Swedish TV Shows On Amazon Prime

The best Swedish TV shows on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a leading streaming service and one of the best places to find great TV shows from across the world. Sweden is well-represented, and you will find plenty of Swedish TV shows on Amazon Prime. 

Some Swedish TV shows are included in an Amazon Prime Video membership, whereas you’ll need to pay for others. 

As is the case with English, you will find Swedish series on Amazon in all kinds of genres. Some have become international hits and inspired similar shows in other countries. Others, however, haven’t gained much traction outside of Sweden — but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth watching. 

When you begin watching Swedish TV series on Prime, you’ll notice many of the same characters popping up. As such, it’s easy to feel a personal connection to them after a while. 

And if you’re trying to learn Swedish, hearing the same people speak might help you understand what they’re saying better. 

Without further ado, here’s a list of the best Swedish TV shows on Amazon Prime. We’ll cover a wide selection of interests, along with giving you useful related information.

Are there any Swedish TV shows on Amazon Prime?

Yes — you will find a wide selection of Swedish TV series on Amazon Prime. Many of the shows you see were produced in the 21st century, but others are older than that. 

You will also find a wide selection that were based on popular novels written by decorated Swedish authors, and many are some form of crime drama.

Many Swedish shows on Amazon Prime are also available on Netflix. However, this isn’t universally true; you will find some that are only on Prime. And if you have Netflix, you will similarly find some that are exclusive to that particular platform. 

For some of the Swedish TV shows on Amazon Prime, you’ll need a subscription to Amazon Prime Video. In other instances, you’ll have to buy them — but you won’t need to get a Prime subscription on the flip side.

How can I watch Swedish TV shows on Amazon Prime?

The ways that you can watch Swedish series will largely depend on where in the world you live. Amazon launched its services in Sweden in 2020; if you live in Scandinavia’s largest country, you’ll gain access to multiple titles mentioned on our list. 

However, you don’t necessarily need to live in Sweden to watch these programs. Many Swedish shows are popular in the other Nordic countries, meaning that you’ll similarly have few problems when watching in these parts of the world. 

However, Amazon isn’t available or widely used in the other nations — meaning that you might need to find an alternative option. 

Outside of the Nordics, you can subscribe to Amazon Prime Video in countries like the UK and the US. If you live in another country where Amazon doesn’t operate, you can always use a virtual private network (VPN). 

After signing up, you can connect to a Swedish server and access Swedish series on Amazon Prime.

What are the best Swedish TV shows on Amazon Prime?

Now that you have a better understanding of Amazon Prime and how you can watch Swedish shows there, let’s look at a selection of titles that you’ll find. 

In the subsections below, you will find our pick of the best Swedish TV shows on Amazon Prime — along with whether you need to pay for them or not.


How to watch on Amazon: With MHz Choice

Gåsmamman translates to “The Mother Goose” in English. Directed by Richard Holm, Joakim Eliasson, and Olof Spåk, the series first aired in 2015. 

In the show, Sonja — the lead character — has to deal with the murder of her husband. Little does she know, however, that she will find herself dragged into the criminal underworld. 

After her husband dies, Sonja must find a way to pay back his debts. But at the same time, she has to continue life as a single mother and attempt to raise her children. 

Sonja is played by the award-winning Swedish actress Alexandra Rapaport, who has received significant recognition for how she performed during the series. At the time of writing in August 2022, you will find four seasons of Gåsmamman on Amazon Prime. 

Gåsmamman was inspired by a TV series from the Netherlands with a similar theme, titled Penoza.

The Bridge

How to watch on Amazon: Amazon Prime Video

It’s almost impossible to talk about Swedish TV in general, let alone Swedish series on Amazon Prime, without mentioning the Bridge. The show is known as “Bron” in Swedish or “Broen” in Danish. 

It’s one of the main sources of inspiration for many Nordic Noir series you see today and remains compelling from start to finish. 

The Bridge begins on the Øresund Bridge, which connects Skåne — Sweden’s southernmost county — with the Danish capital Copenhagen. On a fateful evening, a dead body is discovered in the middle of the bridge. 

After that, a Danish-Swedish investigation ensues — but the woman’s death is only the beginning of a sequence of events. 

The brilliant Saga Norén, who works for the police in Malmö, is the main character throughout the series. She is played by Sofia Helin, who features in various other Swedish programs and movies. Famous Danish actor Kim Bodnia, who plays the role of Martin Rohde in the series, also features heavily – especially in the first season. 

Most of The Bridge takes place in Malmö; you will hear some Danish and English, but the majority is in Swedish. The show went on for four seasons, the first two of which you’ll find on Prime Video. If you want to see the others, you can find them on Netflix libraries worldwide.

First Responders

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In real life, Åre is a popular skiing resort in the center of Sweden. It’s frequented by Swedes during the winter months for all kinds of activities, and many Norwegians hop over the border; it’s only around two hours from Trondheim. 

In the series First Responders, however, it becomes an eerie backdrop for all kinds of dark twists and turns. 

First Responders follows the emergency services in and around Åre as they constantly find themselves under the cosh. From various accidents to incidents that are even more sinister, the team has to get things under control and save the individuals involved as quickly as possible. 

The series first aired in the summer of 2020. It has one season, consisting of 10 episodes — each lasting for around 45 minutes.

Thicker Than Water

How to watch on Amazon: Amazon Prime Video

You often hear the phrase “blood is thicker than water” when referring to family. And you can probably expect what’s coming from Thicker Than Water. That’s right, we’re going to follow a Swedish family as they’re put together on an island in the country. 

Thicker Than Water first aired in 2014. During the show, various dark secrets about the family are revealed. You find out the truth behind break-ups, attempted blackmails, and much more. When watching this Swedish TV series on Amazon Prime, you can get through two seasons. 

Both seasons have 10 episodes, each of which lasts for roughly an hour. The show features various Swedish actors and actresses, including Björn Bengtsson and Aliette Opheim.


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Beck is one of the best Swedish TV shows on Amazon, and it’s also one of the older ones on our list. The show first premiered in 1998, and it has been going strong ever since — with the latest season set to conclude in 2023. 

The show is based on the crime book series Martin Beck. 

Throughout the series, Beck, the main detective, has to solve a wide range of crimes in the Stockholm region. He’s played by the Swedish actor Peter Haber, who is joined by various other big names in the series. 

At the time of writing in August 2022, you will find eight series on Amazon Prime. Each show is effectively a short movie, lasting for roughly an hour and a half each. While the show is in Swedish, you can turn English subtitles on if you’re not yet proficient with the language.

Camilla Läckberg’s Fjällbacka Murders

How to watch on Amazon: MHz Choice/Buy Season 1

The Camilla Läckberg book series is very popular in Sweden, and Camilla Läckberg’s Fjällbacka Murders is one of the programs you’ll find based on these novels. At the beginning of the series, the main character — Erica, and her family are about to move to the West Coast of Sweden. 

However, they aren’t aware of the crimes that await. 

Erica is a writer who also investigates each crime when they occur; the murders are pretty varied from one another. The series features various actors and actresses from Sweden, including Lennart Jähkel and Claudia Galli. 

Camilla Läckberg’s Fjällbacka Murders lasts for one season, which has six episodes in total. You can also watch the 2007 Camilla Läckberg series, which has five episodes available on Amazon.

Before We Die

How to watch on Amazon: Amazon Prime Video

Known as “Innan Vi Dör” in Swedish, Before We Die follows Hanna and Björn — two police detectives on the same team. The series was first released in 2017, with two seasons in total currently available to watch on Amazon. 

During the series, the detectives are forced to investigate the world of unorganized crime in Sweden. 

Innan Vi Dör’s first season has 10 episodes, with eight featuring in the second one. In addition to Amazon, you can find the series on numerous other platforms; if you live in the UK, for example, the series are both available on 4.

Henning Mankell’s Wallander

How to watch on Amazon: Amazon Prime Video

Wallander is arguably the most famous Swedish crime novel series in history. It has had multiple TV series based on it, many of which have enjoyed significant success in and outside of Sweden. 

You will find many of these on Amazon Prime, but we’re going to include the Henning Mankell version on this particular list — which first aired in 2010. 

The Wallander series is set in Ystad, a small town in Sweden’s Skåne province. In the version we’ve mentioned, Wallander works on the same team as his daughter to investigate crimes in and around the town. 

The pair of them are joined by another detective, who goes by the name of Stefan Lindman. 

The series goes on for three seasons, with each episode lasting for roughly an hour and a half. Some of the actors and actresses to feature in the show include Krister Henriksson and Ola Rapace.

Thin Ice

How to watch on Amazon: Amazon Prime Video

Known as “Tunn Is” in Swedish, Thin Ice is one of the newer series on our list; it launched in 2020. It follows the case of a kidnapping that takes place on a ship, which follows tensions over a treaty related to oil in the Arctic region. 

One of those hostages is the advisor for the Swedish minister Elsa Engström, who is in Greenland at the time of the kidnapping. 

The series follows the initial kidnapping, alongside various other crimes that occur as the investigation ensues. Over time, once the crime is solved, the treaty is put in further jeopardy by political powers elsewhere.

Tunn Is has one season, which has eight episodes in total. Each of these lasts for around 45 minutes. The likes of Bianca Kronlöf and Alexander Karim feature in this series.


How to watch on Amazon: Prime Video (Season 1) | Prime Video (Season 2)

Modus is set in and around Stockholm, and it follows the story of a team of detectives who are forced to look into multiple crimes. In particular, the two main cops in the series are Inger Johanne Vik and Ingvar Nyman. 

The series follows various murders and murder attempts, along with kidnappings and more. 

This particular Swedish TV series on Amazon Prime first aired in 2015, and you can watch two seasons on Amazon. You will see a broad range of detectives as the program goes on, including Melinda Kinnaman and Henrik Norlén.

Crimes of Passion

How to watch on Amazon: Amazon Prime Video

Crimes of Passion will take you back to Sweden in the 1950s, but not the romanticized version that you’re probably familiar with. Instead, you will join a team of detectives as they aim to solve a variety of murders that take place throughout the show. 

The series is based on a popular book series written by Martin Lang. Puck, one of the main characters, already had an interest in crime novels before having to jump into the deep end. Each episode lasts for around an hour and a half, making them effectively a mini-movie series. 

Crimes of Passion first came about in 2013. You will find one season on Amazon, which consists of six episodes. Tuva Novotny and Linus Wahlgren are two of the main actors and actresses that feature in the series.


How to watch on Amazon: Amazon Prime Video

Missing is known as “Saknad” in Swedish, and the show has been around since 2017. It’s a relatively small series that follows Maja Silver, a police detective from a small town in Sweden. 

She returns to the place she grew up in and is almost immediately welcomed by the news that a young girl has been found dead. 

For the rest of the series, Maja has to try and find a missing woman. Four episodes make up the one and only season, which last for around 45 minutes each. 

Missing is in Swedish, but you won’t find English subtitles on Amazon — so it’s a good test if you’ve been learning the language for a while to see how much you understand.

The Sandhamn Murders

How to watch on Amazon: Amazon Prime Video

Known as Morden i Sandhamn in Swedish, the Sandhamn Murders is one of the most famous crime dramas from Scandinavia’s largest country. The program is based on a popular novel series and is based in the Stockholm archipelago, which isn’t far from the center of Sweden’s largest city. 

The series begins with the discovery of a dead body in the water close to the island, and things continue to escalate from there. Nora Linde, the main character, works closely with the police force to try and investigate the crime. She has to deal with several challenges as the series progresses.

You will find seven series of the Sandhamn Murders on Amazon. Each show lasts for around 45 minutes.

Agent Hamilton

How to watch on Amazon: Amazon Prime Video

Agent Hamilton is based on the popular Carl Hamilton book series. It’s relatively new to Amazon, having been released in 2020. Hamilton has to follow all kinds of crimes in this series, starting with numerous bombings and cyber attacks in the Swedish capital. 

Throughout the series, Hamilton must travel to numerous countries across the globe — including Palestine and Ukraine. He also has to work with various international forces, such as the German authorities. 

At the time of writing in August 2022, you will find one season of Agent Hamilton on Amazon Prime Video.

Spring Tide

How to watch on Amazon: Amazon Prime Video

Spring Tide is another Swedish TV series on Amazon Prime under the crime series, and it has the same producers as The Bridge. The show begins with an attempt to solve a case that is decades old, which was previously left unsolved. 

Later, that case reopens — with a big revelation in the first season. 

The main detective in the series is Olivia, who decides to work on the same case that her father had previously done. Throughout the series, she encounters multiple trials and tribulations — with the show taking several twists and turns. 

You will find two seasons of Spring Tide on Amazon Prime, each consisting of 10 episodes that run for around 45 minutes each.

Black Widows

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To round up our list of Swedish series on Prime, we’ll cover Black Widows. The show follows three women who are on holiday with their husbands, and all of them are in unhealthy relationships. One day, the guys go out fishing, and their boat spectacularly blows up. 

The story escalates from there into a huge investigation, with more violence occurring along the way. In addition to murder, the series covers various other forms of organized crime. 

Much of the show is in Danish, but one of the three main women is Swedish — with a Norwegian also joining them. The show lasts for two seasons, with eight episodes in each of them. Each of these episodes runs for roughly 40 minutes.

Swedish TV shows on Amazon Prime

If you love Scandinavian crime dramas, you’re in luck; many of the best Swedish TV series on Amazon Prime fall into this genre. With a VPN, you can also watch Swedish TV shows on Prime wherever you are. 

And, even if you aren’t a huge fan of Nordic Noir, you will find plenty of shows worth watching. 

Many of the Swedish TV series you’ll find on Amazon are available in multiple countries, and most of the time, you’ll only need a Prime Video subscription to enjoy them. In other instances, however, you’ll need to purchase the season(s) you’d like to watch. 

If you’re looking to move to Scandinavia, you’ll enjoy a good standard of living in all of them. Denmark and Sweden are often at the forefront of people’s minds, but which is better? We wrote a full guide to help you determine for yourself. 

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