Nordgreen watches: Icons in Danish design watches


Nordic design is a trend beloved around the world. 

Danish designers have a unique eye for what works from an aesthetic perspective. For decades, Danish brands have shown us all how to achieve the perfect blend of simplicity and beauty.

Combining unique industrial technologies and modern solutions with timeless elegance, Danes have changed the way many of us look at the design.

Visit any design museum, and you’re sure to hear about countless amazing Danish companies. There are endless articles out there about leaders like Arne Jacobsen, and Bang & Olufsen.

New icons in Nordic history are still emerging all the time.

Today, we’re looking at one of the most popular Scandinavian watch brands to introduce us to its view of Nordic style: Nordgreen.

Nordgreen is one of the fastest-growing companies in the Nordic landscape. Known across the globe for elegant timepieces that combine beauty with altruism and practically, Nordgreen is quickly making its mark in Scandinavian history.

Let’s take a closer look at this amazing company.


The history of Nordgreen Danish design watches

Nordgreen hasn’t been around as long as other Danish companies and innovators like Cecile Manz, or Paul Henningsen. However, this watch company is built on the same values that guide many of the globe’s favorite Scandinavian leaders.

The company belongs to a pair of lifelong friends: Pascar and Vasilij. This creative pair wanted to create their own version of design history. Like most Danish brands, Nordgreen prioritizes things like simplicity, quality, and timeless beauty.

However, the watch company also prioritises sustainability and corporate responsibility too.

When you buy a Nordgreen watch, you invest in sensational value and brilliant craftsmanship. However, Nordgreen has another benefit to offer too: altruism. To protect the planet, Nordgreen creates boxes and packaging made from recycled plastic and FSC-certified paper.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, Nordgreen watches also contribute to making the world a better place. When you buy one of these timepieces, you get to choose which charity a portion of your money will support.

Initially, Nordgreen launched as a simple, but passionate company, selling watches through sites like Amazon and Etsy. In 2017, Nordgreen earned some extra capital from private investors and a successful set of Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaigns.

After just 24 hours on Kickstarter, Nordgreen earned 200% of its target funding. Within a week, the brand had more than 650% of the capital needed to evolve. The funding and interest kept pouring in, attracting the attention of endless eco-friendly brands and buyers.

By 2019, both Nordgreen founders were part of the Forbes 30 under 30 list. In 2019, Nordgreen also started selling watches on Lufthansa airline flights.

The 4 best Danish watch options from Nordgreen

Over the last few years, Nordgreen watches have achieved hugeamounts of growth in little time. The  simplicity and minimalism of Nordgreen watches make them a perfect representation of Scandinavian style.

At the same time, people who buy these devices know they’re doing something good for the world. It’s hard to say that about most luxurious purchases.

Today, Nordgreen watches come in a variety of styles and sizes. They’ve appeared in Vogue, the Huffington Post, New York Times, and Forbes (among other publications). Plus, many of these Danish design watches have earned awards too.

Here are just some the best products available from Nordgreen.


1. The Pioneer

The Pioneer is a stunning Danish watch created by Jakob Wagner. This is the most recent timepiece in the Nordgreen watches collection. According to the company, it’s a unique take on a Chronograph, intended to celebrate the Danish commitment to “Science for Humanity.”

This product comes with a clean minimalist dial that’s synonymous with the minimalist movement of the company. There are a variety of colors to choose from for both your strap, and your dial.


2. The Philosopher

The Philosopher is one of the most popular Nordgreen watches on the market. The cone-shaped casing of the Philosopher draws the eye to the middle of the dial. According to Nordgreen, this creative choice intends to keep people focused on the “now.”

Like most Nordgreen watches, the aesthetic here is simple and clean. You can replace the straps to suit your style from one day the next. Every aspect of the Philosopher is attractive without being overly obnoxious or eye-catching.


3. The Native

Nordgreen says that the Nativewatches in its collection are all about balance. People from Denmark believe that the right balance creates peace and a happier life. Jakob Wagner, the chief designer for Nordgreen, created Native by bringing watch creation back to its routes.

The clean dial comes with minimal detail, causing the entire device to appear more sleek and streamlined. The interchangeable straps common on Nordgreen watches also allow for more flexibility in how you wear your new purchase.


4. The Infinity

The Infinity watch from Nordgreen is part of the company’s women’s collection. However, virtually anyone could wear this watch, thanks to its sleek and stylish appearance. With the Infinity collection, Nordgreen wanted to pull attention to the timeless beauty and power of nature.

This timepiece has a remarkably simple design, with no lugs, date details, or hourly marks.

Clean and elegant, the Infinity has a unique curve to the dial face, reminding users of the endlessness of time and space. The straps on the Infinity, like other Nordgreen watch options, are interchangeable. You can jump between rose gold, gold, and silver depending on your needs.

Remember, all of the leading pieces from Nordgreen are available either as a single watch, or as a bundle. That means that customers can also save some extra cash by buying multiple straps at the same time.

A new leader for Danish watch brands

Nordgreen stands out as one of the most impressive Danish brands on the market today. This company isn’t popular simply for its beautiful Nordic watches.

While the iconic collection of Scandinavian watches from Nordgreen look and feel incredible, the brand also stands out for other reasons.

Scandi companies seem to take a unique approach to business. Where other brands focus on profit and constant mondernisation, ventures like Nordgreen put value above all else.

By focusing on the unique experience it can give its clients, Nordgreen has built a dedicated community, with a commitment to sustainability and global growth.

Whenever you buy a Danish watch from Nordgreen, you become part of something better. First, you’re celebrating the stunning heritage of Danish design that goes into every timepiece here. Nordgreen watches are an excellent depiction of how minimalism prevails in Scandi products.

Secondly, you’re showing that you share the same values as leading Danish brands. Notably, these companies want to have a positive impact on the world, not just their own bank accounts.

That’s why Nordgreen always allows customers to choose where a portion of their money goes when dividing up the profits.

There aren’t a lot of fashion companies in the world today that can promise their customers that they’ll look goodand feel greatabout what they’re buying.

The “Giving Back” program works like this…

You purchase your watch and choose one of Nordgreen’s 3 partner companies to pledge a portion of your money to.

The causes include:

  • Water for Good: An organisation devoted to giving two months of clean water to 1 person in Central Africa when you buy a watch.
  • Pratham UK: A group delivering two months of education to a child in India with every watch purchase.
  • Cool Earth: A group committed to preserving land. Every time you buy a watch, you save 200 square foot of Latin American rainforest.

Nordgreen is going places: Watch this space

As one of the most impressive Danish watch brands in the market today, Nordgreen is an excellent addition to Denmark’s iconic design history. Like other famous Scandinavian designers, Nordgreen shows us that sometimes the smallest details make the biggest difference to a product.

Every Nordgreen watch comes with the highest quality of materials, from the interchangeable straps, to the Japanese quartz movement elements.

At the same time, your purchase comes with a dose of altruism too. You get to give something back, while looking incredible at the same time.

In recent years, Nordgreen’s impact on the fashion industry has seen incredible growth. From selling on Etsy, to appearing within in-flight magazines, this brand is gaining steam. We believe that the unique brand essence behind this company will keep it moving in the right direction.

In the meantime, you can do your part to support Nordic design by checking Nordgreen out for yourself.

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