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Stockholm to Copenhagen: Getting from Stockholm to Denmark

There are plenty of locations in Scandinavia worth adding to your bucket list. You might be keen to check out the Northern Lights in Iceland, or maybe you’ve always dreamed of exploring the incredible landscape of Norway

The good news for today’s Scandi travellers, is that there are plenty of ways to easily hop from one location to another within the Nordic region

If you’re keen to follow up your cultural education in Stockholm with a period of Hygge in Copenhagen, then there are plenty of ways to get started. From regular trains to flights that take little more than an hour, nothing is stopping you from a fantastic trip. 

Today, we’re going to walk you through the process of getting from Stockholm to Denmark in style.

Here’s your complete guide on getting to Copenhagen from Stockholm by plane, train, and automobile.

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How to get from Stockholm to Copenhagen

Let’s start with the good news. Getting from Stockholm to Copenhagen is easier than you’d think. The close connection between these two regions ensures that you can easily travel from one point on the map to another in no time. 

Copenhagen is an excellent place to visit if you’re looking for looking for a dose of comfort and tranquillity. You’ll learn about all the ways that you can encounter inner peace from one of the happiest locations on earth. 

Plus, there are tons of stunning locations to explore and museums to learn from. 

Getting to Denmark from Stockholm is quite simple. 

There’s a direct train between Copenhagen and Stockholm that lasts around 5 hours and 27 minutes. If you decide to take a more scenic route, then you could consider taking a more complex journey with multiple changes and stops. 

Aside from a train journey, you can also explore flights, these often take a little over an hour, although they’re the most expensive way to travel. 

Alternatively, look into a bus journey (preferably with multiple stops for comfort), or take your car the 400 miles from one destination to the other for complete freedom.

Flights from Stockholm to Copenhagen

By far, the fastest way to get from Stockholm to Copenhagen in style, is to travel by air. Your journey will usually take around 1 hour and 10 minutes when you fly from Stockholm to Copenhagen. 

It’s worth noting, however, that the time you spend at the airports will often add to the length of your journey. 

The good news is that getting into the city from your chosen airport is pretty simple. The Arlanda Express in Stockholm will take you straight to wherever you need to be in one direction. 

In the other, you’ll find plenty of busses and trains to take you into the heart of Stockholm. 

Getting from Stockholm to Copenhagen by air is a little pricier than using a train or car, but it’s a great opportunity to check out the large airports in the region. You’ll also find that there are multiple flights per day to choose from. 

We’d recommend visiting the Scandinavian region out of season if you’re planning to fly between counties, as this will help you to find the cheapest ticket prices. 

You could also consider getting a ticket from a cheaper airline but be careful to ensure that you understand all the baggage restrictions. Cheaper flights often mean limited luggage options. 

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Getting the train from Stockholm to Copenhagen

Travelling from Stockholm to Copenhagen by train is often the most popular way to hop between the two regions. The journey is quick and straightforward, with a direct route available for those in a hurry. 

Usually, you’ll take the Copenhagen Central Station train to Stockholm Central station, or vice versa. The trip will last just over 5 hours. 

If you prefer to see more of the region while traveling by train, you can consider getting an indirect ticket to take you through Malmo or Gothenburg. However, remember that this trip usually lasts up to 8 hours. 

Fortunately, you can find power points, free Wi-Fi, and snacks to purchase on most trips. 

If you’re wondering whether you’ll get a great view when you’re travelling from Stockholm to Copenhagen, you’re in luck. The journey from Stockholm to Denmark is beautiful, with plenty of scenery to take in while you travel. 

Another huge bonus of travelling by train is that it’s often a lot more affordable than other options. The earlier you book your ticket, the bigger your discount will be. Check out your options and get prepared in advance. 

How to travel between Stockholm and Copenhagen by bus

If you want an affordable journey, but you don’t like the idea of taking the train, an alternative could be to take the bus. Travel from Stockholm to Copenhagen by bus is ridiculously cheap, so it’s great for anyone on a budget. 

However, bus travel is often the most exhausting option too. 

The journey from Stockholm to Denmark by bus usually takes around 10 hours — and that’s if you take the direct route. If you prefer a more indirect option, then you can take the indirect bus journey through Gothenburg or Oslo

Usually, you’ll need to find somewhere to stay during this journey, as the trip often lasts around 18 hours in total. 

Although getting from Stockholm to Denmark by bus is cheap, it’s not particularly comfortable, as you’ll be sitting for a long time. It might be worth checking out the train deals available before you agree to anything here. 

The train trip is a lot faster and more comfortable. Plus, at certain times of the year, you’ll save a fortune on off-peak tickets.

How to drive from Stockholm to Copenhagen

One additional option if you’re hoping to travel from Stockholm to Copenhagen, is to drive yourself. 

Getting from Stockholm to Copenhagen by car give you lots of extra freedom. You can stop whenever you choose and take a break in one of the beautiful locations along the way. 

There’s also the chance to get a feel for the scenery around you. 

Without any major traffic or stops, the journey will probably last around eight hours. However, it’s important to note that traveling from Stockholm to Copenhagen by road can be a little busy. 

There’s a chance that you’ll get stuck in traffic around the Oresund bridge. 

You’ll also need to pay a toll on the Oresund bridge too, which can add to the cost of car travel. Keep in mind that if you want to drop your rental car in Copenhagen, instead of returning it to Stockholm, then there’ll be an extra charge for that too. 

We recommend taking plenty of snacks on your journey from Stockholm to Copenhagen by car. Don’t forget to rest up regularly too.

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What to remember when travelling from Stockholm to Copenhagen

Figuring out how to travel from Stockholm to Copenhagen isn’t as complicated as it seems. There are tons of options available, including car journeys, busses, and flights. 

Currently, there is no way to get the Ferry from Stockholm to Copenhagen directly. If you’re committed to traveling from Stockholm to Copenhagen by ferry, you’ll need a work around. 

One option can be to get the train to Gothenburg from Stockholm, and then take the ferry through to Denmark and Frederikshavn. From here, you can get one of the trains to Copenhagen, for a journey lasting just over five hours. 

Remember. However you choose to travel between Sweden and Denmark, you will need to have a passport or form of ID available. Although some locations might not check your passport details, it’s better to be prepared if you can. 

It’s also worth checking any information available online about fees you might have to pay for travelling between country borders. The rules and regulations around travel are constantly changing, so don’t get left behind. 

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