 

1. Aage

Aage is a wonderful name a comes straight from Denmark. Despite the spelling, you actually pronounce this title as “oh-weh.” Aside from being one of the more popular Danish boys’ names, Aage is also common in Norway too. Aage means ancestor. 

2. Aksel

Similar to “Axel,” which has been quite a popular name around the world, Aksel is a fun and masculine name. Interestingly, this Danish moniker comes from the Hebrew name Absalom, which means the “father of peace.” 

3. Arne

Arne is a Danish male name a comes from the country’s origins in Old Norse. This fantastic title is easy to remember and spell, so it should be a breeze for people to learn. Arne means ruler, but it can also translate to Eagle. 

4. Bendt

Though it looks a little odd in the Western world, Bendt is a common Danish boys’ name with Scandinavian and German origins. If you want something similar to Ben which has a bit of Danish flair, this could be the name for you. Bendt means “blessed.”

5. Bjarke

You’ve heard of Bjork, the popular Scandinavian girl’s name, but what about Bjarke? This Danish boys’ name is a brilliant choice for those who love nature. The title means “strong as a bear,” or simply “the bear.”

6. Bo

Short, simple, and sweet, we love these one-syllable names. If you’ve got a complicated surname, or you just want to give your son a name which is easy to write, Bo is a good choice. Bo, sometimes spelled Bui or Boh, means “to live” and it comes from the Old Norse word, Bua. 

7. Caj

Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian in origin, the name Caj is sure to give you a full Scandinavian experience when you’re searching for a great Danish male name. Caj is an alternative to the name Kai, which has grown more popular lately. 

8. Casper 

Casper is among the most popular Danish boys’ names around, and it’s essentially a Dutch and Scandinavian version of the name “Jasper.” It’s also the name of the friendly ghost you might have heard about from cartoons and comic books. Casper means treasurer. 

9. Christoffer

Christoffer is a fun name for a set of parents who might want something a little different to the traditional western names, but still want to use the nickname “Chris.” Christoffer is a religious name which means “he who holds Christ to his heart.” 

10. Dedric

Dedric is one of our favorite male Danish names for a few reasons. First, it sounds great — like the name of an old Danish ruler. It also comes from the slightly longer name Theodoric, which is fantastic too. Dedric means the “power of the tribe.” 

11. Edvard

We love this exotic take on a well-known name. Edvard looks and sounds a lot like Edward, but it has a unique twist of its own. The name Edvard is common throughout Scandinavian, and it means “wealthy guardian.” 

12. Erik

You’ll find Danish boy names like Erik all over Scandinavia. Erik comes from the more complex name “Eirikr,” which manes eternal ruler, or “always ruler.” You could also go for various different spellings, like Eirik, if you want to show more Norse

13. Eluf

Scandinavian and Danish in origin, Eluf is a name with a gentle, and soft sound to it. The meaning is a little sad, as it translates to “lone descendent” or “sole heir,” but the melancholy meaning doesn’t make this name any less appealing to us. 

14. Folke

Spelled both “Fulk” and “Folke,” this is a Scandinavian name with Old Norse origins. The title picked up as one of the most popular Danish boys’ names in the 2000s. Translating to mean “chief” or “people’s guardian,” this moniker has an amazing background. 

15. Frode

Hope your son is going to grow up to be a very clever guy? Frode could be the ideal name. Frode is Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian in origin, so it’s great for people who love the Scandi way of life. The name means “learned,” “wise,” and “clever.” 

16. Gregers

Greg is probably a name you see quite a lot in the Western world, but Gregers is a little more fun. This name comes from Old Norse, and Latin, and it often translates to mean “alert” or “watchful.” It’s a Danish alternative to Gregory, and can make names like Greg Brickner sound more interesting.

17. Gunnar

If you want a Danish boys’ name the going to vibe well in any part of the world, Gunnar is probably a good choice. You can even shorten this name to “Gun” if you prefer. Gunnar is a male first name from Norse, which means fighter or warrior. 

18. Hagen

Hagen is popular in Denmark, but it’s also common around Ireland too. This attractive title is easy to say and remember. It comes from the Old Norse name, Hakon, which meant “high son” or “important descendent.” 

19. Henny

This Danish male name isn’t just cute — it has an important meaning too. Henny translates to mean “keeper of the hearth.” Some people say this name is feminine, but this seems to be more common in other parts of Scandinavia. 

20. Haki

Another great name with the “ee” sound at the end, Haki is an Old Norse name, like many of the monikers found throughout Denmark and Scandinavia. The title translates to mean “justice” or “what is right.” 

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Danish baby boy names: More male Danish names

There are tons of fantastic Danish boy names to explore, so many we can’t cover all of our favorites here (though we’re going to try). You’ll notice many of these names are easy to spell and say, though some have a slightly more Nordic sound to them. 

1. Heremod

This popular Danish name for boys comes from myths and legends. The title refers to the title of a legendary king from Denmark. Although it’s not as popular among Danes as some other titles, it’s great if you’re looking for something unique. 

2. Ib

We don’t get a lot of one-syllable names in the Western World. Even fewer of those names are suitable for either boys or girls. Ib is a simple name which means “God is my oath.” Some Danes use this as the diminutive version of Jakob. 

3. Jozef

If you’ve ever wished there were more baby boy names with “z’s” in them, then you’re in luck. Jozef is a name with origins in Scandinavia, Poland, and even Slovakia. As you may have guessed, it’s a version of Joseph, which means “Jehovah increases.” 

4. Knud

Another fantastic choice if you want a memorable, one-syllable name, Knud is the Danish version of the name “Knut” in Norway or Sweden. This title comes from Old Norse and means “knot.” Perfect for a tricky young boy. 

5. Jørn

Scandinavian in origin, and one of the few Danish boys’ names on this list which uses a different alphabet, Jørn means “Farmer” or someone who farms. The title is pronounced with a Y at the beginning, and it’s a version of George. 

6. Malthe

Malthe is an alternative to more common names like Matthew, and it’s a popular Danish boy name. The title has been in Denmark since the 13th century, and it remains in the top ten names quite often. Malthe means power or ruler. 

7. Keld

Ok, so this one does sound a little weird, but it’s a great Danish boys’ name all the same. Keld comes from Sweden and Denmark, and it means “Cauldron.” It’s definitely worth checking this name out if you have a more mystical family. 

8. Leif

We like the way male Danish names like Leif make us imagine the beautiful natural sights of Denmark. This title is Scandinavian in origin, and it comes from the Old Norse name Leifr, which meant descendent or heir. 

9. Linus

Linus comes from Greek, Danish, and Scandinavia. It was taken from the word meaning flax. According to Greek legend, Linus was the son of the God Apollo, who was accidentally murdered by his own father as part of a contest. 

10. Leo

Thanks to its Latin origins, Leo has become a popular name all around the world, but it’s also one of the most popular Danish boys’ names. Leo means “lion,” and it’s a cognate of Leon. This title has spread rapidly over the Scandinavian landscape. 

11. Mikkel 

Mikkel is a simple but catchy option if you’re looking for a common Danish boys’ name. The title is the Danish version of Michael OR Mike, and it means “who is like god”. In Denmark, Mikkel is a name for both boys and girls. 

12. Niels

Niels is a really interesting name, and one we love seeing written down. Other similar names include Nils, and Nels, which all come from the longer name Nicholas, meaning “victory of the people.” No matter how you spell it, this name looks great. 

13. Njord

This is definitely a good title for people who aren’t afraid to show off their Danish roots. Njord comes from the Old Norse language, and is often taken to mean, “strong or vigorous”. Njord was also the Norse god of the sea. 

14. Peder

Why not shake things up with a common name like Peter, and use the Danish version instead? Peder is the common spelling of Peter for Denmark, and the rest of Scandinavia, it simply means “rock”, but some people say “Peter” has more religious roots. 

15. Rasmus

This probably isn’t a title you’ll see very often in most parts of the world, but it’s one of the more common male Danish names. Rasmus is Scandinavian, Finnish, and Danish. It’s short for the moniker Erasmus, which means “beloved”. 

16. Rune

Rune is a mystical option for people in search of male Danish names. Taken from Old Norse, this title appears all throughout Scandinavia. Rune means “secret lore,” and we think it sounds great for any young boy. 

17. Soren 

Soren is a Danish and Norwegian name, and the Danish version of Severinus, which a much harder title to remember. Soren was the name of a Danish philosopher considered to be the fore-father of existentialism. 

18. Sune

Sune is a name with a fun sound, and a more modern version of Suni. Although this name sounds pretty unique, it’s actually just a Danish version of “Soni” or “Sonny.” As you might expect, Sune means son. 

19. Sven

Sven is one of the most common names in Scandinavia, and it’s often associated with many Scandinavian stereotypes. Otherwise spelled as Svend in Denmark, Sven comes from the Old Norse Sveinn, which means boy. 

20. Thor

Thor is a name which works well anywhere in Scandinavia. As you probably already know, it comes from Old Norse, and refers to the god of thunder. Thor simply means “thunder,” though it also has connections to all kinds of storms. 

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Danish names for boys

If you’re still hungry for popular Danish boys’ names, don’t worry, we’ve still got a few more options to share. Although in our opinion, the best way to get an insight into Danish names is to go and visit Denmark yourself. You’ll discover a lot of exciting new names when you’re there. 

1. Viggo

Viggo is a fantastic Danish and Nordic name, and one which we couldn’t help but add to this list. It comes from an Old Norse word, Vigge, and it describes a great battle or fight. It’s a good name for a little warrior. 

2. Amberson

Amberson is such an interesting name for boys who want to celebrate their Danish heritage. The moniker is a version of Emerson, and it means strength and bravery — perfect for any young boy to feel proud of. 

3. Storm

Yes, there are people in Denmark which actually call their children Storm. Storm comes from the vocabulary word, and from the Old Norse Stormr. It means exactly what you would think, and is a fun alternative to Thor. 

4. Thyge

Thyge is an odd name when you see it written down, but it’s popular in Denmark, and a variant of Tyge. Tyge comes from the Old Norse name Toki, which is also a reference to Thor, the God of Thunder. Tycho is another alternative. 

5. Lauge

This Danish boy’s name, like many of the others mentioned here today, has Old Norse roots. It’s difficult to say for certain what it means, although experts believe it means something like “friend”, or “partner”. 

6. Ulf

We wanted to add one more single-syllable Danish boys name into the mix. Ulf, is the Old Norse, Swedish, and Danish name which refers to the Old Norse word, Ulfr. This powerful male name means wolf. You can also use the spelling Uffe

7. Ulrik

Taken from the Germanic name Oldaric, meaning power and prosperity, Ulrik is the Danish version of Ulrich. This Danish boy’s name is also very popular throughout Scandinavia, and it usually refers to a mighty ruler, or some amazing old king. 

8. Vidar

One of the few names we have from Scandinavia which starts with a V, Vidar comes from the Old Norse word Vidarr, which comes from the terms for wide warrior. The name Viddar belonged to the son of Odin in Norse mythology. 

9. Orn

A name which appears throughout Scandinavia, Orn means Eagle, but it can sometimes refer to any bird, depending on who you ask. The title comes from the other popular Danish and Old Norse name, Arn. 

10. Vilmar

Vilmar is the Scandinavian version of the name Willamar, which comes from Germany. The title was derived from the elements Will, and Mari, which means will and desire, or as well as famous. 

Amazing Danish boy names

There you have it, 50 amazing Danish boy names and their meanings to help you find the perfect title for your Danish child. Whether you were looking for inspiration, or you just wanted to learn about Danish names, we hope this article was helpful. 

Don’t forget to check out our other lists for more amazing Scandi names. 

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