Icelandic Male Names

Icelandic male names: Popular Icelandic boy names

Are you looking for Icelandic male names? We’ve got you covered! Today, we’re going to introduce you to the most popular Icelandic boy names, and tell you a little about their heritage and meaning. So, let’s begin…

Iceland is an incredible place. Home to experiences and sights you can’t find anywhere else in the world, Iceland seems almost to exist in a world of its own. 

Among the stunning hills and mountains, you’ll find opportunities to view the Northern Lights, as well as some of the most amazing architecture in the world. 

Iceland also has a rich culture, brimming with Nordic stories taken from Norse mythology, as well as amazing people. 

One of the best ways to explore the wonderful soul of Iceland, is through Icelandic male names. Icelandic boy names share some similarities with the popular titles throughout the rest of Scandinavia

However, there are some differences which make these titles extra special. 

Icelandic Male Names

Icelandic male names: Common Icelandic names for boys

Icelandic names come from a variety of backgrounds. Some monikers date back to the Vikings, and the names they made up when they first arrived on Icelandic shores. 

Others, similar to the other regions of Scandinavia, come from Old Norse legends and words, as well as titles taken from Germany. One of the factors making Icelandic names particularly unique, is the special alphabet Iceland uses. 

The Icelandic naming committee ensures many of the monikers specifically from Iceland have at least one unique letter in them. 

Here are some of the most common Icelandic names for boys:

1. Ármann

Ármann is a well-known name throughout Iceland, with a more common alternative “Herman”, appearing in other parts of the globe. The title means “steward”, and it comes from the Old Norse language, like many Icelandic male names. 

2. Áki

This is quite a cute sounding Icelandic boy’s name, with a simple meaning. Áki means “ancestor” or “father”, and it comes from Old Norse names containing the element “anu”. Áki can be a shortened name, or a title on its own. 

3. Baldur

Icelandic and Norse in background, Baldur is a very meaningful Icelandic male name. This title can also be spelled “Baldr” or “Balder”, and it means “prince”. This is also the name of a God in Norse mythology associated with light and happiness. 

4. Björn

Another excellent example of a famous Icelandic name, Björn is a great choice if you’re looking for an exotic sounding name for the new arrival in your family. The title comes from an Old Norse word meaning “bear”. 

5. Bjartur

This fantastic Icelandic boys’ name also appears frequently in the Faroese Islands. More of a traditional title, the name comes from the Old Norse, Bjartr, which means “bright” or “sunshine”. This is a great name for someone who lights up your life. 

6. Dagur

This name might look unusual at first glance, but it’s actually a beautiful Icelandic boy name coming from the word “Dag”, meaning day. Dagur is one of the top boy’s names in Iceland, and it’s been popular for a number of years. 

7. Daníel

Daníel is a highly popular male name in countries all around the globe. This title has its own version in Iceland, Daníel, which uses the special “I” from the Icelandic language. The name Daníel means “God is my judge”. 

8. Einar

Pronounced “Eye-nar”, Einar is a male Icelandic name with Old Norse and ancient Scandinavian origins. The title has various spellings to choose from, including Ejnar, and Einari, depending on where you live. Einar means “leader of the battle”, or “alone in battle”. 

9. Elías

Fantastic if you want a popular Icelandic name which also works well in other parts of the world, Elías is the Spanish and Icelandic form of the name Elijah. This title originated in Hebrew, and it means “my God is Yahweh”. 

10. Friðrik

Many of the Icelandic boy names most popular today come from names we know around the world. This is the case with Friðrik, which comes from the name Frederick. This title, which is often shortened to Fritz, or Frid, means “peaceful ruler”. 

11. Freyr

Freya is a female given name around the Scandi region, but Freyr is male. This name in Iceland means “Lord” in Old Norse, and it’s also a name referring to a popular Norse god. Freyr was the God responsible for fertility and sunlight. 

12. Guðmundur

Less popular around the western world, Guðmundur ranks among the top male Icelandic names in modern times. This title often appears on naming lists throughout Iceland, and it means “under God’s protection”. Like many Icelandic names, it comes from Old Norse. 

13. Gunnar

This is a name sure to give your son plenty of strength through his life. The name, which is often shortened to “Gunn”, comes from the Old Norse title “Gunarr”, which referred to a warrior or soldier in battle. Gunnar also means “bold and brave”. 

14. Håkon

Though a more traditional Icelandic name compared to some of the others on this list, Håkon is still very popular in Iceland. This title also appears frequently in Norway and Denmark. The name means “first born son”. 

15. Helgi

Featuring a unique and charming sound, Helgi, or Helge is a Scandinavian and Icelandic, Dutch, German name. The title means “dedicated to the Gods”, and it comes from the Norse word, “Hailaga”. The female version is Olga. 

Icelandic Male Names

Male Icelandic names for a new arrival

True Icelandic names can be harder to come by than names elsewhere in the Scandi region. The Icelandic naming council was only formed a short time ago, in the nineties. 

Within the Icelandic region, there are a lot of important rules to follow about how names should be produced and spelled. All names must have a meaning, and most need to be assigned to a specific gender.

There are also various names in Iceland which come from other parts of the world but have their own unique Icelandic twist. Here are some great options to explore. 

1. Isak

Probably a name you’ve heard often in reference to the bible, Isaac is a well-known moniker around the globe. Iceland has its own version of this name with Isak. The title means “laughter” or “joy”, making it great for any young boy. 

2. Ingvar

The name Ingvar comes from Yngvarr, a Norse word referring to the Germanic god Yngvi. Ingvar is sometimes shortened to Ing, and it means “God’s warrior”, or the protector of God. This name appears frequently all around Scandinavia. 

3. Jón

John is among the most popular male names in the world, so it’s probably no surprise it appears frequently in Scandinavia too. This version is specifically common in the Icelandic region. Jón, like its biblical alternative, John, means “God is gracious”. 

4. Jóhann

Another alternative to the better-known John, Johann in Icelandic is a variant of Jonah, which comes from Hebrew. This title has it’s unique spelling to offer, as well as a compelling sound. The moniker means “God is merciful”. 

5. Jökull

If you’re looking for a cool Icelandic name to match the cool people of Iceland, then you can’t go wrong with Jökull. This title is popular in both Iceland and Norway, and it means “ice” or “icicle”. The moniker is currently on the rise in Iceland.

6. Jakob

Jakob is one of the most popular names in Norway for a boy, but it’s also very common in Iceland too. The title derives from “Jacob” or “James”. Jacob comes from biblical stories, and it means to “support” or to “follow”. 

7. Kristofer

Sometimes spelled with two “f’s”, Kristofer is an appealing Icelandic male name, related to the old Greek name Christopher, and the Scandinavian title Kristopher. This moniker simply means “bearing Christ”, or “holding Christ in your heart”. 

8. Kristján

Another Icelandic boys’ name with a biblical background, Kristjan is an alternative to the name Christian, or Kristian in Scandinavia. The moniker appears frequently in Estonia and Slovakia, as well as Iceland. It means “follower of Christ”. 

9. Larus

Larus or Lárus as it’s commonly spelled in Iceland, comes from the longer Latin name, Laurentum, which means “crowned with laurel”. This Scandinavian moniker is a common alternative to the name Laurence, or Laurentius. 

10. Leifur

If you’ve heard of the popular Scandinavia name Leif, then Leifur probably sounds quite familiar. This is the Icelandic version of Leif, which comes from the Old Norse, Leifr, which meant descendent or heir. 

11. Ludvik

This can be quite a complicated name spelling wise, as it’s often Lúðvík in Iceland. However, you can keep it simple if you prefer. The name comes from Ludwig and is popular throughout both Germany and Scandinavia. Ludvik means famous warrior. 

12. Magnús

Magnús is a popular Icelandic boy’s name, and a great title throughout Scandinavia. This powerful name was once the moniker of a famous Norwegian King, and it also comes from Latin origins. Magnús just means “the greatest.”

13. Matthias

Matthias is an Icelandic boy’s name gaining attention elsewhere in the world too. This moniker is a good alternative to Matthew or Matt. The name means “gift of God”, and it actually comes from Greek. 

14. Njáll

If you’re a fan of the name “Neil”, but you want something a little different, this is the title for you. The moniker Njáll is a Viking name which often appears in Iceland. According to experts, the name means “son of Thorgeir”. 

15. Ölvir

A delightful Icelandic boys’ name with a unique twist, Ölvir comes from the better-known title “Oliver”, which is common all around the world. Ölvir means “protection”, and “luck”, but it can also refer to war and warriors. 

Icelandic Male Names

Icelandic boy names: More great names

Iceland has quite a few unique names to offer for people who want their child to have a truly special title. Some will translate well to various parts of the world, whereas others might be harder to remember and spell. 

Let’s take a look at some more fantastic Icelandic male names:

1. Ólafur

A fun alternative to the slightly better-known Olaf which is gaining popularity following the Frozen movies, Ólafur is a beautiful Icelandic male name. The title, as you might expect, comes from Old Norse, and it means “relic of the ancestors”. 

2. Oskar

Another popular Icelandic male name with a lot of clout throughout all Scandinavian countries, Oskar is an alternative to “Oscar”. The moniker has an Old English origin, and it usually means either “friend of deer” or the “spear of God”. 

3. Páll

This is an Icelandic boy name you’ll hear quite often in the Faroese islands too. Páll means “skin or parchment”, which is a little odd. It’s actually an alternative to the name “Paul”, which is common in various parts of the world. 

4. Pétur

Another excellent example of how Icelandic male names can often link to better-known global monikers, Pétur is an alternative to Peter. This name appears very often in Norway and Iceland, and it means “rock”, or “stone”. 

5. Ragnar

Ragnar is a very popular Old Norse name throughout Norway, Iceland, and the Faroese Islands. According to legend, the name comes from Old Norse, “Ragnarr”, and often means either “judgement”, or “warrior.”

6. Rúnar

Rúnar is a common boys’ name throughout Scandinavia, and comes from the word “Rune”, which means secret in Old Norse. The full name Rúnar in Iceland translates to mean the “warrior of secret”, or the “hidden warrior”. 

7. Sigurður

A powerful Icelandic boy’s name, and one of the most popular in the country lately, Sigurður means “victory”. The title comes from Old Norse, and it can often be shortened to “Siggy”, usually for younger boys. 

8. Stefán

Variants of the name Stephen or Steven appears quite frequently throughout the Nordic region. This version of Stefan is most common in Iceland, and it comes from the Greek Stephanos. The title translates to a person with a crown, or wealth.

9. Steinn

Steinn seems like quite an odd Icelandic boy’s name at first, but it’s actually quite common. This name also appears throughout Denmark and Norway. The name comes from Old German, and refers to a rock or cliff.

10. Þórr

If you love the idea of naming your son after a God of Thunder, then this is the title for you. The name comes from Old Norse and means Thor. This is the hammer-wielding god associated with the protection of mankind, and storms. 

11. Þórir

If you don’t live in Iceland yet, this is a name which might confuse your child’s school teachers. Þórir is quite a complex name, but it actually means “Thor’s warrior”, and it comes from the Icelandic name for Thor, Þórr. 

12. Tomas

If you know the name Thomas, then you should also feel right at home with the Icelandic boy name, Tomas. This is a version of the Aramaic name, Thomas, which means “twin”. It’s easy to remember and to spell!

13. Tryggvi

This is another example of how complex names in Iceland can really be. Tryggvi, or Tryggve is a popular masculine name which also appears in Norway. The name comes from the old Norse, tryggr, which means trustworthy or noble. 

14. Úlfur

Úlfur is a popular name throughout Iceland and Norway. The title comes from the Old Norse, Ulfr, which means “wolf”. Wolf was once a quite common element in many Nordic and Germanic names, as the wolf is crucial in Norse paganism. 

15. Víðir

The name Víðir is a unique sounding title which is ideal for anyone who loves Icelandic history. The name Víðir refers to the willow tree in Iceland, and it comes from Old Norse, like many of the monikers mentioned here. 

Exploring Icelandic boy names

Male Icelandic names and female names from Iceland can be difficult to come by. It’s only recently the naming committee appeared in Iceland to approve and remove names. The rules in the country are very strict, meaning the list of Icelandic names approved today is still quite small.

Fortunately, there are still enough male Icelandic names out there to give you all the inspiration you need if there’s a new arrival coming to your household. If you’re keen to learn more about Icelandic names, check out our other lists. 

Alternatively, visit our Scandinavian naming pages for insights into Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Swedish names too. 

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