Best Places To Live In Denmark

Best places to live in Denmark: Where to live in Denmark

Finding the best places to live in Denmark may not be as challenging as it seems. Constantly ranked among the happiest places in the world, this country has a range of amazing cities and towns to explore for new expats. Every location comes with its own unique benefits and charm.

If you’re looking for amazing communities, beautiful landscapes, and endless things to do, Denmark could be just the right place to call home. The country constantly makes it into the top ten list of the best countries to live in worldwide.

What’s more, Denmark is also one of the leading countries globally for quality of life.

Though it might not be the biggest country in the world, every inch of Denmark is packed with welcoming warmth, culture, and history. Whether you’re looking to launch a new career, or you’re settling down with family, you’ll find a city perfect for you.

Here’s your guide to some of the best places to consider if you want to live in Denmark.

Where is the best place to live in Denmark?

Life in Denmark for foreigners can be a wonderful experience. The language is surprisingly easy to learn, and the country has a lot of English speakers too, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble settling in.

Denmark is one of the best places to do business if you’re looking at setting up your own company, and you’ll never be too far from the coast if you want to relax on one of the many amazing Danish beaches.

Adding to the appeal of Denmark is its wonderful people. No matter your choice of the best city in Denmark to live in, you’re sure to find plenty of locals to welcome you home.

Where do most foreigners live in Denmark?

As with many countries, the majority of the expats in Denmark live in its capital city. Copenhagen offers a unique living experience with tons of job opportunities, and easy access to many surrounding cities and villages, thanks to the public transport options.

Copenhagen is the most populous place in Denmark, and around a quarter of its residents are made up of foreigners. You’ll also find a lot of immigrants in the Aarhus municipality too.

Where is the safest place to live in Denmark?

As one of the happiest and most welcoming places in the world, it’s probably no surprise most of Denmark is safe for foreigners. There’s a very low crime rate among virtually all cities and towns, and everyone is committed to creating a consistent sense of welcoming.

Although some Danes are less friendly to foreigners than others, you’ll still be safe wherever you choose to live. However, most people consider Copenhagen to be the safest environment of all.

Where is the Cheapest place to live in Denmark?

Like many Scandinavian countries, Denmark is far from the cheapest location to call home, particularly with its higher tax rates. However, some locations are more affordable than others. Odense was found to be the cheapest place to live in Denmark according to a 2015 study.

Where to live in Denmark: The best places to live in Denmark

No matter where you choose to live in Denmark, you’ll be able to enjoy an amazing quality of life, with fantastic work/life balance, and plenty of opportunities to thrive with your family.

Let’s look at some of the most popular places to consider for expats…

Best Places To Live In Denmark

1. Copenhagen

Population: 805,420

Famous for: Tivoli gardens, Hans Christian Andersan, Canals, Christiansborg Palace, The Little Mermaid, Rosenborg Castle, and amazing food.

Cost of living: Around $1,200 (without rent)

Copenhagen is the most obvious choice for many expats, ranking as one of the best places to live in Europe. Located on the western side of Denmark, Stockholm is connected by a bridge to Malmø in Sweden, making it easier to explore the rest of Scandinavia.

A beautiful region full of green spaces, parks, and white sandy beaches, Copenhagen can feel like a fairy tale setting to visitors and locals alike. There’s a fantastic cultural scene, tons of art galleries and museums to visit, and a range of world-class restaurants.

Plus, you’ll have access to an excellent transportation system to get around.

Copenhagen is also the business center of Denmark, with lots of international companies setting up shop here. You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a job, and Denmark’s businesses offer fantastic work-life balance, so you can actually enjoy what you do.

The quality of life in Copenhagen ranks among the best in the world, so if you’re looking for wonderful places to live in Denmark, it doesn’t really get much better than this.

Find things to do and places to stay in Copenhagen.

Best Places To Live In Denmark

2. Aarhus

Population: 336,411

Famous for: Old town open air museum, Den Gamle By, Moesgaard Museum, Botanical Gardens, Musikhuset Aarhus, and Aarhus Domkirke.

Cost of living: Around $1,114 (without rent)

Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark (following Copenhagen), and it was apparently founded by the Vikings, according to the locals. Aarhus is located on the western shore of Denmark, close to the capital city.

If you love being surrounded by arts and culture, Aarhus could be the ideal place for you to call home.

Arhus feels like a busy town at heart, with tons of attractive architecture, and a central canal you can stroll along the side of whenever you like. Most of the residents spend their Sundays at restaurants and cafes along the canal, where you can easily enjoy a spot of fika.

Ideal for residents of all ages, Aarhus even has a strong selection of restaurants and bars to visit for the younger crowd, and a lively nightlife scene. On the weekends, you can visit a range of national parks, go shopping, or even rent a boat to go sailing.

There are also various great employment opportunities too.

Though the cost of living is high compared to the rest of the world, the excellent wages in Aarhus make managing the expenses a lot easier.

Find things to do and places to stay in Aarhus.

Best Places To Live In Denmark

3. Aalborg

Population: 211,684

Famous for: The symphony orchestra, various performance venues, the Aalborg Historical Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and the amazing House of Music.

Cost of living: Around $1,027 (without rent)

Aalborg is a charming and eye-catching city in Denmark, ranked as one of the top places to visit in the world. If you’re looking for places to live in Denmark which aren’t as cluttered as the capital, this could be the place for you.

Though not on the coast Aalborg — in Northern Denmark — is still surrounded by water in the form of river banks.

This ancient city is home to a host of amazing modern museums and architectural wonders, including the architectural Utzon Center, and the impressive House of Music. Aalborg attracts all kinds of crowds, but it’s particularly popular among students and younger groups who love the fresh and artistic atmosphere.

Aalborg is home to an excellent blend of historical experiences and unique hotspots, as well as some of the best street art in Denmark.

There are plenty of restaurants and cafes to explore, and you can also explore the northern coast of Denmark if you choose, with tons of good surfing spots and beautiful beaches.

Aalborg is also home to a range of job opportunities, with great salaries, especially if you’re thinking of working in education. The area isn’t quite as expensive as some of the other major cities in the region either.

Find things to do and places to stay in Aalborg.

Best Places To Live In Denmark
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4. Vejle

Population: 113,720

Famous for: Amazing forested hills, fjords, shopping districts and charming windmills. It’s also home to the Jelling UNESCO monuments.

Cost of living: Around $1,142 (without rent)

Though smaller than some of the other best places to live in Denmark, Vejle is brimming with unique, natural charm. If you’re looking for an excellent balance of town life, nature, and culture, this could be the ideal place for you.

It’s also only around 2 hours away from Aarhus if you want to visit somewhere a little larger.

Vejle is an ancient port town, with a lot of Viking history to explore. You can even check out the Kongernes Jelling “Home of the Vikings” experience. Or why not consider the amazing “Jelling Monuments” which are a UNESCO heritage site.

For lovers of more historical architecture, there’s plenty to do and see in Vejle, including the amazing Fjordenhus. The Vejle Midtpunkt umbrellas are worth checking out too. There are plenty of opportunities for employment too, particularly if your interested in art.

Although the wages here can vary depending on your job choice, the cost of living is much lower than in other major Danish cities.

Find places to stay in Vejle.

Best Places To Live In Denmark

5. Odense

Population: 200,703

Famous for: Hans Christian Anderson, Egeskov Castle, Odense Zoo, the Carl Nielsen Museum, and the Danish Railway Museum.

Cost of living: Around $996 (without rent)

Named the “birthplace of fairy tales” by many Danish locals, Odense was the childhood home of Hans Christian Anderson. If your idea of the best cities to live in Denmark has to offer is one of the locations with the most history, this could be the place for you.

Odense sits in Funen Island, to the west of Copenhagen, and it’s not too far away from the hustle and bustle.

The city is brimming with opportunities for people who want to move to Denmark, particularly if you’re interested in the IT sector. Odense is commonly connected with works in robotics, drones, and various general IT services.

While there are some English-speaking roles available here, you will need to speak at least one Scandinavian language to get the widest selection of opportunities. Odense is also home to the University Hospital for professors too.

With tons of trendy bars, cafes, restaurants, museums, and galleries to explore, you’ll have no trouble finding the best ways to spend your weekends in this fantastic city.

The sea is close enough for those summer afternoons, and you’ll have access to a huge range of extra activities too, including biking, hiking, and visiting saunas.

Find things to do and places to stay in Odense.

Best Places To Live In Denmark

6. Roskilde 

Population: 51,793

Famous for: Viking heritage, Roskilde Cathedral, Roskilde Festival, museums, the Yellow Palace, and Roskilde havn and fjord.

Cost of living: Around $1,000 (without rent)

Roskilde is much smaller in size than many of the other major cities in Denmark listed here, but it’s still a location well-worth considering for expats. If you’re interested in history, and want a more unique town-focused location to call your home, Roskilde could be the place for you.

Located only around half an hour away from Copenhagen, Roskilde makes it easy enough to get a job, particularly if you’re willing to commute. Living here also gives you access to some of the most amazing attractions in Denmark, including the UNESCO world heritage side, Roskilde Cathedral.

For music lovers, the Roskilde Festival offers some of the best in the world, so you can definitely expect plenty of opportunities to let your hair down and enjoy some louder music.

Outside of the music scene, there’s a strong cultural landscape here too, packed with things like the Viking ship museum, and the incredible yellow palace.

Wherever you go, you’ll find amazing things to do and see in Roskilde. Plus, you get the added benefit of a much cheaper cost of living than you can enjoy in Copenhagen.

Find things to do and places to stay in Roskilde.

Best Places To Live In Denmark

7. Esbjerg

Population: 115,932

Famous for: Wadden Sea National Park, Ribe Viking Museum, the Fisheries and Maritime Museum, the Water Tower and Art Museum, Esbjerg Museum.

Cost of living: Around $1584 (with rent)

Esbjerg is a popular, and large city in Denmark which bypasses many of the hefty costs associated with other regions in the country. The location is at the heart of Denmark’s oil industry, so it’s a wonderful place to go if you’re looking for a range of job opportunities.

Located on the west coast of Jutland, the mainland peninsula of Denmark, opposite Fanø Island, Esbjerg is one of the most important fishing ports in the region tool. If you’re a fan of seafood, you’ll be able to find fresh fish from a range of cafes and restaurants.

Esbjerg definitely has a lot to offer from a cultural perspective too, like the “Man Meets Sea” sculpture, and the phenomenal Wadden Sea National park. You can learn everything there is to know about the history of Denmark here.

Find places to stay in Esbjerg.

Best Places To Live In Denmark

8. Horsens

Population: 90,370

Famous for: Danmarks Industrimuseum, Boller Slot, Den Genfundne Bro, Horsens Klosterkirke, and a range of great outdoor landscapes.

Cost of living: Around $1511 (with rent)

If the best place to live in Denmark for you is a location with lots of opportunities for relaxation, Horsens is likely to be a top pick.

Although there may not be quite as many job options here as in some of the largest cities in Denmark, this could be a great new home for anyone who wants to retire or work remotely from somewhere serene in Denmark.

If you like the idea of idyllic hiking on the weekends, lots of sea water, and bicycling on your afternoons, this could be a fantastic new home. There are lots of natural spaces to explore, as well as a wide variety of museums where you can learn about Denmark’s history.

Horsens is also a surprisingly active place, with lots of fun activities to check out.

You can learn how to sail or wind-surf, or just spend your summers swimming in the various bodies of water. Horsens is surrounded by tiny isles you can visit by boat too. Plus, you’ll be close to one of the top European medieval festivals each year.

Find places to stay in Horsens.

Best Places To Live In Denmark

9. Randers

Population: 62,623

Famous for: Randers Regnskov (zoo), Memphis Mansion, the Danish Design Museum, Mariager Klosterkirke, the Cold Hand Winery, and Fladbro Skov.

Cost of living: Around $1493 (with rent)

Despite being one of the more attractive regions to live in throughout Denmark, Randers also happens to be one of the least expensive. Once again, you may need to search a little harder to find a well-paying job in your field here, but it could be worth the extra effort.

Randers is home to huge range of incredible attractions, including the Memphis Mansion Museum, and the compelling Randers Regnskov Zoo, where you can see all kinds of monkeys, lemurs, and even big cats roaming free in beautiful natural landscapes.

For culture and history lovers, there’s the phenomenal Danish Design Museum, and the Randers Kunstmuseum. And not forgetting Randers FC, if you fancy taking in a Superliga match.

With all that on offer, and a surprisingly low cost of living, it’s easy to see why this location is so compelling for all kinds of visitors and locals.

Find places to stay in Randers.

Best Places To Live In Denmark
Credit: Mariusz Paździora

10. Kolding

Population: 57,583

Famous for: Koldinghus, Traphold, Geografish Have, Downtown Kolding, the Kolding Miniby, Marielundssoen, and Det Gamle Borgerhus.

Cost of living: Around $1072 (with rent)

With plenty of beautiful locations for camping in your spare time, and a vast range of stunning museums and art collections to check out, Kolding is one of the best cities in Denmark.

If you’re lucky enough to live here, you’ll be able to spend your days exploring phenomenal ancient architecture and soaking up the wonderful history of Denmark.

For lovers of the great outdoors, the Marielundssoen Park is a great place to get back in touch with nature, and there’s also the amazing downtown Kolding if you’re looking for adorable architecture.

Like many smaller cities in Denmark, finding a job here can be a little tougher than elsewhere in Denmark, but you might enjoy living here during retirement.

With a low cost of living, you’ll be able to afford to live in Kolding quite easily. However, you shouldn’t expect too many people to speak English.

Find places to stay in Kolding.

Is it very expensive to live in Denmark?

When moving to Denmark, you’ll have plenty of safe, attractive, and affluent places to choose from. However, it’s worth remembering there are some significant differences between life in Denmark and living elsewhere in the world.

Like most of Scandinavia, Denmark is known for its high taxes, but it’s worth remembering you get amazing healthcare, schooling, and workplace benefits in return.

Keep in mind, you’ll be able to earn more if you’re speaking the language of the locals. Most jobs will require you to speak Danish, but you may need to consider learning Swedish and other Scandinavian languages too, as there are a lot of visitors from the surrounding areas to consider.

For certain cities and towns in Denmark, it will be a good idea to look for employment before you start your move, as you might struggle to get a job as a foreigner.

Is Denmark a good place to live?

Denmark can be a phenomenal place to live if you’re a fan of nature, beautiful scenery, and incredible architecture. The location is one of the happiest in the world, and it’s brimming with opportunities for anyone who’s willing to pursue their dreams.

With lots of fantastic cities, towns, and villages to choose from, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a place to live in Denmark which suits your specific needs. Remember to consider everything from schooling options, to potential employment when making your choice.

Keep in mind, there may be a number of remote working options available in Denmark too, if you can’t find a position in a nearby company.

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