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Interior design trends in Europe: The must-have styles & accessories

You might think about what difference interior design trends in Europe can bring to your lifestyle but, that is not the truth. Interior design trends are a determining factor in many ways and can leave an impact on your everyday life.

Whether it is a gracious dinner at your friend’s place or just a regular store, interior designs have the power to bring about significant changes to the place that can make spaces look more mesmerizing and enthralling.

Interior designing is a form of art that not only decorates your house but also showcases your personality. Your guests for sure observe the ways your home lights up the mood to bring a change. It is indeed true that surpassing designs intensifies the good qualities that a person or family already holds, giving them a tangible form in space.

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It takes only a few steps to let your visitors be enthralled with the beauty that your home possesses. Many home decor trends in Europe cover every aspect of modern interior design, however irrespective of popularity, styles and representations vary widely in taste and style.  

Interior design trends of Europe

1.    Juxtaposing checks and stripes

Checks and stripes are the two most popular patterns; the perfect combination of both is a fun new trend to try out this year. Check out the classic check and stripes, and try selecting the new season colors to give a new look to your place. The amalgamation of stripes and checks gives a touch of boldness and elegance to your room.

If you are someone whose love for florals, animal prints, or organic patterns is increasing day by day, then you must also try out checks and stripes as the best alternatives. The best strategy in mixing stripes and checks is to hold onto a limited color palette.

Add joy and luxury to your room with playful patterns and colors, but be a little careful while choosing colors because too many vibrant colors can make the look chaotic.

2.     Choose sculptural furniture

Facing the pandemic was difficult, and while staying at home, owners have started to contemplate their former interior decisions. Many have even explored a few new paths and discovered new patterns that provide more of a serene home environment. Sculptural furniture can serve your practical needs more aesthetically.

Delving deep into the essence of art and displaying it into the space, sculptural furniture provides you a reason to connect with art. From object-shaped furniture such as hand-shaped chairs to simple chairs with a more artistic flair, sculptural furniture includes elements of geometry to create an innovative look.

Designers often take inspiration from natural or more organic sources. Hence, one can consider sculptural furniture as an umbrella term composed of various forms of designs.

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3.    Bring warm colors into the picture

Winter gives us the best excuses to get cozy, and what can be better than incorporating warm colors into the space. Also, even during the summers, warm colors feel more welcoming. Warm colors look great with darker shades and add depth to a place simultaneously.

4.    Greeting to global styles

Blending the earthy color palettes and natural textures with wooden, woven, and rattan home accessories is one of the best globally influenced trends; scroll the internet to take some inspiration.

Best accessories to decorate your home

1.   Framed prints

Whether a painting or a sculpture, art is one of the most beautiful and versatile home accessories that come in various hidden forms. From framed prints to wall arts, attaching photographs, etc., everything defines art that can magnify the picturesque beauty of the wall.

Decorating styles and choices may differ from one person to another; however, one can always find a piece of art that can be a right fit for their home.

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Keep your memories close to your heart with Canvaspop as you have the opportunity to transform those priceless memories with a touch of contemporary elegance. Canvaspop has premium gallery framed prints that can reconstruct the look of any wall of the home.

They have different frame and mat options. Upload your image to get started in the process, choose from the suggested sizes, mat or frame options, and finally make a print that is uniquely yours.

2.    Rugs

“Pazyryk rug,” also known for the oldest rug to exist that dates back to the 5th century B.C. Found in a burial mound in Siberian Russia near the Mongolian border, the design of these rugs was similar to the art of people living in that region. Hence, the historian believed that rugs were something created locally.

Rugs deliver a layer of warmth and coziness beneath your feet, and the feeling is unmatched by any other floor covering. Widely used as a home accessory for thousands of years around the globe, rugs are available in various colors, patterns, and styles.

Also, it is fascinating to know that antique rugs are carried on for generations and treated as family heirlooms.

3.    Mirrors

One of the best accessories in a home is a mirror; try adding these to your home decor as they serve many purposes. Mirrors not only help us fix our appearance but also make a home look spacious. They make a room look brighter by reflecting the beauty, making the space extremely appealing.

Mirrors are affordable too, hence use them wisely to bring a change brilliantly.

Why don’t you try placing a mirror across a window that brings more natural light, making the room look more capacious? Even placing a small, regular mirror in a dark and small corner can attract light to the area and brighten up the mood and the space.

Mirrors are available in various shapes, sizes, and prices, therefore beyond your practical uses, they can be simply involved in decorating your place.

4.    Souvenirs

Travelling gives you the opportunity to delve deep into the culture of a region, meet new people, and know the unknowns. In this process of learning from life, we eventually create memories to cherish throughout our life.

Why not bring something while returning from that tour? Something that can act as a reminder of the trip, something precious to look back on and reminisce about the phenomenal experience you had during that vacation.

Also, displaying such authentic and exceptional things at home can be a conversation starter for the guests. Hence, while remodeling your place, do keep a few memories from your European vacation. In the end, souvenirs are a part of the fun holiday experience.

5.    Light fixtures

One can feel the European vibes through the handmade light fixtures. Murano Glass which is famous worldwide is mainly found in Murano Island, Venice. It is worth mentioning that Murano lights adapt to any location and display their elegance uniformly.

They are available in various innovative designs that enhance the charm and aura of the surrounding by delivering a unique game of lights.

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Interior designs and trends are composed of different elements of home decor; from type of flooring to furniture and lighting, everything has its significance. Irrespective of your choices, try using various combinations of color, textures, furnishings to build a European home that prioritizes comfort, practicality, and liveliness.

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