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How to get from Malmö to Copenhagen: The best options

Traveling from Malmö to Copenhagen might seem like a lot of work — but it’s much easier than you’d think. 

Although Malmö and Copenhagen are in different countries, they’re connected by the brilliant Øresund bridge, which opened in 2000, and officially bridged the gap between the two Scandi destinations. 

Before the arrival of the bridge, the only way to get from Malmö to Copenhagen was via a ferry trip. Fortunately, now, you can just as easily take a train, bus, or car to your destination. 

If you’ve been looking for fun things to do in Malmö, and you’ve decided to travel a little outside of the city’s borders, then a day trip to Copenhagen could be just the thing. 

Visiting Copenhagen means you can see the capital city of Denmark in all its glory and discover some amazing experiences along the way. 

Let’s look at some of the easiest ways to travel from Malmö to Copenhagen.

What’s the fastest way to get from Malmö to Copenhagen?

Interestingly, the fastest way to travel from Malmö to Copenhagen isn’t by air. Even if there were direct flights from Malmö to Copenhagen, it wouldn’t make sense to take this route. 

The time it would take to get to the airport and set up a flight would be much longer than the time it would take to drive from one destination to another. 

Ultimately, the fastest way to get from Malmo to Copenhagen is by road. Since the bridge was built, you can easily get from one destination to another within about 40 minutes. 

Driving is generally quite a fast choice, but trains can also be excellent for speed too. With the train, you don’t have to worry about peak traffic getting in the way of your journey. 

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Getting a train to Copenhagen from Malmö

Trains from Malmö to Copenhagen run every day, offering a quick and convenient route between Denmark and Sweden. 

The train to Copenhagen from Malmö is actually known as the Oresundstag, and it’s an affordable way to get around, costing around 77 DKK each way. 

The journey goes right between Malmo central station and Copenhagen. 

Trains depart from Malmo to the Kobenhavn station in Copenhagen around every ten minutes. The journey lasts between 35 and 40 minutes depending on the time of day. 

It’s also possible to get a slightly faster train if you really want a unique experience, but the tickets for these journeys are a little more expensive. 

You can find times for your trains on the ACP rail site

It’s a little cheaper to book a train from the DSB website in advance if you know exactly when you want to take the trip from Copenhagen to Malmo. 

The bus from Copenhagen to Malmö

For those on a budget, getting the bus from Copenhagen to Malmö is one of the cheaper option. 

You can either choose to travel with a private bus company like Flixbus, or take the journey with Nettbuss. Both options are reasonably affordable. 

However, Nettbuss tickets are slightly more expensive, thanks to extra leg room, electrical sockets for charging your phone and free Wi-Fi. 

Both the Flixbus bus from Malmo to Copenhagen, and the Nettbuss buses from Malmo to Copenhagen are quick and easy to use. There are busses running all the time. 

Nettbuss offers around 7 busses per day, while Flixbus has around 15 busses scheduled. 

If you want to get the bus from Copenhagen to Malmö, you can also look into the #999 Greyhound bus route depending on where you’re planning to go. A day ticket can give you the freedom to explore more of Sweden and Denmark if you have some extra time to spare.

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How to drive from Malmö to Copenhagen 

Getting from Malmö to Copenhagen by car gives you more freedom to explore different routes on your journey. Although you won’t be able to sit back and enjoy the scenery as much as you would on a train if you’re in a driver’s seat, you can make regular stops. 

The drive between Copenhagen and Malmö is around 35 to 40 minutes long, and it’s worth remembering that you need to pay for tolls, as well as fuel. 

If you’re planning on using your own car to drive from Malmö to Copenhagen, then you shouldn’t have any other costs to worry about. However, some rental car companies will ask you to pay a fee if you cross borders. 

If you’re thinking of moving from Sweden to Copenhagen and vice versa in your car, then you could consider purchasing a BroPas for a yearly price. This gives you an easy way to get from Malmö to Copenhagen by car without spending a fortune on tolls every time. 

An alternative to driving for those who would rather avoid being in the driver’s seat for too long could be to take a taxi from Malmö to Copenhagen. There are various metered cabs in Malmö to help you get to your destination. 

However, you should always agree a fare before starting your journey, as the price could shock you.

Getting the ferry from Malmö to Copenhagen

Usually, the best way to travel from Malmö to Copenhagen is by road. Whether you choose a car, bus, or train, you’ll get to your destination much faster if you stick to the ground. 

If you have a passion for the water, however, then you can get a ferry from Malmö to Copenhagen too. 

It takes around 10 minutes to travel from Malmo to Copenhagen by ferry. You’ll also be able to get the ferry at all times of day, with boats leaving virtually all the time. 

The ferries running between Malmo and Copenhagen come from Oresundbron. 

If you’re thinking of getting the ferry from Malmo to Copenhagen, it might be worth signing up for a tour that allows you to see more of Sweden and Denmark as part of your route. 

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Is it possible to fly from Malmö to Copenhagen?

There are no direct flights from Malmö to Copenhagen. Your best option would be to travel from Oslo or Stockholm, which means that a journey from one region to another could take you around 5 and a half hours. 

This would mean it makes no sense to fly from Malmö to Copenhagen.

Getting a flight would be more expensive than traveling via road or ferry. At the same time, you’d be adding several extra hours to your journey and cutting out the great scenery that you can enjoy on your trip too. 

Even if there was a direct flight between Malmö and Copenhagen, taking this route wouldn’t make much sense. 

Tips for travel from Malmö to Copenhagen 

If you’re looking for an amazing experience in Scandinavia, then it’s definitely worth considering the trip from Malmö to Copenhagen. Remember to have your passport with you, just in case. 

Although the passport controls between borders aren’t as significant as they once were, you may need identification if you’re travelling within Europe. 

It’s also worth noting that Copenhagen is a little more expensive than Malmö, so if you’re planning on a day trip, it might be a good idea to save up a little extra cash. 

Here are some other quick tips to keep in mind when you travel from Malmö to Copenhagen:

  • The train is probably the easiest way to get from Malmö to Copenhagen. Even if you don’t get the super-fast trains available in the region, you’ll arrive in your destination within less than an hour. Plus, there are no parking issues to worry about. 
  • The distance between Malmö and Copenhagen is only around 30km. This means that taking the trip between these two Nordic destinations is much easier than you might think. 
  • There are a direct bus and a direct train traveling between Malmö and Copenhagen on a daily basis. It’s very easy getting from one location to the other on any day when you feel like taking the next step in your adventure. 

Have fun exploring both Malmö and Copenhagen during your Scandinavian adventure. For more tips on what you can do when you’re in Sweden or Denmark, make sure you check out our other articles right here at Scandification. 

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