Icelandic Girl Names

Icelandic girl names: Amazing Icelandic female names

If you’re looking for inspiration or information on Icelandic girl names, you’re in the right place. Icelandic names for girls are some of the more unusual titles you’ll find from the Nordic region. 

Many come with their own unique letters to learn, accompanied with sounds we’re not used to in other parts of the world. However, the unique nature of Icelandic female names also makes them charming.

Like many parts of Iceland, the naming structure is complex, but attractive. 

If you’re expecting a new arrival in your home, embracing an Icelandic name could be the perfect way to celebrate the beauty and mystery of Iceland in your family. 

Icelandic Girl Names

Icelandic girl names you won’t forget

Icelandic girl names, as mentioned above, have some unique quirks to them. 

The first thing you should know is almost all Icelandic names are either male or female. It’s unlikely to have a “unisex” name. There’s also a unique term for Icelandic women who have the same name (nöfnur). If two ladies share the same full name, they’re called alnöfnur.

Icelandic girl names, similar to male names in the country, often use a unique alphabet to set them apart from other titles in the Scandinavian region. 

Here are some of the most incredible Icelandic names for women you should know about…

1. Alda

One of our favorite Icelandic girl names, Alda is a common title referring to the beautiful scenery of the Icelandic region. The word, which translates to “wave” in the Icelandic language, is a charming name for any girl. 

2. Ása

The name Ása is a short and sweet title for a girl in Iceland. It comes from the word áss in Old Norse, which means “God”. The name is also often used as a moniker for an Icelandic horse. Sometimes, you can also use the spelling “Ase”. 

3. Ástríður

One of the more complex names to spell, Ástríður is a traditional Icelandic girl name officially approved by the country’s naming committee. The moniker means “beautiful” and beloved. It can also stand for love. 

4. Björk

Björk is quite a well-known name throughout the Scandinavian region, and a popular Icelandic girl’s name too. The title stands for “birch tree” in Iceland, and it contains a distinctive letter from the Icelandic alphabet. 

5. Birta

Danish and Icelandic in origin, the name Birta is a shortened form of Birgitta, from Iceland. This title is also a common name for Icelandic horses. Icelandic horses often have popular female names attached to them. 

6. Dagny 

A compelling Icelandic and Old Norse name, Dagny comes from Ancient Scandinavia, and it’s one of the most attractive titles on our list. Coming from the word “Dag”, this is a name meaning “new day” in Iceland. 

7. Dora

You may have heard the name “Dora” outside of Iceland, as it’s gained a lot of attention around the world. However, the unique spelling Dóra is specific to Hungary and Iceland. Dora means God’s gift. You can also use the title as a short form of Isadora. 

8. Edda

Edda is a memorable Icelandic female name coming from the term for “great grandmother” in Old Norse. The name was also a name in a very old Icelandic literary works well-known around the country. 

9. Eir

Eir is a beautiful name you’ll see frequently both in Iceland, and around Norway. The title comes from the word “mercy” in Old Norse. There’s also a Goddess in Norse lore called Eir, who was responsible for healing. 

10. Elfa

Cute and mysterious, Elfa is a wonderful title that connects to the more magical side of Icelandic. This stunning name means “Elf”, and it’s great if you’ve always been a fan of the myths and legends in Scandinavia. 

11. Freyja

Freya is a very popular name around Scandinavia. In Icelandic girl names, there’s an alternative spelling “Freyja”. According to experts, the name apparently translates to “mistress” or “lady” in Old Norse.

12. Frida

Common throughout the Scandinavian region, Frida is a beautiful Nordic name meaning “beloved” or “greatly loved”. It can also reference “beauty”. In Iceland, the name is usually spelled Fríða and it appears this way in the Faroese Islands too. 

13. Groa

G names are actually quite common in Iceland for young women. The title Groa is a little more traditional than some of the other options mentioned here, but it’s still very appealing. Groa comes from the old Norse word meaning “grow”. 

14. Guðrún

Currently the most popular Icelandic female name in the country, this is a title you’re going to hear a lot in Scandinavia. The title comes from Old Norse, like many popular choices, and it means “God’s secret lore”.

15. Heidrun

A Norwegian and Icelandic women’s name of Old Norse origin, Heidrun comes from the word meaning “bright and clear” in Norse, and the word meaning “secret”. In Norse mythology, it was also the name of a goat which ate from the tree of life. 

Icelandic Girl Names

Icelandic female names: More amazing options

Icelandic people believe strongly in the power of names, and how much they can mean to a person. Usually, in olden times, names would be given to protect and strengthen a child when they were young. 

Many women also named their children after the people they dreamed of most when they were pregnant. 

Here are some additional Icelandic women names to inspire you…

1. Hildur

A more common version of this name in Scandinvia is “Hildr”, however, Icelandic locals often add the “u”. The name comes from Hild in Old Norse, and it means “battle”. The title often refers to battle maidens. 

2. Helga

A leader among Icelandic popular names, Helga doesn’t use the unique alphabet we mentioned above, which could make it an easier choice for some parents. The name means “blessed” and “holy” and refers to Iceland’s Christian roots.

3. Ingunn

There are a number of names in Iceland referring to Gods from Old Norse, such as Ing. The name Ingunn is one example, which means “Goddess” and also “Love”. This name also appears in Norway as well as Iceland. 

4. Ingibjorg

Another more complex example of Icelandic girl names, Ingibjorg is a popular title with an Old Norse background. The name again refers to the God of Fertility, “Ing”. Overall, the name means “help of Ing”, or “support of Ing”. 

5. Jenný

Jenny is a name common all over the world. The title usually comes from Jennifer, and in Iceland, it has a unique spelling, with a character from the Icelandic alphabet. Jenný means “fair one”, or “beautiful”. 

6. Jóhanna

Sometimes shortened to Hanna or Jo, this lyrical name from Iceland has been officially approved by the country’s naming committee. The title is Christian in origin and means “God is gracious”. Icelanders often spell Joahanna as Jóhanna.

7. Katla

Katla is an alternative to common titles like Catherine and Katherine in Iceland. This moniker can also be the female version of Ketil, which refers to a cauldron or helmet in the Old Norse language. Some families shorten the name to Kat. 

8. Kristín

A memorable and easy to spell name from Iceland, Kristin is almost exactly the same as the better-known title from around the world. The moniker comes from Old Norse, and it means “bright and noble”. 

9. Lilja

If you like the name Lily for your daughter, but you want something a little more unique, Lilja could be the perfect option for you. Lilja is common in Faroese, Finnish and Iceland. The name just means “Lily”, like the flower. 

10. Lara

Lara is a popular Latin name which means “Protection” and comes from Lares. The title refers to individual gods of Roman households. Icelandic locals prefer to use the spelling of Lára. This can also be an alternative to Laura. 

11. Mæja

An alternative name to Maria, Mæja puts an exotic twist on a well-known title from around the world. The name has Arabic, Scandinavian, and German origins, and it translates to simply mean “splendid” or “great”. 

12. Margrét

Simple and memorable, Margrét is a common title from Scandinavia which comes from the better-known “Margaret”. This Nordic name is extremely popular, and it also shows up frequently in Norway and the Faroese Islands.

13. Maria

Maria is a popular Icelandic girl name which will also sound very familiar in other parts of the world. The title comes from Mirjam, which means “bitter” or can sometimes refer to the sea. Icelanders often spell the name María. 

14. Njála

Njala, sometimes spelled Nyala in other parts of the world, is a common Icelandic female name which comes from the words for “cloud” and champion. The title actually comes from the days when Vikings were in Iceland

15. Olga

Olga is a pretty popular name in all regions of Scandinavia. The title appears around Norway, Denmark, and Iceland. Meaning “holy” and “blessed”, this name can be highly religious. It can also mean “successful” or “fortunate”. 

Icelandic Girl Names

Icelandic women names: More great monikers

Finally, we come to our last list of Icelandic female names. There are plenty of great choices to choose from around the country, so you should never run short of inspiration. One thing you might notice, however, is Iceland does have fewer approved names than their Scandi counterparts. 

Here are some additional options to explore…

1. Pala

There aren’t many Icelandic girl names beginning with P, but Pala is a great example of one. This name, often spelled Pála is an officially approved name which just means “Small”. Pal is a similar option for boys. 

2. Ragna

Names with “Ragna” sounds at the beginning seem to appear quite often in Iceland, often referring to the Old Norse legends and gods. The name “Ragna” in Iceland means advice or counsel in Ancient Scandinavian. 

3. Runa 

Rúna, or Runa, is a popular name throughout Iceland, as well as in other parts of Scandinavia. The title comes from the word “Rune” in Old Norse, which means “secret” or “hidden”. Rune is the male form of the name. 

4. Rut

Rut is quite a sharp sounding name depending on where you visit in the Scandi region. However, it’s actually a popular alternative to the name Ruth. Rut means companion or friend, and it’s pronounced “root” in Iceland. 

5. Saga

Saga is a wonderful title holding a lot of mysterious power. The name seems to come from Old Norse, like many popular Icelandic names, and it means “seeing one”. This was also the name of a Norse Goddess of History or Poetry. 

6. Sif

Sif is a fun and memorable name of Scandinavian and Old Norse origin. This title actually comes from the word “bride” and it was the name of the wife of the Norse God Thor in myths and legends of the country. 

7. Sigríður

Another wonderfully popular Icelandic female name with a unique sound, this name comes from Old Norse, as well as Old Germanic. The title Sigríður means powerful silence, and peaceful champion. It’s a very common choice in Iceland. 

8. Sigrún

Another popular Icelandic name starting with the “Sig” sound, Sigrún is a female Icelandic name meaning “victory rune”. According to the old tales of Norse mythology, Sigrún was a name of one of the powerful Valkyrie. 

9. Theodora

A longer version of the name “Dora” we mentioned above, Theodora is quite popular in Icelandic regions, and around the Nordic area. The name Theodora means the gift of god, and it can sometimes be shortened to Dorothy. 

10. Þórdís

One of the more complex Icelandic names girls can have in Iceland, Þórdís comes from the Icelandic name for Thor. The full title in this case refers to “Thor’s wife”. It’s a great moniker if you’re looking for something linking back to Norse mythology. 

11. Þórunn

This is a unique and eye-catching name starting with the Icelandic version of the letter P. The name comes from the Norse version of Torunn, which means “Mother of Bishop of Bjorn”. This is an approved name in Iceland. 

12. Unnur

Another unusual choice among female Icelandic names, Unnur is sometimes spelled Unnr. The title comes from Old Norse and Proto-Germanic and it means to grant or bestow love to someone. What a gorgeous name! 

13. Valdis

We love the interesting sound of this name, as well as its slightly gothic meaning. Valdis is derived from Old Norse, like many of the Icelandic girl names mentioned above. The title refers to the Goddess of the Dead. 

14. Vigdis

Vigdis is a name of a goddess in the Norse mythology, and it’s also a very popular female Icelandic name. The title Vigdis refers to the words for war and goddess in old Norse, defining the name-holder as the goddess of war. 

15. Ylfa

One of the better-known names throughout Icelandic history, Ylfa refers to the name for the wolf in Norse origins, Ulf. The title means “the wolf”, and it’s very popular, as the wolf is a powerful figure in Norse history. 

Amazing Iceland girl names

Iceland girl names are beautiful but unusual. If you’re looking for a name that no-one else will share with your new arrival, this could be the perfect place to start looking. 

For more insights into stunning Icelandic names, or names across the Scandinavian region, don’t forget to check out some of our other wonderful naming lists. 

We can teach you everything you need to know about Swedish names, names form Norway, Danish names, and so much more! 

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